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Online audio guide

Online audio guide

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  • 1. audio G U I D EWelcome to the world of exceptional audio.
  • 2. The importance of great audio... ...It’s so much more than just soundIf the TV is the heart of your home theater system, then the audiois the soul. Oh sure, a 60-inch 1080p LCD HD-TV looks amazingand makes for the perfect focal point in any room, but it’s thespeakers and components that allow you to experience yourhome theater system like never before. Go from just watchingthe game, to feeling the game wrap around you, putting youright on the field. Or make listening to CDs a truly magicalexperience, as the walls melt away and you find yourselfright on stage with your favorite band. Whether it’s musicor movies, sports or gaming, it’s great audio thattransforms the action of watching and listening, to one ofbeing totally absorbed in the experience. Check out yournearest Magnolia for the products and know-how to bringthat experience to life for you.
  • 3. The Magnolia d i f f e r e n c e Premium Products: Magnolia offers a full range of the most popular brands, plus a wide selection of the most sought-after, high-performance audio and video products available today. | Friendly and Knowledgeable People: Our sales staff has a rare passion and knowledge about audio, video and home automation. We do more than just offer you a great home theater system, we aim to build a lifetime of satisfaction in your home entertainment experience. | Price Protection: If you find a lower price on any item new and in stock at a local authorized dealer––including our stores––we’ll match their price. (See store for price protection policy) | Half Century of Experience: Started as a neighborhood family business, Magnolia is now a subsidiary of Best Buy®. It’s an unbeatable combination of personalized service, power and price. 2 great ways to experience MagnoliaGet a taste of how premium home theater looks and sounds Our west coast stand-alone stores featuring a showroom experience inside the convenience of Best Buy. designed to look and feel like a home.Inspired by the vision embodied in the Magnolia Audio Video stand-alone These stand-alone stores are the flagships of the Magnolia brand. Each offers ashowrooms located on the West Coast, Best Buy® teamed up with deeper selection of high-performance audio and video brands from names likeMagnolia to bring an exciting store-within-a-store shopping experience. Vienna Acoustics, MartinLogan, Pioneer Elite, Denon, Sonus faber, Marantz,Magnolia Home Theater® — found in select Best Buy stores nationwide — McIntosh and Monitor Audio—all arranged in lifestyle-inspired showrooms thatcombines premier brands like Vienna Acoustics, MartinLogan, Denon and feel more like home than a store. Plus, you’ll enjoy service from an elite teamKlipsch, with a relaxed shopping environment that lets you fully of System Designers with years of experience—empowered to do whatever itexperience how a home theater system can feel in your home. Visit a takes to make sure you find the system that’s right for you. These SystemMagnolia Home Theater near you, and let one of our seasoned Magnolia Designers are backed up by teams of Programmers, Engineers and InstallersPros tailor a system to your tastes. dedicated to bringing your dream system to life in your home.
  • 4. contents 5 6 Klipsch | Speakers Mirage | Speakers 16 17 Arcam | Audio Components Audioquest | Cables 26 13 REL | Speakers Sonos | Wireless Audio 7 Yamaha | Audio Components 9 Definitive Technology | Speakers 27 Sonus faber | Flagship Speakers 8 Bose | Home Theater 10 Denon | Audio Components 28 Sonus faber | Speakers 9 Definitive Technology | Speakers 18 Denon | The Ultimate Stack 14 SpeakerCraft | Speakers 10 Denon | Audio Components 19 Marantz | Audio Components 29 Vienna Acoustics | Elite Speakers 11 MartinLogan | Speakers 20 MartinLogan | CLX Speakers 15 Vienna Acoustics | Speakers 12 Pioneer Elite | Audio Components 21 MartinLogan | Flagship Speakers 13 Sonos | Wireless Audio 11 MartinLogan | Speakers 30 Power Conditioners 14 SpeakerCraft | Speakers 22 McIntosh | Audio Components 31 Headphones 15 Vienna Acoustics | Speakers 23 Monitor Audio | Speakers 32 Blu-ray titles 24 Niles | Distributed Audio 33 Tube Audio 12 Pioneer Elite | Audio Components 34 Turntables & Vinyl 25 Primare | Audio Components 35 Classic Records B e s t B u y. c o m / m a g n o l i a m a g n o l i a a v. c o m CLICK ON THE BRANDS ABOVE TO NAVIGATE TO THAT PAGE USE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH PAGE TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE
  • 5. Products available at Magnolia Home Theater inside Best Buy Klipsch Power. Detail. Emotion.Klipsch has always been known for producing no-compromise,premium-quality audio products. The Klipschorn®, introduced in KLIPSCH BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS Experience rich, crystal-clear audio 1946, put the Klipsch brand on the map by using horn-loaded through these speakers that feature a 4" fiberglass woofer cone and a 3/4" technology to reproduce the sound of a live orchestra inside titanium compression tweeter with XT Tractrix horn technology for an the home. While the designs have changed, the horn-loaded immersive soundscape. XB10BLA. 8768185. $499 98 pairtechnology remains the hallmark of the Klipsch brand, offering high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity and flat frequency response. This allows the speakers to more closely reproduce the quality and tonal characteristics of live sound. It’s this sound that makes Klipsch a highly sought-after, high-performance brand.____________________________________________________________ KLIPSCH FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER This attractive floorstanding speaker Visit a Magnolia Home Theater store inside Best Buy today for delivers exceptional sonic performance with 3 high-output woofers and a 1" titanium KLIPSCH POWERED SUBWOOFER a full selection of Klipsch speakers and subwoofers. Klipsch is tweeter for precision highs and accurate Enjoy thrilling bass response for all sound reproduction. Includes a furniture- your movies, music and more with not available in our Magnolia Audio Video locations. grade wood veneer cabinet with removable this powerful subwoofer, featuring magnetic grille. WF34CAB. 8876521. an 8" driver and a BASH amplifier for precision performance. XW300D. To shop our selection of Klipsch products online click here $ 59998 each 8876549. $699 98 B e s t B u y. c o m / m a g n o l i a 5 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 6. Products available at Magnolia Home Theater inside Best Buy Mirage Completely immersive audio. MIRAGE SURROUND SOUND SPEAKER PACKAGE Mirage is one of the world’s most innovative and critically These 5 identical Nanosat satellite speakers deliver immense music and movie sound all from a compact size. Each speaker consists acclaimed speaker brands. Founded in 1977 by a small of a 2.75" woofer for clear-sounding vocals and a 3/4" tweeter for improved soundgroup of audiophiles, they made it their mission to develop quality. NANOBLK5. 9015157.a speaker that sounded so natural, listeners would feel they $ 54998 were listening to a live event rather than a product. Henceone of the founding principles of the company is that sound should be omnidirectional and completely immersive, rather than directional and “forced. To this end, the ”company patented Omnipolar® technology, which disperses sound evenly in a perfect 360º pattern, delivering a lifelike, three-dimensional sound experience unlike any other. Attractive design and extraordinary placement flexibility make Mirage easy to enjoy in any environment. MIRAGE FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER MIRAGE POWERED SUBWOOFER ______________________________________________________ With its sleek style and superior driver The stylish front-firing design with down- technology, the OS3FS delivers immersive firing port delivers extended bass response Visit a Magnolia Home Theater store inside Best Buy today music and movie sound. Omnipolar® to add depth to sound, while the built-in technology creates a massive 360º amplifier supplies 400 watts dynamic peak for a full selection of Mirage speakers and subwoofers. soundstage, offering the perfect balance of power, 100 watts RMS (continuous) power. direct and reflected sound for accurate, OMNIS8BLA. 7478455. Mirage is not available in Magnolia Audio Video locations. realistic listening. OS3FSB. 9013863. $ 36998 $ 49998 eachTo shop our selection of Mirage products online click here B e s t B u y. c o m / m a g n o l i a 6 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 7. Products available at Magnolia Home Theater inside Best Buy Yamaha Excellence in music in all its forms. YAMAHA HOME THEATER RECEIVER Surround yourself with amazing audio with 910 watts total power. Features include Dolby® TrueHD and dts™-HD Master Audio, Dolby® Digital Plus and dts™-HD high-resolution audio, 1080p HDMI™ upconversion, AM/FM tuner, plus it’s Satellite radio-ready. RXV1900. 8944191.$ 1399 98 Yamaha is widely known for their huge diversity of products, but most notably they are known for theirexcellence in the field of music. From offering a full line ofmusical instruments, to being a leading producer of audio YAMAHA HOME THEATER RECEIVER and video products, the desire is the same — to provide Get remarkable audio quality from up to 7.1 channels of clear surround sound superior quality acoustics, design, technology and from your HD components. With 980 watts total power, Dolby® Digital, Pro craftsmanship. Their commitment to education and Logic, dts™-ES, dts™-ES Discrete and Matrix 6 audio, an AM/FM digital tuner, popularization of music was made clear in 1966 when plus it’s Satellite radio-ready. RXV3900. 8944173. $1899 98they established the Yamaha Music Foundation, providing a wide range of music activities and music schools. This dedication to the art of music is made clear through theirexcellent products and services designed to create a truly YAMAHA BLU-RAY DISC™ PLAYER enjoyable listening environment. Get magnificent audio and video performance from your Blu-ray ______________________________________________________ discs with this player that features 1080p/24fps-compatible HDMI™ video Visit a Magnolia Home Theater store inside Best Buy output, 12-bit Deep Color, HD audio bitstream output, plus BONUSVIEW today for a full selection of Yamaha products. Yamaha is functions including Picture-in-Picture. BDPS2900. 9244677. $ 999 98 not available in our Magnolia Audio Video locations. Special order onlyTo shop our selection of Yamaha products online click here B e s t B u y. c o m / m a g n o l i a 7 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 8. Products available at Magnolia Home Theater inside Best Buy Bose Committed to lifelike sound. BOSE DVD HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM This compact home theater system delivers stunning audio clarity. Featuring a 2.1-channel amplifier with built-in surround sound decoder, a progressive-scan DVD/CD/MP3 player, 2 speakers, plus DVD video upscaling to 1080p quality. 321GSXIIIGRA. 8858863. $ 149998 Since their founding in 1964, the Bose name has become BOSE LIFESTYLE® V30 HOME THEATER SYSTEM synonymous with exceptionally lifelike audio. To achieve Bring a cinematic experience right to your living room with this complete this, they have always been tremendously committed to home theater system that includes a 5.1-channel amplifier with built-in research — research that they say helps yesterday’s fiction surround sound decoders, media console, AM/FM stereo tuner, plusbecome tomorrow’s reality. It’s this commitment and passion DVD video upscaling to 1080p quality. LSV30. 8551042. for innovation that has lead them to develop unique sound $ 299998 solutions to meet virtually any audio challenge in any application. Because at Bose, they strive to identify things which, when made better, improve people’s lives. BOSE WIRELESS SURROUND LINK This 5.8GHz wireless surround link__________________________________________________________ simplifies the setup of your Lifestyle® home entertainment system, Visit a Magnolia Home Theater store inside Best Buy today eliminating the need for speaker wires, especially for rear surround for a full selection of Bose home theater systems. speakers, for a clean, uncluttered look. SL2LINK. 7916213.Bose is not available in our Magnolia Audio Video locations. $ 24998 pair To shop our selection of Bose products online click here B e s t B u y. c o m / m a g n o l i a 8 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 9. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location Definitive Technology Elegance and flexibility—together. DEFINITIVE DEFINITIVE DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER INDOOR/OUTDOOR SPEAKER Combine sleek elegance with The Mythos STS combines a You’ll appreciate sound that sheer power. The bipolar arrays high-definition mid/high frequency will stand out during all your are magnificently adept at monitor section with an integrated outdoor get-togethers with this creating a realistic 3D soundstage. 300-watt SuperCube® powered waterproof speaker pair. Their Includes a built-in powered subwoofer for no-compromise non-resonant enclosures provide subwoofer. BP7006BLA. 6638695. sonic performance. drainage channels to protect theSince its inception in 1990, Definitive Technology has been pushing MYTHOSSTSBLA. 8729263. inputs from moisture. $ 129998 pair AW5500WHI. 8819255.the boundaries with built-in powered subwoofers, sleek design and $ 299998 pair $ 19998 each unique aesthetics. This forward-thinking company offers superb DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY product and performance at an incredible price. And its slender SURROUND SOUND SPEAKER PACKAGE Sleek in design, these high-performance speakers deliver big sound from a compact black cabinets are beautifully designed to blend into your home. size. This package includes four satellite speakers, one center channel speaker and________________________________________________________________ a 300-watt powered subwoofer. PROSAT1000BLA. 7656404. Visit Magnolia Audio Video for our extended and complete line of PROCENTER1000BLA. 7656413. PROSUB1000BLA. 7656431. Definitive Technology speakers. $ 159998 9 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 10. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location Denon Enhancing the entertainment experience. DENON HOME THEATER RECEIVER Discover the possibilities of what this receiver can do for your home theater system with the 100 watts of power per channel, the latest high- resolution surround sound decoding, plus the fact that it supports 1080p. AVR2309CI. 8853957. $ 84998 DENON Innovative engineering and technology, along with a disciplined HOME THEATER RECEIVER Masterful at managing both audio approach to design and production, ensure that only superb and video, this receivers seven high-current, low-distortion 130-watt craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance amplifiers deliver unmatched sound quality. Plus you can stream network go into every component. Denon’s constant quest to create the music, Rhapsody and Internet radio. AVR3808CI. 8355638.perfect audio and video components has driven them to some of the $ 169998 most powerful technical solutions as well as some of the most convenient features to satisfy a diverse set of entertainment needs. DENON To put it simply, if it doesn’t provide more passion, improve HOME THEATER RECEIVER This receiver is Wi-Fi and network performance or enhance the experience, it doesn’t belong in a ready so it can interact with your home computer for your digital music, Denon. So when you take home a Denon product, these high as well as streaming music from Rhapsody and Internet radio. With standards elevate your senses and improve your listening and 7 high-current, low-distortion 140-watt amplifiers. AVR4308CI. 8355647. viewing experience. $ 269998 Available at select locations only._________________________________________________________________ Visit Magnolia Audio Video for our extended and complete line of Denon receivers and amplifiers. SEE PAGE 18 FOR MORE DENON—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO 10 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 11. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location MartinLogan Passion, Pride and Performance. At the heart of every MartinLogan speaker is an experience that features stunning detail, power and clarity. And while MartinLogan puts years of engineering and design into every speaker they create, they are best known for their innovative electrostatic speakers. The electrostatic diaphragm does more than just create a uniquely elegant shape. Driven by chargedelectrons, it reproduces sounds at accuracy levels only associated with the finest loudspeakers. So when it comes to reproducing MARTIN LOGAN MARTIN LOGAN MARTIN LOGAN FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER POWERED SUBWOOFER FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER music and giving color to what was once black-and-white audio, The low-distortion ATF™ (Advanced This subwoofer has been Source is a hybrid electrostatic Thin Film) drivers help make the meticulously designed to project design descended from look no further than MartinLogan. Preface’s performance superior in a staggering low-frequency MartinLogan’s legendary almost every way to conventional performance for its size and price Enthusiast models. It_______________________________________________________________ moving-coil cones and domes, range. DYNAMOBLA. 6793892. represents an achievement inVisit Magnolia Audio Video for our extended and complete line of projecting a wonderfully detailed and three-dimensional sound field. $ 64998 each performance at a previously unheard of low price for such PREFACEDKCHE. 8715624. a magnificently engineered MartinLogan electrostatic floor standing speakers, in-wall and speaker. SOURCEBLA. $ 149998 pair 8354835. in-ceiling speakers, on-wall speakers and subs. $ 219998 pair SEE PAGE 20 & 21 FOR MORE MARTIN LOGAN—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO 11 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 12. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location Pioneer Elite Prepare to go beyond the limits of reality. save $300 PIONEER ELITE HOME THEATER RECEIVER Exceed your audio expectations with 110 watts per channel. Improve your picture quality with HDMI™ Jitter Reduction. And the Dynamic Volume Control sets sound levels automatically as you switch components. Reg price $999.98. VSX03TXH. 8867693. $ 69998 after $300 savings save $800 PIONEER ELITE HOME THEATER RECEIVER This powerful AV receiver boasts There’s an Elite world out there, a world where the highest revolutionary Direct Energy HD with ICEpower™ amplification technology.expression of sight and sound come together and awaken your This produces a level of multichannel power output, fidelity and efficiency never before seen or heard in a home senses to a whole new level of consciousness. And in this theater receiver. Reg price $1799.98. SC05TX. 8881409. world, every experience you’ll ever have is like nothing you’ve $ 99998 after $800 savingsever known before. That’s because everything that exists in thisElite world comes from Pioneer’s insatiable drive for perfectionand uncompromising attention to detail. Through technological PIONEER ELITE BLU-RAY DISC™ PLAYERinnovation, impeccable design and a keen understanding of the With 24 frames per second playback, plus state-of-the-art sound withcustomer’s needs and desires, Pioneer’s Elite line truly achieves dts™-HD Master Audio and Dolby® TrueHD, this advanced player ensures you’ll experience the movie just as the ultimate in today’s home theater experience. the director intended. BDP05FD. 8947223.____________________________________________________________ $ 79998Visit Magnolia Audio Video for our extended and complete line of Pioneer Elite receivers, amplifiers and Blu-ray players. 12 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 13. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location SonosAll the music you want. All over your house. save $250 SONOS WIRELESS MUSIC SYSTEM Continuing to refine its excellence in multi-room digital audio, this compact Sonos Multi-Room Music System lets you play all the music you want, in any room—anytime. Tying the whole system together is the user-friendly, full-color CR100 remote controller with 3.5" LCD screen. Plus, every systemSonos is a company created by music lovers, for music lovers. comes with Desktop Controller software so you can easily control all aspects of your music from any desktop or laptop. Includes ZonePlayer 90, ZonePlayer 120 and 1 Sonos wireless controller. Sold At Sonos, their vision is “to fill every home with music by Separately $1249.98. BU150. 8921875. $999 98 after $250 package savings making it incredibly easy for people all around the world to enjoy all that music in every room. They excel at building ” systems that combine hardware, software, industrial design,usability design and services into a simple package that works right out of the box. And they continue to improve their Control Sonos with your iPhone® or iPod® touch systems even after they ship by delivering software updates The Sonos® Controller for iPhone is a free application on the App Store that turns your iPhone or iPod® touch into a full-fledged Controller for the that add new features and music services. So when you’re Sonos Multi-Room Music System. Just grab your iPhone, touch the screen to pick a room, point andready to play all the music you want, all over your house, and flick to pick a song, and hit play. control it from the palm of your hand, the Sonos Multi-Room APPLE 32GB iPOD TOUCH TOUCHII32GB. 8772081. $ Music System is ready and waiting, right out of the box. 39998___________________________________________________________ Let us configure and install your Sonos system to meet your needs. 13 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 14. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location SpeakerCraft Blending the sounds youenjoy with the life you live. SpeakerCraft manufactures in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that allow you to listen to quality audio anywhere living takes you. From the bedroom to the bath, to the kitchen, you’ll have the entertainment where you want it. SpeakerCraft is known for their innovative technology that dramatically improves the sound quality of architectural loudspeakers. They are pioneers in the architectural loudspeaker revolution—introducing many new innovations like pivoting tweeters. On some models, the entire speaker can pivot and rotate inside it’s frame, while remaining flush with the ceiling. SpeakerCraft also utilizes cutting edge materials in the construction of their speakers, such as magnesium and aluminum alloys used for their woofer cones and tweeter domes. These alloys are lighter and faster than conventional speaker materials, creating a tighter, crisper sound without harshness. So no matter what you’re listening to, SpeakerCraft will always deliver the finest quality performance. Let us install your SpeakCraft speakers to meet your needs. 14 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 15. All products on this page are available at any Magnolia location Vienna Acoustics Know the Joy of Music. VIENNA ACOUSTICS ON-WALL SPEAKER These compact speakers deliver genuinely deep bass At Vienna Acoustics, their passion and attention to detail make response and very high-power handling. A spectacular choice for surround every speaker a true work of art, with an equally detailed and satellites, they make no compromises as a main speaker when space is limited. amazing sound. Every speaker is built entirely by hand, using WALTZGRCHE. 7035193.exquisite hardwood veneers. Hand-numbering certifies the genuine, $ 79998 each lovingly handcrafted work of the designers, engineers andcraftsmen’s art. And their sound is as remarkable as their beauty — tested directly against the original reference speaker to ensure it exactly reproduces the performance standards and tonalcharacteristics of the design. Just listen and you’ll immediately hear save $500 VIENNA ACOUSTICS VIENNA ACOUSTICS FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKERthe depth, presence and subtle precision that can only be produced These exquisitely engineered speakers The Theatro was conceived to perfect feature a supremely tuned midrange and the recreation of voice through two mid by unwavering dedication to a labor of love. woofer that exhibit exceptional speed and woofers with XPP cones that emphasize detail, allowing the human voice to shine speed and delicacy and a silk dome________________________________________________________________ through with clarity and power. Reg price tweeter that contributes to this speaker’s $2999.98. MOZARTGRCHE. 