PR Plan - Designated Drivers


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PR Plan - Designated Drivers

  1. 1. riversesignated <br />2008 Public Relations Campaign<br />Designed by Lisa Jorgensen <br />For Karen Morales<br />Executive Summary<br />Designated Drivers is committed to ending drunk driving. However, certain steps are needed to achieve this lofty goal. One of those steps is to become more visible to potential customers. Growth takes time but expansion into new areas is key to growth. In order to expand, it is necessary to increase profits. Increasing profits can be achieved through increasing ridership. Increasing ridership requires increased visibility in our existing areas. This public relations plan includes three measureable objectives that can be used to achieve increased visibility which will in turn increase profits. Each objective can be met through strategic methods over a short period of time. In addition, each objective targets a specific service area and contains varying tactics. The purpose of these variations is to determine which was most successful at the end of the campaign. As we determine which method proved most successful in increasing our visibility and profits, we can implement similar methods and plans throughout the other service areas. Implementing this plan will result in meeting bottom line objectives as well as supporting our long-term goal of ending drunk driving.<br />Acknowledgements<br />The following departments and companies contributed information contained in this plan:<br />Accounting Dept. at Designated Drivers<br />A Maas Creative Advertising<br />Colorado Department of Transportation<br />Corona Research, Inc.<br />Cottrell Printing Company<br />Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) –<br />Situation analysis<br />Research indicates that people in the Denver metro area are becoming more responsible when it comes to drinking and driving. Research also indicates that there is a serious lack of viable alternatives to drunk driving. Taxi services are not readily available in all areas and surveys suggest that customers are not always willing to wait for them to arrive. In addition, the high price of taxi service can deter customers from using this alternative. Surveys also indicate that customers do not feel safe waiting for other public transportation such as RTD buses and lightrail. Unless they are within a block of the establishment, customers are not willing to walk because of the high risk to their safety when walking late at night. These issues combine to form a unique niche into which Designated Drivers will fit. Not only does Designated Drivers offer competitive pricing and quicker service, we provide safety that is unmatched by any of our competitors. However, in order for us to provide our services, our customer base needs to be aware of our presence. Awareness requires visibility and visibility requires public relations. In order for our public relations campaign to be successful, it is important to establish a thorough plan that includes objectives, strategies, and tactics that can help us meet our goals. This public relations campaign is designed to bring the highest visibility of our service to the widest variety of potential customers.<br />Key messages<br />The three messages below will be incorporated into all of the tactics outlined in this plan. These messages help convey what is important to us and remind the customer what is important to them.<br /><ul><li>Drunk driving is dangerous and costly.
  2. 2. Designated Drivers can get you home safer and cheaper.
  3. 3. Designated Drivers is committed to ending drunk driving.</li></ul>Goal<br />The overall goal of this public relations campaign is to expand business throughout the Denver Metro area. Expanding business can help lead us towards the ultimate goal of ending drunk driving.<br />Objective 1: To increase the number of rides by bar patrons in the DTC area by 33% by the end of 2008.<br />Target Audience: Our target audience for this objective is bar patrons in the Denver Technical Center service area.<br />Strategy: To achieve this objective, one of our strategies will be choosing advertising strategies that will generate the most interest and garner the most calls for service.<br />Tactics: Three of the tactics we will be using for this strategy are ads placed in the bathrooms of bars and restaurants, informational brochures placed in businesses around the area, and a series of nights when we will staff (or provide) valet parking for customers. Details for these tactics are outlined below.<br /><ul><li>Ads – Many bars and restaurants place poster sized ads in their restrooms, usually on the stall doors. We will be taking advantage of this distribution and will take out either quarter, half, or full size ads in bars and restaurants throughout the area. This will provide exposure of our service to those with the most immediate need to use us. Our research has determined which bars and restaurants place these ads and from there, we have determined which locations have the most sales. We expect that establishments with higher sales either have a higher number of customers or cater to customers in higher income brackets. These are the types of establishments we expect to generate the most calls for service.
  4. 4. Brochure – We will be placing our informational brochure in businesses around the area. Our target distribution is bars and restaurants. We have established that fewer restaurants and bars will be able to support this distribution so we will also distribute our brochure to liquor stores, food marts, and grocery stores. It is our intention that exposure in establishments where liquor is sold will increase calls for service.
