Anvita Intro Of Sites Jan2001


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Anvita Intro Of Sites Jan2001

  1. 1. These are the two websites created under the Resource Centre Project headed by Professor T.V. Prabhakar Architected by Anvita Bajpai Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions, Department of Computer Science & Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  2. 2. The Comprehensive Resource Site for the Bhagavadgita The Bhagavadgita, or the Song of the Lord, is a dialogue between a teacher and the disciple. This dialogue occurs in the epic work, the Mahabharata. The Bhagavadgita is composed of 701 shlokas (verses) arranged in 18 chapters. It is one of the best-known philosophical texts of India, and is said to contain the essence of the knowledge of the ancient seers.
  3. 3. BASIC OBJECTIVES OF THIS PROJECT • To Create Indian Language Content for the Internet • To Develop Tools and Technologies to put up such Content
  4. 4. OTHER OBJECTIVES • Help preserve at least part of the philosophical texts of Indian Heritage in an electronic medium • Make such texts freely available • Explore ways in which technology can change the manner in which such texts are viewed and studied
  5. 5. Help preserve the philosophical texts of Indian Heritage in an electronic medium People who are not computer scientists basically use the computer 1. As a word processor 2. To preserve their texts/data This is the most primary use of the technology for the uninitiated
  6. 6. Make such texts freely available The Internet and the World Wide Web are revolutionary in that so much information is freely available to the user Indian Philosophical texts fit in well with the concept of giving information/knowledge away for ‘free’ – ancient seers remained anonymous and students were not charged tuition fees
  7. 7. Changing the ways in which texts are studied Using a different medium to ‘publish’ texts does not merely replace one medium with another The dynamism of the way the texts are studied changes In the Gita Supersite, simple examples are opening of multiple windows to read multiple texts simultaneously 2-Book View
  8. 8. Changing the ways in which texts are studied Indian philosophy is a network of concepts that are explained from diverse points of view in different texts One of our plans is to build a Topic Map of these major concepts This will enable users to navigate through the Gita Supersite as well as the other Heritage websites that are on the anvil
  9. 9. Bimari-Jankari is the first website in Hindi that gives information on diseases, dental health, personal hygiene, exercise, nutrition related issues, medicine and Indian law, medical insurance, philosophy of treatment. It also has special sections on First Aid, Emergency treatment, medicines and diagnostic methods
  10. 10. Bimari-Jankari – the Hindi website on medicine & health An experiment in a very different aspect of building Indian Language Websites This website is different because: 1. The user-base is non-specialist, diverse and very large 2. The content is simple but image intensive 3. The nature of interactivity can be primarily user- specific, not content-specific 4. It answers a practical need of our people – medical information & education for lay persons