Lego Sets Guide - Best Lego Gifts For Kids


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Complete guide to the Lego sets, where to get discount deals and the best Lego gifts for kids for Christmas and all occasions. Visit:

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Lego Sets Guide - Best Lego Gifts For Kids

  1. 1. THE LEGOSETS GUIDE Best Christmas Gifts For Kids COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE LEGO LINE OF BUILDING BLOCKS The Best Educational Toys For Over 50 Years!Brought to You Buy – – visit us for cheap Lego deals and reviews
  2. 2. About LEGO Building Blocks SetsThe LEGO line of building blocks for kids has been one of the best selling brands of toys for decades.The main reasons for this is that kids love LEGO building and parents love the educational value of thistoy line. What started as simple bricks that fit together to build shapes and objects has evolved into amass line of various brick and theme sets.One example is the very unique and fantastic LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot, where older kids canbuild a real working robot out of LEGO blocks that is then programmed via computer to run withsounds, lights and more. How amazing is that?The educational and developmental benefits of Legos are numerous. They help with the developmentof fine motor skills by improving and exercising the dexterity of fingers in the very youngest ofchildren, which is essential for developing kids. The educational benefits of LEGOS are numerous aswell because they allow kids to use their imaginations, stimulate creativity, develop critical thinkingskills and the colors and textures provide great visual learning.Kids that played with LEGO sets in childhood excel in school subjects, like math, design, fine arts andsubjects that require critical thinking skills. The pattern formation by sequencing colors and shapes insymmetrical patterns indirectly enhances the brains organizational skills.Lego Gifts For KidsSome of the best gifts this Christmas or for any occasion are Lego products. There is a such a widevariety of themes and sets to choose from that kids of any age will be happy to get as a gift. Read on tolearn about the various Lego sets and the most popular choices for gifts.Types Of Lego SetsLEGO Duplo SetsLEGO DUPLO is made for the youngest of kids, preschoolages to be exact. The bricks are much larger and allow kidsto easily connect them and build as they want to andpreventing choking hazards. These are great gifts fortoddlers who are just now forming motor skills. What’scool about the Duplo line is that all the pieces arecompatible with other Lego sets and so future sets can bemerged with these.You can gift the classic Duplo tubs as gifts that come withtraditional bricks and also any of the theme Duplo sets make great gifts as well this Christmas inpopular themes like the movie Cars and Toy Story. There is also a Winnie the Pooh line and a Farmline, as well as a LEGOville city set, but most popular is the LEGO Duplo LEGOville Family Housesets. Image: LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Car Wash.
  3. 3. LEGO Bricks & More SetsThe next step up from Duplo is the Bricks & More series. These are the classicLEGOs that dont have themes and allow kids to build many different structures.No matter which themed boxes LEGO lovers buy, they always come back formore bricks and pieces. Builders get two special mini figures to use, along with abase plate to build upon and pieces like windows, wheels and doors to helpbring the creations into working order.The Tomorrow Set makes a great gift for school aged kids and includes 650pieces of multi colored LEGOs that kids can use as a stand-alone toy or in conjunction with otherthemed sets.The My First LEGO Set is a perfect gift for kids that are ready to move from DUPLO sets to classicLEGOS. You get a figure with it, a building base plate, and a total of 231 elements to help you createfrom scratch.The LEGO House Building sets are great for kids that want to build homes. It comes with 134 pieces –including two figures (one boy and one girl), and lots of house-building items like roof tiles, door,window, and more!The LEGO Road Construction set brings joy to kids who love the big trucks, steamrollers and frontloaders that you can make out of these LEGOs. Of course it comes with a figure to use, and he’s incharge of creating a full construction scene from the 300 pieces.The LEGO Castle Building Sets are really fun LEGOS and are used to create beautiful elaboratecastles. This LEGO set comes with knight figures that have swords it can use to fight off the dragonthat comes with it. Other elaborate pieces are included, such as a very cool drawbridge that makes thecastle very realistic.This is really a big perk of LEGO products the great attention to detail that is used to create the piecesso that whatever is built, the finished products look as real as possible.Lego Theme SetsLatest in the Lego line of building blocks are the various themesets of Lego building sets, these make great gifts for boys andgirls of all ages.These include the very popular • Star Wars sets • Ninjago sets • Harry Potter line • Transformers • Robotics • Lego City Sets • Lego Mindstorms
  4. 4. • Toy Story • Lego Robotics • Spongebob Squarepants • LEGO Superheroes line, that includes, Lego Batman sets, Superman, Iron Man and more. • Lego Hero Factory • Lego Power Miners • Lego Technic •These stimulate kids imaginations while also engaging them with their favorite characters from moviesand books.In the Star Wars line for example, kids can build structures and vessels, but they can also create avariety of Star Wars characters – from Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker - and even some of the lesssignificant characters. Some children like to build the exact replicas using the instruction manuals thatcome with these sets, while others like to use the pieces to create a model that springs from theirimaginations.Most Popular Star Wars Sets For Gifts • LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate • LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon • LEGO Star Wars 9496 Desert Skif • LEGO 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar • LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter • LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator • LEGO Star Wars Imperial V-Wing Starfighter • LEGO Star Wars 9500 Sith Fury Class Interceptor • LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault GunshipThe LEGO Ninjago line is one of the most popular today and is based on a Japan anime story theMasters of Spinjitzu. This themes most unique elements is the battle game known as “Spinjitsu” whereplayers attempt to knock the other players minifigures off spinners.LEGO Superheroes SetsThe LEGO Superheroes line features great sets forSuperman, Spiderman, Iron Man and of course Batmanamong others. With the recent release of the Latest DarkKnight Batman movie, the LEGO Batcave sets are sellingstrong, with the LEGO Batcave sets will some of the besttoys for Christmas gifts this year.
  5. 5. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean SetsThe LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean line is interesting and popular with kids where they can recreate anexact replica of the Black Pearl ship with LEGO.LEGO Mindstorms is a neat robotics line that includes the LEGOMindstorms NXT where kids can build a real robot from LEGOS that is thenprogrammed via PC or MAC to bring the robot to life.Lego Power Racers SetsThere are also various sports theme Lego sets, which includeLego Power Racers that allow kids to build monster trucks anddrivers for hours of fun and then race them against their friendsfor even more fun. There are also Lego Soccer and Footballthemed building blocks sets.Lego City SetsThe cool Lego City sets allow youngsters to build entirecities that include various stores, gas stations and people aswell. There are also various other sets that include, LegoPolice Station, Lego Airports, Fire Stations, Trains andmost any other typical structure in our world that can berecreated by the imaginative child.Most Popular LEGO City Sets • LEGO City Police Station • LEGO City Fire Station • LEGO City Airport
  6. 6. LEGO Creator SetsThe LEGO Creator sets offer kids the opportunity to build unique structures,one of the most popular in the Creator line is the Green Grocer set. Othersets allow kids to build LEGO trucks, airplanes, beach houses, cars, shuttlesand many more.Final ThoughtsNo matter which LEGO set you choose you are sure to provide your kids with hours of fun and mentalstimulation. The educational values of LEGOs are great, stimulating imagination and creativity,facilitating critical thinking skills, organization, design and math skills are just some of the greatbenefits of LEGO building sets. These make for the best holiday gifts for kids of all ages.Thanks for reading, please visit us to read comprehensive LEGO product reviews and get greatdiscount deals on all LEGO sets and wonderful holiday gifts.