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Fix presentasi1 Fix presentasi1 Presentation Transcript

  • Branding AndPacking By : First Team
  • Our Speakers Julian Fathani 111090206 M. Hardiansyah Randy Noary 111080005 111090227Fachrur Rozi Dharma W S 111081011 111090232 Artiastuti Saddam N 111080164 111090240 2
  • 3
  • For consumersThe role For companiesof brand Associated with loyalty 4
  • Brand equity• Value added products and services provided on 5
  • Brand Equity as a BridgeA key part of brand equity in order to become a brand leaderand an icon: ~ The quality of investment in brand building ~ Brand Promise 6
  • Model of Brand EquityBrand Asset Brandz Aker Model Brand ResonanceAppraiser Model5 major The core of this The core of this Thecomponents of this model is Brand model is the main componentsmodel: Dynamics development of this model:~ Differentiation of brand identity ~ Virtue brand~ Energy ~ Brand performance~ Relevance ~ Branding~ Self-Esteem ~ Assessment of~ Knowledge brand ~ Feeling brand ~ Resonance brand 7
  • Build Brand Equity3 set of main driver of brand equity:~ The initial choice for the established brand identity brand~ Products and Services as well as all marketingactivities and marketing programs supporting~ Other associations are not given directly to the brand bylinking the brand with other entities 8
  • Choosing Brand Elements Criteria for choice of brand elements: - Can be Remembered - means - Can be preferred - Can be Transferred - Can be Adjusted - Can be Protected 9
  • Brand Positioning formCompetitive frame of reference POD (Point Of Difference) and POP (Point Of Parity) Membership Category: -Benefits- -Comparison-Selecting and Creating POD and POP 10
  • Measuring brand equityBrand strength lies in the minds ofconsumers and how to change the brandof consumer response to marketing, thereare two basic approaches to measuring brandequity:- Approach is not directly- Approach directly 11
  • Brand ValuationThe work of estimating the total financial value of brands.Peringkat Merek Nilai merek 2006 (Miliar) 1 Coca cola $67,00 2 Microsoft $56,93 3 IBM $56,20 4 GE $48,91 5 Intel $38,32 6 Nokia $30,13 7 Toyota $27,94 12
  • Managing brand equityEffective brand managers who require long-term marketing actions. Due to customer responseto marketing activities depending on what theyknow about a brand, short-termmarketingactions and to change the brand of knowledge. 13
  • InterbrandThe process follows the five steps : market segmentation financial analysis determining the role of brand brand strength calculation of brand value 14
  • Plan the establishment of brand strategy3 main options: - The company can develop the new brand elements for a new product. - Companies can apply some elements of the existing brand. - Companies can use a combination of elements of new and existing brands. 15
  • Decision determining brand 4 A common strategy used name of the individual Blanket family name Separate family names for all products Corporate name combined with individual product names 16
  • The expansion of the brand (Brand Extension)Advantages of brand extension - Increase the chances of success of new products - Positive feedback effectShortage of brand extension - Not very strong brand name with any product terdentifikasi - By connecting meereknya to primary food products such as mashed potatoes, powdered milk, soups, and beverages, Cadbury bear the risk of losing more specific meaning as a brand of chocolate and candy. - Brand dilution occurs when consumers no longer associate a brand with a specific product or products that are very similar and less from lack of brand 17
  • Brand portfolioMarketers often need to pursue a variety of differentbrands in this segment. Some other reasons forintroducing a variety of brands in one kategory include:• Enhance the shelf presence and retailer dependence on store• Search diversity attract consumers who may be able to switch to other brands• Increase in the company kompetisiinternal• Achieve economies of scale in advertising, sales, trading, and physical distribution. 18
  • Brand can also play a special role as part of the portfolio. 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • Differentiation Strategy differentiation of personnel channel differentiation image differentiation 22
  • Core of a great brand is a great product 23
  • 24
  • Product life cycleBecause the product has a life cycle:1. Products have a finite age.2. Sales of products through different stages, each stage has challenges, opport unities,and different problems for the seller.3. Profits rise and fall at different stages of product life cycle.4. Products require marketing strategies, finance, manufacturing, purchasing and h uman resources is different in each stage of the life cycle. 25
  • Product life cycle introduction growth maturity reduction 26
  • The patterns of the product life cycle Bel pattern The pattern of growth- maturity decline Recycling cycle pattern The pattern of the pile shells 27
  • 3 specific categories of product life cycle 28
  • Marketing strategies in accordance with the product life cycle1 Pioneer the introduction stage and excellence2 Growth stage3 Stage of maturity a. modification of the market b. modification of the product - quality improvement - improvement features - style fixes c. modification of the marketing program - pricing - sales promotion - distribution - personal sales - ads - services4 Stages of decline 29
  • Packaging activities of designing and producing the container for a product 30
  • PackagingPackaging can include up to three levels of material1. Primary packaging is the primary packaging of a product such as cologne is packaged in a bottle2. Secondary packaging is a collection of products that are packaged in the form ofprimary packaging and then packed in a cardboard box3. The shipping package is a collection of products or goods that are packaged inprimary and secondary packaging are then incorporated into the corrugatedcardboard box (containing six dozen boxes) 31
  • PackagingFrom the perspective of consumer packaging company and have achieved anumber of objectives 1. Identify brands 2. Express descriptive and persuasive information 3. Facilitate the transport and protection products 4. Helping storage at home 5. Help consumer products 32
  • LabelingLabels can be a simple ring attached to a product or image / design on the packaging or product specific 33
  • LabelingSome functions are carried out label:• The label identifies the product or brand. example: Buavita name onthe packaging fruit juice.• Can rank the product label. example: best brand logo displayed onthe packaging.• The label that describes the product who makesthem, when made​​, which is made, how to use.• Label promoting the product through attractive graphics. 34
  • 35