Dental practice in canada


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Dental practice in canada

  1. 1. Dental Practice in Canada Steps to Follow topractice without DDS
  2. 2. 1) Application and Document Verification Process2) Equivalency Process: Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Assessment of Clinical Skills+ JudgementOptions: 1. DDS >>> Licensure Exam, or 2. Licensure Exam3) Licensure Exam: Certified Dentist
  3. 3. Assessment and Document Verification:Assessment: Registration for Exam = 600 (One time)Starts March 2012 and ends Sept. 2012
  4. 4. Assessment of FundamentalKnowledgeExam = CND 600 (Nov. 2012 deadline)300 MCQ’s2 books: each with 150 multiple-choice type questions.Each book is given in a three (3) hour session.The sessions are held in the morning and afternoon of one dayExam date = Feb. 2013Basic Sciences & Clinical Sciences75 score is PASSAfter passing, register for Clinical Exam before 30 th April 2013= CND 5500
  5. 5. Assessment of Clinical Skills(Pass – 75) – June 20132 day exam covering following procedures:Class II amalgam preparationAnterior composite resin preparationFull metal crown preparationRestore a prepared tooth with a Class II composite and amalgamPFM crown preparationEndodontic access preparation
  6. 6. Assessment of Clinical Judgement:3rd dayBooks 1A and 1B:Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Clinical Decision MakingPatient histories, dental charts, and diagnostic casts will be provided for patients of all ages, including those with special needs.Book 2:Radiographic InterpretationMCQ’s using photographic prints of dental radiographs, will evaluate the participant’s knowledge in oral radiology and ability to make a radiographic interpretation and diagnosis.
  7. 7. Equivalency Process Complete:Now Licensing Exam is last step: Pass is 65NDEB – National Dental Examining BoardFees: Registration - CND 400Written + OSCE = 700 + 900= CND 1600Written Exam: 300 MCQ’s - Basic + Clinical Sciences
  8. 8. OSCEThe OSCE is a station type examination comprised of a morning session and an afternoon session on the same day.The majority of the stations will have 2 questions and will require the candidate to review the information supplied (e.g. case history, photographs, radiographs, casts, models) and answer MCQ’s.
  9. 9. Finally, A Certified Dentist in CanadaApplication Process in CND: Registration of Equivalency Process (one time): 600 Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge: 600 – Feb. 2013 Assessment of Clinical Skills+ Judgement: 4000 + 1500 = 5500 - June 2013Equivalency Process (June 2013) = 6600NDEB Certification: (Sept/Dec. 2013) Registration (one time)= 400 Written Exam = 700 OSCE = 900 – Dec. 2013 Total = CND 8700