Philly Spring UG Roo Overview
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Philly Spring UG Roo Overview



A presentation I gave two weeks ago at the Philadelphia Area Spring User Group on Spring Roo.

A presentation I gave two weeks ago at the Philadelphia Area Spring User Group on Spring Roo.



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Philly Spring UG Roo Overview Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SpringSource roo A SpringSource rapid application development framework Philadelphia Spring User Group 07-08-2009 Ken Rimple Chariot Solutions Friday, July 10, 2009 1
  • 2. What is Roo? Rapid application development platform for Spring and Java Domain-centric design of database entities Auto-scaffolding of UI elements Builds a full stack Spring web application Target build process managed by Maven An answer to non-Java and non-Spring convention-over-configuration frameworks Friday, July 10, 2009 2
  • 3. Up Front... Key Points Roo is a moving target Not all features are fully implemented Early days, but SpringSource appears committed to building this framework for Spring Java developers Friday, July 10, 2009 3
  • 4. Roo Development Process Roo has a command-line shell (ala Grails/ Rails) Generates a project with a maven build Round-trips the code to keep the project and developer tools synchronized Uses Aspects to wire features (.aj files) Weaves aspects into associated class files Friday, July 10, 2009 4
  • 5. The Technology AspectJ Inter-Type Declarations Uses the AspectJ Compiler from Maven/Eclipse Adds code at compile-time to the classes marked by specific roo annotations Roo command shell Generates and maintains a proper build environment Dynamically generates .aj files and scaffolds web UI Friday, July 10, 2009 5
  • 6. Installing roo Download roo from SpringSource Unpack tar in favorite location Alias roo to ${roo-home}/bin/ or put the roo directory in your path Do NOT set a ROO_HOME Friday, July 10, 2009 6
  • 7. Creating a roo project flibbity-floo:roo-demo krimple$ roo Create a ____ ____ ____ / __ / __ / __ directory / /_/ / / / / / / / / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ |_|____/____/ 1.0.0.M1 [rev 64] Enter roo, Welcome to Spring Roo. For assistance press TAB or type and issue "hint" then hit ENTER. roo> create project -topLevelPackage the create- com.chariot.demo.roodemo Created /Users/krimple/svn-projects/...roodemo/pom.xml project Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES Created SRC_TEST_JAVA command Created SRC_TEST_RESOURCES Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP (tab Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/applicationContext.xml Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF completion Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/roodemo-servlet.xml Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/web.xml helps here) Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/index.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/urlrewrite.xml Friday, July 10, 2009 7
  • 8. Installing JPA Use install jpa command You can pick Open JPA, Hibernate, EclipseLink You can pick a driver, then set settings in roo> install jpa -provider HIBERNATE -database MYSQL Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/META-INF Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/META-INF/persistence.xml Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/ please enter your database details in src/main/resources/ Managed SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/applicationContext.xml Managed ROOT/pom.xml Friday, July 10, 2009 8
  • 9. Adding a Persistent JPA Entity Set up a domain class with ‘new persistent class’ command (places in base package by default) Then add fields using add field (remembers the last jpa class added) roo> new persistent class jpa -name ~.Conference Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/ Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_Plural.aj Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_Entity.aj Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_ToString.aj Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_Configurable.aj Friday, July 10, 2009 9
  • 10. What Got Created? Roo generates the following files: - the file you edit, containing Roo annotations and your properties Conference_Roo_Configurable.aj - adds @Configurable to the entity Conference_Roo_Entity.aj - Adds all JPA persistence methods, an id, and a version Conference_Roo_JavaBean.aj - Adds getters/ setters for all of your private properties Friday, July 10, 2009 10
  • 11. Setting up JPA fields You can add fields, relationships, and more. These fields are physically added to the java file, and the support methods are wired automatically. roo> add field string name Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/ Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_JavaBean.aj Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_ToString.aj roo> add field string description Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/ Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_JavaBean.aj Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_ToString.aj roo> add field date jpa -type java.util.Date -fieldName created Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/ Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_JavaBean.aj Managed SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/Conference_Roo_ToString.aj Friday, July 10, 2009 11
  • 12. Building a Conference Relationship Conference Session roo> new persistent class jpa -name ~.domain.Conference roo> add field string -fieldName conferenceName -notNull -sizeMin 1 -sizeMax 40 roo> add field date jdk -type java.util.Date -notNull -fieldName startDate roo> add field date jdk -type java.util.Date -notNull -fieldName endDate roo> new persistent class jpa -name ~.domain.ConferenceSession roo> add field string -notNull -fieldName title -sizeMax 80 roo> add field reference jpa -fieldName conference -type com.chariot.demo.contrack.domain.Conference roo> add field set jpa -element ~.domain.ConferenceSession -fieldName session -class com.chariot.demo.contrack.domain.Conference Friday, July 10, 2009 12
  • 13. Entity Validation Entities are validated using JSR-303 annotations @NotNull, @Nullable, @Size, @DecimalMin, @DecimalMax, etc... Controllers (coming up) generate call to validations using this Bean Validation API call: javax.validation.Validation. buildDefaultValidatorFactory().getValidator(). validate(conference)) Friday, July 10, 2009 13
  • 14. Bean Validation Framework JSR-303 is a final draft standard May be incorporated into JPA 2.0 This is a moving target for persistence... Note: in Spring Roo Validation Messages (per the spec) can be customized, and go in src/main/resources/ (and do not get installed in a ResourceBundleMessageSource)... Friday, July 10, 2009 14
  • 15. Validation Examples JSR-303 is a Java EE 6 spec standard... Spring Roo installs and configures it as part of the classpath and framework Validation errors appear as errors in the Spring validation framework @Size(min = 5, max = 30, message = "Please enter a name between {min} and {max} characters.") private String name; @Size(min = 10, max=2048, message = "{description.required}") private String description; @Temporal(TemporalType.TIMESTAMP) @Column(insertable=true, updatable=false) @NotNull private Date created; Friday, July 10, 2009 15
  • 16. Roo and Maven Roo generates and maintains a maven pom.xml Roo properly adds dependencies (except webflow for now) and configures settings This is all round-trip; you can keep roo open while developing in SpringSource Tool Suite Could be a nice way to configure a traditional spring application w/o resorting to Grails or another non-Java framework Friday, July 10, 2009 16
  • 17. Roo and IDEs Roo generates eclipse natures ADJT AspectJ nature Roo core nature (used by STS Roo plugin) Core Spring nature and SpringBuilder Configures idea using the maven-idea-plugin Configures jetty and maven plugins automatically On each IDE, full sources are downloaded for frameworks like Spring, JPA, etc... Friday, July 10, 2009 17
  • 18. Configuring logging Nice way to set up roo> configure logging -level TRACE logging, adds both a Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/ Managed SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/web.xml file and console logger (can be modified) <context-param> <param-name>log4jConfigLocation</param-name> <param-value></param-value> </context-param> #Updated at Tue Jun 09 09:21:45 EDT 2009 #Tue Jun 09 09:21:45 EDT 2009 log4j.appender.stdout=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%t] %-5p %c - %m%n log4j.rootLogger=TRACE, stdout, R log4j.appender.R.File=application.log log4j.appender.R.MaxFileSize=100KB log4j.appender.R.layout=org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout log4j.appender.R.MaxBackupIndex=1 log4j.appender.R.layout.ConversionPattern=%p %t %c - %m%n log4j.appender.stdout.layout=org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout log4j.appender.R=org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender Friday, July 10, 2009 18
  • 19. Generating a Controller roo> new controller automatic -name com.chariot.roodemo.domain.ConferenceController Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/domain/ Beginning to Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA/com/chariot/roodemo/domain/ sound like ConferenceController_Roo_Controller.aj Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/banner-graphic.png (g)rails? Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/springsource-logo.png Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/list.png Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/show.png Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/create.png Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/update.png Note: first Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/images/delete.png Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/styles Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/styles/roo.css one Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/header.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/footer.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/includes.jsp generates Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/dataAccessFailure.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/uncaughtException.jsp the includes, Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/conference Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/conference/list.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/conference/show.jsp header and Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/conference/create.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/conference/update.jsp Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/menu.jsp footer jsps. Managed SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/menu.jsp Friday, July 10, 2009 19
  • 20. Roo’s aspect-driven scaffold Friday, July 10, 2009 20
  • 21. What is the scaffold? An aspect-j aspect each controller gets its’ own series of Aspects, which can be modified/added to Separates controller logic from mechanics Friday, July 10, 2009 21
