Psd to wordpress theme conversion


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Wordpress has traveled a long way from a blogging platform to one of the most widely used content management system. Wordpress was started merely as a blogging platform

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Psd to wordpress theme conversion

  1. 1. Wordpress has traveled a long way from a blogging platform to one of the most widely used content managementsystem. Wordpress was started merely as a blogging platform but it is most loved CMS among the web developersaround the world. It is an example of open source CMS and provides much enhanced features to your website. Inthe blogging platform wordpress has beat down all its rivals, as wordpress is gaining much of the popularity, somany web based business are shifting from PSD to Wordpress to make their websites more powerful, dynamic anduser friendly. PSD is used for Photoshop document which is bulky and static in nature. But the thing with PSDs isthat they can be easily sliced and could be converted into any form, like from PSD to HTML, XHTML, Joomla,Wordpress etc. very easily. By using PSD to HTML/wordpress conversion you would be able to make excitingdesigns with wordpress. With this conversion you will get a new dynamic, cost effective, user friendly website withall important features.Wordpress is very easy to install and use. With this powerful web application you are allowed to convert,customized and integrate PSD to wordpress very easily. If you are planning to convert you PSD into a dynamicwordpress site, then it would be better to look forward to any web design company or you could also look for someprofessional skilled web developer or designer to assist you through the process to convert PSD toXHTML/wordpress format. The integration of the wordpress theme within your site allows you good interactionwith the users due to its lucrative nature and at the same time it is also cost effective.Conversion of PSD to CSS/Wordpress theme is not a child’s play; it involves a lot of technical knowledge and knowshow. It always should be the prime concern to check if the conversion of the PSD to CSS/wordpress is carried out inthe right manner as the future of your website and web business lies on that. The wordpress allows you to take fullcontrol of all the issues of your website, you add, delete, edit, publish quality content and images on your websiteas per your needs and choices.People over the globe use numerous web browsers to browse over the internet. The wordpress is made compatiblewith the all browser. One of the most important features of the wordpress is its cross browser compatibility. Thismakes your browser accessible through all major browsers thus, enhances the chances to reaching to the potentialclients and buyers. The converted website is also compatible with the social networking sites like, Facebook, Orkut,twitter, Google+ etc. beside that wordpress is also W3C validated which is important for smooth working of anywebsite. W3C allows browsers to easily read and process the contents of the webpages and easily process them. Inaddition to all these, conversion also provides you with a SEO friendly website, which helps you to receive muchweb traffic and enhances search engine ranking. The conversion can provide a great way to go ahead with thesuccess of your website and selection of the best design company is what it all takes.