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What #trigis for all of my precalc students in 140 characters (in their words)

What #trigis for all of my precalc students in 140 characters (in their words)

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. #trigisA definition of trigonometry in less than 140 characters
  • 2. #trigisthe common relationship of all geometrical figures and the connection between theoretical math and scientific phenomena
  • 3. #trigisa mathematical topic involving sine, cosine, and tangent. @Foussmath teaches us. #itrocks #gomath #hashtagoverload
  • 4. #trigisthe study, measure, and use of triangles to measure things like trajectory and shadows and light and how things bounce and rotational velocity.
  • 5. #trigisnecessary for solving missing parts of trignels. You need trig to succeed in Calculus
  • 6. #trigisoccasionally confusing, usually a challenge, and always interesting.
  • 7. #trigispart of math. It has many different formulas. The formulas use sine, cosine, and tangent, their inverses, and reciprocals. Trig is great.
  • 8. #trigisthe part of precalc that consists of sin, cosine, and tangent. There are a lot of triangles. @foussmath <3’s trig. #gettriggywithit
  • 9. #trigis easy but annoying #unitcircle#sincostancscseccot #trigis a blast with @foussmath
  • 10. #trigisthe mathematical phenomenon we use in Mrs. Fouss’s class #rockin
  • 11. #trigisan essential component of math, which is usable for various purposes, such as solving triangles, reality, and torturing students
  • 12. #trigis confusing, not my strong suit, and frustrating. It makes me thankful forpeople who learn it to make my daily life possible.
  • 13. #trigisused to find sides and angles in different triangles. With using sine, tangent, and cosine you can get your answers. #trigis #fousss
  • 14. #trigisan awful, stupid thing. No one should have to endure this torture. Bring on the algebra; too much geometry. Unit circle is no fun!!
  • 15. #trigisthe difference between just a triangle and a triangle where we know the sides and angles. #illprobablyneveruseitagain
  • 16. #trigisthe use of geometry and the unit circle to create and solve mathematical equations. I have to use this in life. . .
  • 17. #trigisa method for solving mathematical problems involving algebra and the unit circle, along with equations using sine, cosine, and tangent.
  • 18. #trigismath that involves circles, a lot of formulas, a circle that has units that you use way too much, and a lot of other things.
  • 19. #trigisuseful. It can be applied to many different things. It is even helpful in everyday life. Triangles are EVERYWHERE. #MathFo’Life
  • 20. #trigislife, it’s the math of real life, it uses triangles, angles, identities, magnitudes, and much more. If you know your trig you can apply it to most math applications.
  • 21. #trigisgeometry’s attempt to win the hearts ofalgebra lovers everywhere by presenting itself as formulas. That sneaky sneak failed.
  • 22. #trigisa branch of mathematics that involves both geometry and algebra. It sometimes seems pointless. It’s tedious and very confusing
  • 23. #trigisconfusing for starters. It is a branch of mathematics that defines relations between elements of a triangle. Hardly used in the real world.
  • 24. #trigispersonally interesting at times as long as I’m not tired and not worried about other things (ie AP Physics). #trigis I don’t know
  • 25. #trigissomething that we have to learn in school that 90% of we will never be able to apply in the real world. @Foussmath
  • 26. #trigisthe most awesomest thing in math that@Foussmath could teach and everyone loves it (: #thatsalie love always
  • 27. #trigismath we do in precalc that involves the unit circle and sin/cos. Don’t forget it solves triangles!
  • 28. #trigisBased off of angles. It works a lot with sin,cos, tan, csc, sec, and cot. It also used theunit circle and solves different triangles.
  • 29. #trigis A type of mathematics that uses#theunitcircle, #sin, #cos, #tan, #triangles, #angles, #radians, #pi, #formulas, and #sohcahtoa
  • 30. #trigisDifficult mathematics that is used everyday in our world. #sin #cos #tan #unitcircle #angles #radians #pi #triangles
  • 31. #trigisA difficult math concept that will hopefully actually help in calculus…
  • 32. #trigisThe use of sin, cos, tan, and their many forms. The use of the unit circle.
  • 33. #trigisThe math used to show relationshipsbetween sides and angles in a triangle, also a method to torture high school students #sincostan
  • 34. #trigisA way to solve math problems by usingspecial characteristics of triangles and the unit circle. There are also special equations(:
  • 35. #trigisThe relations between sides and angles of triangles and with relevant functions of sine, cosine, and tangent. It includes their inverses
  • 36. #trigis the relation between points, sides, andangles between other trigonometric points, circles, and angles of real or theoretical triangles.