  5. 5. Staff the valet – One weekend per month until the end of the year, we will provide valet service to five establishments in the service area. The valet will be free to customers and will provide personal interaction with potential customers. </li></ul>Evaluation: We will compare the number of rides in the area before the campaign to the number of rides after the campaign.<br />Objective 2: To increase referral calls from bar and restaurant staff in the downtown area by 33% by the end of 2008. (Referral calls are those we get from bar or restaurant staff for rides for their customers.)<br />Target Audience: Our target audience for this objective is the staff from restaurants and bars throughout our Downtown Denver service area.<br />Strategy: To achieve this objective we will demonstrate that Designated Drivers is the best car service alternative.<br />Tactics:<br /><ul><li>Speech at an event for the restaurant or bartender associations – Restaurant and bar owners have the opportunity to be a member of their respective associations. What better way to attract their business than by speaking at one of their events. We would sponsor a speaker who can be credible when speaking about the dangers of drinking and driving. We will incorporate information on how restaurant and bar staff can help reduce their liability in drunk driving accidents by calling our service when one of their customers has had too much to drink.
  6. 6. Brochure and easy access information card – Just as we have a general information brochure, we will create a staff specific brochure. The brochure will contain information about our service, how restaurant and bar staff can reduce their liability and the priority call in number when one of their customer’s needs to be picked up. Information cards will be brief and contain all our pertinent contact information in an easy to read format. Distribution of these materials will be through meetings with the general managers at establishments throughout the area. The brochure can be kept where staff congregates before or after the night. The information cards will be created so that they can be posted in areas where the staff will need them the most, by a phone or at the door. Having our contact information easily accessible will make it easier for the staff to remember to call us first.
  7. 7. Special event – Be bar-back/host for a night – Bar-backs and hosts/hostesses serves essential functions in dining establishments. Without their support, bartenders wouldn’t have glasses to pour drinks into and servers would have no one to serve. These two functions do not go unappreciated. We will work with general managers to volunteer to take on these duties for one night per month. It is our intent that by helping the bartenders and servers, our goodwill will be remembered when it comes time to call a driver </li></ul>Evaluation: We will compare the number of referral calls we received before the campaign to the number of calls we receive after the campaign.<br />Objective 3: To increase recognizability by North Denver residents by 33% by the end of 2008.<br />Target Audience: Our target audience for this objective is residents within the North Denver service area.<br />Strategy: To achieve this objective one of our strategies will be to choose activities in which our staff can participate and generate visibility.<br />Tactics:<br /><ul><li>Special events – “25% off your tab night” – We will have driver teams onsite at five bars and/or restaurants throughout the area one weekend per month. If a customer is willing to give up their keys to one of our teams, we will pay for 25% of their bar tab for the night. Each month our teams will be at a different bar and/or restaurant. Besides saving lives, the purpose is to have our staff and our service very visible to residents and patrons. Offering the discount on their tab should entice them to give up their keys and keep the roads that much safer.
  8. 8. News release regarding first special event – In order to attract potential customers, we will send a news release to local papers for the area in addition to the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post. While the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post will reach areas outside our target market, they will reach a wider variety of our target market. In addition, there are potential customers who may not live in the North Denver area, but may patronize an establishment in that area. The news release will give information about where our first events will be held.
  9. 9. Special event – Liquor companies will often send servers to bars and restaurants and give out free shots of their liquor and other promotional items such as pins, lanyards, stickers, etc. We will do a similar event but instead of offering free shots of liquor, we will offer free bottles of water. Along with the water, we will hand out buttons with our logo and stickers with our number to call. Putting these promotional items together with personal interaction should help increase our visibility. </li></ul>Evaluation: In order to evaluate this objective, we will run a brief survey before the campaign begins to determine which car service residents recognize and then compare it to the same survey run at the end of the campaign. <br />Budget<br />Most of the budget for this plan revolves around labor costs. Most of the tactics included are personal interactions with staff and customers instead of through printed materials. This strategy has helped keep costs down. We have contracted with a graphic design firm who offered lump sum pricing per design and a printing company who has done the same. Special events will be held on the site of the restaurants or bars so additional facility fees will not be required. Following are details of the budget:<br />Labor$750,000 Ad Design$10,000 Brochure Design$15,000 Button design$7,500 Sticker design$6,000 Ad placement fees$50,000 Brochure Printing$13,300 Info Card printing$2,500 Speaker fees$1,000 Button printing/mfg$4,700 Sticker printing$3,000 Cost to cover bar tabs$10,000 Bottled Water$2,000 Display stands for general info brochures$4,000 TOTAL Costs$879,000 <br />