An Introduction to the Danish Cleantech Hub


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An Introduction to the Danish Cleantech Hub

  1. 1. Danish Cleantech Hub in New York DCH Danish Cleantech Hub in New York
  2. 2. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York New York is ready to invest in cleantech and climate change adaptation • The devastating effects of the 2012 super storm Sandy prompted the city to undertake a major evaluation of how to climate proof itself – leading to the plan ”A Stronger more Resilient New York” published in 2013 – allocating more than $20bn in investments over the coming years • Prior to this, New York had already set in motion an ambitious plan to cut green house gas emissions by 30% by 2030, along with 400 other climate change initiatives, creating tremendous momentum for cleantech solutions
  3. 3. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York • As the first country in the world, Denmark will be independent of fossil fuels by 2050 • As a result of its ambitious decisions and policy framework, Denmark has become a global leader in producing integrated end-to-end solutions to match the growing needs of new sustainable technologies and solutions internationally • Denmark has 2,200 cleantech firms and the sales from the Danish cleantech sector contributes to 3 % of the country’s GDP – the highest in the world Denmark has the competencies and technological solutions
  4. 4. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York Danish Cleantech Hub (DCH) in New York • The DCH in NY is a DI-led initiative aiming to bring Danish strongholds in energy efficiency and climate adaptation into play on the growing NY marketWHAT • New York urgently needs to adapt to the new reality of climate change. Investments and regulatory changes in energy efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability are creating tremendous momentum for cleantech solutions • Denmark and Danish companies are world leaders in climate adaptation and cleantech solutions, but are insufficiently represented in New York leading to low visibility and knowledge of Danish solutions, and a challenged access to the NY market WHY • DCH supports the visibility and commercialization of Danish cleantech in NY while strengthening Danish-US relations within the cleantech sector • DCH enables US companies and organizations to tap into Danish energy know-how, including idea- and solution exchange, in order to help shape the future of clean energy in New York • DCH provides the local platform to bring Danish solutions and technologies into play in New York HOW • A US-Danish public-private partnership, involving Danish cleantech companies as well as relevant public and private stakeholders in both countries. The project founders are DI and State of Green with full support from the City of CopenhagenWHO
  5. 5. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York Who Do We Work With? DCH DK Companies US Companies US Public Authorities Research Institutions Private Foundations DK Public Authorities
  6. 6. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York DCH Focus Areas – What New York needs District Energy & CHP NYC aims to install 55GW of distributed generation by 2020 Financial incentives for CHP create market pull from private building owners, hospitals and universities Market is focused on DE/CHP for colleges, hospitals and factories rather than city-wide systems Efficiency & Resiliency in Buildings In the wake of Sandy, building resiliency has become a fast-growing market New laws require building owners to undertake regular energy audits, putting energy usage and efficiency on the agenda (market pull) Price of electricity in NY is 45% higher than the rest of the US  financial incentive for building owners to invest in energy efficiency Flood & Storm- water Protection Greater frequency on super-storms and hurricanes provide impetus of new investments +70.000 buildings in NYC are in low-lying flood risk zones $20bn in investments have been announced post-Sandy in an effort to secure the City against rising sea levels and storm-waters + a new $17bn from NY State Smart Grid Ageing electricity grid is ripe for upgrade. Smart grid technologies are increasingly popular High prices of electricity create demand for smart grid technologies NY State has launched a new micro-grid program, facilitating investments of $40m
  7. 7. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York DCH Focus Areas – The Danish Strongholds District Energy & CHP For decades, Denmark has been regarded as the world leader in district energy (DE) systems • 63% of households are connected to a clean, and energy efficient DE system • With a cogeneration share of 50% of national electricity production, Denmark is the world’s CHP leader A typical Danish CHP system covers up to 70% of the annual heat consumption. In most other countries, a heat coverage of 30% is the maximum possible Danish CHP plants have fuel efficiencies of up to 90% Efficiency & Resiliency in Buildings Denmark is known for its well-tested energy-efficient solutions that can save more than 50% energy. Such solutions have been widely implemented in housing and public institutions in Denmark Specifically, Danish companies are among the world leaders in the areas of insulation, glazing, pumps, meters, and other energy saving technologies for buildings In Denmark, research is continually being carried out in several areas such as facades, insulation materials, ventilation systems, and intelligent lighting solutions Flood & Storm- water Protection Danish companies have developed strong solutions for preparing for and mitigating the effects of disasters such as flooding Danish technological innovation needed to respond to flooding include tools for early warning, prediction, planning and monitoring The widespread implementation and use of such solutions in Denmark has generated an extensive acquisition of know-how Smart Grid After several decades with the integration of renewables into the power supply, Denmark has developed unique experience within smart grid Denmark has a solid smart grid sector with more than 60 smart grid technology firms The companies provide advice and products within energy mgmt. systems, power transmission and –distribution, and power electronics Denmark has a wide array of smart grid assets within test and demonstration, including a full scale test site at the island of Bornholm, where the smart grid provides power to 28,000 inhabitants
  8. 8. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York DCH’s physical base is at the Urban Future Lab, New York’s premier facility for the cleantech and energy community. View from the Urban Future Lab
  9. 9. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York House of Green in New York City • An interactive showroom and visitors’ center • Showcasing Danish technologies and competences within climate adaptation and cleantech • The single point of entry for all Danish-New York cleantech related activities
  10. 10. Danish Cleantech Hub In New York Contact Kinga Valeria Szabo General Manager, DI Office: +1 212 297 5789 Cell: +1 917 445 6674 E-mail: Frida Ferdinand Consultant, DI Office: +1 212 297 5789 Cell: +1 646 417 3286 E-mail: