Collette poetryanthology


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Collette poetryanthology

  2. 2. LimerickOut went the dark cat of the nightTo see the vicarious sights.Its mem’ries were good,Strong-hearted it stood,Wanting feeling of taking great flight.
  3. 3. Ode to NatureFrom dawn to dusk are shown the sun’s bright raysThat set those great green rolling hills ablaze.The grassy dew will rise into the haze,And birds will wake to sing their hymns of praise.With noon comes warmth upon the creatures’ feet--Their great abounding beauty hard to beat.The gleam of green upon the silken leavesIs so much better than such ghastly thieves.The setting sun brings purple, orange, and pinkAs wind blows over trees and mountain brinks.Once shade falls over land and sea and sky,Nocturnal critters wake to creep and spy.With bright-lit moon arrives the starry night;I’ll pray once more for days of lovely sights.
  4. 4. Sunflower, SunflowerSunflower, sunflower, how do yougrow—Out in the field where the wind alwaysblows.Sunflower, sunflower, reaching so high,Stems of dark green that reach up to thesky,Bright yellow petals that glow in the sun,Even with darkness, the glow is not done.Sunflower, sunflower, swaying so free—Out in the open with nothing but glee.You are created from way up above—Maybe from sunshine or maybe just love.
  5. 5. The Mysterious PuzzleThe universe is so big and grand. It is so wide and tall—Its depth infinite and its beauty magnificent.There are so many things within its absent walls.Where do all of these things fitIn the mysterious puzzle?For everything has a purpose and fits in somewhere—Every bird and every creature, every word and every feature.But where do they all go in the mysterious puzzle?All of the trees and flowers, all of the good and bad powers—There is a reason for it all.But what could it be?What reasons shape these puzzle pieces?These crimes and these wars, these times and these opened doors—Which goes with which? What goes where?We have so much to learn and so little time to burn.We may gain knowledge through experimentation,But we obtain wisdom through simple observation.What is this mysterious puzzle?Where are all of the pieces?Where do they all go?I am unsure; it is not yet my time to know.But I need not stress, fret, or worry about this mysterious puzzle.Let us just have fun and stay positive
  6. 6. Do Not Give Up In the world lies discrimination; And we do not always see that, all to- gether,What is the world, exactly? We can make a beautiful constellation.Is it real, or is it fake? In the world lies peer pressure;Is it simply an object—a location or a Yet, we do not always find or desiredplace? treasure.Is it home to the human race? But do not give up, and do not give in.Everyone probably has their own defi- Someone is still there.nition. Someone is still with you.I believe it to be a realm that prepares That Someone is God; and He fightsus for you.And challenges us Continue to fight; continue to conquer!For what we all must eventually face. Do not give up, and do not give in!It may be hard. Help those along your side;But so not give up, and do not give in.There is Someone Who loves youAnd is willing to fight for you.With this world come threats;With this world comes debt.With this world comes hurt,And with this world comes dirt.But so not give up, and so not give in.There is Someone Who cares for youAnd is fighting for you.The world is full of dangers;The world is full of strangers.The world is full of fears,And the world is full of tears.But do not give up, and do not give in.For Someone is watching over youAnd will wipe those tears of blue.The world likes rust;The world likes lust.The world likes scorn,And the world likes thorns.But do not give up, and do not give in.Someone loves you very deeplyAnd opens up His forgiving armsfreely.