Nonresidential prefabricated building systems


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Nonresidential prefabricated building systems

  1. 1. Nonresidential Prefabricated Building SystemsPublished:September 2011No.Of pages:285Price:US $ 4800US demand to rise over 7% annually through 2015US demand for nonresidential prefabricated building systems is projected toincrease over seven percent annually to $16 billion in 2015. Growth willderive from a recovery in nonresidential construction activity, particularly inthe office and commercial segment, from a weak 2010 base. In addition,improved prefabricated building system design will provide opportunities forincreased market penetration. Prices for many of the raw materials used innonresidential prefabricated structures increased sharply between 2005 and2010. Going forward raw material price growth is expected to moderatewhich will restrain value gains in the nonresidential prefabricatedmarket.Shipments of nonresidential prefabricated building systems areexpected to increase 6.3 percent annually to $16.3 billion in 2015, trailingincreases in demand slightly. The US is a net exporter of prefabricatedbuilding systems, but the high 2010 trade surplus in these products willdecreasehrough 2015. In 2010, the weak domestic market led to a decline inimports, while exports were boosted by infrastructure development in thecoal sands areas in Canada and the troop surge in Afghanistan.Metal building systems to remain largest segmentPrefabricated metal building systems will remain the largest segment of themarket,accounting for more than 45 percent of the total. Through 2015,demand for metal building systems will increase about six percent annually.Demand will be supported by increases in many metal building markets,particularly in office and commercial markets and many industrial segments.However, the expected decline in metals prices will offset some of thesegains.Demand for nonmetal prefabricated building systems (modular,precast concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete and fabric) is expected toincrease more than eight percent annually to $8.4 billion in 2015, outpacinggrowth in metal building systems. The modular building segment is expectedto see the fastest growth, benefiting from strong growth in commercialconstruction and gains in the school age population, which will bolsterdemand for modular classrooms. Panelized precast concrete systems will
  2. 2. also increase at an above-average pace supported by the design flexibility,sound attenuation properties and low maintenance requirements of thesesystems.Browse All Manufacturing & Construction Market Research ReportsOffice,commerical markets to grow at double digit ratesPrefabricated building systems are used in a wide range of nonresidentialapplications,most commonly low-rise structures in the industrial, office,commercial and institutional markets. The office and commercial marketswill grow at double digit annual rates through 2015, supported by stronggrowth in related building activity and by improved designs for prefabricatedsystems.South, West to see strongest regional market gainsOn a regional basis, the South and West are forecast to experience thestrongest gains in nonresidential prefabricated building demand. Gains willbe supported by relatively strong nonresidential construction activity, as wellas from above-average population and economic growth. The South willremain the largest market, accounting for approximately 40 percent of totaldemand through 2015.Study coverage This new Freedonia industrystudy,Nonresidential Prefabricated Building Systems, is priced at $4800. Itpresents historical demand data (2000, 2005,2010) and forecasts for 2015and 2020 by product, market and US region. The study also considers Keymarket environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles45 industry competitors.Table Of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4Macroeconomic Outlook 5Demographic Trends 9Nonresidential Building Construction Trends 13New 14
  3. 3. Improvements & Repairs 16Agricultural Outlook 17Nonresidential Fixed Investment 19Government Spending & Investment 22III. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW 25General 25Outlook 28Pricing Patterns 32Historical Market Trends 34Systems Building Versus Conventional Construction 37Building Code Regulations 40US Foreign Trade 43Exports 44Imports 46World Industry Outlook 48IV. METAL BUILDING SYSTEMS 50General 50Supply & Demand 52Demand by Type 54Standard 56Industrial 58Office & Commercial 59Institutional 59Agricultural 60Other Metal Buildings 62Components 64Roofing Systems 65Wall Panels 69Other Components 72Leading Suppliers 74V. NONMETAL BUILDING SYSTEMS 76General 76Supply & Demand 76Demand by Type 78Modular Building Systems 80Types 82Trends 83Panelized Precast Concrete Systems 85Types 87Trends 88
  4. 4. Other 90Prefabricated Precast Concrete Buildings 91Autoclaved Aerated Concrete 92Pre-Engineered Fabric Structures 94Cross-Laminated Timber 95Leading Suppliers 96Modular Building Systems 97Precast Concrete Building Systems & Others 99VI. MARKETS 100General 100Institutional 103Industrial 106Commercial 109Office 112Agricultural 114Other 116VII. REGIONAL DEMAND 119General 119Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 120Population Patterns 121Economic Outlook 123Construction Outlook 125Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demand 127Northeast 130New England 132Middle Atlantic 132Midwest 133East North Central 136West North Central 136South 137South Atlantic 140East South Central 142West South Central 143West 145Mountain 147Pacific 149VIII. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 151General 151Industry Composition 152Metal Building Systems 155
