Autumnlee Herbal Teas - a Heatherlee Brand


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Autumnlee Herbal Teas are the product of a 'brand you' project. Using a variation of my personal logo, this brand stands for true peace and longevity. It exists to unite people of all backgrounds.

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Autumnlee Herbal Teas - a Heatherlee Brand

  1. 1. Herbal Tea
  2. 2. Herbal TeaRenewing the Senses A Heatherlee Brand 2011 © All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. The NameWhy Autumnlee? Autumn was my original birthname. In one sense, this brand is animaginative wish, a me that I strive to be. Lee is my true middle name.In that sense the brand represents my true spirit and how my personalhistory invigorates me. “Autumnlee” is inspired by the season of changing colors, myseason of strengthened well-being. Ultimately, this brand represents youand I at our best.
  4. 4. The ProductWhy Tea? I want to stand for something that can energize minds andcomfort a cold. I want to feed the thirst of people who truly desire myflavors. I want to break cultural divides with a cup of honesty. We all know that after water tea is the most consumed beverage inthe world. But do we know the true benefits of each blend? Do we knowwhat flavors remedy what plagues? Tea does more than soothe a sore throat; it unites people of allbackgrounds, it supports families and villages, it creates conversation.As a product with multiple purposes, I found herbal tea to be mostharmonious with my personal attributes and social desires.
  5. 5. Mission StatementAn organic, fairly-traded product... Autumnlee herbal teas are purposefully blended to renew thesenses and remedy human illness. Combining this with exceptionaltaste allows us to enhance lives from one continent to another. All organic products provided by Autumnlee are grown topromote and preserve the natural balance of mother earth. Whilesustaining people through free-trade practices, and preserving landthrough faithful farmers, we stand for true peace and longevity.
  6. 6. “World peace begins with Inner Peace” -His Holiness The Dalai Lama
  7. 7. The BlendsLemongrass calms the body, it soothes the soul,It feeds each tastebud and renews control.The Black Rose sweetens and sparks the child inside,It remedies illness and feeds us pride.Camomile purifies our senses, the smell and sight,Its flowery scent helps us say goodnight.Masala Chai is inspired by spice,It warms our bodies and rids our vice.Drink Autumnlee today and at night,And together let our senses collide.
  8. 8. Sweet Lemongrass[ A soothing medley of mint, grass & healing flowers from South East Asia ]
  9. 9. Black Rose[ A robust blend of black leaves & spices from the Fujian Province ]
  10. 10. Wild Camomile[ Gently fused with honey, sage & natural herbs ]
  11. 11. Masala Chai[ Toned with warm spices found in the north Himalayas of South Asia ]
  12. 12. The Marketing PlanProduct & Packaging Autumnlee packages utilize 100% recycled cardboard and papers.Three faces of the box are identical to allow buyers to see the front ofpackaging from different angles. 30 tea bags come in each box withstories of its origin inside. There are Vietnamese proverbs on all tea bagtags to reinforce the values of the brand.Price Each 30 bag box will be priced at $3.25 with a sale price of $2.99in place every Sunday as well as the week prior to all worldwide holidays.Along with this sale price a buy 3 get 1 free offer will be in place duringthese weeks as well. If a buyer choses to order online, all shipping anddelivery costs will be given to Autumnlee farmers.
  13. 13. Place of Distribution Autumnlee teas will start selling at three major grocery retailersincluding all Supervalu, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s stores.Additionally, small, fair trade boutiques will also have exclusive rights tosell. Teas will be locally distributed by bike and bio-deisel vans. The mainAutumnlee warehouse will be in Milwaukee, WI with other locations inMinneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA, and Boston, MA.Promotion Through partnerships with like-minded companies such as PeaceCoffee and Good Earth, promotional efforts will be locally delegated.Within three months of being on the shelf, Autumnlee will sponsor andhost various events around North America. Directly following theseevents island style displays and eye-popping end aisles will be in place atthe point of purchase. Between 6-18 months 30 second commericals willair through national broadcasters.
  14. 14. Herbal Tea