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English 2

  1. 1. <week 2> Dear XXXX We are “group H” in Speaking and Writing 3 Tuesday class. We are going to propose plan about company which make web pages. First of all, let me explain our company. Our work is to make Web pages by a request from other companies and groups. We use CMS for making of the Web page but we don't decide which CMS we use yet. We will entertain it next conference. Next, we don't only make web pages but give a helping hand to other company and group which have problem. Lastly, let me explain feature of our company. We don't need large office because we use only PC in work and if there is net environment, we can work anywhere. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Sincerely. Group H : Takaaki Ouchi, Yuya Otsuka, Tomohiro Oyama. E-mail address : s1170007, s1170008, s1170010
  2. 2. <week 3> ==============================E-mail============================== Date: April27,2010 From: AWPM To: Professor Brine Subject: Our Company Hello, we are group G in Speaking and Writing 3 Tuesday class. We are going to begin company which create web page. Our company's name is AWPM(Aizu Web Page Maker). First, let me complain importance of our company. Today many people and many company use the Internet. So if we want to begin business, we can not neglect the relationship between business and Internet. Thus, web page which use the Internet is absolutely imperative. Second, we think that procedure of beginning company is consisted by three steps. First step is assembling members. Second, we need prepare computers and soft wares. Third step is advertising our company in a Internet and newspaper. By the way, our company is not stock company so we need not large place and underwriter. Third, let me complain constitution of our company. It is as follows. President: Tomohiro Oyama Treasurer: Takaaki Ouchi, Yuya Otsuka Creator: All members( Takaaki Ouchi, Yuya Otsuka, Tomohiro Oyama) Finally, please help me translate English into Japanese when we receive the job offer from USA. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Sincerely. Group H : Takaaki Ouchi, Yuya Otsuka, Tomohiro Oyama.
  3. 3. E-mail address : s1170007, s1170008, s1170010 ================================================================= =====================Internal-Memo=============================== <A> President: Tomohiro Oyama Treasurer: Takaaki Ouchi, Yuya Otsuka Creator: All members <B> We create web pages and support companies. We prevent that companies and groups are buried in information and age. <C> We don't cross over that our company is stock company. <D> service mindset <E> company and group think "We want good web page" <F> Our company works small job but our company continue for years. <G> *We create web page better than offer of companies and group. *Our company is small so we can do quick works. *Studying in University,etc... =================================================================
  4. 4. <week 4
  5. 5. <week 5 AWPM(Aizu Web Page Makers) < Purpose and History of the Company > AWPM is emergent company and constructed from the few people. We receive make a request from clients (other companies or groups) and make a Web page. < Price > Clients can choose a one from light course, middle course and high course. Course light middle high Price 500$~ 1,000$~ 1,500$~ < Benefits of using our product > Our company has rapidness which large company don't have so we can quickly tackle needs of clients. Our Price Plane is low so clients that don't
  6. 6. have large money can casually commission our company. < Contact > E-mail address: s11700XX@u-aizu.ac.JP URL: hhttp://www.XXXXXXXXXX Telephone number: 1234-56-7891 (AM.9:00 to PM.9:00) Office Location: XXXXXXXXXXX in Fukushima
  7. 7. <week 6>
  8. 8. Speaking and Writing-3 <week 7> Writing a Business Plan Business Plan of AWPM Group H AP WM s1170007 Takaaki Oouti s1170008 Yuya Otsuka s1170010 Tomohiro Oyama I. Cover Page 1. Name of the business
  9. 9. AWPM(Aizu Web Page Maker) 2. Address If there is net environment there, it is all right anywhere. 3. Telephone number XXX-XXXX-XXXX 4. Name of Owner(s) Tomohiro Oyama 5. Logo (A professional, attractive logo can be used to dress up the cover page) 6. Submitted to (for financing only) Not II. Executive Summary 1. Company name and type name:AWPM(Aizu Web Page Maker) type:limited private company. 2. Goals or objectives of the plan overseas advance 3. How the plan will be implemented We receive the request from the customer, and make the web page. 4. Effect of the plan on the business The number of customers increases. If you're obtaining a loan or equity your Executive Summary should also include: A. Name of the business and the legal for of operation, e.g., sole proprietorship. Web page maker B. Amount of money needed We want it for 5000 dollars.
