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Annual Report Final Lr

  1. 1. 1 CANTEEN ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Meet Kieran, 17 years old, Siblin g Member – his sist er Asha was diag nosed with cancer when she was 14 “When Asha got sick it was like a rollercoaster, a mixed bag of emotions. I was by myself a lot of the time. My parents were supportive but they were caught up with what Asha was going through. I spent a fair bit of time at home doing my own thing: trying to cook food, walking the dog; and I was worried about my sister and parents. Without CanTeen I would be lost.” abOut us Our VisiOn CAnTeen is The AusTRAliAn BRing TogeTheR All young oRgAnisATion FoR young people living wiTh CAnCeR people living wiTh CAnCeR. Our missiOn CanTeen’s mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. we do this by providing an Australia-wide peer To suppoRT, develop And support network for 12-24 year-olds empoweR young people living Kieran including*: wiTh CAnCeR “When they told me I had • Patients – young people who have cancer I just started crying. I was been diagnosed with cancer, confused, and I didn’t know what was going on, because nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I was only 14. • Siblings & Offspring – young people who have an immediate Our Values At first they thought I had appendicitis. Like, nine out of ten times that is what it would be. I really wish it had been that! family member (brother or sister, we suppoRT, develop And parent or primary carer) who has empoweR ThRough: The cancer treatment was pretty intense. I lost my hair. And I been diagnosed with cancer, and lost so much weight, I was bony. I was really pale and I was • Respect and integrity always tired. • Bereaved Siblings & Offspring • pride and accountability The best support in the end was CanTeen, and meeting all these – young people who had an immediate family member who • Teamwork and inclusiveness amazing people. I am a much stronger person now, and I certainly don’t take anything for granted.” died from cancer. • Flexibility and initiative we provide members with a place • understanding and compassion where they can simply be young • inspiration and encouragement people, away from the daily • positivity and celebration Contents pressures of living with cancer in the hospital or at home. HOw Canteen empOwers its members Through a wide range of camps and programs, CanTeen encourages About us t 3 4 CAnTeen hAs heAps oF gReAT peeR suppoRT • Recreation days give members a chance to get together members to share their experiences, From the Presiden make great friends…and of course, 6 pRogRAms FoR memBeRs. They’Re All held in in a more casual way, by doing things like go-karting, have fun! From the CEO FAnTAsTiC venues ARound AusTRAliA. wiTh bowling or just going to the movies. 8 eveRyThing FRom week-long CAmps To shoRTeR, MAC on all our programs, young people can let their hair down 10 moRe FoCused pRogRAms, TheRe’s someThing To (or wear a CanTeen bandanna!) and have some fun. our The Board suiT eveRyone… 12 programs are designed to encourage members to share National Outcomes • general programs such as weekend camps and their stories, develop new skills and support each other. 16 week-long programs, give members a break from the * young people who don’t quite fit these descriptions Division Outcomes might still be able to join – contact us for more omes 21 pressures of living with cancer. information. Fundraising Outc • Focused programs are there to help members with 26 CanTeen is a company limited by guarantee. Finance Summary specific issues they may be facing. For example, Good our ABn is 77 052 040 516 and we are registered Grief addresses issues surrounding grief and loss, and for gsT. Healthy Living is designed to educate members in The company is also an income Tax exempt Charity strategies for stress relief and improved quality of life. and a deductible gift Recipient. CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 3
  2. 2. 1 MESSAGES FrOm tHe president: LOOKING BACK It has definitely been another exciting and eventful year been distributed and that is just the start of things to come! of course, a topic that has been on everyone’s lips over for CanTeen, incorporating a plethora of amazing camps The development of the siblings resource is well under the few months is that of the potential merger between and activities, fantastic fundraisers and other valuable way, along with the new member guide. These resources, CanTeen and Camp Quality. it has been fantastic to see developments in the journey towards creating better produced due to a considerable need identified in our how passionate CanTeen members are about CanTeen, outcomes for young people living with cancer. research, are developed in consultation with our members and while it has now been decided that the proposed and will help to make life easier for so many young merger will not go ahead, we are looking forward to CanTeen’s wide range of recreational people living with cancer. with timely access to relevant building on this passion for the organisation as we begin a and educational camps and activities has information, individuals are better empowered to deal new phase of development for CanTeen. continued to grow and evolve. This program with the challenges they face in their cancer journey. evolution stems from the research CanTeen has conducted into the needs of young people Taking on this ambitious challenge of research (or the living with cancer, and from the vital input results that it has uncovered) has propelled CanTeen in a and feedback from CanTeen’s members. The range of exciting directions. The evolution of our programs continued development of our programs helps and the development of our information resources, Juli Anderson to ensure that we are working strongly towards including Now What…?, are some examples of these new National President our mission of supporting, developing and directions but there are many others as well; all working Juli Anderson empowering young people living with cancer towards improving the lives of young people living with National and helping create the best possible outcomes cancer all around Australia. President and for our current and future members. Sibling Member speaking of all around Australia, CanTeen has increased our program calendar this year started out with a brilliant its focus on delivering services to those in need in regional National Camp in WA (for the first time in eight years). The areas. we have had greater numbers of regional trip to Rottnest island and the jet-boat rides provided by members attending our camps and activities and more Rottnest express were a real highlight of the camp! staff and members visiting regional areas to run programs and raise awareness. The addition of our first NT based This was also the second year in which we ran our new staff member is another important development in national leadership program – this time with a harry reaching those in the wider areas of Australia. potter theme! it was so inspiring to see young leaders within CanTeen, from all around the country, come together our research team has continued to share the research to share ideas, develop new skills and have important input findings both nationally and internationally, raising into our organisation. important awareness. Their collaboration with other organisations is also helping too. our national TeenLink training was once again a great success, with over 50 members involved. The Teenlink development of our new website is well under way! A program is an integral part of developing and maintaining member advisory group has been closely involved in this CanTeen’s peer support network. project and it will be ready for release later this year. The new website will be another way in which we are trying to The Now What...? offspring resource has been a massive improve access to information. success. 5000 copies of this written resource have already 4 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 5
  3. 3. 1 MESSAGES FrOm tHe CeO: LOOKING fOrwArd The OuTCOmeS JOurNey CONTINueS! how the Federal – and additional CanTeen fundraising – with the launch of new services like Now What...? and money will be best spent. the ongoing advocacy for a new model of care for AyA we reported last year that our major research project patients. looking at the needs of young people living with cancer – in the year to come this work will start to bear tangible fruit. patients, siblings, offspring and bereaved – was completed, Starting around August 2009, we will finalise agreements in the current economic environment, this ever increasing and that a next step was the development of a statement with states and Territories about local AyA service delivery demand for and range of services is particularly of outcomes for young people living with cancer. plans. watch out for some great news and announcements challenging for CanTeen. now, more than ever, we depend This was finalised in the past year and you can read from around this time. on our donors and supporters, corporate partners, partners about it on page 14. in the health and other not-for-profit sectors, volunteers and There is an important need that arises from this work. others. our sincere thanks to all of you for your support over This framework lays the foundations for a rigorous over the next three years we need major donors that can the past year. outcomes-focused, evidence-based approach to all contribute to the establishment cost of one or more of the that we do in the future. in the coming year, we will proposed AyA cancer services. in total, we aim to raise To our staff and members, thanks for your outstanding develop a framework for evaluation of all of our $15m to match the Federal government’s contribution, efforts in yet another huge year. looking forward, we face Dr Andrew programs and services, linking them to the outcomes and this task has been made more difficult by the global some testing times as we expand our vision for what we can Young, CEO framework we have completed. The outcomes economic circumstances. if you might be able to help, i would achieve together. i know that our passion for the cause will framework will also drive identification of gaps in be delighted to discuss this with you in more detail. stand firm. existing services and future program development, as To the mAC and Board, thank you for your continued vision well as helping us identify issues for advocacy in the 2009/10 – A New PhASe and, in particular this year, hard work as we continue to future. As Juli mentioned, we have recently completed a build for the future. A special thanks to departing directors consultation process examining the potential for a Amanda and Jason. ImPrOvING CANCer ServICeS fOr AyAS – merger with Camp Quality, deciding instead to focus on frOm AdvOCACy TO ACTION opportunities to create a better world for children and Finally, my thanks to our president of the past year, Juli young people living with cancer through collaboration. At Anderson, who has the reins at a challenging time! Thanks it feels like a long journey for us since we presented to a the same time, CanTeen is nearing the end of a five year for the positive approach and bright smiles along the way. 2005 Federal senate Committee inquiry on cancer services, laying out our case for new cancer services for adolescents process of implementing a strategic direction we established and young adults with cancer. in late 2007, the incoming late in 2004. Federal government committed $15m funding for this it is now a great time for CanTeen to focus our energies purpose and in the same year we worked with Cancer on developing the next stage of our development. during Australia to write the national service delivery Framework the coming financial year we will commence this process, for AyA cancer, which will guide the establishment of future building on the passions and ideas generated through the services. merger consultation process, and on our research evidence Andrew young In the 2008/09 year, the first payment from the Federal and recently completed statement of outcomes framework. Chief Executive Officer Government falls due, and as the CanTeen financial year IN CLOSING ended we were in the final stages of development of a comprehensive implementation plan for this funding. we’ve it has been another huge year for the organisation, with also been in discussions with all states and Territories about continued growth in membership and programs along 6 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 7
  4. 4. “CanTeen is unlike any o 1 CORPORATE GOvERNANCE Ther CanCer organisaTion.” member adVisOry COunCil (maC) kellie Atkinson, patient me mber emPOwerING memBerS, deveLOPING LeAderS other things. one suggestion that came up was that the mAC should in The seCond hAlF oF CAlendAR yeAR 2008 have a suggestion box at national The mAC weRe: AmAndA ByCRoFT (sA&nT), Juli Camps. if members had concerns AndeRson (hunTeR & noRTheRn nsw), ChRis or suggestions about CanTeen, they Bond (ACT & souTheRn nsw), JAson gARRiCk could write them down and put them (Qld), kylie lewis (viC), philippA ZuCChi (TAs), in the box for the mAC to review at kevin pRokop (sydney & CenTRAl nsw) And each meeting. The mAC has used Annie sChmiTZ (wA). this method of feedback and suggestions on national programs After the division elections Alex valero joined the mAC team from (sA&nT) and Amanda left the team when her this year. Another idea from the suggestion empOwering yOung peOple term on the Board ended. box was to have more member input CanTeen empowers its members represent the membership in a After the 2008 Agm, Juli Anderson was elected into into our brand. The mAC came up (young people living with cancer) in division Committee. The Committee the National President role as Josh Hogan had finished Meet the MAC with a competition for members to the governance of the organisation (Member Advi meets regularly to oversee the serving his term. since then, Juli has been steering sory Coun design a CanTeen bandanna to go at all levels. The purpose and cil) planning of programs and activities the mAC ship, and to her credit, has shown outstanding on sale at the 2009 national powers of CanTeen and our within the division. leadership and growth throughout her term. Juli came Bandanna day. There were a lot governance structures (including into the national president role with the idea of the and what we have finished. The MAC has implemented a of quality entries but only one winner, each division also elects one division Committees, member whole mAC running the show as a unit, not just one person newsletter to members and staff aiming to go out once yuemei lim of wA, designed the member to sit on the member Advisory Council and Board) are facilitating the group. so under Juli, each mAC member every two months. it outlines our progress throughout the winning bandanna which is available Advisory Council (mAC). The mAC described in our Constitution, which has been accountable for running agenda items and also year and highlights important updates in the CanTeen to view at the CanTeen website represents CanTeen’s membership can be obtained from CanTeen’s championing (solo or in twos) a mAC goal that they report world. expect these to continue into next year. ( nationally, participates in strategy National Office or our website – on every meeting. The mAC also changed the way in which in an effort to keep CanTeen as nationally consistent as setting with the Board and makes we report on our divisions from a statistical approach to a now with the big issue of the recommendations to the Board on possible, the mAC has started using a reporting system so proposed merger between CanTeen vibe, values and feelings method, and use it to discuss how in empowering members in key policy and program areas. all division committees are getting the same communication and Camp Quality you might be our divisions and personal roles are going. The mAC has governance throughout CanTeen, The mAC also elects 5 suitable from the mAC at the same time. thinking, ‘where has our mAC been?’. also agreed to regularly meet with their division manager we ensure that the operations of candidates from the mAC to serve for a monthly performance appraisal, which is then shared once again the shooting star award was up for grabs at The mAC was involved/consulted the organisation continue to focus on the Board of directors each at every mAC meeting. national Camp 09 in wA, inaugurated in 2004 in memory throughout the whole process and on the needs of young people year. of member kelly Johnson. This award is given to the had many teleconferences around living with cancer. CanTeen has identified that a new resource was needed member who the mAC feels best displays the values and the issue! Also the mAC was present CanTeen’s Board of directors to help new members navigate through CanTeen and the vibe of CanTeen. molly hennekam (sA&nT) deserved the at the workshops with Camp Quality Through participation in these consists of five current CanTeen mAC took this on as part of our goals for 2009. ideas for award this year and gave a teary acceptance speech. collecting as much information as we key roles, CanTeen members also member directors and four the guide were streamed from division committees and the could to relay back to the division develop deep leadership skills and ‘Associate directors’ – volunteers mAC. The mAC has been consulting with staff throughout in recent times the mAC and member directors have Committees. Two mAC members, experience for the future. CanTeen who bring relevant expertise to the the process on how it should look and feel. expect the identified the need for development and skills in the areas kylie and Jason, represented the conducts leadership training and Board. our Constitution requires finished product to be available this year! of national/vice president and Board member roles. members on the Cross pollination development for members in these that our president and vice- leading up to elections, there is now an annual training sub committee, while Juli and Chris roles. The MAC has identified that it is important to be visible workshop held by CanTeen for our leaders. it is used to president are CanTeen members, throughout our membership and to keep our members represented the members on the we support young people living and that all votes of the Board further develop division presidents and for them to gain a steering Committee of the proposed informed on what we are doing better understanding of what is expected from their roles with cancer through geographical include a majority of member merger. it just wouldn’t be CanTeen if divisions throughout Australia; votes. CanTeen’s membership elect and sessions. there wasn’t member representation every two years the members in Associate directors at the Annual in 2009, the mAC is happy to announce that divisional at all levels. general meeting who serve two- each division elect members and vice presidents will also be invited to this year’s workshop. Friends (volunteer supporters) to year terms on a rolling cycle. Chris Bond (ACT&snsw) last year the mAC sent out a survey to division Committees about how they thought we could improve our role amongst Meet Melissa and Michelle, Offspring Members 8 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 9
  5. 5. 1 CORPORATE GOvERNANCE STRUCTURES tHe bOard Member Directors Eligible Attended Juli Anderson (President from August 08) 11 11 in 2008/09 The BoARd ConTinued To FoCus on The sTRATegiC oppoRTuniTies FACing CAnTeen – PreSIdeNT & memBer dIreCTOr Joshua Hogan (President till August 08) 4 4 ReseARCh, developmenT oF FuTuRe seRviCes And AdvoCACy – while ConTinuing To moniToR Amanda Bycroft (Vice President from August 08) 11 9 oRgAnisATion peRFoRmAnCe And Risks. The BoARd Also ConsideRed The meRiTs And Risks Marisa Burgess (Vice President till August 08) 4 4 AssoCiATed wiTh A pRoposed volunTARy meRgeR wiTh CAmp QuAliTy. Chris Bond (appointed August 08) 7 7 Kevin Prokop (appointed August 08)) 7 7 Joson Garrick (appointed August 08) 7 7 reSeArCh and areas of risk specific to that field. Oliver Brown (term ended August 08) 4 4 Building on research conducted in the prior year, the Board • The finance, Governance and risk Sub-Committee this year approved CanTeen’s newly developed statement comprises geoff scott (chair), kevin prokop and Jason Garrick, and takes responsibility for financial processes Associate Directors Eligible Attended of outcomes for young people living with cancer. This framework (see page 14) will be the basis for development and procedures as well as reviewing CanTeen’s finances. In addition to finance-related risks, the sub-committee Geoff Scott (Treasurer/Secretary) 11 10 of evaluation frameworks in the coming year and will guide takes responsibility for risks not explicitly covered by Juli Anderson Graham Childs 11 9 the development of future services and advocacy initiatives. the other committees. hunter & northern mAC, president Anne Senner 11 10 Geoff Thompson 11 9 AdvOCACy • The People and Performance Sub-Committee comprises sibling member 2007/08 saw the development of the national service graham Childs (chair), Juli Anderson, Amanda Bycroft and Jason garrick. The committee takes responsibility for memBer dIreCTOrS delivery Framework in conjunction with Cancer Australia, and the Federal government’s commitment of $15m policies and risks relating to staff and volunteers, staff towards AyA Cancer Centres. in 2008/09 the Board remuneration and other rewards. continued to focus on this issue, overseeing the development • The ethics and young People Sub-Committee comprises of detailed plans for implementation of AyA cancer Anne senner (chair), Amanda Bycroft and Chris Bond, services in negotiation with states and Territories. and takes responsibility for management and mitigation of risks relating to members, from overseeing of member PrOPOSed merGer wITh CAmP QuALITy safety on programs, to ethics of member participation in research and other CanTeen activities. The Board evaluated at a high level the potential that a merger with Camp Quality might allow the organisation to wOrKING PArTIeS deliver even greater impact for young people living with cancer in Australia. in late February 2009, the CanTeen in addition to the three permanent sub-committees, the Amanda Bycroft Chris Bond Jason garrick kevin prokop Board resolved that this question should be examined in Board has currently established two working parties sA&nT mAC, vice president ACT & southern nsw mAC Qld mAC sydney & Central mAC consultation with the membership during calendar year around priority development issues. Bereaved offspring member patient member Bereaved offspring member Bereaved offspring member 2009 and announcements to this effect were made in April. • The Advocacy Sub-Committee comprises Ceo Andrew young (chair), Board members Anne senner, Juli ASSOCIATe dIreCTOrS rISK mANAGemeNT ANd BOArd Anderson, Amanda Bycroft and kevin prokop, as well SuB-COmmITTeeS as other members, staff and volunteers. The Advocacy CanTeen’s risk management framework incorporates Committee has two roles: overseeing CanTeen’s ongoing reviews of risks in three priority categories: participation in advocating for Adolescent and young ethics & young people; Finance, governance & Risk; Adult Cancer Centres in Australia and overseeing the and people & performance. permanent sub-Committees development of CanTeen’s organisational competency in of the Board oversee risks in each area, making advocacy generally. recommendations to the Board. • The Partnerships and Profile Sub-Committee comprises geoff Thompson (chair), Chris Bond and kevin prokop, each sub-Committee includes CanTeen member directors as well as other members, staff and volunteers. it is and Associate Directors with expertise in the field, plus the charged with making recommendations to the Board in graham Childs Anne senner geoff Thompson geoff scott Ceo or other senior manager/s responsible for the day-to- priority areas of fundraising through major partnerships managment Consultant Clinical nurse Consultant – Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant day management of these areas. each committee spends and raising the organisation’s profile. paediatrics, Bone marrow time outside of Board meetings to consider reports, policies Transplants and oncology 10 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 11
  6. 6. 1 NATIONAL REPORT natiOnal OutCOmes This yeAR we AgAin hAd ThRee FAnTAsTiC nATionAl pRogRAms – nATionAl CAmp, nATionAl leAdeRship members has overseen the project and provided valuable that has And CommiTTee TRAining And nATionAl Teenlink TRAining. FoR The FiRsT Time in Close To A deCAde feedback on every aspect of the website. been Camp Activities nATionAl CAmp wenT wesT! seT AT An old QuARAnTine sTATion neAR FReemAnTle, The CAmp wAs made up ATTended By neARly 100 memBeRs who enJoyed siX dAys oF A ‘sTep BACk in Time 09’ Theme-pACked first NT staff member coming soon! until now and are looking forward to being able to wA AdvenTuRe. The highlighT wAs undouBTedly A dAy TRip To RoTTnesT islAnd in A CAnTeen one of the most exciting developments for this year is the report on the implementation of new and improved services BRAnded BoAT, ThAnks To The TeRRiFiC suppoRT oF ouR pARTneRs RoTTnesT eXpRess. planned opening for mid 2009 of our first ever Northern for young people with cancer over the next year. Territory office. Over the last year we have really been PrOGrAmS the amazing Teenlinkers is really showing in the new faces reSeArCh heightening our efforts in the Territory to try and increase appearing at camps and events. The national leadership and Committee Training took on a our profile and provide a greater level of service to our The development of our Statement of Outcomes and whole new life this year with a harry potter style ‘CanTeen Now What...? resource for Siblings members there. The result of this hard work and some evaluation and the Chamber of leadership secrets’. members were terrific community support (including a $40k donation Following on from our needs research, this year saw the welcomed to ‘hogwarts’ in the Blue mountains where they last year we launched a free resource (and a supporting by the darwin international Airport) has resulted in the website) for young people whose parents had been development of our Statement of Outcomes that CanTeen worked hard to learn new skills, share insights and set appointment of a dedicated program worker who will be seeks to facilitate for all young people living with cancer. goals for the year ahead. A similarly dedicated group diagnosed with cancer. We used our research findings based out of darwin. watch out nT here we come!! and member input to guide what areas this group wanted (see next page). This is a significant step forward for of members attended Teenlink training in may, and also the organisation as it allows for the clear guidance of worked hard at developing new skills. These ‘Teenlinkers’ more information about. Called Now What...? it was so AdvOCACy successful, that we had to reprint! This year we followed our program and service delivery, informs our research will now (as part of their role) meet potential new our quest for specialised adolescent and young adult agenda and also allows for clear communication with members and ensure they do not feel so isolated. A big the same process and published a version for siblings cancer services continues to move forward. At the end of the stakeholders about what we are seeking to achieve as an part of the skills Teenlinkers learn is how to connect and offering practical information, ideas and tips. it has the financial year, we were nearing completion of the National organisation. provide support to young people who are just beginning same look and feel, and early indications are that it implementation plan which would form the basis of a Funding their cancer journey. They do amazing work. will be just as successful. we have had really positive Based on the outcomes Framework, this year also saw the Agreement with the Federal department of health and feedback from health professionals about how relieved first steps in developing a comprehensive framework and Ageing for the release of the $15m funding committed by the they feel to have a credible and ‘young toolkit for evaluating our programs and services. we have Commonwealth. The plan set out our proposed management person friendly’ resource to refer to. work completed a scoping study and consultation exercise that structure to oversee the funding and to execute agreements has now begun on the next book in the outlines recommendations for appropriate approaches and under the new AyA Fund. The Agreeement with the series to support young people who are successful design, implementation and usage of monitoring Commonwealth will be in place by 30 June 2009. bereaved. and evaluation within CanTeen. our newly established we had received initial proposals from the evaluation working party will continue this work over the developing a new online space state jurisdictions about how they might use coming year. despite the great new member their part of the $15m and had initiated numbers, we are aware that discussions about potential national there are still many more projects (from websites to young people out there going professional