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  • 1. This is the very beginning of the film, where Krissy launches into her small introductory speech and tells us that they’re on a camping trip – ‘Blair Witch Project, but without all the killing’! Anna and Octavia can be seen setting up the tent behind while Kelly is just out of shot to the side on the left.
  • 2. Kelly has just noticed the camera, and while she was more than ready to shirk the work of setting the tent up she is instantly intrigued by the idea of having herself on film. Anna looks at the tent instruction manual, and Octavia is indifferent to the diary – maybe disapproving, as she is turning her back.
  • 3. Kelly jumps in front of the camera, blocking out the other two entirely as she preens, asking if Krissy was ‘gonna make me famous? You gonna make me a movie star?’ Little does she know.
  • 4. This is the first moment that the girls get an inkling that something is wrong – when Kelly feels as if something’s watching her, and she draws the others attention to it as they all stare off into the distance in confusion.
  • 5. Everyone’s laughing at Kelly, and Krissy’s catching this picture perfect moment for posterity – there’s clearly ‘nothing there’.
  • 6. Kelly tries one last entreaty to Krissy, as the others have completely shrugged her worries off, but the blonde merely repeats laughingly that there’s ‘nothing there’.
  • 7. Frustrated, Kelly walks off so that she can call her boyfriend Ricky to drive up to the forest and take her home.
  • 8. She’s on the phone, drawn to and cradled by the comfort of technology whilst in the midst of the wilderness – and so perhaps Kelly underestimates the danger that these woods can bring. This is the last shot of her before we hear her scream.
  • 9. This is the walk up to around the corner that Kelly went to, leading to a clearing. It is the place we see her disappear into all alone before she screams, and everyone runs to help her, only now believing that something may be wrong.