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  • 1. Shutter Island James Troughton 2010 martin scorsese
  • 2. The purpose of an opening title sequence is to establish the mood and visual character of a film
    • Characters
    • Location
    • The plot
    • Themes
    • Visual style
    • Genre
  • 3.
    • The opening is in two parts
    • The first part is titles in an old school font style which represents the theme of old school policing and detectives.
    • The second part introduces us to the characters and the location of the plot being shutter island, the creep ship in the fog is the first thing we see which represents the creepy and mysterious feel of the film.
  • 4. Part one
    • Is the opening titles the font is in an old school font which reflects the old school 1954 police theme.
  • 5. Part two The boat emerging from the fog grabs the audiences attention as it is creepy and creates suspense as you cant tell who steering the ship. The single silhouette looks ghost like in the fog, the non digetic sound of the fog horn with no returning fog horn sound tells the audience how isolated the ship is.
  • 6. We are first introduced to the main character with his head down the toilette being sick showing the audience that he is flawed in some way
  • 7. The non digetic sound of the chains of the shackles rattling around and lots of them hanging from the ceiling add a creepy feel to the boat and tell the audience that prisons and madness is the main theme for the film.
  • 8. The introduction finishes when were are first introduce to shutter island where the film is set, the island has only one way off and is quite a large place, the left hand side of the island is a dark and stormy and the right is much brighter this could be martin scorsese way of telling the audience that something in the film is unbalanced and going to get worse (the police marshals mind).