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  • 2. Blade (n) [bleyd] Definition the flat cutting part of a sword, knife, etc.http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/media/oald8/fullsize/b/bla/blade/blade_comp.jpg - The blade banged against the ground. - The blade should be kept sharp.
  • 3. bang (v) [bang] Definition To hit something hard against something else, making a loud noisehttp://caffeinated-muse.blogspot.com/2009/08/lets-bang-our-head-on-wall-shall-we.html - The blade banged against the ground. - A guy was banging on the wall and yelling.
  • 4. Bold (adj.); Boldly (adv.) not afraid of taking risks and making difficult decisions• Ex: The airman boldly jumped from the airplane with his parachute.
  • 5. Weigh (v) weight (n): amount somebody/something weighsex: He has put on weight since I last saw him.
  • 6. bounce off definition: To make something rebound off someone or something Example: The ball bounced off the crossbar
  • 7. Dent (n,v) definition: (n) a depression in a surface made by pressure or a blow. (v) To make a dent in Example: a dent in the side of a car.
  • 8. DOOM (V.)To ordain as a sentence or fate
  • 9. streamA body of water flowing ina channel or watercourse,as a river, rivulet, or brook.
  • 10. BE PROUD OFproud of (adj.) feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which you measures your self-worth He know it was nothing to be proud of, but he felt proud nonetheless. (Holes,p 40)
  • 11. NONETHELESSnonetheless (adv.) Nevertheless; however. He know it was nothing to be proud of, but he felt proud nonetheless. (Holes,p 40)
  • 12. Bob( v. )His head seemed to bob up and down on hisneck, like it was on a spring.Definition in the context: to move or make sth movequickly up and down. e.g. tiny boats bobbed up and down in the harbour. e.g. he bobbed his head crazily.
  • 13. Grave( n.)His cap was stained with blood from his hands. He felt likehe was digging his own grave.Definition in the context: a place in the ground where adead person is buried. e.g. There were flowers on the grave.
  • 14. Gather Collect
  • 15. SteepSloping sharply at an angle Rise/fall suddenly
  • 16. Rotate (v)He laid his shovel back down on the bottom of his hole and, to his surprise it fit.He rotated it and only had to chip off a few chunks of dirt, here and there, beforeit could lie flat across his hole in everi direction.(Holes – p.39)Def: to turn in a circle, especially around a fixed point.Ex: Rotate the handle by 180 degree to open the door.
  • 17. Faint (adj); Faint (v)“I was afraid you’d fainted,” Mr.Penanski said. “ You wouldn’t havebeen the first.”(Holes – p.40)Def: not strong, feel weak as if you are about to become unconscious.Ex: I felt faint with hunger.
  • 18. Be soaked “His clothes were soaked with sweat.”Meaning : thoroughlywet or saturated
  • 19. Aimlessly “After leaving Myras house, Elya wandered aimlessly through the town, until he found himself down by the wharf.”Meaning : Devoid of direction or purpose.
  • 20. something somewhere in a careless untidy way: Merrill dumped her suitcase down in the hall. dump something on something They dump tons of salt on icy road surfaces to make driving safer.dump something in/into something He found a can of beef stew and dumped it in a saucepan to heat
  • 21.  to give someone a particular job or make them responsible for a particular person or thing assign somebody a task/role Ive been assigned the task of looking after the new students. assign somebody to some thing Jans been assigned to the Asian Affairs Bureau. assign somebody to do something Madison was assigned to investigate a balloon accident. assign somebody something Assign each student a partner. 2to give a particular time, value, place etc to something: How much time have you assigned for the meeting? assign something to something A code was assigned to each batch of work. 3to give money, equipment etc to someone to use assign something to somebody A personal bodyguard had been assigned to her. assign somebody something They assigned me a small room.
  • 22. Compact (v.): to press something tightlytogether.“...when the dirt was in the ground, it was compacted”p.34e.g.Drink cans are now compactedfor recycling.Essam
  • 23. Reluctantly (adv.): not wanting to do something and therefore slow to do it. “Reluctantly, he climbed up out of his hole” p.34 e.g. She reluctantly did her homework.Essam
  • 24. Previously (adv.): happening or existing before something. “and once again dug his shovel into his previously dug dirt” p.34 e.g. He was previously employed as a tour guide, and now he is teaching English.Essam
  • 25. To get a positive result afterward.Its beneficial."It pays to go to sleep early. That way youre nottired in class."
  • 26. 1. Time without beginning or end; infinite time. 2. The state or quality of being eternal. 3.a. The timeless state following death. b. The afterlife; immortality. 4. A very long or seemingly endless time: EX: waited in the dentists office for an eternity.
  • 27. A rush of (phrase)*Surging emotion: Ex: A rush of shame.*Gust, flurry, draught. EX: A rush of air on my face woke me.
  • 28. He felt himself blush , and turned away towardHector, who was sitting on the f loor in front of an overstuffed chair. Definition: To become red in the face, especially from modesty, embarrassment, or shame; flush.
  • 29. He was way behind the others, and the sun just kept getting hotter. Definition: To be late on something