Importance of CakePHP and Its Latest Release


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CakePHP is an open source web application platform which is written in PHP. It is faster, simpler and require less code to build web applications.

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Importance of CakePHP and Its Latest Release

  1. 1. CakePHP is an open source web application platform which is written in PHP. It is faster, simpler and require less code to build web applications. Some strong reasons of why to use CakePHP...  There are no complicated YAML or XML files. So there is no need to configure  CakePHP development especially in India is perfect for use in commercial applications.  It keeps your applications secure & safe and comes with built-in tools for input validation Lately, CakePHP team has announced its immediate availability of CakePHP 2.3.7 - is a bugfix release and 2.4.0-beta - is the first release of the branch of the 2.4 branch. You can expect some of the changes in 2.3.7 which includes :  Here cache views contain their content. And while upgrading, it is recommended to flush your view caches. Importance of CakePHP and Its Latest Release
  2. 2.  Now on emails delivered via SMTP, the Return - Path is excluded.  When saving records, the automatic modified and created times are now consistent.  The IIS_SERVER constant have been removed, which was undocumented and untested features around it.  Classnames containing '..', they are now refusing.  Requests containing 'index.php' from which errors generated, now render correct properly.  In the rendering process, email views are now calculating the boundary later fixing issues, where the View callbacks could append inline images or attachments which results in erroneous boundary markers.  When the application base path matches the controller name, AuthComponent is generating redirect URLs correctly. Under certain conditions, controllers outside of the application could be loaded in the security fix in this release which fixes an issue. For applications which are accepting uploaded PHP files, is an important upgrade where user data is used to determine the final file name. And for an attacker it would be possible to upload a PHP file and execute code remotely in this situation. Now, let's see what's with 2.4.0 - beta... This latest 2.4.0-beta release of CakePHP consists of so many new features which has improved performance, ease of use and security. This new version is actually a replacement for the 2.3.x branch. Here you go with the lists of some of the new features and changes in 2.4.0 :- Console :  SchemaShell - now cake schema generates the exclude parameter.
  3. 3.  BakeShell - cake bake model is supporting baking behaviour which finds lft, rght and parent_id fields which will add the Tree behaviour in your table.  FixtureTask - schema parameter which allows baking all fixtures using schema import. Components :  AuthComponent - "Starting of the session can be prevented by setting AuthComponent::$sessionKey to false."  PasswordHasher - it is for the password hash generation and checking. Datasource : Ion the connection definition, Postgres, Mysql and SQLserver support a 'settings' array in the connection definition. View :  JsonView  HtmlHelper  TextHelper  PaginatorHelper Network :  CakeRequest  CakeEmail  HttpSocket Logging :  FileLog  SyslogLog Utility :  Validation  CakeNumber  CakeTime  Xml
  4. 4. ErrorHandler Routing :  Router  Links Thus, looking to the above new features, developing application will become an easy task. So hire PHP developer in India if you want to develop web application. Source: