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  • 1. UMKC Charter School Center Sponsorship Operations and ServicesThis booklet produced by:
  • 2. CONTENTSUMKC Charter School Center Director Statement 3Mission Statement 4UMKC Sponsored Charter Schools/Grades Served 7UMKC Sponsorship Goals 10UMKC Sponsorship Functions 14UMKC Sponsorship Services 16UMKC Charter School Process of Accountability 24UMKC Charter School Openings 27UMKC Charter School Enrollment Graph and Chart 28Organizational Chart 31 2
  • 3. UMKC Charter School Center DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT The University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) made a decision to be an authorizer, or sponsor, of char-ter schools inside the Kansas City Missouri School District (KCMSD) attendance boundaries during the 1998-1999 school year. The term “authorizer” or “sponsor” refers to an institution, as well as, an individualthat carries out the oversight work of the charter schools. Our primary goal is to enhance public educationalopportunities through quality educational practices for students and parents in the KCMSD attendanceboundaries. There are three overriding core values of charter school authorizing, or sponsoring, and are asfollows: 1. Maintain high standards and expectations 2. Uphold school autonomy 3. Protect student and public interestIn the state of Missouri, charter schools can only be authorized, or sponsored, in the St. Louis Missouri Pub-lic School District (SLPSD) or the KCMSD, as of the date of this printing. Charter schools are public schoolsand are schools of choice for parents and students within these two attendance boundaries. Nationally, thereare forty states that authorize, or sponsor, public charter schools. The only states that do not sponsor publiccharter schools are Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Mississippi, Alabama,Kentucky, Vermont, and Maine.UMKC is currently an authorizer, or sponsor, of eleven charter schools with a student enrollment of over5,000 students. The UMKC Charter School Center officials take a great deal of pride in the day-to-day re-sponsibilities of charter sponsorship. There are currently six individuals with extensive backgrounds in pub-lic education and over 200 years of experience in teaching and/or administration in the public school settingwho are employed at the Center.This booklet has been designed to help you learn and better understand the mission, goals, statutory responsi-bilities, functions, services, and some basic information about UMKC as an authorizer, or sponsor, of charterschools. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading and learning about UMKC as an authorizer, or sponsor, ofcharter schools in the Kansas City Missouri School District. As with any publication, this booklet cannot tellthe whole story. Thus, we would encourage you to contact the UMKC Charter School Center located at 5306Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri, 816-235-6376, if you have questions or would like to learn more charterschool sponsorship.Jerry L Cooper PhDDirector, UMKC Charter School Center 3
  • 4. UMKC Charter School Center Mission StatementAs part of UMKC’s vision of “active engagement with its city and region”, andits mission “to collaborate in urban issues and education”, and to support theUMKC’s School of Education mission “to create lifelong opportunities througheducation for Americas diverse urban communities”, the UMKC CharterSchool Center has focused on the following:  Establish and assist in the development of high quality urban schools that will retain and attract families with school-age children within the Kansas City Missouri School District.  Require more accountability for student achievement for all students re- gardless of economic standing, race, culture, or gender in exchange for greater autonomy.  Sponsor charter schools that have safe and orderly climates, high attend- ance, increased parent involvement, and effective governance practices in- cluding fiscal responsibility, and legal compliance.  Provide schools of choice for parents and students that could encourage more effective practices and collaboration throughout the Kansas City Missouri School District. 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Brookside Charter School 6
  • 7. UMKC Charter School Center 5306 Holmes St, Kansas City, Missouri 64110 816-235-6376 Sponsored Charter Schools:Academy for Integrated Arts, Location TBA,Phone TBA, School Website: TBA, Grades Served: K-3Allen Village School, 706 W. 42nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64111816-931-0177,, Grades Served: K-8Brookside Charter School, 1815 E. 63 Street, Kansas City, MO 64130816-531-2192,, Grades Served: K-7DeLaSalle Charter High School, 3740 Forest Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64109816-561-4445,, Grades Served: 9-12Derrick Thomas Academy, 201 E. Armour Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64111816-531-7144,, Grades Served: K-10Frontier School System Frontier School of Excellence, 5605 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64110 816-822-1331,, Grades Served: 6-12 Frontier School of Innovation, 6700 N. Corporate Drive, Kansas City, MO 64120 816-363-1907,, Grades Served: K-8Genesis Promise Academy, 3800 E. 44th Street, Kansas City, MO 64130816-921-0775,, Grades Served: 1-8 (and Virtual Academy 3-11)Hope Academy, 2801 Swope Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64130816-924-1818,, Grades Served: 9-12Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy, 3400 Paseo Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo 64109816-561-0114,, Grades Served: K-8Pathway Academy, 2015 E. 72nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64132816-361-6646, www., Grades Served: K-7University Academy, 6801 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64131816-412-5900,, Grades Served: K-12 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. UMKC Charter School Center SPONSORSHIP GOALSGoal One: To empower urban youth to attain their full potential resulting in a city,state, and nation that can compete in a global economy. Holding charter schools ac-countable for achieving MAP Index Score gains will lead to UMKC Charter Schools av-erage MAP Index Scores being above the state average in most subjects and grade levels.Based on the 2009-2010 school year, MAP Index scores show:  Allen Village School achieved “Goal One” by surpassing the state average MAP index score on seven of 12 tests.  University Academy approached “Goal One” by surpassing the state average MAP index scores on seven of 14 tests, but will need to surpass the state in a minimum of eight tests to reach this goal in the future.  UMKC sponsors seven other charters; two have separate charter high school locations. This makes nine schools that are not currently approaching state average MAP Index scores. Of these nine schools, five are on probation and with closure dates established if scores do not improve. However, it should be noted: o The UMKC Charter School’s average student gained 20.1 MAP index points in math com- pared to the state’s average gain of 6.9 index points. At this rate, the average UMKC Charter School student would pass the state’s average student in three years. O In communication arts, the UMKC Charter School’s average student gained 5.9 MAP index points compared to the state’s 4.5. UMKC Charter Schools are making a concerted effort to increase the rate at which they “Close the Gap” in communication arts. 10
  • 11. Goal Two: To establish and assist in the develop- ment of high quality urban schools in order to re- tain families of school age children in the core of Kansas City, MO, who normally would matriculate from the school district after completing elementary school. The purpose is to provide academically chal- lenging, small, safe public charter high schools torevitalize a quality urban-core lifestyle, with opportunity and diversity.UMKC sponsors “regular public” charter high schools that include University Academy, Frontier School ofExcellence and Derrick Thomas High School which is phasing-in and will have 9th and 10th grades in the 2011-12 school year. By the term “regular public” charter high schools, UMKC Charter School Center means thatthe school serves a general urban student population from the Kansas City Missouri School District (KCMSD).It is the intention of the Center, and those associated with these four urban high schools, that they far exceed“regular public” urban high schools.Northeastern University in Boston completed a recent study that determined the average high school gradu-ate’s “fiscal benefit to society” during their lifetime is $292,575 more than a high school dropout’s. The term“fiscal benefit to society” is the amount of taxes paid by an average individual between the ages of 18 and 65,less the cost of incarceration and use of social services.( the 2010-2011 school year, it is anticipated that UMKC sponsored “regular” public charter high schools willgraduate 90 students, with an estimated average graduation rate of 85%. This is 2% above the Missouristatewide average and 20% above the Kansas City District graduation rate, resulting in 18 additional graduatesabove the KCMSD graduation percentage rate. The net “fiscal benefit to society” of these 18 additional gradu-ates from UMKC sponsored “regular” public charter schools could be (18 graduates multiplied by $292,575/each) $5,266,35.00. This “fiscal benefit to society” will increase as all UMKC sponsored “regular” publiccharter high schools continue to graduate larger classes while maintaining quality standards. 11
  • 12. UMKC Charter School Center SPONSORSHIP GOALS Goal Three: To address the needs of Kansas City’s high-risk, underserved youth by provid- ing them options to enroll, or re-enroll, in underutilized and expanded alternative schools that are designed specifically to meet their needs. The UMKC Charter School Center is providing a partial safety net for Kansas City’s most high-risk youth. By serving high-risk youth through charter dropout prevention schools, like DeLaSalle Charter High School and Genesis Virtual Academy, and through the dropout recovery school Hope Acade- my, UMKC sponsored charter alternative high schools may be able to provide Kansas City, Mis- souri with an additional 110 graduates during the 2010-2011 school year.The vast majority of these 110 graduates would not graduate fromhigh school without the support services and student recruitment ef-forts of these alternative high schools. The net “fiscal benefit to soci-ety” of these graduates from UMKC sponsored alternative charterhigh schools could be (110 graduates multiplied by $292,000/each)$32,120,500 annually (Note: Northeastern University study on previ-ous page). 12
  • 13. Goal Four:To provide additional educationalchoices to students and familieswithin the Kansas City MissouriSchool District by filling voids inpublic school educational offerings.Frontier School of Innovation is in its second yearas a K-6 math and life science elementary school.When considering the sponsorship of this school,UMKC’s intention was to increase Hispanic enroll-ment in strong math and science programs, and helpretain families of school-age children in the core ofKansas City. Frontier School of Innovation hashelped accomplish these two objectives.The UMKC Charter School Center is supporting anapplication from the Academy for Integrated Arts, acharter school that would open in the 2011-12 school year with grades K-2and eventually serve grades K-6 with the intention of being afeeder school for Paseo Academy of Fine and PerformingArts. 13
  • 14. UMKC Charter School Center SPONSORSHIP FUNCTIONS MEET STATUTORY RESPONSIBILITIES OF A SPONSOR: Ensure that the charter schools are held accountable to the charter school law, their contract and application. Hold charter schools accountable for effective discipline, attendance, academic achieve- ment, parent involvement, and governance. Ensure charter schools operate in a financially prudent manner based on sound fiscal man- agement strategies and processes. Monitor charter school progress and place schools on probation when needed. Be responsible for revocation and the appeal process. 14
  • 15. PROVIDE INFORMATION RELATED TO CHARTER SCHOOLS: Strive to create effective public relation strategies with the media and others so UMKC is viewed as a positive support to the community. Testify for changes in the Missouri Charter School Law Assist researchers with studies which may benefit the effectiveness of charter schools. Work with the Missouri Charter Public School Association to increase equity in public ed- ucation. Ensure that legal due process is followed in terms of teachers, parents, and students. When possible, resolve daily complaints from parents, community, and others. ENHANCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF CHARTER SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP: Establish and maintain an effective UMKC Charter School Center Advisory Board which will serve as a “second set of eyes” for the Center. Refine and maintain a set of written sponsorship policies and procedures to guide the oper- ation of the Charter School Center. Work with the Missouri Charter School Association and the National Association of Char- ter School Authorizers to develop a state model charter school application, application evaluation rubric, charter contract, and a charter school monitoring plan for sponsors.Work with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to enhance how charterschools carry out their day-to-day responsibilities as it relates to being a local educationalagency (school district) in the state of Missouri. 15
  • 16. UMKC Charter School CenterSPONSORSHIP SERVICES 16
  • 17. SELECT URBAN TEACHER (optional training)The “Haberman Star Teachers Selection System” has been proven nationally to help with iden-tifying the most effective teachers for the urban setting. The UMKC Charter School Centermakes this training available to all administrators in the UMKC Charter Schools. UMKC SPONSORED CHARTER SCHOOL TEACHER INDUCTION CLASS (optional training)UMKC Charter School Center offers two 3 credit hours graduate classes. The first semesterclass places primary emphasis on classroom management, while the second semester placesprimary emphasis on instructional methodology. These optional classes are open to any UMKCCharter School teacher but are specifically targeted to new teachers and teachers who are newto the urban setting. UMKC CHARTER SCHOOL CENTER MONITORING SERVICES (optional to schools not on probation) Instructional Audits: UMKC Charter School Center employs four consultants to observe the instruction of every sponsored charter school classroom. The data they collect involves in- struction delivery methods, instructional strategies used, the “Depth of Knowledge” levels of content covered, school learning environments, instructional climate and “Time on Task”. Curriculum Audits: UMKC Charter School Center requires and funds all sponsored schools on probation to participate in a curriculum audit. SCHOOL FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION TARGET GROWTH AREAS (optional to schools not on probation)Each charter school’s faculty and administration can identify target growth areas based on aschool composite from the instructional audit. The UMKC Charter School Center will helpprovide and/or fund consultants to assist each school in addressing their targeted areas. USE CHARTER AT-WILL EMPLOYER STATUS (school’s responsibility)This is an area that is totally a school decision but is important to improve student achieve-ment. Charter schools are “at-will” employers, meaning either party can break the relationship.If there is no expressed contract, the school may discharge individuals "for good cause, or nocause”, and the individual may quit or otherwise cease work with no liability. ENCOURAGE LONG TERM FACULTY GROWTH AND RETENTION (optional training)The UMKC Charter School Center partially funds graduate degree cohorts in curriculum, in-struction and leadership and educational administration for teachers and administrators whoserve in a sponsored UMKC Charter School. 17
  • 18. UMKC Charter School CenterSPONSORSHIP SERVICES 18
  • 19. MISSOURI ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (statutorily required)The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provides MAP per-formance results by Local Education Agency (LEA), building, grade level, class, and individu-al student achievement. ANALYSIS OF STUDENT MAP RESULTS (sponsor responsibility)The UMKC Charter School funds the contracting of data analysis that uses the Missouri Stu-dent Identification system to convert achievement data into growth data. PRE-TEST (statutorily required)In the fall, UMKC Charter Schools are required to provide the UMKC Charter School Centerstandardized pre test data. If the school elects to use Northwest Evaluation Association(NWEA) assessment, the center will fund staff training. MULTIPLE BENCHMARK TESTING (optional training)All UMKC Charter Schools elect to use multiple benchmark testing during the school year todrive instructional adjustments. UMKC Charter School Center funds NWEA training. ANNUAL SPRING MAP TESTING (statutorily required)In March or April, students take the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests in grades 3-8or End-of-Course high school exams. POST-TEST (statutorily required)In the spring, UMKC Charter Schools are required to provide the UMKC Charter School Cen-ter standardized post test data. COMPARISON AND ANALYSIS OF PRE AND POST TESTS (sponsor responsibility)The pre/post tests are analyzed by the Center to determine student growth. The comparisonand analysis provides UMKC Charter School Center a measure academic gains over time witha target of 1.5 years of gain per year of instruction.. 19
  • 20. UMKC Charter School CenterSPONSORSHIP SERVICES 20
  • 21. SPONSOR’S ANNUAL STATUS REPORT TO EACH CHARTER SCHOOL BOARD (statutorily responsibility)A team from the UMKC Charter School Center conducts a biennial evaluation site visit for each of itssponsored charter schools. The results are reported by UMKC Charter School officials to each charterschool board. (sponsor responsibility)On alternate years, the UMKC Charter School Center staff monitors student achievement, financialreports, and legal compliance. The results are reported by UMKC Charter School officials to eachcharter school board. REQUIRED CHARTER SCHOOL ANNUAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN (sponsor requirement)The UMKC Charter School Center requires that sponsored schools submit an annual improvementplan. These plans can be based on a biennial visit, or on the results of a biennial visit and/or analysisof student achievement, financial reports, and legal compliance. REQUESTED BOARD TRAINING BY INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL BOARDS (optional training)Individual charter school boards may request additional training, which will be offered and/or fundedby the Center. JOINT CHARTER SCHOOL BOARD TRAINING (optional training)In conjunction with other Kansas City charter school sponsors, UMKC provides school board membertraining on specific topics twice annually for all local charter school board members. This training isjointly funded by all Kansas City charter sponsors. ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT FOR CHARTER BOARDS WHEN REQUESTED (optional service)As a group or individually, charter school boards may request to meet with Center officials. PROVIDE A SET OF MODEL SCHOOL BOARD POLICIES (optional service)UMKC offers and funds a set of model school board polices, regulations, and forms. TWICE ANNUALLY, PROVIDE POLICY UPDATES TO REFLECT CHANGES (optional service)UMKC offers and funds twice annual school board policies, regulations and forms updates to reflectchanges in federal and state laws and regulations. APPROVAL OF BOARD REQUESTED CHARTER CHANGES (statutorily required)A charter school board may wish to change something that appeared in their charter application or re-newal application, such as grade level served. Once the board has acted on a resolution to adopt thechange, the board president may request that change be approved by the UMKC Charter School Cen-ter Director. 21
  • 22. UMKC Charter School CenterSPONSORSHIP SERVICES 22
  • 23. ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT FOR LEAD ADMINISTRATORS WHEN REQUESTED (optional service)Lead Charter School administrators are often called to address problems for the first time. These administra-tors may request to discuss a problems with the staff of the UMKC Charter School Center MONTHLY LEAD ADMINISTRATOR MEETINGS (sponsorship responsibility)As a service to the sponsored charter schools, the Center hosts monthly informational meetings. Representa-tives from various educational resources present opportunities that schools may opt to use. The meetings in-clude discussion of changes that will affect charter schools and information items followed by discussion oftopics brought up by the lead administrators. MONITORING OF SPECIAL EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER SERVICES (sponsorship responsibility)Regular monitoring of special education and ELL processes and procedures is provided for each school withresulting feedback to describe areas of compliance needs. Assistance is available upon request and training isprovided when needed. If additional services are needed, they are provided by UMKC Regional and Profes-sional Development Center. Monitoring is required in order to meet DESE guidelines. REFERRAL ASSISTANCE TO ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS FOR STUDENTS NEEDING GREATER SUPPORT (optional service)A process has been specifically developed by the UMKC Charter School Center to address placement of anystudent who has not been successful in a UMKC Charter School. In addition to placements with private not-for-profit providers, placements are also made with UMKC sponsored alternative programs. These include adropout prevention and a dropout recovery high school plus a virtual school program for “Safe School” viola-tors. MONTHLY CHARTER BUSINESS OFFICIAL MEETINGS (optional service)The Charter School Center contracts consultants from Missouri Association of School Business Officials toconduct school business meeting and individual school consultation as needed. REVIEW AND ASSIST SCHOOLS WITH DATA SUBMISSION TO THE STATE (optional service)The UMKC Charter School Center contracts a consultant to review and assist all schools with their MissouriStudent Information System (MOSIS), which is used by the statewide student level tracking system, and CoreData submissions. Core Data is a compilation of descriptive information used by the state to assure legal com-pliance and compute state aid. E-RATE CONSULTING (optional service)The UMKC Charter School Center offers and funds E-Rate submissions, along with telecommunication andinternet usage designs to help schools maximize the benefit of technology. 23
