THe VDS scary story


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THe VDS scary story

  1. 1. Hey! I’m so glad you’re here I need your help, my poor dog is lost in the V.D.S Club…..
  2. 2. I was banned from there so I need your help to get him out… Don’t worry the members will help you out.. At least I think they will……
  3. 3. This is what my dog, Johnny Depp, looks like..
  4. 4. Good Luck and please find my dog!! Johnny!
  5. 6. Who disturbs me when I’m choosing fabric!
  6. 7. A dog? Hmm I did see something move pass me into the kitchen… maybe that was it…. or a rat
  7. 8. Your welcome to roam around… but I wouldn't if I were you HAHAHAHHAHA
  8. 9. Oh… hello…. I hope you will be staying for dinner…. I’m Kara30 ,what’s your business here anyway?
  9. 10. Puppy? No I don’t believe were having puppy stew tonight…. I did see a strange thing in a pirate costume runaway from me…...
  10. 11. I think it went that way… ask Kiara36 she's in her office
  11. 12. Im Kiara36, why do you want to know?
  12. 13. Yea I've seen it… now run along…
  13. 14. What no luck?
  14. 15. It sounded like it came from upstairs Woof…. Woof….
  15. 16. You go up the dark staircase
  16. 17. You go take a closer look through the window
  17. 20. That’s not what you wanted to see You go back downstairs
  18. 21. Can you try this on for me kiara36? No, not my style…. Aww come on I made it in red ……… .
  19. 22. You go down the dark staircase
  20. 23. Who goes there? A four legged creature is not allowed here….. Right Wooshy? Huh what you say xL.a.m.b.x? oh Right…..
  21. 24. No, there is no dog here…. Uh-oh
  22. 25. Heh.. Oh you see about this….. Leave it to me xL.a.m.b.x
  23. 26. …………… .
  24. 27. …………… .
  25. 29. What happened? Really? They’re hiding the dog? Hmm with Wooshy’s disappearing act, it will be hard to catch them I know who you can ask to help you, Angelic Beauty, Wooshy owes her a hug, you can probably get her to make a trap for them…. Go to dungeon
  26. 32. Yes? Oh.. Wooshy hmmm I have the perfect plan First we go to Kara30
  27. 34. Hey Kara30 we were wondering if you want to help us with something I have some Lizards and Toads
  28. 35. Okay here the plan……..