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My way-to-perl My way-to-perl Presentation Transcript

  • My way to becoming a Perl programmer
  • Sysadmin in a small company + Interesting at first (before everything was set up) - Just boring after that - No progress - No perspectives - Started to hate other people + Had a time to learn something new
  • I already knew some Perl and liked something about it... ● magic (JAPHs are usually unreadable puzzles, but they are working Perl programs!) ● eliteness (kind of) ● power of expression – do in 1 line what you would do in 5 lines in other languages ● ease of use (when you know it)
  • Searched for Perl on the Internet ● found videos of YAPC::Russia 2008 ● spent a lot of time watching them – it was so exciting! – I never realized people would do something similar! – smart people! ● realized that the next YAPC::Russia will be in about week or two and registered – and it was free to visit!
  • YAPC::Russia 2009 ● Came to it ● Heard a lot of interesting talks ● Met many wonderful and smart people – still was too shy to talk with most of them :) ● but found someone who hired anyway =) ● Played the “imagine the future” game ● Was very excited ● Wrote a small blogpost about it (never wrote blogposts before)
  • Small freelance jobs ● Learned bits of DBI, CGI, Sympa, TT, LWP, CGI::Application, etc. ● Prepared for something bigger – read the books – tried to do small testing tasks ● But still needed a kick in the ass to leave my job
  • Traces of financial crisis of 2008 ● Many people in Russia were fired ● 2 sysadmins is too many for the small company ● especially when everything works like a charm =) ● And the other sysadmin was the boss'es nephew =)
  • Choosing the job ● Delphi or C# or Java programmer? ● Sysadmin in another company? or probably... ● Perl developer?!?!? – it's so exciting! ● and well paid =)
  • Choosing the job ● Delphi or C# or Java programmer? ● Sysadmin in another company? or probably... ● Perl developer – give one, please! – remotely
  • Working remotely ● Couldn't / didn't want to relocate – Even to Amsterdam (and was probably also small at that time) – or to Moscow – or somewhere else (Odessa? :) ● and no one invited me at that time =)
  • Promoting Perl is good! ● Organize more wonderful conferences and workshops! ● Sponsor newbies! ● Create more Perl jobs!!! – hire newbies (also remotely) – teach them to program Perl – guide and appreciate them
  • Thank you! Ilya Chesnokov <> Kiev, YAPC::EU 2013