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The bible story

  1. 1. The Bible Story By Jordan Martin Summary These are dark days in the world of Christianity, but that does not stop Laura, a recent convert to Christianity, from trying to make things better. As Laura tries to show her friends Spencer the light of Christ, we are taken to brand new worlds and are able to see the Bible as we have never seen it before. From the hip and hop of Cain and Abel to the deaf Pharaoh and the sticky land of milk and honey, Laura and Spencer will travel throughout the Bible in a matter of only one act to discover the truth of the most read book in the history of the world. Will Spencer convert to Christianity and does Laura know the difference between Magi and magicians? All will be discovered as we journey through The Bible Story. List of Characters: (in order of appearance) Laura – A new Christian convert. She thinks she knows everything there is to know about the Holy Bible, but her explanations are something that would make the most learned theologists scratch their heads. Spencer – A typical skeptic. He thinks the Bible is boring and lacks action. Despite Laura’s odd tales of the Bible, Spencer begins to understand the story of the Bible more and more with every chapter they pass by. Other Students – No real role. They’re just there to make fun of Spencer and to make the audience feel like they’re in a real school. God – The Supreme Being, The Great I Am, He appears to be really moody and really delivers on His promises. Sin is a big no-no for God, and Magic is not his thing (with the exception of His Son, what a typical parent). Cain – Jealous older brother of Abel. Embraces change in this new sinful world and thinks Abel is too much of a goody-goody to fit in with the new, hip sinful world. He decides that nothing can be done to help Abel fit in, so he kills him. Cain’s Friend – Sides with Cain on everything, even when he’s wrong. That’s what friends are for, right?
  2. 2. Abel – The goody two-shoes. Even in a world gone bad, Abel wants to try to do everything the “sheltered” way. He ultimately meets his demise when Cain murders him. But even in death, his bones talk to God. Pharaoh – Deaf but also very royal and pompous. He meets his death when he goes back on his word and tries to stop Moses from leaving Egypt. Pharaoh’s Servants – Serve Pharaoh and have nothing better to do with their lives. Moses – Ignored. He also is trying to lead the Israelites, but sadly, it’s like trying to lead a pack of stubborn mules. He gets absolutely no results from a deaf Pharaoh and only gets to look at the Promised Land before dying on the spot! Israelites – A very fickle people. One day they’re bowing to God, the next, they’re worshipping stick poles. They are terribly practical and tend to be a little…stupid. Magi #1: One of the Three Kings…I mean Magi from the East. He has had an interesting love life and has been known to make predictions about it that never turn out well. He foresees the coming of the Savior and urges the others to follow. Magi #2: Second and most obnoxious of the Magi. He really hates the Romans (who doesn’t?) and loves to poke fun at Magi #1. Magi #3: Also obnoxious but a little wiser than #2. He also hates the Romans (who doesn’t?) and is best at keeping his senses. Mary and Joseph – Parents of Christ. We could go into the virgin birth, Joseph’s vision, and all that other jazz, but that would go over our one-act limit. Jesus – Son of the Great I Am yet still the Great I Am. He is savior of the world through his magic powers, which the Magi gave to him. His tactics for overcoming sin and Satan are quite bizarre but effective, nonetheless. He was of lowly birth. Crowds – Close relatives of the Israelites (possibly even descendants). They give Jesus a dead person to raise, water to turn into wine, and a sick person to heal. Turns out, they’re just as fickle as their ancestors and decide to try to poke Jesus to death with toothpicks. Disciples – Jesus’ biggest fans. They get to see Jesus leave this earth. They were the first hotheads as tongues of fire descended upon their heads. Almost all of them died telling the world about Jesus (so much for saving up for retirement).
  3. 3. Scene One (Scene opens in the middle of a typical high school hallway or lobby. LAURA, SPENCER, and other STUDENTS are walking around waiting for the first bell to ring for the day. LAURA is humming to the tune of “Jesus Loves the Little Children” while everyone else is engaging in small talk. LAURA is stage left. She is your typical teenage girl, wearing a shirt and skirt. She spots SPENCER, a typical t-shirt and blue jeans boy, stage right and notices he is off standing by himself. SPENCER appears very bored. Cheerfully, she skips over past the mingling high school kids and to her friend SPENCER. Some of the STUDENTS may even look at her as if irritated by her cheerfulness.) Laura: (excitedly) Hi, Spencer! How are you doing? Spencer: (nonchalantly) Okay, I guess. How are you? Laura: (sighs contently) I am feeling…special. Spencer: (confused) Special? What do you mean by that? Laura: (shrugs and speaks airily) I don’t know. It’s not like it’s anything too special. Well…I guess it is pretty special. Spencer: Laura, what are you talking about? Laura: (as if lovesick) Oh, Spencer, you just have to know about Him. He’s a really nice guy. Spencer: (angrily) Is this about your crush on Eric again? Look, you’ve told me more than once that he’s the man of your dreams, but do we have to talk about him again? Laura: Oh, him? (laughs sheepishly) No, silly, it’s not about him. There’s another…
  4. 4. Spencer: Another boy (becomes even angrier)? How many more men can you fit into your life? I know you’re supposed to keep your options open, but come on, Laura. Can’t you stick to one boy at a time? Laura: It’s not really a boy, Spencer. More of a man. Spencer: A MAN? (Stands up as if he has had enough) Laura, I need to put my foot down right now. I can’t let you go off and date some thirty-year-old guy! Laura: (interrupts) Spencer! Stop, don’t worry! I’m not talking about dating. Spencer: (relieved) Really? Oh, that’s good then. (sits back down) But, wait! If you’re not talking about a guy you want to date, who are you talking about? Laura: It’s Jesus, Spencer. It’s Him! He is the Savior of my life and has promised He’ll take me to heaven one day. I only just heard about Him yesterday! Spencer: (disgusted) Oh, no, Laura! Don’t tell me. You’ve become one of those…those… evangelizing freaks! Laura: What? No, Spencer, I – Spencer: (rambling on) It starts with learning about this Jesus guy. Then, you’re over trying to get all your friends to be “Christianized.” Then you start going to that church thing (shivers)! Then you starting joining these “missions” and doing all of this charity stuff. Oh! And then you’re up on top of the tables during lunch, and you’re going all “The end is nigh! Save yourself! Become Christian! Rapture! Doomsday! Blah, blah, blah!” (SPENCER has been acting out this part trying to impersonate a “stereotypical” evangelical. He is even standing on the table or up in the front of the stage. As he’s yelling “The end is nigh, etc.,” the STUDENTS begin staring at him as if he’s the very freak he’s trying to impersonate.) Laura: (whispering) Spencer? Umm, Spencer, everyone is staring at you.
  5. 5. Spencer: (looks around) Oh. (embarrassed and talks in loud voice) Not that I would ever believe anything like that. I mean, it’s fine. Freedom of speech, religion, all that fun stuff. Yeah… umm…just keep doing what you were doing. (SPENCER goes back to his spot on the stage or steps down from the table. He is obviously embarrassed. Some of the other STUDENTS go back to their own conversations while others keep throwing odd looks over at SPENCER and LAURA.) Laura: But, Spencer, why wouldn’t you want to know about Jesus? He is such a great guy, He loves us, and He guarantees you’ll go to heaven. Why don’t you want him? Spencer: Laura, why would you want to join those religious freaks? They are always walking around declaring that the world is ending and that we all need to repent or else! Not exactly that cheery feel-good message they say it is. Laura: But, Spencer, we must repent, otherwise – Spencer: (interrupts) And then there’s that Bible thing. It’s SO LONG! And SO BORING! How in the world could you want to read a book like that? It’s like a million pages long! People get more frustrated than happy by reading it. What about the Bible would be so great for me? Laura: (defensive) It’s not as bad as you think, Spencer. In fact, I think you would really enjoy it. Spencer: Are you sure, Laura? It’s full of a bunch of thee’s, thy’s, and thou’s. Why would I want to read something that reminds me of my English Lit. Shakespeare book? Laura: No, Spencer, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s not anything dull and boring like Shakespeare. It’s full of action, romance, and adventure. And it even has a happy ending! Spencer: Are you talking about the Book of Revelation? Laura: Of course, what did you think I meant? Spencer: Never mind.
  6. 6. Laura: So what do you say, Spencer? Do you think you’ll give it a try? Spencer: (uneasy) I don’t know, Laura. I’m still not convinced. What if I get confused? Laura: Don’t worry, Spencer, I’ll be there every step of the way to help you understand. We could even start right now? Spencer: Really? So quick? But what if the bell rings? Laura: (simply) Then we’ll stop and pick it up later. Spencer: (still apprehensive) Okay…if you’re sure…where do we start? Laura: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…(fade out) Scene Two (Scene opens at the beginning of the world. SPENCER and LAURA are stage right with a Bible in Laura’s hands. Both are reading it while LAURA is reading it aloud. The stage is blacked out with the exception of a spotlight on both LAURA and SPENCER. Stage is also bare.) Laura: (continuing her reading from Scene One) And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Spencer: Umm…Laura. Laura: Yeah, Spencer. Spencer: Could you not read it in such weird words? Like I told you, I don’t want to be sent back to Shakespeare class. Laura: (apprehensive) Okay…And God said, “Let there be light!” (Spencer and Laura look to the dark stage and wait. Laura reads again.) Laura: I said, “And God said, ‘Let there be light!’” (Still no light)
  7. 7. Laura: (screams) Let there be light, now! (All lights blast on at about the same time. SPENCER is overwhelmed by the brightness.) Spencer: Oh! Too much light! Make it dark! (staggers out of the spotlight) Laura: And the Lord separated the light from the darkness. He called the light “day” and the dark “night.” And there was day and night the first day. (Lights all go out except for the spotlight, which is on LAURA. SPENCER, who is in the darkness, searches around lost.) Spencer: Laura? Laura, where did you go? Laura: I’m over here in the light. (She waves to SPENCER.) Spencer: What? I can’t see you. There is no light here. Laura: Well, I suppose you’re seeing the night of the first day. Right now there is no sky or trees or ground or animals. So we’re just going to have to fast forward. Spencer: Fast forward? What will happen to me when that happens? Laura: Oh, nothing I’m sure. Anyway, the second day, the Lord created the sky. (Lights go on and people sing as if from the heavens holding a long and high-pitched “La!” SPENCER is obviously frightened from the loud song and is cowering.) Laura: And there was evening and morning the second day, and God saw that it was good. (After LAURA says “good,” singing stops and stage is returned to darkness except for the spotlight on LAURA. A short pause and then lights return when LAURA says “God.”) Laura: On the third day, God created the dry ground and grass for Spencer to cry like a little baby on and trees for him to hide under. Spencer: Hey! Laura: And there was evening and morning the third day, and God saw that it was good.
  8. 8. (darkness again.) Spencer: Laura? Laura: Yes, Spencer? Spencer: Could we speed this up a bit? I don’t like the whole idea of reliving the creation of the world one day at a time. Laura: But Spencer, we should do everything in God’s time and as He wants us. Spencer: Laura! Laura: Fine, (speeds up her speaking) on the fourth day, God created the sun to rule over the day and the moon and the stars for the night. Offstage: And it was good! (Lights go out on “good” and back on at “God.” They flicker when LAURA talks about what God does on these days.) Laura: (still speaking fast) On the fifth day, God created the fish of the sea and the birds of the air. (Spencer: Ugh! Is that bird poop!) And he said have fruit and multiply. The fifth day! Offstage: And it was good! Laura: On the sixth day, God made all the animals of the earth – the cute bunnies and the beautiful butterflies and the terrifying lions! Spencer: LIONS? Laura: And God made man in His own image and in his likeness. And they were naked! Offstage: Gasp! Laura: And there was evening and morning, the sixth day! Offstage: And it was good! (short pause)
  9. 9. Spencer: Laura, are we done yet? Laura: Just one more, Spencer. (reads at normal speed) Now on the seventh day, God really liked what he saw on the earth, but, boy, was he tired, so he declared a national day of loafing around. Offstage: And it was good! (Lights stay on for the rest of the scene.) Laura: (runs over to SPENCER) Spencer, are you okay? Spencer: Between getting pooped on by birds, almost eaten by lions, and having to switch between really dark and really bright every two seconds…yeah, I think I’m doing just fine. Laura: Good, because it’s time you met some actual people. Now, we could talk about Adam and Eve, the serpent, and how man fell from God’s love, but then we’d have to show naked people, and that’s called pornography and is inappropriate for children of our age. So instead, let’s fast forward to after Adam and Eve were stupid enough to eat the fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil to Cain and Abel, the first children to be born in this sinful world of ours. (Enter CAIN and ABEL, stage right. Both are clothed in something like sackcloth, but it obviously should cover appropriate body parts. CAIN is picking on ABEL, giving him nuggies and messing around. Abel, meanwhile, tries to get away. Abel could appear to even be a bit of a “wuss.”) Laura: This is Cain and Abel. Now, because sin was the new thing to come into this world, it was sort of hip and in style. Spencer: Hip and in style? Laura: Yeah, of course! You’ve seen all the other strange things that were in style when our parents were kids. Well, sin was the new thing, so it was in style when Cain and Abel were kids.
  10. 10. Now Cain was all into this cool “jealousy and sin” stuff because, well, it was in! But Abel, on the other hand, was a total loner and stuck to those old boring goody-goody ways. (CAIN walks around trying to be all cool, but ABEL kind of shies away to his own little corner and stares at nothing.) Laura: Now when Cain and Abel brought gifts to God, God liked Abel’s gifts better than Cain’s because they were sprinkled with goody-twoshoesness, and Cain became really ticked. (Enter CAIN’S FRIEND, stage right. He is also in sackcloth. He is a buddy of CAIN. He approaches CAIN.) Cain: (to FRIEND) Man, this is just not fair. How come whenever I give my gifts to God, He likes Abel’s gifts more? It doesn’t make any sense. My gifts are cool, yo! Friend: Makes no sense to me, man. You’re gifts are always da bomb! Cain: Yeah, all those fruit and all that other healthy stuff I sacrifice! Besides, why should I burn meat? A real man eats his meat. Fruit is for the rabbits! Laura: So Cain became really angry at Abel (FRIEND exits) and began to plot against him. Cain: (venting) Ugh! That’s stupid Abel! He’s always so nice and girly. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna beat him to the ground or let out some of his animals or… Laura: (interrupting) Kill him. Cain: (shocked) What? Laura: Kill him. That’s what you’re gonna do. Cain: What? Why would I kill Abel? He’s my only brother, and he’s the first kid on this earth. Being the younger brother of the first kid gives you a lot of street cred. Laura: But it says right here in the Bible that you’re gonna kill him.
  11. 11. Abel: (comes forward) Bible? What’s a Bible? Is this something Satan brought from the Tree of Good and Evil. Laura: Quick, Cain! Kill him now. Cain: What? But I don’t want to. Laura: Just do it. Cain: But I… Laura: NOW! Cain: Alright! (takes out a small sword from his belt and stabs Abel in the chest. Abel then begins dying dramatically, taking his time before finally hitting the ground.) Cain: Oh, Abel! What have I done? Laura: (cheerfully) You have just committed the first murder. Well done! Your name will now be mud for the rest of history, and all your children are going to be cursed! Cain: What! (Lights flicker on and off as the voice of GOD speaks) God: Cain! Cain: Oh, crap. God: Cain, what have you done to your brother Abel? Cain: (weakly) I don’t know. I’m not his keeper. God: Cain, your brother’s bones cry up to me. (Abel begins screaming loudly and annoyingly before his cries die off in a whimper.) God: Cain, for this, you and your descendants will be cursed forever! Cain: But, God, it was this woman who is here with me. She told me to kill Abel!
  12. 12. God: Ah, your father tried the exact same thing, but that won’t work twice! Now, your descendants will be cursed! Cain: NO! (Stage lights go off except for the spotlight, which is on SPENCER and LAURA.) Spencer: Wait! What just happened there? Laura: Cain just committed the first murder. It was a sign of things to come for mankind. Spencer: No, you told Cain to kill him. He had no intention to kill him before you said anything! Laura: Ah, but I didn’t make him kill Abel. Spencer: But you pretty much forced him to! Laura: Spencer, we must follow what happens in the Word of God. Remember the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men! (bell rings) Spencer: That’s the bell. We better get to English Lit. You know how cranky the teacher can be if we’re late. (Both quickly exit stage left and spotlight fades out.) Scene Three (SPENCER and LAURA enter stage left and return to the spot they were at the end of Scene Two. The setting is still dark with the spotlight on the duo. Scene Three will be in Egypt, so pyramids and the like would make a good background. SPENCER and LAURA have been arguing.) Spencer: Whatever, anyway, where are we going to now in the Bible? Laura: Now, we are going to visit ancient Egypt. You know how those historians thought it was the Egyptians who built the pyramids? Well, boy, were they wrong. You see, after a while, God
  13. 13. decided that the Israelites were the greatest goody-twoshoes of them all. So, He promised them a land of chocolate milk and honey. Only one problem, the Israelites were stuck in Egypt as slaves to Pharaoh, King of Egypt. (Lights go on, PHARAOH enters stage right with ROYAL SLAVES. PHARAOH and SLAVES are well dressed, but it is obvious that PHARAOH is king. Jewels and white garments are their clothing.) Laura: Now God had chosen Moses to lead the people out of Egypt and into this sweet, delicious land. He told Moses to give Pharaoh his special message. (MOSES, who is wearing shepherd’s clothing and holds a staff, enters stage right dramatically.) Moses: (loud and heroic) Pharaoh, let my people go! (PHARAOH and SLAVES keep walking stage left slowly as if they do not hear Moses because PHARAOH actually doesn’t.) Moses: Ahem! I said, “Pharaoh! Let my people go!” (PHARAOH keeps marching on. He will eventually march off the stage.) Moses: (turns to LAURA) What’s his problem? Laura: I don’t know. (reads the Bible that is in her hand) It says here that Pharaoh would not listen because his heart was hardened. Maybe that means he’s deaf. Moses: Oh! Laura: Yeah, that would explain a lot. Especially how he runs into the middle of the Dead Sea when the water was coming down. Moses: Really, he’s gonna do that? Laura: Yeah, I know. Stupid, right? (laughing) Spencer: (interrupting) Can we get back to the story…without your interruptions, Laura?
  14. 14. Laura: Oh, fine. Sorry, Moses, but you-know-who back here is a bit impatient. He’s got to read this Bible before first hour. Spencer: I have a test that period! Moses: I understand. We’ll try to get back on track. (exits stage left) Laura: Alright, let’s fast forward. By God, Moses caused there to be seven plagues. First he turned the water to blood, (SPENCER: Ew!) made there be an invasion of frogs (Yuck!), caused a swarm of gnats and lice to come (SPENCER scratches head), caused there to be flies and death among the livestock, gave the people unhealable boils (SPENCER rubs face), sent down hail mixed with fire (Yikes!), created a swarm of locusts and caused darkness to fall over the land (lights go out, no spotlight), and finally gave death to all the first-born Egyptian boys (wailing in background). (PHARAOH comes in stage right with his SERVANTS and with MOSES and the ISRAELITES in very humble clothing following behind. Lights back on.) Laura: By now, Moses had become pretty disgusted with trying to please Pharaoh. Moses: Pharaoh, I have tried and tried again to make you hear my cry and let my people go! My God has sent locusts and frogs and fire and hail (and then fire and hail at the same time)! This defies the laws of physics, Pharaoh, and you must listen to my God’s call. Let my people go! Pharaoh: (to servants) Is that old man Moses still trying to talk to me? Can’t he see that I can’t hear? I’m deaf for crying out loud! Moses: I see you whispering amongst yourselves, Pharaoh, and I know you will never listen. God wants to give these people a land flowing with milk and honey. (ISRAELITE #3: Is that physically possible?) For this reason, I will part the Red Sea. (turns stage right, takes his staff in two hands and sticks it into the ground. Loud noise is heard as the sea is parted. “Sea” is
