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Courses to teach specific method or income stream for making money online
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Courses to teach specific method or income stream for making money online


Download @ Instant Access To The Entire Google Sniper 2.0 System + Limited Time FREE Trial to the Sniper X Advanced Cash Series (Limited Spots Available!) …

Download @ Instant Access To The Entire Google Sniper 2.0 System + Limited Time FREE Trial to the Sniper X Advanced Cash Series (Limited Spots Available!)
Google Sniper 2.0 The Complete System + Sniper X BONUS
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  • 1. Assassination Discount - Is $2000 Too Much to Pay For an Internet Marketing CourseIf youve been involved in Internet Marketing for a few years, youve probably seen the launch ofhundreds of new programs and software geared towards making money online. These programsare generally divided into 2 categories:• Courses to teach you a specific method or income stream for making money online• Software that enhances or automates some of the common daily processes you do in internetmarketing, like keyword research, submitting articles, or building backlinksSome of these programs are free and very useful, like Googles External Keyword Tool or theWordpress blog creation platform. Some provide some automation for one specific process, likesubmitting to RSS feeds, with an appropriately small price tag, like $29 - $99.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***Then theres the Big Boys:• The software programs that package many important functions together in one suite, and chargea hefty monthly continuity "rent," such as SENuke, for $127 per month (over $1500 per year,) and• The online money making courses that can carry a steep purchase price.Lately, you may have noticed a trend towards higher & higher prices. Whereas not too long ago youcould nab a well-rounded course in affiliate marketing, like Commission Blueprint or GeorgeBrowns Google Sniper for around $100-$250, many current courses and done-for-you businesssolutions are running $500 - $1000 bucks. In the first six months of 2010, at least once each month,a new "all-in-one" system was launched at the $1997 price point, a frighteningly frequent figurethese days. One current example is The Assassination Product Launch CourseNewcomers to internet marketing look at this and gasp, "Who can afford that? Only the people whodont need it, because theyre already making steady income online. But for us newcomers, theones who have little or no website knowledge and no internet income, the ones who really need thistraining, it prices us completely out of the market."I understand this feeling. I too have balked at some of the steep price points for programs I reallywanted to try out, but could not afford. Further ingratiating is finding out that many of those pricescould be cut by half if the course creator wasnt offering lofty $500 - $1000 commissions to theiraffiliates.Wanting the course launchers to be more reasonable in their prices is a fair-enough request. Butthis kind of thinking can also be limiting.Sure, some of them are charging these high fees just to make a killing online, but many are settingsuch a high price to winnow out the tire-kickers and whiners. Theyve had past experience withbeing spread too thin supporting a bunch of IM wannabees who expect to pay a small price, donext to nothing, and get rich quick online. They only want to work with people who are serious andwilling to work their method HARD, every day, to achieve success. And they figure the high pricewill scare off those less serious about actually doing the necessary work.But more important than their attitude is your attitude. Sure, you must do your due diligence toinvestigate both the course creators and the course itself. Great, honest ratings & reviews for mostinternet marketing courses can be found on the esteemed Warrior Forum. Membership is free.Beyond that, your own perspective may need a tune-up. Think about it:How much should a course should cost, that can potentially provide you with a fine living for therest of your life? How much would it cost you, right now, in education costs, rent, inventory and
  • 2. promotion, to start any other business - a clothing shop, a plumbing service, a restaurant?Anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000. And while many are quick to point out that theres noguarantee of success with any of these internet marketing businesses, theres no guarantee yourrestaurant, shop or service business will succeed either, and youll lose a lot more money if theyfail.Using The Assassination Course as an example, internet millionaire Greg Jacobs has promised toshow you exactly how he made his millions, included ALL the tools, training and support youllneed to accomplish it (including tools he himself did not have at his disposal when he launched hisproducts,) and backed it all up with a full refund guarantee.If youre thinking of buying this course and skimming through it, or not really applying yourself tothe hard-work tasks before you, by all means, do not buy it!But if you are ready to totally absorb everything in the course and work hard to accomplish yourgoals, you are investing in yourself, and in a business that could potentially provide you with a verycomfortable lifestyle.Is $2000 too much to pay for a program that can provide you with many times that, many thousandsof dollars every month? Compared to so many other business opportunities, its a small, fractionalprice to pay.Read, research and become informed about whether any of these programs is right for you. Butdont jump to conclusions based on sticker-shock alone. If a course matches up well with yourdesired business model and you income goals, even twice $2000 will seem like a modestinvestment when you and your family look back on it in the coming bountiful years.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***