  • 37. #trigisa way to find out the length, area, and angle measures of triangles. #sohcahtoa #vectors #imagenarynumbers #lawofsin #lawofcos
  • 38. #trigismath that involves degrees, angle, and six trignometric functions. It also includes graphs and triangles. #lawofsines #lawofcos
  • 39. #trigisusing different trigonometric methods to find trigonometric values of triangles. #sohcahtoa #lawofsin #lawofcosines
  • 40. #trigisa type of math used to help find various things such as angles, sides, and more. Trig uses methods such as sohcahtoa..
  • 41. #trigis a way of life that you learn 2 lyke#stillconfusesme #help #notuseful #why #sincostansux #jkmaybz ratios and formulas #precalcprobz!
  • 42. #trigisthe most important important thing you will ever learn, especially if taught by FouBDawg. #FouB #sohcahtoa #precalc #twitterisverydumb
  • 43. #trigisusing a variety of ratios and formulas tosolve for certain values, often involving sin cos and tan #boring #whenamIgoingtousethis?
  • 44. #trigisthe mathematical study of relations between the sides and angles of triangles. Will help me in future math classes.
  • 45. #trigissomething that made me fail every math test I’ve taken at Anderson. Trig is too difficult!!! Glad it’s over. #sincostan #vectors #sucks
  • 46. #trigisthe study of triangles and their properties by utilizing the measurements of sides, angles, & mathematical formulas
  • 47. #trigisa mathematic term for solving for triangles #### #whyarehashtags used #hashtagsaredumb ## #of# #Mrs.Fouss
  • 48. #trigisthe math involved with triangles and the angles inside. #hashtags are not used in trig. #hashtags are dumb
  • 49. #trigis a branch of mathematics that studiestriangles and relationships between their sides and the angles between the sides
  • 50. #trigissomething that takes a lot of work and practice. It will help me in other mathclasses #ihopetrigdoesn’tkillmeincollege
  • 51. #trigisthe study of triangles and their angles in respect with a circle
  • 52. #trigisthe math of triangles and sides and angles. Sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot. Some is straightforward and easy, some is confusing and hard.
  • 53. #trigisthe use of sohcahtoa and applying it to solve geometry questions such as angles, lengths, and graphing equations
  • 54. #trigismath and I love math class.
  • 55. #trigissolving math with sohcahtoa and fun triangle formulas
  • 56. #trigistriangles triangles or circles. Numbers. Formulas memorized but never understood. Nightly google of identities and the unit circle.
  • 57. #trigissupercalifragilisticexpialidocious just kidding sincostan solving for triangles
  • 58. #trigisthe relationships between sides and angles of triangles. We can use formulas and theorems to find missing parts of triangles.
  • 59. #trigis a way of finding angles, lengths, and magnitudes with sohcahtoa and variousformulas using the components sohcahtoa
  • 60. #trigis a way of finding angles, sides, andmagnitudes with sohcahtoa #mathrocks
  • 61. #trigisreally boring and I’ve never used it in real life
  • 62. #trigismath. It deals with sine, cosine, and tangent. It is solving triangles, such as their angles and sides. This has 140 characters…..
  • 63. #trigisdifficult and confusing
  • 64. #trigisthe relationship among the angles and lengths of triangles. Trig usesrelationships and ratios defined by sine, cosine, and tangent!!
  • 65. #trigisa mathematical system that uses the properties of triangles to solvemathematical functions. This includes sides and angles!!!!!!!
  • 66. #trigisthe branch of mathematics dealing with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any of the triangles angles!!
  • 67. #trigisusing formulas to find angles and sides of triangles and to solve trigonometric equations #sincostan #betterthanalgebra
  • 68. #trigisthe application of sin, cos, tan and their inverses within a triangle and graphing equations
  • 69. #trigisthe method of finding angles and sides of triangles with cos, sin, tan, and their inverses
  • 70. #trigisrelationships between the sides and angles of triangles to solve trigonometric equations
  • 71. #trigis using triangles and circles to better understand the relationship betweenangles and triangles… I <3 trigonometry a lot. <3 Fouss!
  • 72. #trigisthe functions we remember after we take the test, and hope we remember for the exam.
  • 73. #trigissometimes frustrating but once it is understood it is rewarding
  • 74. #trigisa complicated form of finding sides, angles, areas, and perimeters of different shapes by using triangles using sines, cosines, etc.
  • 75. #trigis the study of triangles to arrive atmathematical conclusions concerning sine, cosine, and tangent
  • 76. #trigiscalculations that give meaning to live (the math part anyway) It grants us freedom, freedom to solve triangles and other mathy things.
  • 77. #trigisthe basis for all of civilization to run in a fashion befitting the Arithitonian gods of old who ____ sacrifice from the lessers