  15. 15. actually offstage, but ISRAELITES are looking at the “sea” stage right. ISRAELITES are in shock and awe, and so are the SERVANTS, but PHARAOH, who has already turned the other way, does not hear or see what is happening.) Pharaoh: (loudly) Is that Moses person done babbling yet? Israelite #1: (to ISRAELITE #2) You know, we could just cross over the sea now while it’s parted instead of waiting for these two to keep on arguing. Israelite #2: But wouldn’t that be going against God’s command since Moses didn’t tell us to go through the sea? Israelite #1: Nah, we’ll just be making things easier for him. After all what’s the worst that could happen. Is God gonna give us like Ten Commandments or something? Israelite #2: Yeah, or make us stay out in the desert for forty years? (ISRAELITES laugh and leave stage right. MOSES sees them leaving and calls after them.) Moses: Wait! Wait! I didn’t say you could go through the sea yet! (follows them offstage and drops the staff) Pharoah: (picks up staff off the ground) Moses! (runs after him) Moses, you forgot your staff! You forgot your…oh, crap! (sound of waves) Ah! (Lights go off except for spotlight on LAURA and SPENCER. Bell rings.) Laura: Oh, Spencer! It’s time for class. Spencer: Really? (like a child) Do we need to go to class? I’m kind of worried about Moses and the Israelites. Do they survive in the desert? Is there really a land of milk and honey? Laura: Don’t worry, Spencer. We’ll find out about that whole thing next time. Come on, let’s go! You have a test remember! Spencer: Alright!
  16. 16. (Exit stage left. Spotlight shuts off.)
  17. 17. Scene Four (LAURA and SPENCER enter stage left and return to the same spot where they have been the past couple scenes. Spotlight is on them. SPENCER is obviously angered. Scene is a desert. A stable could be included as well as a tomb as all of Jesus’ life is included in this scene.) Spencer: I can’t believe you told me that! Laura: I’m sorry, Spencer, but you’d have to find out sooner or later! Spencer: I can’t believe it. After all those years under Pharaoh, the Israelites go out into the wilderness for forty years and die! Laura: Not all of them! Some stayed until they made it to the Promised Land! Of course, then they had to be kicked out of the Promised Land because they started worshipping wooden posts and gold and silver instead of God. But it all turns out okay in the end! Spencer: Okay? How can it all turn out okay? The people are in disarray; they’re worshipping twigs for… Laura: SPENCER! Spencer: …goodness sake. How can it end happy now? It’s not like there’s going to be a Messiah or Savior who’ll come down from the sky and save them! Laura: Well…kind of…you see there’s this guy. Spencer: A guy? Laura: You know what, Spencer? Why don’t I just tell you the whole story…Once upon a time, in the magical land of Bethlehem, there were three wise Magi from the East. Spencer: The east of what?
  18. 18. Laura: Oh…Bethlehem I suppose, but don’t interrupt! As I was saying, there lived three wise Magi (another word for magicians) in the east. Now they were like the Israelites – looking for someone to save them from this craphole that they were stuck in. (lights come on as THREE MAGI enter with wands, books, and charts.) Now they were all practicing their magical powers when one of them began looking at the stars and said… Magi #1: Look, friends! Look at the sky, there are three stars right there that seem to be close to aligning. Magi #2: Man, just because your stars are aligning, it doesn’t mean you’re going to pick up that beautiful Hebrew girl from Jerusalem. She’s just not that into you, ya know? Magi #3: Yeah, if this is another one of your predictions about your love life, we’d be better off by just telling you now that you’ll never find that perfect girl, man. Magi #2: (sarcastically) Unless that girl was blind. Magi #1: Enough! This has nothing to do with my dramatic love life (MAGI #3: No kidding.). It’s about the Messiah! Magi #2: The who now? Magi #3: That guy who’s supposed to come and be King over all peoples, including those stupid Romans. Magi #2: Oh, I know, man. I hate the Romans. They’re always so pushy and whiney. Magi #3: And, not to mention, rude! They just barged into all these countries and said, “We claim this land for Caesar!” and we said “Heck no!” but they really didn’t like that. Magi #2: Yeah, they came in and took over and put that idiot Herod in charge. Magi #3: (laughing) Oh yeah, what a dope, did you hear?