development through a cancer experience, for AyA health professionals without the benefit of to a needs assessment tool). information and support. This These will be developed in National knowledge has been the driver detail and approved once Leadership in CanTeen’s efforts this year the Agreement is in place. Camp, 2009 to build a new safe online space our continued thanks record New member Numbers where young people can not only go to the many health we have continued to build on the successes of recent find the information and support they professionals, department years and set another record in the number of young need, but also create a community that is not limited officers, CanTeen people joining up to become members of CanTeen. it is by geography. The content will be generated by the members, staff and great to see that all the hard work in refining referral young people themselves. due to be launched in late volunteers who have processes, communicating with health professionals 2009, the website will be the result of an extensive provided their support (including through our new e-newsletter CANnection), and consultation process with not just our own members, but for this cause. we are the time and energy put in by our dedicated staff and also the broader community. A steering committee of our delighted with the progress National Summer Camp, 2009 12 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 13
  7. 7. 1 NATIONAL REPORT natiOnal OutCOmes CONTINued working Towards more Individualised Service Provision – development of Needs measures Following on from our research into understanding the needs of each of our member groups we are developing a self-report needs measure for young people who have PSyChOLOGICAL a parent with cancer and another for young people who weLLBeING have a sibling with cancer. These measures will greatly All yplwC experience assist the initial assessment process when young people eduCATION & optimal psychological join CanTeen, allowing for more accurate, individualised wOrK service provision. The needs measures will also be used for heALThCAre wellbeing All yplwC successfully ongoing monitoring of our young people to ensure we are PrOvISION navigate their meeting their needs and to evaluate our effectiveness at All yplwC are doing this over time. education and work empowered through paths Through this research we are also interested in finding age-appropriate out what other factors might affect young people’s needs, communication and such as family and psychological functioning. we hope to increase understanding among health care professionals information about cancer and service providers of the issues faced by young people and treatments. young who have a parent or sibling with cancer. This project is people with cancer reSPITe & a collaboration between the university of sydney and experience optimal CanTeen, with the offspring needs measure research being medical outcomes experience optimal wellbeing and reCreATION supported through a grant by beyondblue. resilience throughout their cancer journey All YPLWC benefit from Involvement with Cancer Australia time-out to enjoy being and Contribution to research a young person in partnership with beyondblue and the starlight Children’s Foundation, CanTeen is co-funding a research priority through Cancer Australia’s priority-driven Collaborative dAILy LIvING Cancer Research scheme (pdCCRs) on the issue addressing All yplwC effectively cope with PerSONAL reLATIONShIPS the unmet psychosocial needs and psychological distress the practicalities of daily living All YPLWC benefit from effective of young people living with cancer and their parents. personal relationships This exciting partnership was the result of a workshop initiated by CanTeen, bringing together other non-profit organizations to discuss the possibility of co-funding AyA cancer research through the pdCCRs. with the support of Cancer Australia, this gathering has now been established as a yearly AyA cancer research roundtable meeting C TO AChIeve ThIS. running adjacent to the Cancer Australia round table CANTeeN’S mISSION IS TO SuPPOrT, deveLOP ANd emPOwer yPLw meeting. we have continued to contribute to the knowledge of others in the research and health sectors about the needs of young people living with cancer. Approximately 13 national and international conference presentations have taken place including the hosting of a symposium at the 8th The high-level model shown above summarises six outcomes “domains” including an overall statement of the outcome for international Conference on grief and Bereavement. each domain. The next level of detail articulates 29 individual outcomes in these six domains – you can see the detailed version on our website (look for the research section under “About us” or by contacting CanTeen). 14 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 15
  8. 8. 1 DIvISION REPORTS diVisiOn OutCOmes CAnTeen suppoRTs young people ThRoughouT AusTRAliA FRom eighT divisions, wiTh ABouT 40 a few of the many standouts which included: western we offered members a record number of places for sTAFF in ToTAl. eACh division woRks wiTh The memBeRship oF CAnTeen in TheiR Region. newcastle suburbs leagues Club; masonic lodge; Rotary programs and even with the member growth, which has CAnTeen’s divisions ARe ResponsiBle FoR developing And mAnAging The wide ARRAy oF pRogRAms Club newcastle; Bub orlandi & Tony Carrol memorial surf doubled, we still filled every place. And ACTiviTies FoR memBeRs, whilsT Also pRomoTing CAnTeen wiThin The loCAl CommuniTy. divi- Contest; seaside Tennis Classic and stan Bendall’s Charity 2008 saw some Program firsts in QLD. Gender Specific sions Also pARTiCipATe in nATionAl FundRAising evenTs, suCh As nATionAl BAndAnnA dAy, Along golf day. Thanks also to the ongoing corporate support of Camps, our first Division Camp in far North QLD and wiTh loCAl