  10. 10. C. How the money will be used personal computer. D. Effect of the money on the business We work with the personal computer that bought it. IV. The Business A. Description of the Business Our business is company which make Web page. Our business will be not big if it is a start-up stuation. We need prepare small space and few computers. Today there are many new and small company which want to advertise itself so our work that make web page is needed. B.Industry Analysis As long as there is the Internet in the world tasks of Our company don't dry up. In addition, companies which use the Internet is increasing. So our tasks will be increase too. Market of making web page is more large than old days. Market share have been changing. Today the market is bery big. Characteristic of it that they want impact, design and headleability. C. Vision Statement We make an advertisement and publicize it. If we get trust by making good web page, our company will last a long time. D.Vision Trigger slogan: We make a your future E.Mission Statement. Goal of our company is that AWPM become a not large company but small company. We aspire that AWPM become company which someone can casually consult and use. F. Business Objectives Our Business Objectives are three. First, we will become to create beautiful web
  11. 11. page. Second, we can receive requests from clients with cheaply money. Finally, our task is fast. V. Business Operations A. Marketing Product: Our company has rapidness which large company don't have so we can quickly tackle nees of slients. Our Price Plane is low so clients that don't have large money can casually commission our company. Price: We plan three course. High: 1,500 $〜 Middle: 1.000 $〜 Small: 500 $〜 Place: Our task need the Internet. So We need not large office. AWPM need Internet Line and room which we can seat. Promotion: We use the Internet to promote us. For example, digital advertisement, our web page etc... B. Competitive Analysis Our competitors is superior so we cannot list concretely them. They naturally are others in the same trade which create web page. Our strength is rapidly. On the other hand, our weakness is that we cannot create web page at once because our company contain three members. C. Legal Structure 1. Partnership
  12. 12. 2. Owner 3. “Owner” is business title. We have equal light about task. D. Management Expertise 1. Graduation from university. 2. Nothing. 3. Owner have the final say but he don't have autocratic light. Payoff is equal. 4. Material of art or Computer. E. Support Personnel We want the person who can do HTML. VI. Financial Planning Tools A. Financial information A Please transfer cash to the account. Yes,we are. I have a cash receipts journal or classify each item in your checkbook. B I classify expense of the business. And I write personal draws or payment of the
  13. 13. expense in the checkbook. C We write about earning of a day in checkbook. D Yes, we are.I use computer. I use log or other system to document. E VII. Summary At first we receive a request to make Webpage. Next,We get money of request. Finary, we accept a demand and make a web page. we don't only make web pages but give a helping hand to other company and group which have problem.
  14. 14. <week 8>
  15. 15. <week 9>
  16. 16. <week 10>
  17. 17. <week 11> Slide1 Aizu Web Page Maker Group.G Takaaki Ouchi (s1170007) Yuta Otsuka (s1170008) Tomohiro Oyama (s1170010) Slide2 Our Web-Brochure ・Purpose and Hisutory ・Price ・Benefits of Using Our Product ・Contact
  18. 18. Slide3 Our Business Plan ・Executive Summary ・Business Operations ・Financial Planning Slide4 Importance of Our Web-Brochure ・Fast-food Amount of Information ⇒Main object is appeal ⇒buildup
  19. 19. Slide5 Importance of Our Business Plan ・Heavy Amount of Information ⇒Main object is conveying closely information to clients ⇒This information become the base of business Slide6 Logical Arrangement of Our Web-Brochure ・Information discovery to clients Slide7 Logical Arrangement of Our Business Plan ・This information is base of business
  20. 20. Slide8 Major Key Words of Our Web-Brochure ・"Price" ・"Rapidness" Slide9 Major Key Words of Our Business Plan ・"We need not large office" Slide10 Thank you. [slide1] We are Group.G. We start our presentation about our campany Aizu Web Page Maker. [slide2] Please look at slide2. We want explain our web-brochure
  21. 21. First, Purpose and History of our company are very important information. If it is not written in web-brochure, people who pick up our brochure in the Internet think that I don't know this company anything. Second, Price and benefit of using our company is important too. They are most important information about business. When we convey them to clients business start. Finally, If there is no information about contact with us, clients cannot request task from us. [slide3] Please look at next slide3. We want to explain about our business plan. First, we explain Executive Summary. Our business is creating a web page for clients. Our company name is "Aizu Web Page Maker". Aim of our business is set-up company and small group which want make their web page. Second, introduce Business Operations. There are not a lot of things that should be done in beginning an business because things we need is PC, environment of the Internet and small office but we must study and prepare about creating web page. Finally, we explain Financial Planning. We search clients and advertise our company. If clients order us, we make a goodweb page for them. [slide4] Purpose of making web-brochure is advertising in the Internet. We must write summary, price and contact in brochure but main purpose is appeal. So we make it to be simple and impact. If we write heavy information in brochure, clients don't think to read it. [slide5] Next-slide shows importance of business plan. Business plan is different from brochure so we must write heavy information about our business to convey closely information about our business to clients. In addition, Business plan is base of our business and company. It help us when we go over and review ourself or we dither. [slide6] We explain the logoical arrangement about our web-brocure.
  22. 22. Although we explain that to write summary, price, benefit and contact in brochure is important to advertise our business to clients. In addition, we forget to add this point in this slide, our business is creating "web page" so web-borchure is way of convey information to clients and to be sample of our business. Clients who pick up our brochure can know that this company can create web page like this brochure at least. [slide7] Our company has many rivals in Japan because today, there are many clients who use the Internet and want to make web page in Japan. So we must show information about our business plan which is base of our business and appeal that base of our busines is completeely there to clients.If we default it, our business is not start for ever. Clients select a company which has secure business plan from economic world of company creating web page. [slide8] Next, please look at silde8. We talk about key words of web brochure. First key word is price information. We cannot show concrete example about it but we intend to decide lower price than other company creating web-page. Next key word is "rapidly". It is feature of our company. Our company contain few member so our we can have information in common easily. It means our company has ability to turn in a small radius so we can tackle request of cllients. [slide9] Key word which we picked up from business plan is "We need not large office". The goods we treat are data and the things to do work are PC, softwares, and environment of the Internet. So our company can get going in small office which has storage space for them. It is not necessary to think about place of office.