The power of vision
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The power of vision



learning vision & mission

learning vision & mission



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The power of vision The power of vision Presentation Transcript

  • The Power of Vision
  • • Question: – The nation’s positive image of the future is the consequence of the nation’s success OR – The nation’s success is the consequence of the nation’s positive image of the future• The same pattern of any successful countries: – Significant vision preceded significant success
  • • A lot of nations, at their beginning to climb their success, had no: – Right resources – Critical population base – Obvious strategic advantage• Nations with vision are powerfully enable• Nations without vision are at risk
  • Case Study 1: a School at Harlem• General pattern: – Low performance students had no sense of future, they focused on short term – Successful students had much greater personal sense of control over their future. They thought in time horizon of 5 – 10 years• IQ & family background were not the indicator of success• What was the key differentiator? > VISION
  • Case Study 1: a School at Harlem• In the past: – Only 25% graduated from the high school – Almost no one went to collegeAfter there was a culture change to have VISION:• Now: – 95% graduated from the high school – 80% went to college
  • Case Study 2: at Holocaust Camp• In the holocaust camp there were thousands Jews who died, a very few were still alive such as: – Someone who adore her kid in the overseas – Someone who wanted to finish his books• All of those who made it through had something significant yet to do in the future (this is why the above two Jews were still alive)
  • • What makes up a great vision?1. Leader initiated2. Vision must be shared with & supported by the team3. Vision must be comprehensive & detail4. Vision must be positive & inspiring• A vision should challenge everyone to grow substantially to stretch their skill to reach beyond their ordinary reach
  • • Values are the way to measure the rightness of your direction, to protect you from wrong direction to the vision. But values can’t give any direction.• The role of vision is to determine your destination
  • • Vision without action is merely a dream• Action without vision just passes the time• Vision with action can change the world