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  • 1.  Opening Doors click  Facts Every Parent Should Know About NCLB click  NCLB: A Toolkit for Teachers click  Conclusion click  Citations click
  • 2.  This is an Illinois State Board of Education grant-funded project under the McKinney- Vento Homeless Children and Youth Program  The goal of this statewide initiative is to disseminate information to Illinois schools and shelters as to the educational rights and needs of homeless children and youth
  • 3.  McKinney-Veto Homeless Assistance Act was first signed into law on July 22, 1987.  This remains the only major federal legislative response to homelessness.  This Act insures the child the right to choose to stay in the school of origin or attend the school nearest their shelter or temporary home.  This Act insures immediate enrollment even when school/medical records cannot be produced at the time of enrollment  Ensures they will receive assistance with transportation if needed
  • 4.  I think the Opening Doors project is an amazing addition to NCLB. It gives homeless children the opportunity to learn just the same as privileged children, does Indiana have anything like this project in place? Menu
  • 5.  NCLB gives states and school districts more control and more flexibility to use resources where they are needed most. Less time filling out forms and more time helping children  NCLB holds schools and school districts accountable for results  NCLB gives school districts more money. In fact, President Bush and Congress have spent more money than ever before on the education of America’s children
  • 6.  NCLB gives parents report cards so they can see which schools in their district are succeeding and why  NCLB may let you transfer your child to another public school if the state says that your child’s school is “in need of improvement”. The school district may pay for transportation for your child  NCLB may also provide your child with free tutoring and extra help with schoolwork if the state says your child’s school has been “in need of improvement” for at least 2 years
  • 7.  There are many things about NCLB that I didn’t know. This website is very useful, not only parents, but for teachers. Do you agree with NCLB and do you think it is working? Menu
  • 8.  The NCLB Act of 2001 is a landmark in education reform designed to improve student achievement and close achievement gaps  As part of the accountability provisions set forth in the law, NCLB has set the goal of having every child make the grade on state-defined education standards by the end of the 2013-14 school year  NCLB does not label schools a “failing”, instead they are identified as “in need of improvement” and they are given assistance to improve by doing such things as instituting a school improvement plan or increasing professional development for teachers
  • 9.  When schools are defined as “in need of improvement” they work on identifying problems in instruction or curriculum and also analyzing and revising the school’s budget so that resources are more effectively targeted to activities most likely to help students learn  NCLB outlines the minimum qualifications needed by teachers: a bachelor’s degree, full state certification and demonstration of subject-matter competency for each subject taught
  • 10.  This was a very useful website for teachers to get familiar with the NCLB Act. Do you think the goal of every child “making the grade” by the school year 2013-2014 is an unrealistic goal? Menu
  • 11.  I have learned so much about NCLB. It is amazing all the information that is available. I had no idea how detailed this Act was. It seems to cover all aspects of a child’s education. This ensures that, in fact, no child is left behind in the education system. It gives all opportunities for children to truly reach their potential. As long as this is followed and used in all school systems, there is no reason a child should be without proper education. Menu
  • 12.  Slide 1:  Slide 2: ntfacts.html  Slide 3: PDF_Files/nclb_teachers_toolkit_04_rev.pdf