  19. 19. Magi #1: (interrupts) If you two will stay on topic! As you all know, back at the beginning of time, our father and mother Adam and Eve went against God by eating of the forbidden fruit. (MAGI #2 shakes fist in the air.) Ever since their fall, God has promised a Savior – one who will conquer all of Israel’s enemies, even death itself. Spencer: (to LAURA) Did he just say that a man would conquer death? Magi #1: Yes! (as if he heard SPENCER) This man will even go so far as to conquer death! Listen! The stars are aligning, and soon there will be a great star over the land of Israel. Now, I don’t know about you, but I believe that we need to head west, find this Savior, and give him all of our magic powers so that he may accomplish his task. Laura: So the Three Magi (who will act out what she says) agreed to follow this star in the west until they found this chosen one. (scene gets dark, but spotlight remains on LAURA and SPENCER. Enter MARY, JOSEPH, and JESUS who is lying on the floor rolled in sheets. Spotlight now moves on JESUS.) After many days, they found that the star had stopped over a man and his wife and a little boy they had. When they saw the boy, they said: Magi #1: This must be the chosen child! Magi #2: (sarcastically) Really? Gosh, I would have never thought that this was the chosen child since he’s the only kid here with a big spotlight on him! Magi #3: Enough talk, let’s quickly give him these magic powers so he can defeat death! Laura: So they all said a few magic words and waved their hands and gave Jesus great gifts. (JESUS stands up now, as if he has gone from infant to adult in one second. MARY, JOSEPH, and MAGI leave. CROWDS now enter, and lights are on. One must be carried in dead, some are sick, and others have cups for wine.) And Jesus began to do many cool things. First he healed the sick by touching them! (JESUS slaps sick people.) Turned water into whine! (Jesus grabs cups
  20. 20. of water, empties them and CROWDS begin to whine.) And even raised people from the dead! (JESUS kneels down next to the dead crowd member, has a moment of silence, then grabs him and shakes him.) Jesus: Wake up, Child! I said, “Awake!” Laura: And Jesus did many other cool things, but then one day, the people didn’t like him so much. So they decided to crucify him, which I think means, to stab to death with toothpicks. (CROWDS begin stabbing JESUS with toothpicks. Please don’t poke JESUS too hard, the actor doesn’t have the ability to rise from the dead! JESUS falls down as if dead. TWELVE DISCIPLES, who were part of the CROWDS, stay on scene while others leave. DISCIPLES are sad.) Then, suddenly Jesus performed a great miracle! (Singing from off-stage to the tune of “Mission to Mars.” Jesus slowly stand back up) He used his magic powers to rise from the dead! (singing: Duh-DAH! And hold DAH!) Then He vanished into heaven. (JESUS runs off stage right. Singing stops.) But his twelve biggest fans, calling themselves the disciples decide to tell the whole world about Jesus and that if you believe in Him and his magic powers, he will poof you into a beautiful beachside resort called “Heaven” after death. (DISCIPLES disperse. Spotlight is on SPENCER and LAURA. Other lights are off. While lights are off, scene is changing from Scene Four to Scene Five, which is back to the school lobby theme with other students. Make sure any props brought are brought as inconspicuously as possible to sell the change from “Bible World” to “Real World.” Stage Crew can be in black.) Scene Five Spencer: So…is that it?
  21. 21. Laura: Pretty much. There’s all this stuff about the end of the world, the apocalypse, the rapture, and the anti-Christ too, but that’s not important. What’s important is that we believe in Christ and his magical powers to save us and bring us to heaven. Spencer: Wow! I gotta admit, Laura, I never have heard the Bible explained the way you have. I may have to give it and Christianity a real good look. Laura: So are you going to become a Christian then? Spencer: Not quite yet, but I am curious. I’ll give you that. Laura: That’s good because this whole Christ thing isn’t just for those twelve fans who saw him after he came back from the dead; it’s for everyone. And the best time to learn about Him and listen to Him is now, not later. Spencer: Okay, don’t worry. I will. This is way more important than that Creative Writing test or all that other school stuff, and it’s actually cooler too. I’ll take a look at it. (Lights slowly turn back on; STUDENTS are present after scene change. They are frozen until SPENCER says “test.” Bell rings and STUDENTS disperse.) Spencer: Well, I suppose I better to get to my class, Laura. Thanks for reading through that with me. Laura: No problem, Spencer. See you after school! Spencer: Bye! (exit stage left) (ERIN, the girl who helped LAURA become a Christian, enters stage right. She has books and is looking through her notes.) Laura: Oh, hi, Erin! Erin: (surprised) Oh, hi, Laura! How is your study of the Bible going? Laura: Oh, it’s fantastic! I never knew the Bible could be so interesting.
  22. 22. Erin: That’s great, Laura, because people really need to see that the Bible is not just full of old- fashioned “do and do not’s.” It really is interesting and heartening to see the righteousness and hope that is associated with God. Laura: Yep, and guess what! I’ve even managed to help someone convert to Christianity. Erin: (surprised) Really? Who? I’d love to hear about it. Laura: Well, he’s not converted yet, but he says he’s definitely going to take a good look at the Bible now. Erin: Wow! So who is it? Laura: Spencer. Erin: (shocked) Spencer! That kid who threw his milk at me when I got on top of a lunch table and announced that the end was near? Laura: (defensive) Well, yeah…but trust me. He really is taking a serious look at Christianity. Erin: (apprehensive) Hmm…that’s good, I guess. God does work in mysterious ways. How did you get him to be interested in Christianity? Laura: Well, I told him a few stories from the Bible. Erin: Oh, that’s good! Which ones? Laura: Well, first, I told about how God created the world in seven days and then rested on the seventh day. Erin: I see. What else? Laura: Then I told him about how Cain murdered Abel and how Cain tried to use the excuse of me tempting him to murder Abel and even forcing him to do it. But you know how boys are with their whole blame game.
  23. 23. Erin: (shocked) What? Laura, what are you talking about? You didn’t force Cain to kill Abel. You weren’t even around at that time! How could you have forced him to kill Abel? Laura: Well…I don’t know. Ask Spencer. Then there was this Moses guy in Egypt who tried to set the Israelites free, but couldn’t because Pharaoh was deaf. Erin: You mean he wouldn’t listen. Laura: No, it said his heart was hardened, so I figured he was deaf. Erin: No, Laura, it just means he wouldn’t listen because he didn’t want to. Are you sure you told Spencer the right stories? Laura: I don’t know. I did tell him about the three Magi and their magic powers. Erin: What? No, the three Magi might have “magic” in their name, but there were just three wise men who knew about the coming of Christ and were there for his birth. Laura: You mean…they didn’t have magical powers? Erin: No, of course not. Laura: (upset and worried) Oh no, Erin, now I’m not sure if Spencer will become saved after all! Erin: (attempts to calm LAURA) Well, don’t get upset just yet. It seems that you’ve got his interest, and that’s a good start! Just remember that Christianity is about turning away from our sin and living for God, and we can be sure we’ll go to Heaven because Christ has sacrificed himself to give us freedom. Laura: And all you have to do is believe in Jesus Christ! Erin: Yep, that’s all you have to do (exits stage left). Laura: Yep, just believe in Jesus Christ and his magical powers! (Lights out, curtains close)