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Band script 3

  1. 1. BAND SCRIPTTIME MARKS LYRICS FILMINGVERSE #1 The camera begins from i think upon those the left moving to right0:11-0:55 friends of mine and with a PANNING shot of40 seconds the whole band memories they say performing at a MID LEVEL angle. how brave our step LOW ANGLE behind the behind the band front man then cutaway to upon a summers MEDIUM CLOSE UP of day front man’s face, singing. CLOSE UP of singers lips oh i did not go alone my friends i did not go aloneBuild up to chorus As the CHORUS builds: they say i fight, for CLOSE UP of singers lips0:56/7-1.1620 seconds king and country LOW LEVEL of foot tapping bass drum they say its my, LONG SHOT from the band fromCHORUS behind1:17-1.46 duty to which i must LEFT SIDE PROFILE of the band27 seconds uphold playing LONG SHOT of the band from the when shes in need, front when shes in MEDIUM LONG SHOT of the bass guitarist playing danger CLOSE UP of singers face MID LEVEL CLOSE UP shot of your country calls fingers strumming a guitar then out to you, you are a CUTAWAY to ______________________________ saviour (CHORUS) oh a MEDIUM LONG SHOT of front man singing first line, MEDIUM LONG SHOT of entire band directly from the front, MID LEVEL CLOSE UP of hand playing guitar, cutaway to similar shots of each instrument being played by each band member
  2. 2. CUT to CLOSE UP of face singing, CUT to EXTREME CLOSE UP of mouth singing then ZOOM OUT as chorus ends on ‘oh’2:21 – 2:24 HIGH ANGLE of the man oh my dear friends music holding an old schoolVERSE #3 amidst the trench i graduation photo,2.25 – 2:52 CLOSE UP of his face see you all MATCHED cut to POV31 seconds my pale schoolyard shot down at the photo, with his thumb tracing chums away lost the names and cut to country’s call names- and in this brief Lines from the stone moment of silence inscriptions in the thoughts of hope memorial (Stockwell) appear on screen, make me cower PANNING from left to as i set foot on right. Then names come scrolling down one Englands fields and after the other with the guns in each arm camera TILTing down MEDIUM LONG SHOT in the centre of the front , showing band playing. Cutaway to MEDIUM CLOSE UP of front man singing last line.CHORUS 2 Camera focus on side did we fight, for king2:53 – 3:18 profile, MEDIUM LONG and country SHOT from the nose25 seconds down so we can see he’s no, said i, we fought breathing heavy. Band for thoughts of member CLOSE UP hand playing returning home instrument and men who need MEDIUM LONG SHOT me, for all our loved side profile the front man singing – ones welcome home, a TILT camera up: it was an innocuous noise but hero, for all i have it’s war in his ears all
  3. 3. over again CUT-CUT done direct front shot of the entire band playing- 360 degree shot of man in the middle of an empty-ish room, rocking backward and forwards. Wife comes in and puts her arms round him, quick cuts between man alone and wife comforting him as the camera circles round.3:19 – 3:42 they they say x 6, oh theysay23 seconds say x2VERSE #4 did they die, for king3:43 - 4:05 and country?46 seconds was it right, that they should die so far from home theyll never greet you, in adoration or shake your hand down familiar streets, in glory green and pleasant landVERSE #5 As the song slows, a clock face how wrong we were4:06 – 4:36 dominates the screen coming38 seconds to think it fun into focus and the second hand4.37 – 4: 44 is slowly ticking to 11 am – great foreign fieldsEnd music referencing Remembrance Day against the x when we have a minute of7 seconds silence. See him close his eyes forced to dig the in remembrance of what he darkening mire knows and feels. pray for us all in our The song comes to an end.
  4. 4. LONG SHOT and simply holdplight the shot: the band all looki close my eyes, i see down at the ground in silence, lowering their instrumentsmy friends with solemn faces andalong the line many everything lies still.fine young men FADE OUTlying still in x x BLACKSCREENgracetheir lifeless eyes,their mouths agapei feel alone at thewars endi wish i died amongmy friends