  • 22. Example Aspect: show In ConferenceController_Roo_Controller.aj: @org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping( value = "/conference/{id}", method = org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMethod.GET) public java.lang.String @org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.PathVariable("id") Long id, org.springframework.ui.ModelMap modelMap) { if (id == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("An Identifier is required"); modelMap.addAttribute("conference", com.chariot.roodemo.domain.Conference.findConference(id)); return "conference/show"; } Uses findConference in Conference_Roo_Entity.aj public static com.chariot.roodemo.domain.Conference Conference.findConference(java.lang.Long id) { if (id == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException( "An identifier is required to retrieve an instance of Conference"); javax.persistence.EntityManager em = new Conference().entityManager; if (em == null) throw new IllegalStateException( "Entity manager has not been injected (is the Spring Aspects JAR configured as an AJC/AJDT aspects library?)"); return em.find(Conference.class, id); } Friday, July 10, 2009 22
  • 23. Get it working! Run mvn jetty:run or tomcat:run Hit the webapp url and get a menu of choices Here’s a typical crud screen, generated for you Friday, July 10, 2009 23
  • 24. Generated UI Code - List Note: Does not detect column lengths (ROO-80) <form:form action="/roodemo/conference" method="POST" modelAttribute="conference"> <div id="roo_conference_name"> <label for="_name">Name:</label> <form:input cssStyle="width:250px" id="_name" maxlength="30" path="name" size="0"/> <br/> <form:errors cssClass="errors" id="_name" path="name"/> <script type="text/javascript">Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.ElementDecoration({elementId : "_name", widgetType : "dijit.form.ValidationTextBox", widgetAttrs : {promptMessage: "Enter Name", invalidMessage: "", required : false}})); </script> </div> <br/> <div id="roo_conference_description"> <label for="_description">Description:</label> <form:input cssStyle="width:250px" id="_description" maxlength="30" path="description" size="0"/> <br/> <form:errors cssClass="errors" id="_description" path="description"/> <script type="text/javascript">Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.ElementDecoration({elementId : "_description", widgetType : "dijit.form.ValidationTextBox", widgetAttrs : {promptMessage: "Enter Description", invalidMessage: "", required : false}})); </script> </div> <br/> <div id="roo_conference_created"> <label for="_created">Created:</label> <form:input cssStyle="width:250px" id="_created" maxlength="30" path="created" size="0"/> <br/> <form:errors cssClass="errors" id="_created" path="created"/> <script type="text/javascript">Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.ElementDecoration({elementId : "_created", widgetType : "dijit.form.ValidationTextBox", widgetAttrs : {promptMessage: "Enter Created", invalidMessage: "", required : false}})); </script> <script type="text/javascript">Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.ElementDecoration({elementId : "_created", widgetType : "dijit.form.DateTextBox", widgetAttrs : {datePattern : "MM/dd/yyyy", required : false}})); </script> </div> <br/> <div class="submit" id="roo_conference_submit"> <script type="text/javascript">Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.ValidateAllDecoration({elementId:'proceed', event:'onclick'}));</script> <input id="proceed" type="submit" value="Save"/> </div> </form:form> Friday, July 10, 2009 24
  • 25. How about Security? Just do ‘install security’ and you get Spring Security <beans:beans xmlns="" xmlns:beans="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" security-2.0.4.xsd"> <http auto-config="true"> <form-login login-processing-url="/static/j_spring_security_check" login-page="/static/login.jsp" authentication-failure-url="/ static/login.jsp?login_error=t"/> <logout logout-url="/static/j_spring_security_logout"/> <intercept-url pattern="/admin/**" access="ROLE_ADMIN"/> <intercept-url pattern="/member/**" access="IS_AUTHENTICATED_REMEMBERED" /> <intercept-url pattern="/resources/**" access="IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY" /> <intercept-url pattern="/static/**" access="IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY" /> <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY" /> </http> <authentication-provider> <!-- SHA-256 values can be produced using 'echo -n your_desired_password | sha256sum' (using normal *nix environments) --> <password-encoder hash="sha-256"/> <user-service> <user name="admin" password="8c6976e5b5410415bde908bd4dee15dfb167a9c873fc4bb8a81f6f2ab448a918" authorities="ROLE_ADMIN"/> <user name="user" password="04f8996da763b7a969b1028ee3007569eaf3a635486ddab211d512c85b9df8fb" authorities="ROLE_USER"/> </user-service> </authentication-provider> </beans:beans> Friday, July 10, 2009 25
  • 26. IDE Support Roo works with SpringSource Tool Suite AJDT AspectJ editing support is very good Roo Console available via Right-click if installed But you have to mvn eclipse:eclipse and refresh a lot (F5 is your friend) Other IDEs do not support ITDs and/or AspectJ compile-time aspects Friday, July 10, 2009 26
  • 27. JMS Support Another quick installer configures ActiveMQ In Memory No other installer settings yet, assume this will be enhanced over time... Installs jmsTemplate that can be injected roo> install jms -provider ACTIVEMQ_IN_MEMORY Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/applicationContext-jms.xml Managed SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/applicationContext-jms.xml Managed ROOT/pom.xml Friday, July 10, 2009 27
  • 28. Other features Email configuration WebFlow Scripting from the roo command shell Friday, July 10, 2009 28
  • 29. Current Status... These are early days. Roo team is quite active - fixing bugs as they come up and giving us a reasonable, stable trunk build and a way to run it Often fixes are released to trunk within a few days Friday, July 10, 2009 29
  • 30. Resources Roo JIRA: ROO Roo Forum forumdisplay.php?f=67 Friday, July 10, 2009 30