FundRAiseRs, inCluding Fun Runs And golF dAys. eraring energy, united mineworkers Federation and The a north Qld members only Camp. All were hugely heRe is A BRieF highlighT FRom eACh oF ouR divisions: good guys. successful with the north Qld programs providing greater Finally, a big thank you to all of the individuals and access for our many regional members who often have to ACT & SOuTherN NSw 2008/09 was once organisations fly hours to attend Camps in South QLD. again another that 2008/09 provided the ACT & southern nsw division with ‘sunday Arvo Chill out’ sessions were also new to important chapter in supported a huge array of specialised member programs, recreation the division, making use of the fantastic new Brisbane the ACT & southern hunter & events, and fundraising opportunities and of course, members room. This relaxed program has a focus on nsw division. we northern national Bandanna day. This certainly kept members, providing the opportunity for members to socialise all look forward to nsw division staff, volunteers and those in the community who support us without the formal structure of a program, but still with an exciting year throughout very, very busy. the subtle support of staff and volunteers. These ‘sessions’ ahead, where we will the year. This member programs for this year’s calendar took into continue to strive to are popular and a non-threatening first program for success would account the needs of CanTeen’s young people and ensured meet the needs of new members in particular. in 2008/09 Qld division not have that they were always at the centre of our planning. with CanTeen’s members membership grew to123. been possible this in mind, we were able to offer a greater variety of and constantly look at without you we would like to thank some individuals for their incredible specialised programs such as our Gender Specific Program how we can do things and we look contribution in 2008/09 and include: Chris and gary for girls, ‘girl power’, over 18 Recreation events and better, therefore forward to wheelan-doyle, who donated $20k for the refurbishment healthy living program, just to name a few. once again, improving services working with of the new members room; southern Cross Transit who CanTeen staff worked enthusiastically throughout the year for young people you again provide all transport to and from Camps free of charge in and were rewarded with living with cancer. in the year the big CanTeen Bus; mcConnell – dowell for a wonderful an increase in member ahead. surprise donation of $50k the Qld division golf day numbers on programs and huNTer & Committee; peter hilan from RACQ; The Tabol of membership, welcoming 71 NOrTherN National Summer Camp, 2009 nolidge; The mustang Club; The Townsville good young people to the ACT NSw guys and of course our fantastic volunteers. & southern nsw division. programs and events had 2008/09 has seen hunter & northern nsw division enjoy SA&NT an exciting fresh energy another year of solid growth. our membership increased with those new to CanTeen by 60 with 117 members attending at least one program. The past year has been a period of innovation and those experienced, The action packed calendar saw h&n division hold eight and growth for the sA&nT division. in true enjoying the benefits of overnight programs, including two combined good grief CanTeen style, the division has maintained a peer support, sharing their and healthy living programs, two new member Camps, crowded program calendar, offering 12 camps, stories and experiences. a good grief Bereaved program, Committee Training and a significant 25 Recreation Days – half of and both winter and spring Camps. Combined with four which were tailored programs such as over 18’s, we would like to thank our new members and regional based activities. national programs, h&n division members were offered generous volunteers who These specific programs were planned in more than 345 program places. offer their time, skills and Peer Suppor collaboration with the key membership groups, t expertise to assist CanTeen It was also a successful year financially with strong support in action enabling the division to reach 118 Active in providing fantastic for national Bandanna day, particularly in regional members. with a strong focus on developing workshops and support, areas, including Armidale, Coffs harbour, Tamworth, port strong referral pathways, delivering high quality and are a valuable part of macquarie, Cessnock, greenhills and gosford. hunter & QueeNSLANd programs and offering meaningful members involvement, ensuring we are able to Northern NSW Division also benefited from the support of the past year has been a great success for our division, 2008/09 was a big year in Qld, and as in all things, run successful programs some amazing individuals and organisations. Just to name with a lot of hard work paying dividend. we experienced some triumphs and some challenges. for our young people. National Summer Camp, 2009 16 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 17
