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I-Search Paper:  What I Wanted To Find Out: Research Questions
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I-Search Paper: What I Wanted To Find Out: Research Questions


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Sexism in the Military

Sexism in the Military

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  1. I-Search Paper: What I Wanted To Find Out: Research Questions Maida A. Sexism in the Army with Female Veterans April 12, 2010 5th Period Honestly, it is very hard for me to narrow down all the questions in my mind to three. Even though my topic is too interesting to answer in three questions only, I have chosen three that I believe really sum up the various controversies going on about my topic . My first research question is "Why are women exposed to sexism in the army?" I chose this question because I am very interested in the answer. I want to know why after all these years, there is still sexism present in the army. I believe that men and women are equal and it shouldn't matter what gender you are when the only thought in your head is serving your nation. My second research question is "How do women handle the sexist atmosphere dished out to them?" I think that sexism, in not only the army but in the rest of the world, should be prevented immediately. In the army, especially the battlefield, everybody is fighting for their lives. Everybody has families they're thinking about along with their futures. I think that women shouldn't need to worry about the thoughts running through other's minds. I think my third research question is the most important, because the answer can really help us step forward in this world. "How can sexism be stopped in the army?" This is a very controversial topic in the world. Obviously, the topic can no longer be ignored due to the ongoing arguments. In my opinion, I think that women should keep their heads held high. They deserve to be in the army just as much as the men do. I think it's time for the men to give women a chance. They should be treated with the same attitude as everybody else. Lastly, I believe that everyone needs to unite. This is the time where people need to come together, not only for the people but, for our nation's future as well. The army is about respect, honor, and discipline. It has absolutely nothing to do about your gender, because patriotic pride shouldn't be limited. The research questions I have chosen really excite me about the research I need to find to answer my questions. Along with doing this, I will learn more about my interesting topic.