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Vision%20tea en 1011

  1. 1. International Tea Dictionary and PhrasebookAustralia Tea Austria Tee Azerbaijan ÇayArgentine Té Afghanistan Chaí Brazil CháUK Tea Vietnam Trà Greece TsáiIsrael Te India Chai Iraq ShāyItaly Tè China Chá Kenya ChaiKorea Cha Latvia Tēja Libya ShāyMorocco Shāy Nepal Chiya Germany TeeNorway Te Poland Herbata Romania CeaiSerbia Chаi Thailand Cha Tanzania ChaiTibet Ja Tunisia Shāy Turkey ÇayUganda Chai Hungary Tea Uzbekistan ChoyPhilippines Tsaa Finland Tee France ThéSweden Te Sri Lanka Tee Japan Cha, ti
  2. 2. Discovering Vision Tea For thousands of years an excellent chance to improvetea has been and remains health. So, when selecting athe most popular drink in the herbal tea not only preferencesworld. A cup of fragrant tea is as for taste are taken into accountan essential feature of our life. but its beneficial properties asWe drink it on weekdays and on well. This is so because eachfestive occasions, at home and at herbal drink has its own role andwork, during business meetings its own “specialty”.and during romantic dates. Thisamazing drink that has won the Vision herbal teas basedhearts of millions in all corners of on camomile, invigorating wildthe globe gives vigor and energy rose, cool mint, fragrant lime,to our bodies, composure and piquant thyme are capable of ex-delight – to our hearts and souls. tending a friendly chat pervadingIn the cultures of various peoples the contacts with warmth and atea-drinking always reflects feeling of coziness. A sophisticat-special national traditions. ed bouquet of exquisite flavorsMoreover, in some countries, for and delightful aromas will helpinstance in China and Japan tea acquire the peace of mind andceremonies constitute a part of create the atmosphere of relaxa-the philosophy. tion and well-being. Now tea is understood notjust as the drink made with tea A cup of Vision herbal teashrub leaves but also as a herbal means comfort in your home andpotion, the so-called phytotea. tranquility in your heart.More and more people enjoy plant-based drinks for sustaining theirhealth and preventing variousdiseases. Drinking phytoteas is
  3. 3. From Lithuania with Love Vision Tea is born in recipes. Special attention is paidthe environmentally faultless to packing Vision phytoteas – it isŠvenčionys area of Lithuania, done without using any glue ornear the National Park. Its special metal components: the label isclimate creates ideal conditions affixed to each bag with a thread.for plants. Vision Tea fills your heart The Lithuania Švenčionių with benevolent energy of thevaistažolės tea company has Baltic sun.been cherishing ancient herbaltea recipes since 1883. Nowthe factory has most advancedproduction equipment and itsown research laboratory thatnot only checks the quality ofeach tea batch but develops new
  4. 4. Look for new on tea-party Meet season novelties by Vision! The hot summer of2010 brought us a fragrantsurprise – two new admira-ble drinks have enriched thepopularly favorite Vision Teacollection! Vision Tea for Herand Vision Tea for Him,they are a new way to theharmony with yourself andthe world around you. Thedelicate nectar “for her”,an incarnation of the exqui-site taste combined with thecaptivating aroma, makes aperfect composition impos-sible to resist. The dynamic,full of energy tea “for him”is a positive charge helpingto really get an appetite forlife. Discover for yourself new facets of tastes and aromas in the Vision Tea collection!
  5. 5. Vision Tea for HerJourney towards love, tenderness and harmonyContents: green tea, peppermint, raspberry leaves and berries,orange blossoms and pieces, lemon pieces, cloves. It is a tasty and beneficial cinates capturing everyone oncedrink based on green tea with ad- and for all.ditions of fruits, berries, clovesand mint. Green tea is capable of The tonic mix of green tea and re-enhancing the immune system, freshing peppermint will provideit helps in improving the overall the feeling of cheerfulness. Thetone and normalizing weight as superb berry-and-citrus bouquetwell as aids in rapidly removing with fragrant raspeberry, juicyfatigue. Raspberry, orange and orange and lemon will improvelemon in the tea contain not only the mood. The piquant aroma ofvitamins B1, B2 and С but also spicy cloves will help acquire theantioxidants that help in pre- peace of mind and will create theventing premature age-related magic atmosphere. Vision Teachanges, in maintaining beauty for Her enfolds you with care andand excellent health for a long tenderness opening up its sacra-time. mental meaning with each sip. Vision Tea for Her hasbeen speically developed withaccount for preferences and ex-pectations of the fair sex. Theamazing incomparable bouquetof the new drink by Vision iswinning hearts and souls by themillion. Thanks to its admirableflavor composition this tea fas-
  6. 6. TipIt is very beneficial to wipeyour face with the frozenstrongly brewed tea. Toprepare the tea ice youshould just pour cooled teainto bags or trays for ice andleave them in your freezerovernight. In the morning,after washing your face wipeit once or twice with a pieceof the ice. After this do notdry the face but let the skinair-dry. Believe us, the resultwill amaze you.
  7. 7. Vision Tea for HimEssential element of a successful dayContents: black tea, hawthorn, wild rose and blackthorn berries,turmeric. Black tea contains over The invigorating taste300 various components. Thanks of the noble black tea providesto caffeince and alkaloids black the sense of self-confidencetea is capable of enhancing men- and inspires optimism. Thetal and physical work efficiency. astringent harmonious trio of blackthorn, hawthorn and wild Wild rose, rich in vitamins rose creates the rich saturatedand minerals, boosts your vig- aroma. Turmeric, the pearl ofor and improves your organism India, ideally complements andphysical condition. Blackthorn emphasizes the fusion-stylecontaining tannin, over 20% of vi- energy mix. Vision Tea for Himtamin C as well as organic acids, gives confidence in success,pectin and a number of minerals provides self-belief, fills one withhelps in preventing inflamma- energy inspiring new great deedstions. Turmeric contained in the day by day.tea not only imparts the exquisitetaste and aroma to the drink buthelps in cleansing the organism.Hawthorn removes the increasedirritability and enhances the car-diovascular system. This combi-nation of best components cre-ates the inimitable drink.
  8. 8. TraditionsIn India the so-called masala teais very popular. This traditionaldrink dates back thousandsof years. Due to spices addedin its preparation it is simplyindispensable is cold seasons.It is quite easy to prepare. Blacktea is brewed in hot milk, thenfive spices are put in: cardamom,cloves, cinnamon, ginger andnutmeg. Salt and sugar areadded to taste. Then the drinkis simmered. Masala tea is verybracing, it can be well used as ahealthy alternative to coffee.
  9. 9. Hibiscus and Wild BerriesGood Cheer at Home and at WorkContents: hibiscus blossom, black chokeberry, blackthorn, wild roseberries, mint leaf.It is the aromatic diverse combi- cup of this tea not just warms younation saturated with beneficial up and improves your mood butsubstances. The charm of juicy the action of its natural compo-and slightly sour taste of hibis- nents sustains your organism.cus, wild rose berries and black-thorn is graciously set off by theinvigorating freshness of mint. A
  10. 10. StoryThere is an interesting tradition in Hawaii. They put a hibiscus flower, oftendubbed “the flower of love”, behind the ear. If the flower is behind the left ear,it means that the girl is married, if it is behind the right one, it means that herheart belongs to no one, and if the flower is stuck in the back hair, this means“Follow me!” So, when in Hawaii, be really careful with floral decorations!
  11. 11. Linden and MintSpiritual Harmony the Whole Day ThroughContents: linden blossom, mint leaf.The delicate aroma of linden in and mint tea restores your peacebloom and the spicy freshness of mind, provides the feeling ofof green mint remind you of comfort and safety. The delicatethe sunny summer and gentle aroma and pleasant flavor of thecoolness of an early morning. The tea leave a soft aftertaste that youfragrant tea of the Baltic amber would not want to part with.tint has combined all the colorsof summer in itself. The linden
  12. 12. In BriefIce tea, this kind of tea was supposedly invented by chance by RichardBlechynden. At the World Expo in St. Louis in 1904 he was presenting a highquality Indian tea. But since the weather was very hot, people passed his pavilionby. Mr. Blechynden took a chance and offered this tea to visitors cold and withice. And he never regretted it. The drink is made with black or green tea, addingice, lemon, sugar and, optionally, fruit juice.
  13. 13. Melissa and Wild RoseRomantic Mood and New EnergyContents: melissa leaf, wild rose berries, caraway fruit.A cup of this invigorating tea forms a sophisticated duet withcombines the freshness of the astringent notes of caraway.melissa, the power of wild The combination of melissarose and the spicy pungency and wild rose quenches thirstof caraway. This bright palette and refreshes nicely, helps incontains delicate and saturated restoring your strength after atints of flavors. The delicate working day and in normalizinglemon-like fragrance of melissa digestion.
  14. 14. LegendIn Russia wild rose used to be considered a medication and was bartered forfabrics and furs. The Slavs believed that if you spread wild rose petals aroundyour house, there would be tranquility and no household troubles in your home.To attract love they used to wear wild rose berries on a thread as beads. Even upto now many people believe that a tea with wild rose consumed before going tobed causes prophetic dreams. Who knows, you can try it yourself.
  15. 15. Wild Rose and ThymeOptimism and InspirationContents: wild rose berries, mint leaf, thyme herb.The restorative properties of wild is full of the life-giving power ofrose are framed by the freshness wild rose, the delicate taste ofof mint and the spiciness of mint and the soft herbal aroma.thyme. A cup of this amazing tea Wild rose and thyme meanwill not only restore your peace of enjoyment and a friendly supportmind and provide new life energy to your immunity.but be remembered due to itsinimitable original flavor. The tea
  16. 16. Aphorisms“The aroma of tea and the taste of tea spread widely, they as widely strengthenrelations among people.” Zhang Zai, ancient Chinese philosopher and poet“If it is cold, tea will warm you. If you are hot, it cools you. If you have adepressed mood - it cheers you up, if you are excited - it will calm you.”Sir William Gladstonpremer, Minister of Great Britain, 19’th century
  17. 17. Lemongrass Green TeaLong and Happy LifeContents: green tea leaf, lemongrass.We traditionally associate green grass adds a joyous citrus notetea that has conquered the world with a delicate ginger tint. Greenthanks to its unique properties tea with lemongrass charms withwith longevity. The classic “tea- its special soft flavor, refresheslemon” piece as performed by and provides new, unforgettablegreen tea and lemongrass is sensations.harmonious and exquisite. Thecharming fragrance of lemon-
  18. 18. Jokes“What kind of tea would you like? Black or green?”“As a matter of fact, the color is of no importance for me… I am color-blind.”“And now let us have some tea!” the hosts suggested cheerfully.“No, let us go on having what we were drinking before!” the guests shouted inindignation.You can use a tea-bag seven times. The eighth time the bag will surface to seewhat a cheapskate you are...If you by chance forgot to put a tea-bag in your mug but found on pouring waterin that you still got tea... it means that it is time to wash your mug.
  19. 19. Vision Tea Inspiration The exclusive Vision Tea collection creates for you and your friends the atmosphere of an exquisite tea-party over an enjoyable friendly chat. Saturated and diverse flavors and aromas will provide the peace of mind and the sensation of well-being, help open up the best in your hearts, inspire new great deeds.So, it is not surprising that after a cup of such tea many people would want to join the company of best friends, independent distributors united by the common ideas and way of life in the Vision style. Your independent Vision consultant Name Telephone E-mail Consultant’s Code