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  1. 1. Feasibility report Mirai Watanabe, s1150253 Masaki Ando, s1170089 Toshiko Sato, s1170107 Tomoko Tanikawa, s1170114 We examine the product situation of the rival company and go to the market and check the real thing. Now, We announce the result through presentation. We sell a PC in a developed nation because there is much demand. And we also sell at the place where there is an electric wave. Because a Mobile PC is not usable at the place without an electric wave. We make a contract with large-scale electric appliance shop because, then, Our goods are easy to attract attention. And we publicize it by lots of commercials. Because it is easy to win through up to the impression of the person. A sale date is not covered with a rival company. The reason is demand increases. It is difficult to obtain the required permissions, the human resources, the machines to set up our busi ness. Our company is necessary to register the trade name. And, we are necessary to describe the bus iness purpose for starting the business and the grants are taken. Additionally, it is necessary to decide the address in headquarters in our company and owner. We are necessary to gather the working person. We think that we change places that the person who works additionally collects in the purpose. Person who develops the personal computer poached dev eloper from other company and it need many money so person who assembled mobile personal com puter employ in prices are low. And we must need to create an environment for developing and stock with the raw material for assembling. We consume a lot of time and money for completing everythi ng. A talented person and land, a factory are necessary for our company. A manager, an engineer, a businessman are necessary about a talented person. You must confirm whether you are specialized in the technology of the notebook PC properly. Because there is the factory about the land, I avoid a residential area and must be near to the market. Because they must carry out a delicate activity about the factory, robots are necessary. It is important for us to get opinion from many people. We decide from valuation from customer
  2. 2. and look the website which has survey system. Then, We will have some of problem about management of company such as working hours, pricing of our product, the location, advertising your product. For example, Our company location is not suitable at all. The reason is from a commonplace remark. Usually, the factory isn’t built in city and we will have to change the place with others’ idea. As a conclusion, we change a little but maintain the policy. The industry is mobile PC, the location is in Tokyo and rival company is a large companys.