Decoration Ideas For Keith


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  • The happy couple: Justin Scott Eckerle and Kristin Nicole Weidenbenner
  • Too many flowers; like the shape of square/rectangle bottom with circles on top; like the idea of flowers on top
  • Like the spacing of the flowers on this one
  • Like the idea of incorporating a design on one of the layers or a monogram of some kind with the cake (maybe as a topper?)
  • Like the swirl design on second layer from the top; also like unique shape of top layer
  • Picture mom and her students at school sent me; pretty
  • Like the size of this one for bridesmaids; like the incorporation of the color purple for bride’s bouquet (would be fine for bridesmaids too if needed); fabric/ribbon for clutch (does not have to cover entire stem)
  • In love with the greens here and pop of color from the orchid (?); pop of color does not have to come from this specific flower
  • Like the incorporation of green and whites and little bit of color here; a little different options as far as greenery is concerned from previous
  • I think this green flower is cute; it might look neat floating in a vase with water and a tealight (purple table runner in the back?)
  • Like the green on the left; not in love with arrangement on right but like the purple filler
  • Decided I don’t really know why this one is here; maybe it was because I like candles
  • Taking it slightly in another direction; like the greenery and color here but NO red!
  • Great size and candle accent on table runner; like the idea of smaller things on the tables so guests can see eachother
  • Ok, so I know this doesn’t really stick with my color theme, but I do happen to like this one a lot; a good size for the bridal bouquet
  • I do not want a cascading bouquet or things sticking too far out of it like here; however, I do like the calla lilies (they seem to have just the perfect purple); I am not sure if they really fit in with the theme of the flowers in the previous slides or not though; like them, but not a must (would have to see how they work with other decorations and flowers); this bouquet is too big for me and my dress
  • I think this is a great size for a centerpiece (maybe for parents’ tables so guests can see head table better) and the candles are neat; I like lilies but am not set on a specific flower of any kind
  • I would like to incorporate the bridesmaid bouquets for decoration at the head table if possible; like the idea of dismissing tables for dinner by the name of the song attached to the apple (mom not keen on the idea, so willing to compromise on this)
  • Like the color green on this one; maybe the flower girl could carry a small version of this
  • Throwing around the idea of a candy bar but am unsure of cost and having issues keeping it with the color scheme; our favorite candies are not exactly green and purple; something like this but on a much smaller scale would work; also like the idea of chocolate fountain (mom and heather love the idea!); on the fence here, will prob wait to see how finances are working out
  • Smaller scale from before (maybe could use bags from the pharmacy to cut cost)
  • Love this invitation! Has the colors; classic and elegant without being too much;
  • Like this one too
  • Type of veil I am going for; hasn’t been purchased yet
  • Bridesmaid dress by alfred angelo in eggplant from seibert’s in jasper; satin
  • Flower girl dress possibility; sash and flower come in purple hue very close to eggplant swatch; from alfred angelo; has buttons like my dress; taffeta; would be long on catherine (ankle)
  • And they lived happily ever after!
  • Decoration Ideas For Keith

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