7032383. near flawless natural sound. Visit Magnolia Audio Video for our extended and complete line of $ 249998 pair, after $500 savings THEATROGRPBLA. 8179393. Vienna Acoustics speakers. $ 79998 SEE PAGE 29 FOR MORE VIENNA ACOUSTICS—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO 15 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 16. Arcam Products available at our Bellevue and Roosevelt showrooms Bringing Music and Movies to Life. Founded in 1972, Arcam has dedicated ARCAM ARCAM PRE-AMPLIFIER STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER themselves to designing and producing products from the ground The performance and flexibility of The perfect match for the C31 the C31 will help your music sound its pre-amplifier in a pre/power up with home-grown, quality-driven technology and long-term best. The C31’s low noise power supply combination, the P38 houses a number creates a solid soundstage, creating a of new technologies to practically product support. Through the years, Arcam has applied this sophisticated sound. Plus it features eliminate thermal modulation of audio the latest generation volume control signals and ensure truly dynamic and philosophy of simplicity and integrity to everything they’ve built, and amplification components. C31SIL. enthralling reproduction. P38SIL.from entry-level hi-fi amplifiers, tuners and CD players to the most $ 159998 $ 149998 advanced products in both home cinema and hi-fi. Today, Arcam has met the challenges brought by the speed of new technology ARCAM development, but has never lost sight of what’s important to their HOME THEATER RECEIVER The AVR600 is dedicated to the customers, still manufacturing products in their home of complete experience, offering state-of-the-art sound and video Cambridge, England. processing with features that include a 7-channel, 120wpc power________________________________________________________________ amplifier, plus over 100 input, output and control connections.Visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full selection of AVR600SIL. Arcam amplifiers and receivers. Arcam is not available in $ 499998 Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 16 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 17. Audioquest Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showroomsQuality. Capacity. Fidelity. Cables are often the most overlooked item by consumers. But, in reality, the quality of your cables will dictate the audio and visual quality of your experience. Good cables are designed to pass a signal through as is, with minimal signal loss. The more efficient a cable is at moving that signal from point A to point B in its original form, the better the cable. The overall build, connectors and geometry of the cable, as well as metal content, all factor into the effectiveness and cost differences of speaker and HDMI™ cables. Magnolia Audio Video carries a wide selection of Audioquest cables. Established 27 years ago, it is a company that has continuously evolved and innovated while adhering to the basic priorities in design and manufacturing. All in a quest to deliver the experience from one place to another without flaw. ______________________________________________________________________ Visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a wide selection of Audioquest cables. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 17 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 18. The Denon Ultimate Stack Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Raw Power. Amazing Depth. And Soul. DENON WORLD’S FIRST UNIVERSAL DISC™ PLAYER 1st player in the world to play all of today’s audio and video formats, including Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, SACDs, CDs and even your HD- DVD library. Upconverts conventional 16-bit CDs to full 32-bit digital. Plus the Silicon Optix Realta HQV processor provides superb DVD deinterlacing and HD upconversion. DVD- A1UDCI. $ 449998 For years Denon has served as a leader in developing industry- DENON REFERENCE HOME THEATER PROCESSOR Reference pre-amp features dts™-HD Master changing audio and home theater gear—and these Reference A/V Audio and Dolby® TrueHD processing, plus built-in Ethernet and wi-fi capabilities. Plus, it separates only serve to underscore that. The ultimate separates stack offers 6 individual power transformers for the ultimate in audio and video fidelity. Includes features: a Reference Home Theater Processor with Dolby® TrueHD™ 12 high-definition video inputs (6 HDMI™/6 component) and 16 standard definition and dts™ Master Audio™ decoding plus THX Ultra2 certification; a 10- inputs with deinterlacing, upscaling and upconversion to HDMI™. AVPA1HDCI. 8850629. Channel Power Amplifier that can be configured to drive five, six, $ 749998seven, nine or even ten audio channels; and the world’s first universal ™ Blu-ray Player capable of playing Blu-ray Discs , HD-DVD, SACD, DENON DVD-Audio and CDs. Together these separates lay the foundation for REFERENCE 10-CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER Each of the 10 individual monoblock power an audio and video experience unlike any other—delivering amazing amplifier channels has its own CD power supply for maximum inter-channel isolation power, incredible control and unprecedented system for purity of sound. 150 watts per channel with true low impedance drive capabilities configuration flexibility. for compatibility with the most sophisticated loudspeaker systems. POAA1HDCI. ________________________________________________________________ $ 749998We only offer these Denon components at our Magnolia Audio Videoshowroom locations. A selection of Denon A/V components can also be found in our Magnolia Home Theater locations, inside Best Buy. SEE PAGE 10 FOR ENTRY LEVEL DENON—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA HOME THEATER m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 18 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 19. Marantz Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Inspired by history. Driven by passion. save $500 when purchased together MARANTZ MARANTZ PREAMP/ PROCESSOR POWER AMPLIFIER This stunning preamp/processor delivers The MM8003 delivers power, precision unparalleled picture and sound quality, and audio purity. Backed by 140 watts per while its Ethernet port can stream audio, channel, this power amplifier is the perfect video and photos from your computer to complement to the AV8003 your entire home theater system. AV8003. preamp/processor. MM8003.Since its inception in the 1950s, Marantz has identified the passion $ 259998 $ 239998 behind audio and video. As a classical guitarist, founder SaulMarantz was unsatisfied with the “Hi-Fi” equipment of his day. So he set out to build better products. Through his skill for industrial design and the help of talented engineers, this vision was achieved. Today the innovative product development and high-quality standards continue to meet and exceed the expectations of MARANTZ MARANTZ CD PLAYER INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER home theater enthusiasts. The CD5003 delivers a combination of superior This integrated amplifier offers Current audio performance, refined cosmetics and Feedback architecture – providing fast,_______________________________________________________________ upgraded parts selections, along with a accurate signal handling, resulting in perfectly multitude of features designed entirely for the balanced stereo sound reproduction and a We only offer these Marantz components at our convenience of its user. CD5003. very pinpoint musical image. PM5003. $ 34998 $ 44998 Magnolia Audio Video showroom locations. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 19 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 20. Products on display and available at our Bellevue, WA showroom MartinLogan CLX The Absolute Truth in Musical Reproduction. The CLX is MartinLogan’s (and the world’s) finest full-range electrostatic line source loudspeaker. Combining everything MartinLogan has learned about electrostatic technology over the past 25 years, the CLX delivers a purity of sound that will satisfy even the most critical audiophile. The CLX utilizes dual electrostatic transducers to faithfully render even the most complex musical NATURAL FINISH passages — delivering true reproduction. The CLX’s high frequency 57-inch CLS™ XStat™ Electrostatic Transducer offers smooth unencumbered dispersion of sound throughout the listening environment, while the uniquely engineered DualForce™ low- frequency electrostatic transducer delivers deep, dynamic bass. Featuring an advanced proprietary Vojtko™ filter topology, MartinLogan’s electronic specialists hand-build each CLX filter utilizing only the finest of components and construction techniques to assure the cleanest, most precise signal path possible. Available BLACK FINISH in a variety of finish options, this loudspeaker delivers a sound you’ve never heard before, with looks to match.________________________________________________________________ MARTIN LOGAN CLX LOUDSPEAKER RED FINISH To truly experience what sets these speakers apart from the crowd, CLXARTREDvisit our Bellevue Magnolia Audio Video store and take them for a test $ 29,99998 pairdrive. But be prepared, these speakers might knock you off your feet. SEE PAGE 21 FOR MORE MARTIN LOGAN—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 20 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 21. Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms MartinLogan ESL Series—richness, subtlty and depth. At the pinnacle of the MartinLogan line is the ESL Series. Utilizing highly developed electrostatic panels, with custom wood finishesand powered subwoofers they are capable of rendering music with a richness, subtlety, impact and depth unmatched by lesser loudspeakers. Listening to a system anchored by a pair of ESL loudspeakers is a transformational experience for anyone who appreciates exquisite sound reproduction. Marry any with the MartinLogan Depthi or Descenti subwoofer and enjoy theirsophisticated amplifier and triple servo control, ensuring purity and accuracy of sound from each of the 3 individual drivers. Give a save $1500 listen and you’ll be amazed at the clarity, crispness and fullness of MARTIN LOGAN MARTIN LOGAN MARTIN LOGAN FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER POWERED SUBWOOFER an experience that makes the walls of your room melt away— Crafted with an advanced Offering amazing mid-range This subwoofer is engineered electrostatic panel employing clarity and openness, Summit X in a 3-driver design in a force- replaced by the acoustics of a concert hall. XStat™ and AirFrame™ is the first hybrid electrostatic canceling configuration that technologies, as well as an 8" speaker to bring controlled virtually eliminates bass-________________________________________________________________ aluminum cone and extended dispersion to low frequencies. blurring cabinet vibrations. throw woofer for resonant bass. A precision Vojtko Voiced™ Sophisticated amplifier andThe MartinLogan ESL series is featured only at our Magnolia Audio Combines exceptional audio detail crossover network provides triple servo control technology with low-level sonic detail for an seamless blending of the ensure purity and accuracy of Video showroom locations. An introductory selection of amazingly realistic experience. PoweredForce™ active woofer sound from each individual Reg price $4299.98. VISTABLA. technology with the XStat™ driver. DEPTHIDKCHE.MartinLogan loudspeakers can also be found in our Magnolia Home $ 279998 pair after $1500 savings transducer. SUMMITXBLADCHE. $ 219998 $ 13,999 98 pair Theater locations, inside Best Buy. SEE PAGE 11 FOR ENTRY LEVEL MARTIN LOGAN—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA HOME THEATER m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 21 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 22. McIntosh Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms In a word...legendary. MCINTOSH POWER AMPLIFIER This 2-channel stereo amplifier delivers an emotionally charged 400 watts of power per channel in stereo or 800 watts in mono, providing the intricate dynamics and precision control that high- performance stereo systems require. MC402. VISIT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO FOR PRICE For over 60 years, McIntosh has established itself as a leader in the audio and video industry by creating a truly remarkable audio experience. The exceptional longevity of McIntosh and theirproducts is owed to a design philosophy established with the very MCINTOSH SOLID STATE PRE-AMPLIFIER first McIntosh amp: that every component will be created with This versatile Audio Preamp Control Center provides an elegant combination ofcapacity so great that it will never be operated at or near its stress audio purity and flexible control. It offers eight programmable source selections,point. Constantly innovating, continuously inventing, yet staunchly along with logic driven electromagnetic switching, providing incredible flexibilityholding firm to age-old traditions of handcraftsmanship, McIntosh for your music system. QC46. VISIT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO FOR PRICE ensures every product they create upholds their supreme reputation for performance and reliability. So whether it’s the meticulous craftsmanship, unique style or superior sound and video performance, this exquisite line of components will leave a MCINTOSH CD PLAYER Combine exceptional sound quality and lasting impression on even the most critical audiophile. flexibility with this SACD/CD player with digital inputs and a unique parallel DAC_______________________________________________________________ topology. Features an 8-channel 24-bit, 192kHz Digital to Analog Converter offeringVisit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full selection of a wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion. MCD500. McIntosh amplifiers, audio and video processors and disc players. VISIT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO FOR PRICE McIntosh is not available in Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 22 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 23. Monitor Audio Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms The right speakers for any setting. MONITOR AUDIO LCR SOUNDBAR The Radius One HD uniquely integrates left, center and right channels in one cabinet for a fully integrated acoustic experience in a space-saving design. RADIUSONEHDBLA. $ 79998Attractive to the eye as well as the ear, Monitor Audio speakers are designed for the ultimate listening experience, no matter the setting. For over 30 years, Monitor Audio has developed a line ofspeakers that feature a perfect blend of technology, innovation and superior design. From their unique metal driver design to developing a speaker which fits any budget and expectation, Monitor Audio has taken the guesswork out of choosing the right speaker. Whether your need is to simply relax with your favorite classical music or to celebrate the sound of the game-winningtouchdown, Monitor Audio has the perfect line of speakers for you. save $400 MONITOR AUDIO MONITOR AUDIO FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKERS SURROUND SOUND SPEAKER PACKAGE_______________________________________________________________ Radius HD offers a greater dynamic performance and a The high-performance sound and furniture-grade finish make wider bandwidth than the original Radius compact speaker Visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full selection this the perfect speaker for any line. Ultra-compact, this surround sound package comes setting. Each is equipped with with 4 satellite speakers, a center channel speaker and of Monitor Audio speakers. Monitor Audio is not available in two 6 1⁄2" woofers and a 1" gold subwoofer. RADIUS90HDRM. RADIUS180HDRM. dome tweeter. RS6RN. RADIUS360HDBLA. Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. $ 109998 $ 139998 after $400 package savings m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 6 23 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 24. Niles Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Take total control of your music throughout your home with Niles. NILES Founded in 1978, Niles has always been known as a solutions- MULTIZONE RECEIVER The Niles ZR6 multizone receiver can play up to six sources of music in six rooms, based company. In 2001, Niles introduced new multi-zone products simultaneously, via wall-mountable keypads and remote controls. Featuring plug-and- play iPod® integration, a built-in AM/FM Tuner, plus an advanced digital amplifier. ZR6. that offer great flexibility in creating customized whole-house $ 199998 distributed audio systems. Each system uses a combination of keypads, infrared sensors, and hand-held remotes to deliver complete zone-by-zone and system-wide control of a home- entertainment system. And to reduce installation time, programming and storage of all IR codes happens within the preamplifier or receiver, rather than using individuallyprogrammable keypads. Niles products include nearly every aspectof whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems— speakers, receivers, amplifiers, automation devices, controls, andaccessories, giving you everything you need for complete control of NILES NILES your music throughout your home – at the touch of a button. KEYPAD KEYPAD This weather-resistant six-source master This weather-resistant master keypad offers________________________________________________________________ keypad offers a bright, high-contrast LCD six master keys custom-labeled to match that displays the metadata from menu-driven your system, plus you can turn off the entire Magnolia’s installation professionals can configure and install your digital sources– providing artist, song and system at the touch of a button. SOLO6IR. playlist information. Includes system-wide $ 14998 Niles system to meet your needs and will integrate the system off and custom-tailored sound for each zone. with your existing products. SOLO6MD. $ 299 98 m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 24 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 25. Primare Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Simple sophistication.Can something be sophisticated and yet simple? Primare believes PRIMARE PRIMARE SURROUND PROCESSOR POWER AMPLIFIER This eight-channel pre-amp/processor Designed as an ideal output stage in a home so. In fact, their philosophy is based upon incorporating more delivers elite performance and ease of use. theater, the A30.5 offers the concentrated Featuring Dolby® and dts™ multi-channel power of five identical mono amplification advanced technology with a simple, easy-to-use design. This audio formats, a dedicated 7.1 channel channels housed in a single enclosure. input, plus a truly modular design platform. A30.5. wholly Scandinavian team of engineers and designers blends SP32BLA. $ 299998 new skills with a heritage of high performance, powerfully built $ 499998 products with a destinctive Scandinavian feel. From amplifiers to surround processors, DVD players to CD players, Primare continues to exceed expectations by engineering and designing premium audio equipment that is as rewarding to listen to as it is to live with. PRIMARE PRIMARE CD PLAYER INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER_______________________________________________________________ From the CD transport to the audio output This integrated amplifier delivers purity in stage, the CD21 is designed to deliver the signal transfer and clean distortion-free Visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full selection amplification. Features include an 800VA highest level of audio performance. CD21BLA. toroidal transformer and digital volume of Primare amplifiers, receivers and disc players. Primare is not control. I21BLA. $ 149998 available in Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. $ 149998 m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 25 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 26. REL Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Fidelity Meets Engineering. REL 300-WATT POWERED SUBWOOFER Rugged, bold and attractive, the T1 delivers exceptional low bass performance. Mounted on perimeter rails to provide sufficient elevation, allowing the proper release of the low bass pressure wave. Black ash gloss finish. T1BLA. $ 99998 each REL Acoustics, Ltd. was founded to create a product that worked perfectly under any circumstance or condition. Because of their commitment to quality, REL sub bass systems are among the best save $300in the world—becoming more than just subwoofers, they are a tool REL 300-WATT POWERED SUBWOOFER Intent on delivering pure fidelity, this sub- to truly transform the digital or analog audio recording into real bass system is engineered to produce low bass with slam and airiness capable ofsound. Even the sounds the human ear cannot hear affect the ones altering the atmosphere of a room. The sheer output level is simply amazing. we can. REL understands this better than most in the audio Piano black lacquer. R305PBLA. 7633117. industry. Along with performing as an amazing subwoofer, REL $ 129998 each after $300 savings products go beyond and bring out those ultralow underlying sounds that everything else is built upon—the foundation for a more realistic sound. Whether you’re listening to your favorite CD REL 500-WATT POWERED SUBWOOFER or watching your favorite movie, you’ll experience a more realistic Produces truly prodigious low bass with startling speed, at output levels that will atmosphere when you ground your system with REL. awe most listeners. Features a new ultra- long throw 12" driver paired with an ultra________________________________________________________________ high-current amplifier and 24 crossover frequencies from 22-96Hz. B1BLA. 7824624. Visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full $ 299998 each selection of REL sub bass systems. REL is not available in Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 26 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 27. Sonus faber Products available at our Roosevelt, WA showroom Homage Collection. The Homage Collection was created to pay tribute to the great stringed instrument makers of Cremona. Each bears the name of one of the Masters: Guarneri, Amati and Stradivari, recalling the shape of the string instruments they became famous for making. These speakers do more than just reflect the greats of the past, but create greatness for today, offering a new approach to loudspeaker design. Learning from lessons past, Sonus faber has created aspeaker collection for the future. Designed to be musical instruments in their own right, the Homage Collection of speakers connectslisteners to music in a very harmonious way, bringing out the soul of SONUS FABER SONUS FABER the music, making the experience a very moving event. GUARNERI MEMENTO LOUDSPEAKERS AMATI ANNIVERSARIO LOUDSPEAKERS Named in homage to the famous These loudspeakers celebrate the_______________________________________________________________T violin maker Giuseppe Guarneri, these 500th anniversary of the birth of the speakers’ lute shape design is formed great stringed instrument maker Andrea o experience these instruments of speaker technology for yourself, using 21 pieces of hand selected solid Amati. With its lute-shaped cabinet, this maple wood. This two-way, stand- three-way floorstanding loudspeakervisit our Roosevelt, WA showroom and ask for a demo. Their unique mounted loudspeaker, features a 25mm features a 25mm tweeter, a 150mm tweeter and 150mm mid-woofer. midrange and 220mm and incredible sound are sure to delight more than just your GUARNERIREDVIO AMATIANNREDVIO $ 14,99998 pair (includes stands) $ 29,99998 pair eyes and ears, but your heart and soul as well. SEE PAGE 28 FOR MORE SONUS FABER—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 27 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 28. Sonus faber Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Art imitating artist…impeccably. save $3000 SONUS FABER FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS With a signature lute-shaped cabinet, crafted in hand-selected layers of wood and solid maple, the Sonus faber Cremona M expresses itself with great speed, transparency and naturalness, with superb control over low frequencies. Reg price $12,799.98. Crafted in Vicenza, Italy, Sonus faber loudspeakers convey all the CREMONAMMAP. emotion and drama of a live musical event. Their aim, through a $ 979998 pair, after $3000 savings blissful dance of technology and design, is to convey to the listener, SONUS FABER “all the emotional vigor of the original performance. This is ” BOOKSHELF SPEAKER The Toy loudspeaker’s small size and masterfully achieved by designing each speaker in the tradition of two-way design make it ideal for high-quality performance in a bedroom, kitchen or library musical instruments: “To give the source that reproduces music the setting, producing musical dynamics and frequency extension that belie its physical identity of a musical instrument itself. With this focus, Sonus faber ” size. TOYBLA. $ 124998 pair creates an amazingly authentic experience few other speakermanufacturers achieve. Each speaker design is grounded in the firm belief that the emotional nuances inherent in sound depend SONUS FABER FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS primarily on the acoustic chamber, its shape and its material. As a Liuto is a beautifully crafted three-way vented design in the Sonus faber tradition,result, Sonus faber loudspeakers not only perform impeccably in the incorporating all new drivers and its trademark lute-shaped side panels for service of art, but become true works of art in and of themselves. eliminating resonances. What you’ll experience is an enveloping soundstage_______________________________________________________________ and dynamic performance for most any room. LIUTOBLA Visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full selection $ 599998 pair of Sonus faber speakers. Sonus faber is not available in Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 28 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 29. Vienna Acoustics Products available at our Bellevue, WA showroom The Klimt Series™ VIENNA ACOUSTICS CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER Bringing art to an unmistakable sound, The A Whole New Look and Sound. Poetry can be used in a Left – Center – Right configuration or additionally as surround channels. As a center channel only, it matches The Music without compromise. Featuring an 18cm Flat-Spider-Cone midrange and two The Klimt Series™ of speakers honors Viennese artist Gustav Klimt, Spider-Cone™ woofers. POETRY. a man whose art was profoundly inspired by music. As leader of $ 999998 (includes stand) the Secession movement, Klimt urged artist of every persuasion – painting, architecture, music - to come together for the sake ofprogression – and to bring that progression to the people. The Klimt Series™ of speakers certainly does this with its new revolutionary Flat-Spider-Cone™ coincident driver system. This design producesthe Platonic ideal of the entire seven octave human vocal range and beyond in a single, phase-coherent time plain without the normal horn loading and compression present in most conventionaldesigns. This frees the sound of virtually all mechanical interference and allows for greater placement freedom of the speaker. It’s this sound, and the Flat-Spider-Cone™ technology behind it that lead Vienna Acoustics designer and founder Peter Gansterer to comment, “this system is the best I’ve ever created. ” VIENNA ACOUSTICS VIENNA ACOUSTICS BOOKSHELF SPEAKER FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER Utilizing the revolutionary Flat-Spider-Cone™ Revolutionary Flat-Spider-Cone™ technology________________________________________________________________ technology, The Kiss is a stunner in both housed in a sleek, leaning cabinet creates a sight and sound. Featuring an integrated spectacle of both sight and sound. The bodyVisit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom today for a full selection of subwoofer, a 23cm Spider-Cone bass driver houses three bass drivers while the top unit and an 18cm Flat-Spider-Cone midrange with handles the mid and upper bass, rotating to Vienna Acoustics speakers. Vienna Acoustics Klimt line is not a silk dome tweeter. THEKISSAPELE. create a sweet zone rather than a sweet spot. THEMUSICBLA. available in Magnolia Home Theater stores, inside Best Buy. $ 14,99998 pair (includes stands) Only on display at our Bellevue Store. $ 26,99998 pair Only on display at our Bellevue & Santa Monica Stores. SEE PAGE 15 FOR ENTRY LEVEL VIENNA ACOUSTICS—AVAILABLE AT MAGNOLIA HOME THEATER m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 29 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 30. Power Conditioners Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Security. Investment. Peace of Mind. PANAMAX 11-OUTLET POWER CONDITIONER/ SURGE PROTECTOR Improve performance and life expectancy of your home theater gear. Panamax’s AVM™ circuitry monitors incoming power and in the case of under or over voltage will disconnect equipment until conditions reach a safe level. Also features Clean Power Level 3 line filtering for improved audio and video performance. MAX5100PM. 8249415. $ 39998 If you appreciate audio and video, you’ve probably invested a fair PANAMAX 11-OUTLET POWER CONDITIONER/ SURGE amount into the experience—all in pursuit of that incredible wow PROTECTOR Features a wide array of cutting edge technologies, includingfactor. Yet, in the blink of an eye one sudden power surge can make Voltage Regulation prolongs equipment life by providing a consistent level ofan expensive piece of equipment inoperable. Few people also know power to your equipment. Features Panamax highest level of line filtering that subtle irregularities (peaks and valleys) in power can eat away (Clean Power Level 4+) for optimum audio and video performance and 2 high- current outlets provide unfettered power at the life of your equipment over time. Magnolia Audio Video to amps and subwoofers. MAX5400PM. 8484669. carries two of the most respected names in power conditioning — $ 69998 Panamax and Furman. Their products balance power flow, helpingto eliminate hums, hisses or loss of detail in your audio—as well as FURMAN POWER LINE CONDITIONER Longvisual artifacts on your TV. They’ll also help ensure when the power the dominate player in the Pro audio world, Furman brings their expertise returns to normal, your electronics aren’t left in the dark. to Home Theater with this reference grade product. Features Discrete________________________________________________________________ Symmetrical Power to eliminate hum-inducing noise from audio andFor a full selection of Power Conditioning products visit a Magnolia video, Power Factor to provide surplus current to power-starved amplifiers, and Audio Video showroom. For an introductory selection of power state of the art line conditioning. ITREFERENCE15i. conditioners and surge protectors visit a Magnolia Home Theater, $ 199998 inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 30 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 31. High-Performance Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Headphones Personal. Powerful. Professional. GRADO GRADO HIGH-PERFORMANCE HEADPHONES HIGH-PERFORMANCE HEADPHONES One of the commonly The top of Grado’s Prestige Series recommended headphones with upgraded driver design, when seeking high-performance improved mass distribution and at a great price. With vented ultra-high purity, long crystal diaphragm, a non-resonant air (UHPLC) oxygen-free copper voice chamber and copper voice coil. coils for sound that is smoother, These aren’t your run-of-the-mill headphones. We carefully select Mini plug with 1/4" adaptor. SR60i. cleaner and more dynamic. SR325is.brands and models that do more than just push sound directly into $ 7998 $ 29498 your ears. The brands we carry are chosen because they hold reverent the nuances of the audio and capture the performance with singular clarity. SENNHEISER SENNHEISER WIRELESS STEREO RF HEADPHONES OPEN-AIRE™ CIRCUMAURALYou’ll find Sennheiser in all Magnolia Audio Video Showrooms. This STEREO HEADPHONES Take in the Ideal for hi-fi and TV use, these open, circumaural, wireless headphones full sound of your home theater.German company (established in 1945) is considered a world leader let you enjoy freedom of movement An internal Surround Reflector without being tied down by cables. generates a dynamic sound field in headphone transducer technology and in the development of Complete with rechargeable NiMH for a full, rich surround-style batteries. RS130. experience. With state-of-the-art active noise-cancelation. In addition, you’ll find the prestigious Duofol diaphragms. HD555. $ 15998 $ 15998Grado brand in our Bellevue and Roosevelt locations in Seattle. One PRO-JECTof the oldest family-owned companies in the Audio Industry, Grado HEADPHONE ADAPTER/AMPLIFIER A cost effective solution for headphone is famous for their remarkable headphone designs. Their time- listeners who have components without headphone jacks. Allows connection of honored manufacturing and painstaking attention to detail allow two sets of headphones each with its own volume control. HEADBOXSEII. previously unobtained levels of pitch control, harmonic $ 34998 accuracy and bass quality to be achieved. Sit back. Tune in. Enjoy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 31 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 32. Blu-ray Discs™ Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms The Impact. The Emotion. Of Lossless Audio. DTS™-HD MASTER AUDIO 5.1 Everybody knows Blu-ray means amazing high-definition 1080p THE HULK THE BOURNE TRILOGY DTS™-HD MASTER AUDIO 5.1 DTS™-HD MASTER AUDIO 5.1 picture detail. But did you know that it also means sound like PG-13 Universal Studios PG-13 Universal Studiosyou’ve only experienced in the theater? True. In fact, standard DVDs $ 1498 $ 8998 use compressed audio due to lack of disc space. And anytime you DOLBY® TRUEHD 5.1 compress audio, you cut out nuance and detail—elements the director intended you to hear. To harness the full cinematic sound, you’ll want a receiver that can decode one or all of the threelossless audio formats. These include dts™-HD Master Audio, Dolby® True HD 5.1 or PCM. You can check the back of your Blu-ray Discs for the format it is recorded in. Then invest in a surround sound receiver and speaker system that will deliver all the impact and emotion of lossless audio. Think of it as HD for audio._______________________________________________________________ DARK KNIGHT IRON MAN DOLBY® TRUEHD 5.1 DOLBY® TRUEHD 5.1 PG-13 Warner Home Video PG-13 ParamountBlu-ray Discs are available at all Magnolia Audio Video stores and $ 2998 $ 2998 inside Best Buy at all Magnolia Home Theater locations. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 32 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 33. Tube Audio Components Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Retro. Revitalized. In Modern Form. MCINTOSH MC275 VACUUM TUBE POWER AMPLIFIER Based upon the extraordinary Unity Coupled Circuit, the MC275 has a lush sound that presents one of the most powerful, detailed and expansive soundstages imaginable. 75 watts per channel into 4, 8 or 16 ohm loads (stereo), or 150 watts in bridged mono mode. MC275. VISIT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO FOR PRICE Why do audio aficionados and professional musicians gravitate to old-school tube audio components? Simply put, tube audio is MCINTOSH considered more natural, warm and smooth than transistor audio. C2300 VACUUM TUBE PREAMPLIFIER Combines a suite of sound engineering Most guitar players worth their salt still use tube guitar amps, enhancements with smart, user- programmable features to deliver a truly extraordinary audio preamplifier. Equipped because of a belief that no technology can faithfully recreate that with two 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes used for each of three sections: Moving Magnet sound. In technical terms, when components that use transistors Phono, Moving Coil and high-level preamp. C2300. distort, the distortion occurs in the third-order octave—making the VISIT MAGNOLIA AUDIO VIDEO FOR PRICE sound thinner to the ear. Yet when a tube distorts, it occurs in the second octave, which actually makes the sound fuller and pleasing to the ear. So if you’re seeking accuracy as measured in the PRO-JECT TUBE BOX SE II PHONO PRE-AMPLIFIER performance hall, a more natural full-bodied sound that feels real, This phono preamp features selectable impedance for MC cartridges, selectable consider names like McIntosh and Pro-Ject that have built a load resistance for MM cartridges and selectable subsonic filtering—ensuring you reputation on perfecting the past, today. get the most dynamic and acoustically accurate sound reproduction from your LPs.________________________________________________________________ TUBEBOXSEII. $ 69998 For a selection of tube audio components, visit a Magnolia Audio Video showroom. Tube audio components are not available at Magnolia Home Theater, inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 33 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 34. Turntables Products available at one of our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms Analogue Is The New Digital. save $150 $ 2049.98 if purchased togetherThere’s something so incredibly authentic about listening to an LP In . PRO-JECT SUMIKO REFERENCE-SERIES MANUAL TURNTABLE BLUEPOINT EVOII CARTRIDGE a world gone digital, where precision is employed at the expense of This mass-loaded turntable features a Delivers remarkably smooth thick acrylic platter, clamp assembly set tonal balance with richness and nuance, it’s sometimes comforting to rediscover the roots of the on top of an inverted thrust bearing, and warmth. High-output moving coil advanced dampening features. The result design with 2.5-mV output. music genre. This is something Heinz Lichtenegger, one of Austria’s is great speed, acoustic accuracy and BPSEVOIII. stability. High-gloss grey finish. RM9.1. $ 39998 leading distributors of high-end audio brands understood when he $ 179998founded Pro-Ject Audio Systems in early 1990. As an audiophile andmusic lover, Heinz’s interest in turntables and analog playback turnedinto a passion to create turntables, tonearms and analog accessories that were reasonably priced, yet that were uncompromised bothmechanically and sonically. Today, through various playback devices, Pro-Ject looks to the future, maintaining its core virtues of performance, simplicity and value intact. PRO-JECT PRO-JECT MANUAL TURNTABLE WITH FITTED MANUAL TURNTABLE WITH SUMIKO ________________________________________________________________ CARTRIDGE This turntable represents a BLUEPOINT II A high-performance turntable perfect balance in price and quality with featuring a new sandwich platter that You can find a full range of Pro-Ject turntables and analog a wide and deep soundstage. Advanced provides constrained layer damping. With features reduce vibration, plus the RCA Pro-Ject 9 tonearm and Sumiko Blue Pointaccessories at our Magnolia Audio Video showrooms. Pro-Ject is not phono jacks let you add the preamplifier 2 high-output moving coil cartridge. Piano- of your choice. DEBUTIIIRED. lacquer finish. RM5SE. currently available in our Magnolia Home Theater locations, $ 37998 $ 99998 inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 34 BACK TO CONTENTS
  • 35. Products available at our Bellevue and Roosevelt Classic Records Magnolia Audio Video showrooms in Seattle. Retro. Realistic. Revival. PETER GABRIEL NEIL YOUNG ONE LIVE AT MASSEY HALL 1971 Classic Records | 200 Gram Vinyl Classic Records | 200 Gram VinylRemember the sound? The authentic and non-digitally mastered Originally released February 1977 | ATCO Originally released March 2007 | Reprise $ 3298 $ 4398 versions of your favorite LPs? This nearly-lost art form isundergoing a remarkable revival. With enthusiasts opting for the natural sound and nuances of analogue, along with the incredible atmosphere that one just can’t achieve from a digital recording. Yet for a time, enthusiasts were limited to dusting off their old LPs to bring back that old nostalgic feeling. Today, incredible libraries of old classics and new releases are being MILES DAVIS THE DAVE BRUEBECK pressed into vinyl. So, whether you consider yourself a pioneer QUARTET TIME OUT KIND OF BLUE Classic Records | 200 Gram Vinyl Classic Records | 200 Gram Vinyl Originally released February 1977 | Columbia Originally released August 1959 | Columbia of the revival, or a newcomer, building your library can be a $ 3298 $ 3298 remarkably easy and satisfying endeavor._____________________________________________________________ Magnolia Audio Video carries LPs in their Bellevue and JIMI HENDRIX BLUES Roosevelt locations in Seattle. You can also place special orders Classic Records | 200 Gram Vinyl Originally released April 1994 | MCA from our complete list at any Magnolia Audio Video location. $ 4398 LPs are not available in our Magnolia Home Theater locations, inside Best Buy. m a g n o l i a a v. c o m 35 BACK TO CONTENTS