Canada’s cultural legacy


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Canada’s cultural legacy

  1. 1. If the world’s cultural heritage wascontained in a time capsule, I wouldselect the items on the subsequentslides to showcase Canada’s legacy. TIME CAPSULE
  2. 2. Artwork by the Group of Seven to show that Canada gets its inspiration from nature• Canadian painters, calling themselves the Group of Seven believed that a distinct Canadian art form could be developed through contact with nature.• Travelling across Canada (even the Arctic) for inspiration, they sketched the landscape and developed techniques to represent it.• In the 20s, the Group gained recognition for pioneering a new Canadian school of art.
  3. 3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to highlight Canada’s role in supporting human rights • Canada’s John Peters Humphrey prepared the first preliminary draft of the UNDHR. • The declaration is likely the most cited legal document drafted by a Canadian.• The document was translated into some 321 languages and represents the first global expression of rights to which all humans are entitled.
  4. 4. The Canadarm and Canadarm2 to show Canadas global reputation in robotics• Canadas most robotic and technological achievements are the Canadarm and Canadarm2.• The Canadarm was first used in 1981, and was retired after 30 years of successful operations.• The Canadarm2 assembled the International Space Station while in space.• Its uses include moving supplies, equipment and astronauts.
  5. 5. The largest coin in the world to showcase the innovation of the Royal Canadian Mint• The largest coin is a 99.999% pure $1 million bullion coin weighing 100kg, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.• Canada’s Mint manufactures circulation coins for Canada and other nations (e.g. India), investment and collector coins.• In 1982, it became the first to achieve 9999 fine gold purity.• In 1999, it was the first to achieve 99999 fine gold purity.
  6. 6. A bottle of Canadian ice wine to reflect our sweet tooth with style• Canada has made a grand entrance into the global market for premium ice wine – a succulent dessert wine.• Although ice wine originated from Germany, Canada is the world’s largest ice wine producer; our winters provide ideal growing conditions.• To make Canadian ice wine, grapes are left on the vine until December or January to concentrate the sugars and acids.
  7. 7. A hockey stick to symbolize our national sport and how we beat the winter blues• Hockey is Canadas national game and major contribution to world sport (about 20 countries play the game seriously).• Modern hockey evolved from outdoor stick-and-ball games adapted to Canada’s winter conditions in the 1800s.• 7 National Hockey League (NHL) teams and over 60% of NHL players are Canadian.• The greatest hockey player in the world - Wayne Gretzky – is a Canadian.
  8. 8. The Canadian Multiculturalism Act to symbolize our diversity and widespread acceptance of other cultures• Multiculturalism is a fundamental Canadian belief and official policy of the Canadian government.• Even the Canadian born accept and embrace diversity.• Immigrants are not pressured to conform or give up their culture.• 1 in 5 Canadians were born abroad.• In Canada, some 200 languages are spoken at home or as a mother tongue.
  9. 9. Totem pole to represent the importance of Aboriginals in Canada• The first nations of Canada have cultures spanning 1000s of years and were the first inhabitants of Canada.• They number 1.2 million (3.8% of the population).• Their culture contributed to shaping Canada’s history and culture; numerous indigenous words (e.g. canoe, toboggan, Canada) and inventions (e.g. maple syrup, snowshoes) are part of our everyday language and use.• Totem poles have various purposes including: recounting legends, clan lineages, or celebrating cultural beliefs while others serve as artistic presentations.
  10. 10. Okay, I am having troubleclosing the time capsule (space is limited) and need to save room for the other countries.
  11. 11. Quick Recap of Canada’s legacy
  12. 12. Main Sources• Canadian Space Agency• • Magnotta Wines• The Canadian Encyclopedia• Citizenship and Immigration Canada• Canadian Broadcasting Corporateion• Statistics Canada• Industry Canada• Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter, Culture clash: an international legal perspective on ethnic discrimination. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd•
  13. 13. THE END