Telifi presentation for response expo without animation


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Telifi is a breakthrough service offering that transforms online sales into offline engagementssm. Its primary focus is order validation and security, although secondary value is provided through optional revenue enhancement. Every call is answered—and every order validated—by our live agents or sophisticated IVR engine. Simply put, we meld best practices of inbound telemarketing to our cutting-edge technology, delivering enhanced order security and profitability to our clients. Telifi is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

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Telifi presentation for response expo without animation

  1. 1. TELIFI<br />
  2. 2. Inside TELIFI<br />TELIFI Features & Benefits<br /><ul><li>Inbound Order Validation
  3. 3. Fraud Mitigation
  4. 4. Revenue Enhancement</li></ul>Upsell Performance<br />TELIFI Flow<br /><ul><li>TELIFI Call Flow
  5. 5. TELIFI Process Flow </li></ul>Screen Prompts<br />Client Testimonial <br />
  6. 6. TELIFI Features<br />TELIFI has 3 essential components<br /><ul><li>Inbound Order Validation
  7. 7. Fraud Mitigation
  8. 8. Revenue Enhancement </li></li></ul><li>Inbound Order Validation<br /><ul><li>Features
  9. 9. Prompt on “Receipt Page” drives inbound call by customer
  10. 10. 65% of customers call in
  11. 11. Calls typically come within 2 minutes of core sale
  12. 12. Each Order is confirmed and corrected, if necessary
  13. 13. Live Agents field 70-80% of calls, IVR fields balance
  14. 14. Custom FAQ’s created for each client’s core product.
  15. 15. Benefits
  16. 16. Saves money by eliminating costly mis-ships
  17. 17. Reduces call center expense
  18. 18. Prevents costly inquiries to Customer Service Center
  19. 19. Gives you better insight to customer data for additional marketing efforts
  20. 20. Ensures customer’s “peace of mind”
  21. 21. Enhances customer experience</li></li></ul><li>Fraud Mitigation<br /><ul><li>Features
  22. 22. TELIFI correlates over 25 discrete Risk Factors to generate a “fraud likelihood” score of 0 - 100
  23. 23. Correlation is automatic & performed during 1st second of call
  24. 24. A score of 5 = 5% likelihood of fraud. 20 = 20%, and so on
  25. 25. Correlated Risk Factors include
  26. 26. IP Address country vs Billing Address country
  27. 27. IP Address distance from Billing Address
  28. 28. Proxy detection
  29. 29. BIN analysis
  30. 30. Phone number location vs billing zip code
  31. 31. TELIFI transmits fraud scores to clients daily
  32. 32. Clients urged to personally verify orders suspected of fraud
  33. 33. Benefits
  34. 34. Increases profitability by eliminating fraudulent orders
  35. 35. Minimizes “back end” expense of managing bad orders</li></li></ul><li>Revenue Enhancement<br /><ul><li>Features
  36. 36. Ability to offer upsell, premium or club offer after order validation/customer support phase of call
  37. 37. Replaces poorly converting, static online upsells with high-converting, live agent presentations
  38. 38. Conservative scripting, with use of “custom premiums” that better match your core product or service
  39. 39. Inbound process conforms with the Telemarketing Sales Rule
  40. 40. Digital recording and archiving of all sales calls
  41. 41. Benefits
  42. 42. Increased Average Order Value
  43. 43. Improved upsell conversion rate
  44. 44. Less time and money spent on legal issues and compliance</li></li></ul><li>Upsell Performance*<br />*Does not include IVR upsell revenue, which can add $0.10/lead or more.<br />
  45. 45. 1. Customer MakesPurchase on Website<br />and is Prompted to Call<br />(65% call-in rate)<br />4. Customer Greeted by:<br />2. Customer Calls Telifi(Order Info served to Telifi)<br />or<br />3. Over 25 Risk Factors are correlated to generate Fraud Score. Order Validation can impact Fraud Score. <br />Live Agent(80% of calls)<br />Custom IVR(20% of calls)<br />5. Order Validated<br />& Corrected<br />6. Upsells<br />Offered<br />>TSR Compliant<br />>16 digit CC live capture<br />7. Telifi sends Order Corrections & Fraud Scores to Client Daily<br />Revenue<br />Boost Over <br />Static Upsells<br />Telifi Call Flow<br />
  46. 46. TELIFI Process Flow<br />
  47. 47. Screen Prompt<br />
  48. 48. Additional Prompt Samples<br />Thank You For Your Order / For Security Purposes and for Immediate Access to, please call 1-XXX-XXX-XXX<br />Thank You For Your Order / For Security Purposes, please call 1-XXX-XXX-XXX<br />[Please note screen prompt language is amendable, <br />per client and legal direction.]<br />
  49. 49. Client Testimonial<br />“I've worked with the team at Permilia and TELIFI for a couple years now. With TELIFI, we've seen our average order value grow during a difficult time in the economy. In addition, fraud and mis-ships are mitigated, and many product inquiries are handled in lieu of calls to Customer Service. TELIFI is an innovative company, and their customized premium lets us add value to our customers right away. <br />Bottom line, our customers get better service and we strengthen our brand perception while improving the profitability of each campaign!”<br />Lori Collins<br />Director of Marketing<br />Body By Jake<br />