  9. 9. 1 DIvISION REPORTS diVisiOn OutCOmes CONTINued with so many program highlights and memories to choose A special mention must also go to all of our wonderful TASmANIA needs. victoria from, some exceptional moments include: taking a charter volunteers, who generously donate their time, energy and and Tasmania plane full of members to melbourne for a Crows mystery skills. Thank you!!! The Tasmania division enjoyed another fantastic year divisions Flight adventure of a lifetime; facilitating two very successful defined by Membership growth and strong Member continued to work tailor-made gender specific programs; and lastly, running SydNey & CeNTrAL NSw participation. in partnership our leadership Camp, ‘Canlead’, which included substantial The 2008/09 year was yet again successful for the sydney during 2008/09 our programs offered opportunities for to deliver joint member facilitation and involvement. & Central nsw division. The division had 103 new members 253 members from across the state, with 70 members programs to join and had 100 active members within the division. attending at least one program during the year. we have the membership Over the past six months, significant developments have also welcomed an additional 25 new members, with 92% and increased taken place to improve the services we offer young people The division delivered 10 Recreation days and nine overnight attending at least one program since joining CanTeen. opportunity for living with cancer in the northern Territory (nT). darwin Camps, and participated in three national programs during peer support. Airport committed to funding CanTeen’s first ever NT the year. This included the introduction of new The division delivered a winter ski Camp at Thredbo, 177 members based staff position, lasting for a period of 12 months. The programs and trialing a Category and hosted a shared male Camp and summer Camp with attended at least Programs Officer position will begin in August 2009 with program in the division. All the victorian division in Tasmania. Tasmanian members one program a focus on facilitating Territory based support programs, members attended also had the opportunity to participate in the following within the year, whilst increasing public awareness the one program, programs hosted by the victorian division: good grief with 88 members of CanTeen’s services, and in but were split Retreat; girls Camp; over 18 Camp; and ‘leaders Take attending more than turn, maximising the number into their category Action’ Camp. two programs. The of young people CanTeen groups with each group Tasmanian members also participated in national Camp, overall membership is able to support. participating in recreational Teen link Training, national Committee Training and the attended 406 times without the amazing activities and specific educational Agm and Fundraising dinner. on various programs. support and generosity of sessions to meet their needs. we also worked in conjunction with the ACT eight Recreation days were also enjoyed by our members, overnight programs local businesses and individuals, & Southern NSW Division and held our first which included a variety of activities such as horse riding, included: good grief; National Summer Camp, 2009 we could not continue to offer ever Good Grief Program specifically for four wheel driving, laser games, ten pin bowling and a ‘leaders Take Action’ such a wide range of programs Bereaved members. it was a great success, Christmas party. Five new member dinners and Café Camp; over 18 Camp in Anglesea; winter Camp; gender and services to our members. our with members responding positively to Crawls were also enjoyed by Tas members. Specific Camps for both male and females; Summer Camp largest division based fundraiser, the program. we also continued themed ‘The place to Be’ in northern Tasmania with 95 the City~Bay Fun Run, continued to in July, we also welcomed the new staff position of part to deliver our Gender Specific young people attending; national Camp in wA; Teenlink be a success, raising over $56k from time Recreation Officer to the Division. The introduction programs, healthy living, training in sydney; national Committee training and more than 600 participants. Thank of this position has contributed markedly to our overall winter Camp, summer Fundraising dinner in sydney. you to our major event sponsors, growth and success as a division. Brooks, sAFm, subway, nAB and Camp and new member other popular days are: grand prix experience; new Camps along with all of The past year has also seen increased community support 5 star digital. members days; over 18 events; AFl medallion Club seats our Recreation days. for the Tasmania division, with a greater number of Thanks also to our division sponsors: independent fundraisers, improved national Bandanna to all etihad stadium games (entire season); air shows; ernst & young and orange education it was another successful year for the division in day sales and awareness, and growing volunteer numbers Bowl-A-Rama; and many more exciting activities. for their wonderful on-going support, as regard to fundraising, and our thanks go to The obtained during 2008/09. CanTeen Tasmania would victoria would like to say thanks for all the support from well as national Jet, Corvette Club of sA, good guys, sydney water, and merck, sharp like to thank all the schools, clubs, businesses and every our community, businesses, individuals, clubs, schools and Blackwood golf Club and lions Club of and dohme for their efforts during the year. A big individual who has provided their time and support to volunteers. Also, thank you to daimler Chrysler Fs, who port lincoln for their valuable contributions. thanks to all of the individuals and companies that CanTeen Tasmania – our continued success would not be provided CanTeen members with a charity box AFl special thanks to Australian executor also supported the division during the year; it is possible without all of you. medallion Club membership for a three year period at Trustees for their ongoing much appreciated. we are looking forward to a cost of $150k. A special thank you to Ron and helen generous support. working with all of our members, staff, volunteers vICTOrIA Cuthburt, CanTeen victoria Ambassadors, for another and supporters in the it has been a strong year for growth in membership successful eildon Boat Club auction raising $40k. Meet Anna, 13 upcoming year. and specialist programs in the victoria division. 104 A special thanks to John shore, CanTeen Ambassador, yrs old. Her new members joined the division and enjoyed an action for his generous support of CanTeen at many events. mum has cancer packed calendar of programs to meet our membership 18 – CanTeen Annual Report 2009 CanTeen Annual Report 2009 – 19