  • 24. UMKC Charter School Center PROCESS OF ACCOUNTABILITY1. SPONSOR REVIEWS CHARTER SCHOOLS MAP DATA a. Develop a sponsor plan of action b. Share plan with the Dean of the School of Education c. Come to an agreement on a plan2. SPONSOR MEETS WITH CHARTER SCHOOLS LEAD ADMINISTRATOR a. Review MAP data b. Suggest sponsors plan of action c. Share sponsors academic expectations of charter school3. CHARTER SCHOOL DEVELOPS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PLANS: a. School Improvement Plan-If charter school has met/exceeded aca- demic expectations of sponsor b. School Improvement Plan and School Remediation Plan- if school did not meet ALL academic ex- pectations of sponsor c. School Improvement Plan and Comprehensive Remediation Plan- if charter school did not meet academic expectations of sponsor and/or scores declined4. CHARTER SCHOOL SUBMITS SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT (and/or remediation) PLAN TO SPONSOR a. Sponsor reviews charter school plan b. Sponsor meets with charter schools administration regarding needed changes and/or approval 5. SPONSOR WRITES COMPREHENSIVE LETTER TO THE CHARTER SCHOOLS GOVERNING BOARD AND ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS a. Evaluation of submitted School Improvement (and/or remediation) Plan b. Addresses potential renewal, probation and closure dates for charter school c. Requests meeting with governing board of directors and administration 24
  • 25. 6. SPONSOR MEETS WITH CHARTER SCHOOLS GOVERNING BOARD AND ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS a. Reviews the charter schools improvement (and/or remediation) plan b. Reviews the sponsors academic expectations for the school c. Reviews the charter schools renewal, proba- tion and/or closure dates7. SPONSOR MEETS WITH UMKC CHARTER SCHOOL ADVISORY BOARD (FALL) a. Review of all UMKC Charter School MAP data b. Review all UMKC Charter Schools improvement plans c. Review letters to the governing board of directors8. SPONSOR ADDRESSES ACAEMIC EXPECTATIONS FOR UMKC CHARTER SCHOOLS AT MONTHLY LEAD ADMINISTRATORS MEETING9. ONGOING ACCOUNTABILITY AUDITS, ASSESSMENTS AND TRAINING PROVIDED BY SPONSOR a. Bi-yearly instructional audit (optional every year) b. Yearly special education audit and ongoing assistance c. Bi-yearly curriculum audit and ongoing assistance d. Bi-yearly school audit and ongoing assistance e. Ongoing charter school governing board training and assistance f. Annual review of financial audit and ongoing assistance10. SPONSOR MEETS WITH LEAD ADMINISTRATORS OF EACH UMKC CHARTER SCHOOLS IN MARCH. a. Review successes of School Improvement Plan b. Review weaknesses of School Improvement Plan c. Change and make adjustments of School Improvement Plan d. Address expected academic outcomes and next steps in process for improvement11. UMKC CHARTER SCHOOL CENTER UPDATES THE DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ON ALL SCHOOLS SUCCESS AND WEAKNESSES.12. SPONSOR MEETS WITH UMKC CHARTER SCHOOL ADVISORY BOARD (spring meeting). a. Shares results of all UMKC Charter Schools mid-year site visits and review UMKC Charter School Center services available to sponsored charter schools. 25
  • 26. 26
  • 27. UMKC Sponsored Charter Schools Operation: Original Schools (1999 thru 2001 School Years) 2010-2011 Grade LevelSchool Opened Served LocatedAllen Village 1999-2000 K-8 706 West 42nd StLee A Tolbert Charter Academy 1999-2000 K-8 3400 PaseoThe Genesis School, Inc. 1999-2000 6-8 3800 East 44th STAcademy of Kansas City 1999-2000 K-8 Closed after 2008-2009University Academy 2000-2001 K-12 6801 Holmes Schools Added Since the 2002-2003 School YearBrookside Charter School 2002-2003 K-7 5220 TroostDerrick Thomas Academy 2002-2003 K-9 201 E. Armour Blvd Secondary Schools Added in 2007-2008 School YearFrontier School of Excellence 2007-2008 6-12 5605 TroostTolbert Preparatory Academy 2007-2008 9-12 Closed after 2010-2011 Schools Added (2009-2012 school years)Pathway Academy 2009-2010 K-6 2015 East 72nd StHope Academy (Dropout Recovery) 2009-2010 9-12 2800 East Swope PkwyGenesis Virtual School (Dropout Prevention) 2009-2010 3-12 3800 East 44th STFrontier School of Innovation 2009-2010 K-8 1775 Universal AvenueDeLaSalle (Dropout Prevention) 2010-2011 9 -12 3740 Forest AveGenesis Promise Academy 2010-2011 K-8 3800 East 44th STAcademy for Integrated Arts 2011-2010 K-2 Yet to be Determined 27
  • 28. UMKC Charter School Enrollment Growth5500 51035000 46674500 41614000 3799 3,541 3,42135003000 2,587 2,530 2,40925002000 1,654 1,4111500 9621000 500 0 28
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  • 30. 30
  • 31. UMKC Charter School Center Organizational ChartUniversity of Missouri– Kansas City (UMKC) authorizes and sponsors the charter schools. TheChancellor holds the Dean of the School of Education accountable for oversight of the UMKCCharter School Center. The Center carries out the daily sponsorship responsibilities associatedwith the operations of the sponsored charter schools. They hold their charter schools accountablefor effective discipline, attendance, academic achievement, parent involvement, and governance. 31
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  • 33. 33