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An Internet Entertainment System Will Not Be Excellent Without The Boxee Box
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An Internet Entertainment System Will Not Be Excellent Without The Boxee Box


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You cannot go wrong with the Boxee Box as a part of your great entertainment system. Find out from this Boxee Box review how it can help you get that great internet entertainment system.

You cannot go wrong with the Boxee Box as a part of your great entertainment system. Find out from this Boxee Box review how it can help you get that great internet entertainment system.

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  • 1. The Boxee Box Is An Excellent Internet Entertainment SystemThe Boxee Box - Looking For A Great InternetEntertainment System?Are you looking for a great entertainment system? If you are, find out in this highlevel Boxee Box review why you have picked the Boxee Box as a right mediastreamer to be a part of your great entertainment system.Now, I believe you would have done extensive research into different mediastreamers, so I do not want to go into the technical details of the Boxee Box as Ibelieve you would have tons of information on it.However if you need those information, you can get some excellent writeup fromthe Boxee Box Review which focuses into the details of the Boxee Box itself. Page 1 of 5
  • 2. Here is a quick take in this Boxee Box review on why the Boxee Box can be agreat part of your entertainment system. With the Boxee Box you can expect toget: Intuitive, very easy and friendly interface. Some owners even found the Boxee Box’s interface easier to use than their Blu-ray Converts and plays almost any media format. Awesome two sided remote with a QWERTY pad on the other side for easy typing Cool and imaginative casing design that easily fits on entertainment area and have a tendency to be a topic of conversation with your guests Great job playing local content Plays flawlessly and clearly the 1080p mode. An owner with WDTV Live, Logitech Revue, Acer Revo 3600, and Roku found the Boxee Box to be the best An owner with Google TV and Roku, found the Boxee to be the best of the 3 Able to pull down profile information such as a movie poster thumbnail, synopsis, trailers, and the Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB rating and also cast and crew lists Scans content from the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC etc. to pull down available TV show content Very simple installation and awesome performance. Able to discover NAS and local storage devices.Here is a very frank review from an owner of the Boxee Box:5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Internet Entertainment System, June 5, 2012By M. Ross "mick"This box is an excellent method for connecting with Internet entertainment. We use the boxprimarily for Netflix and GBTV. There are some foibles, which I will list - However, thetechnical support is good and they are working to correct any problems. Because it is based onthe open-source Boxee OS, problem resolution is a little less organized - But, that is the cost ofopen-source.FORTES:Power on/offThis is an important feature. Roku, for example, is on continually and has a habit of self- Page 2 of 5
  • 3. destructing.Qwerty KeyboardThis is great for entering data, whether entering a movie selection or a URL - SPEEDY! It beats"arrow over" character selection hands-down. Of course, that option is available if you choose -or are conditioned to use that method.IR interface*The Boxee Box has an IR interface. Use this port to attach a Manta interface. This allows asingle controller, such as the Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote, to operate the BoxeeBox (whose keyboard controller is RF). You still need the Boxee Box controller to turn on theBoxee Box.StabilityNone of the notorious Roku "loading" messages while watching a program.FOIBLES:ForgetfulnessThe Boxee Box will gently enter "sleep mode" if left unused. Unfortunately it forgets anythingyou may have logged into, such as Netflix and GBTV. You must then "back out" of theapplication (e.g. Netflix, GBTV) and re-enter the application to access the application programs.New TechnologyNew technology - And a whole new set of problems, including those between the provider (e.g.Boxee Box) and the vendor (e.g. GBTV): Broadcast delays, voice syncing, etc. Expect someworkarounds.Netflix Problem...when playing selections, one sometimes receives a "program not available." Netflix has aworkaround for this Boxee Box problem - and Netflix support is excellent. For those who Inotice having the same problem, here is the Netflix solution:1. Using the Boxee Box controllers QWERTY keyboard, enter the following arrow key sequencein fast succession:Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.2. After key sequence is entered on Boxee Box keyboard, power-cycle the wireless modem.3. Press the Netflix Boxee Box button and enter the Netflix account information.4. Boxee Box will now play Netflix titles.I hope this information helps the frustrated - Remember, this is a brand new media technologyfor all media providers, whether Roku, Sony, Google, or Boxee Box - expect problems. It is myhumble opinion that this is the best product with the most flexibility at this point in time.*IR is Infrared and RF is radio frequency. You do not need a line-of-site with RF. However,most digital entertainment equipment use IR due its smaller real-estate and cost factors. Page 3 of 5
  • 4. This is another review from another owner of the Boxee Box:5.0 out of 5 stars Got it since 2011, June 4, 2012By JulioI like the boxee since the first time I used it. The greatest thing are the subtitles, Ive haddownloaded many movies and series, and the boxee can find subtitles in any language from theTV and I can stream my stuff from any computer in my network. Its great! the best media playerever!With The Boxee Box, You Can Expect To Get: Internet freedom on your HD TV Get rid of your contracts Save money – cut out the monthly fees Instant streaming from Netflix Watch Netflix’s LoLoMo (Lists of Lists of Movies) until you drop Watch thousands of block-busters at your own convenience with no late fees Access the largest HD collection from Vudu Watch movies in HDX™. That’s the creme de la creme of HD, the True Cinematic Experience – 1080p and Dolby Digital plus 5.1 surround sound Two faced remote with full QWERTY keypad makes entering commands a breeze Use your iPhone, Android or tablet as a remote Easy setup Share what you are watching with your friends and vice versaYou cannot go wrong with the Boxee Box and many people who have bought itcan testify to that. In fact, when I last checked on 25th Jun 2012, the Boxee Boxwas temporarily out of stock at Amazon! Hurry and order one now so that you getone shipped to you immediately as soon as new stocks arrive. Click here to buy the Boxee Box and start your enjoyment immediately! Page 4 of 5
  • 5. Looking for Great Electronic Gifts Ideas? Click here to get great ideas. Get Great Ideas For Electronic Gifts Page 5 of 5