  5. 5. Modular Building Systems 155Precast Concrete Building Systems 156Other Nonresidential Prefabricated Building Systems 157Market Share 157Competitive Strategies 162Product Development 164Computerization 164Improved System or Material Performance 166Increased Design Flexibility 168Manufacturing 169Marketing 169Distribution 171Mergers & Acquisitions 172Cooperative Agreements 175Company Profiles 177Accelerated Construction Technologies 178AEP Span, see BlueScope SteelAlcoa Incorporated 179Algeco Scotsman Worldwide 180All American Group Incorporated 182American Buildings, see NucorAmerican Modular Systems Incorporated 183Amtex, see Sunbelt ModularASC Profiles, see BlueScope SteelATCO Limited 185Babb International, see SafecreteBehlen Manufacturing Company 187Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated 190BlueScope Steel Limited 192Bridgestone Corporation 199Britco Structures Incorporated 202Butler Manufacturing, see BlueScope SteelCBC Steel Buildings, see NucorChief Industries Incorporated 204Coachmen Industries, see All American GroupCoreslab Structures Incorporated 206Cretex Companies Incorporated 207CRH plc 208DeLuxe Building Systems Incorporated 212EnCon Companies 213Euramax Holdings Incorporated 215Fabcon Incorporated 217Fabral, see Euramax International
  6. 6. Firestone Building Products, see BridgestoneForest River, see Berkshire HathawayGate Petroleum Company 218Gulf States Manufacturers, see NucorHanson Structural Precast, see HeidelbergCementHeidelbergCement AG 220High Companies 222IPC, see Cretex CompaniesKingspan Group plc 224Kirby Building Systems, see NucorLester Building Systems LLC 227Madison Industries Incorporated 229Mark Line Industries Incorporated 231MBCI, see NCI Building SystemsMetl-Span, see BlueScope SteelModtech Holdings Incorporated 232Modular Space Corporation 233Modular Technology, see Accelerated ConstructionTechnologiesMorin, see Kingspan GroupMR Steel, see Sunbelt ModularNCI Building Systems Incorporated 236Nucor Corporation 243Oldcastle Precast, see CRHPalomar Modular Buildings LLC 247Penn Lyon Homes Corporation 248Phoenix Modular, see Sunbelt ModularRobertson-Ceco, see NCI Building SystemsRockford Manufacturing, see Sunward ConsolidatedGroupRubb AS 249Safecrete 251Schulte Building Systems Incorporated 253Smith-Midland Corporation 255Sprung Instant Structures Incorporated 256Sunbelt Modular Incorporated 258Sunward Consolidated Group 260Ternium SA 262United Structures of America Incorporated 263Universal Fabric Structures Incorporated 265Varco Pruden Buildings, see BlueScope SteelWalden Structures 267WedgCor, see Sunward Consolidated Group
  7. 7. Whirlwind Steel Buildings Incorporated 268Whitley Manufacturing Company Incorporated 270Williams Scotsman, see Algeco Scotsman WorldwideAdditional Companies in the Industry 272List of TablesSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators 92 Population & Households 133 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 164 Nonresidential Building Improvement & Repair Expenditures 175 Agricultural Construction Expenditures 196 Nonresidential Fixed Investment 227 Government Spending & Investment 24SECTION III -- INDUSTRY OVERVIEW1 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Supply& Demand by Type 312 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Market,2000-2010 363 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Foreign Trade 44SECTION IV -- METAL BUILDING SYSTEMS1 Metal Building System Supply & Demand 542 Metal Building System Demand by Type 553 Standard Metal Building System Demand 584 Agricultural Metal Building System Demand 615 Other Nonresidential Metal Building System Demand 646 Metal Building System Component Demand 657 Metal Roofing System Demand 698 Metal Wall Panel Demand 729 Other Metal Building System Component Demand 74SECTION V -- NONMETAL BUILDING SYSTEMS1 Nonmetal Building System Supply & Demand 782 Nonmetal Building System Demand by Type 793 Modular Building System Demand 814 Panelized Precast Concrete Building System Demand 875 Other Prefabricated Building System Demand 91
  8. 8. SECTION VI -- MARKETS1 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demandby Market 1022 Institutional Market for Prefabricated Building Systems 1063 Industrial Market for Prefabricated Building Systems 1094 Commercial Markets for Prefabricated Building Systems 1125 Office Market for Prefabricated Building Systems 1146 Agricultural Market for Prefabricated Building Systems 1167 Other Nonresidential Markets for Prefabricated BuildingSystems 118SECTION VII -- REGIONAL DEMAND1 Population by Region 1232 Gross Domestic Product by Region 1253 Construction Expenditures by Region 1274 US Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demandby Region 1295 Northeast Nonresidential Prefabricated Building SystemDemand 1316 Midwest Nonresidential Prefabricated Building SystemDemand 1357 South Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demand 1408 West Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demand 147SECTION VIII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Revenues for Selected Nonresidential Prefabricated BuildingSystem Suppliers, 2010 1532 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 1743 Selected Cooperative Agreements 176SECTION III -- INDUSTRY OVERVIEW1 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demandby Type, 2010 322 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Pricing,2000-2020 343 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Market,2001-2010 374 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Exportsby Destination, 2010 465 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Importsby Source, 2010 48
  9. 9. SECTION IV -- METAL BUILDING SYSTEMS1 Metal Building System Demand by Type, 2010 562 Metal Building System Market Share, 2010 75SECTION V -- NONMETAL BUILDING SYSTEMS1 Nonmetal Building System Demand by Type, 2010 802 Nonmetal Building System Market Share, 2010 97SECTION VI -- MARKETS1 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demandby Market, 2010 103SECTION VII -- REGIONAL DEMAND1 US Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Demandby Region, 2010 129SECTION VIII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Nonresidential Prefabricated Building System Market Share,2010 159About Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market researchreports and in-depth market research studies & analysis of over 5000 micromarkets. We provide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers. Getin touch with us for your needs of market research reports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog