StateUnive                                                  .edu/distance/
                      VirtualCollege                                                              ...
     StateUniversityDistanceEducation                                                                              ...
PittsburgStateUniversity                                                    http:llww*.Pitttt$gu&ffi!!4.aduate/off-campus+...
                           Studies                          ...
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2010 ms degree comparisons


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This information accompanies the powerpoint by Jennifer Pfortmiller and Connie Beene on options available for those interested in going back to school.

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2010 ms degree comparisons

  1. 1. Emporia StateUnive .edu/distance/ .70 GPA last 60 hrs of ] Eachelor's degree, S2a1lhr+tech Business Educatlon s40 2.so-z.ag ] uptoe crhours lothers lKsRes tee ]_--. iKsRs5241/hr+tech i I 2.5 last 60 hrs online I S40 up to 9 cr nours i I Mathematics Up to 9 cr hours See program she Education(Adaptive) Education(Gifted, 5e program site concentration (Teaching English to See program site Other *Based information on April2010. submitted subject change Cost to
  2. 2. FortHaysStateUniversity VirtualCollege www.fhsu,ed rtualcollege u/vi FortHaysstdteuniversity iM.fhs!.edu/viftual6llege i - I i iHLCNCACS i tusc./BA"/BS/MS online Liberal (21 Studies areasof dri nei trl r.o ofrecommendatlon,personal Bachelor'sOegre .; I 392. on MAT,850+ on Applietlon, 2 lerers ol i GRE(comblnedrerbal& I referencqP.ofussionalcoals i quantitative) I Statement, transcripts 85Olon.GRE(@mbinedverbal I Appltction,tran*rtpts,3 | Bachelor,sDerree & quantitative)or 40+ on MAT I leftersof recommendation Applicatlon,tEnscdpts, I recommendatlon lefteE, I Becheloa's Detree l Appli@tion,transcripts,2 i Bach€lor's Oegree, Hotd l€ftersof fecomhendation, I curst RNlicense, Ohe Application, transcripb, 2 Bacheloa's D€gfee,Hold leneEof re@mmendation, ] currentRNlkense,One i 5225/cr.Hour ProfessimalStetement i yea. clinicalexue.ience Appli6tion, transdipb, 2 left eE of recffi mendation, cunent RNlicense, Ohe I S225lcr.Hour Profesional Statmst ] Applletion,transcripts, .edu/virtualcollege rccomrcndation teften, i Ba.he{or's Degree ] 5rrur*. ,ou, Education HLCNCA6 Appliction, transcdpts,2 Health Care edu/vinualcolleSe lefteB of recommend:tid, cunent RNllcense, One I $225lcr.Hour Prol6simal Statement *Basedon information submittedApril2010.Costsubject change. to
  3. 3. Kansas StateUniversityDistanceEducation www.dce.k-state.edu EUbbn/Pqrant kdbh O4eOftH Daltusy m.lhod! Compbb AB Fe Mh GPA hohXfr T6l C6e Conm6nb !f!l!rj]l:g4 tunsosStateYnlyeryity tate.edu HLGNCACS Bs/c/Ms/Ph.D cademic Advising HLGNCACS c/M5 s0M 3.0^ U a n3.0GPAonS 539ryc'.H@r S24,e {hc'de! €MAI orGBE r B lgribusiness HLC{CACS M5 2 .5 y? a R {a 2cr . H 4 s 3.S CompHe thsh p,oFd 2 - 3 ye a u {3 7 o d n Community Development HLC-NCACS 340 3 Englishas a Second Language: HLGNCACS c kEsb ca tb d o n [n e 15 cr. h6 $ S393+/cr. k Teachint Endo6ement Curriculum and lnstruction: EnglishAs HLC.NCACS MS 54 9393+/cr H. a Second Language Dietetics HLC-NCACS M5 3 6 cr ,tu s w 3.0 Adult and Continulng Education HLC-NCACS M5 s 3.0 S393+/cr.Hr Leadership Educational HLC.NCACS M5 s4 t_0 S393+/cr.Hr Engineering(7 areasf HLC"NCACS M5 10-33.r. hrs 54 3.0 5611 +/ (- Hr C In 2s years { 20 c.. HLC-NCACS 963+/cr. + Hr. Food Science ABET qMs n 6 ) m h 3 .5 y€ a E{3 0 30154 3.0 no 6Rt tsmlsme$er Repon orThds Odlon Gerontoloty HLC{CACS c/Ms s/s4 t,0 l Indus$iall0rgrnkational Psychology HLONCACS M5 '' 3 8 cr . h r s{2 .5 ysr s} s4 3,0 ttun 3.0GPA S@/s. Hl Merchandising HLC.NCACS MS 3q I :.0 onllng Pfi.Or€qur610 PersonalFlnancialPlanning HLC.NCACS c/M9"ho 18/4291 cr. hr 50/s4/s4 3 .0 fouth Development HLGNCACS gM5 35il. hr so/54 3.0 {pplied Statistics HLC-NCACS 15fi. h6 s0 1.0 S{8/cr. ir 3usinessAdministration HLC,NCACS c !5 cr. h6 50 3,0 Hr tkst 15 hou6 ofMS prcgran '&/cr. :onflict Resolution HLC.NCACS c s0 G.adde and un&€rad ced !ducational Computer, Designand )nline learning/Digital Teachingand Ic-NcAcs onrlre,co'bt 15E . h6./31rr. tus. So .earning ;ood Safety and Defense HLC{CACS c so {ofticulture Therapy HLC-NCACS c 1 5 cr . h 6 50 nanagementof Animal Health Related HLC-NCACS 16 cr. tut so 1,0 Se/cr. Hr lJganiza!iol!q f,ccupationalHealth Psychology HLC.NCACS 12(-hrs 50 3.0 ss/cr. ar ;anizationalLeadership HLGNCrcS 50 3! 980/rr. Hr rlic Administration HLC-NCACS c 90 t.0 Ss/.r. Hr HLqTACS nsportation Engineering c s0 t.0 5611+l(. Hl on
  4. 4. PittsburgStateUniversity http:llww*.Pitttt$gu&ffi!!4.aduate/off-campus+and+online+programs.dot s30 Master of Sciencewith a Major in Educational 53s j Szrr/ trr c,. of Engineering Ms onrin" )55 I O"li*- *" r-- Master of Arts in History i'*,-i I ]Proe ;__+_ of Science in Health, ihtto://www.pittstate.edu/ofrici ] I HumanPerformance and Recreation )5) i i llr _ i I i i', cr 5233/ hr University Kansas of http://www.pharm.ku.edu/ Pharmaceutical Ph.Din Pharmaceutical Bachelor Science of in Nursing SterlingCollege iBasedon informationsubmitted April 2010.Costsubjectto cnange.
  5. 5. Southwestern College Professional Studies www.southwesterncol Iege.org nstitutionrProgrrms Vsbalts AccEdltrtlon Dsoce OfirEd Dellwry melhod! App Fe Mln- GPA Acceotrd Xtr TeEt Adm. Rqq PnReqr Cost' I I EnterpriseRiskl4CqCgItglt _ ExecutiveQuality Managgment c ontine _-_i_-_-'--_ - re!tq!4!!tq!.ryfo4heEv!ee4e,l _ _-_,' r__=s_-1 *"l-- -'-l--1,-__ BakerUniversity www.bakeru.edu nstitution/Programs vobEltc I Accreditailon Dsgrc OfteBd D€llvsrymsthod! App Fe Mln. GPA Acc€Dted xtr Te!t Adm.tuq PBR€qs CoBi' _. 560 ._ 525 ..,- 460 _ 460 *Based information on submitted April2010. Cost subject change. to