Kolab Groupware Overview
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Kolab Groupware Overview



A tour de force through the Kolab Groupware Solution and its multiple components and options. Gives a good overview over what is Kolab and what to expect from it.

A tour de force through the Kolab Groupware Solution and its multiple components and options. Gives a good overview over what is Kolab and what to expect from it.



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Kolab Groupware Overview Kolab Groupware Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Kolab Georg GreveWho we areMeCompanyEcosystemOur businessSolutionOverviewConceptSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditionsResources Kolab Groupware Solution Georg Greve 14 July 2011
  • Who we are Me Kolab Georg C. F. Greve Georg GreveWho we are I CEO of Kolab SystemsMeCompanyEcosystem I Founder and Former President ofOur business Free Software Foundation EuropeSolutionOverview I Technology StrategistConceptSecurity ConceptServer I Private Sector DiplomatClientsEditions I Software DeveloperResources I Author I Physicist http://www.linkedin.com/in/GeorgGreve
  • Who we are My Company Kolab Georg Greve Kolab Systems AGWho we are I Established 2010 in Zürich, SwitzerlandMeCompanyEcosystem I Currently 10 staOur business I 4-6 developers at development partnersSolutionOverviewConcept I Committed Free Software enterpriseSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditions Our Company GroupResources I KDAB, established 1999 I Intevation GmbH, established 1999 I Around 110 sta in total
  • Who we are Our ecosystem Kolab Active participants in various communities Georg Greve I KDEWho we are I FedoraMeCompanyEcosystem I Cyrus IMAPOur businessSolution I RoundcubeOverviewConcept I Horde ...and many othersSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditions 16 Partners in Europe & United StatesResources Nearest partners: I SyGroup GmbH, Basel, Switzerland I FDS Consulting, Zürich, Switzerland I tbits, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Who we are Our business Kolab Georg GreveWho we areMeCompanyEcosystemOur businessSolutionOverviewConceptSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditionsResources
  • Who we are Our business: for and through our partners Kolab Services Georg Greve I Targeted integration & developmentWho we are I Packaging & Quality AssuranceMeCompany I Training & CerticationEcosystemOur businessSolution SupportOverviewConceptSecurity Concept I 2nd & 3rd Level SupportServerClients I Guaranteed Response Times and AvailabilitiesEditionsResources Consulting (large clients and partners, 25000 users and more) I High Availability, including Site Reliability I Large Deployment Planning & Integration
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Kolab Personal Information Management (PIM) Georg Greve Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks  Single or SharedWho we areMeCompany Kolab Groupware SolutionEcosystemOur business I ServerSolutionOverview I Various ClientsConceptSecurity Concept I Tools & ScriptsServerClientsEditionsResources Award-Winning Design I Super-modular & integration friendly I Securiy & Privacy I Federated I Extremely scalable
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Concept Kolab Kolab is a multi client, multi server concept. Georg Greve IMAPs the databaseWho we areMe I Everything is an emailCompanyEcosystemOur business I Every email is a leSolution I Disconnected IMAP == full oine capabilityOverviewConceptSecurity Concept I Easy to synchronizeServerClients I Easy to backup & restore(!)EditionsResources I Easy to scale I Robust, reliable, fault-tolerant Everythings a client I Server side clients & device clients
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Security Concept Kolab Georg Greve Big Aint Beautiful I Dont believe in all-powerful serverWho we areMeCompany I Modular architecture based on SASLEcosystemOur business I Use well-tested standard componentsSolution I No user process as superuser for layered defenseOverviewConceptSecurity Concept I Three-tiers of access control: le system,ServerClients application, clientEditionsResources Technical Aspects I OpenPGP & S/MIME encryption/signatures I SSL secured transport I Sender verication
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Server Components Kolab Standard Components Georg Greve I Postx MTAWho we are I Cyrus IMAPDMeCompanyEcosystem I OpenLDAPOur business I Amavisd-newSolutionOverviewConcept I ClamAVSecurity ConceptServer I SpamAssassinClientsEditions I Sieve mail lterResources I Apache HTTPD I Horde Webclient I Z-Push ActiveSync Server I Web admin interface
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Other Server Components Kolab Alternative Components Georg Greve I Dovecot with metadata pluginWho we are I LighttpdMeCompany I CaudiumEcosystemOur business I 389 Directory ServerSolutionOverview I Sun Directory ServerConceptSecurity ConceptServer I Netscape Directory ServerClientsEditions I Novell eDirectory ...Resources Optional/Future Components I Roundcube Web Interface I Funambol Server I Caldav ?
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Clients Kolab Five Platforms. One Groupware. Georg GreveWho we are Certied Kolab Client 3.5 & 5MeCompany I Based on KDE KontactEcosystemOur business I With full business supportSolutionOverview I Certied Kolab Client 3.5ConceptSecurity Concept I Highly stable and productiveServerClients I GNU/Linux, adapted to modern desktopsEditionsResources I Certied Kolab Client 5 I 5 platforms: GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Maemo/Meego, Windows Mobile I Form factor touchscreen I Currently available for larger customers
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Other Clients Kolab Microsoft Outlook Georg Greve I Supported via three connectors:Who we are c Bynari Insight , Toltec, KonsekMeCompanyEcosystem I Microsoft-specic power features dicult!Our business cSolution http://files.kolabsys.com/Public/Certification/201010-BynariInsight.pdfOverviewConceptSecurity ConceptServer Other ClientsClientsEditions I Mozilla with SyncKolab PluginResources I Evolution with Evolution-Kolab EDS Connector I Via ActiveSync: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 6.5, Maemo/Meego, Symbian, BlackBerry (with plugin), Palm (untested)
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Community Edition Kolab Community Edition Georg Greve I Released as isWho we are I No warrantiesMeCompanyEcosystem I Only self-support & community mailing listsOur businessSolution I May contain new or experimental featuresOverviewConcept I Publicly released by Kolab Systems forSecurity ConceptServer I OpenPKG (to be deprecated)Clients IEditions Work in progress:Resources I Tarballs I CentOS I Debian I Ubuntu I http://files.kolab.org/
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Certied Kolab Kolab Certied Kolab Georg Greve I Fully Free Software  and proudly so!Who we are (No Open Core neo-proprietary baitshware)MeCompany I Only enterprise ready featuresEcosystemOur business I Additional quality assuranceSolutionOverviewConcept I Adjustable levels of supportSecurity ConceptServer I Access to Kolab Systems support infrastructureClientsEditions I Available to customers forResources I Red Hat Enterprise Linux I CentOS I Univention Corporate Server I Debian I Ubuntu
  • Kolab Groupware Solution Resources Kolab Community Resources Georg Greve I http://kolab.org I http://wiki.kolab.orgWho we areMeCompanyEcosystem Enterprise ResourcesOur businessSolution I http://kolabsys.comOverviewConcept I http://files.kolabsys.com/Public/Security ConceptServerClientsEditions ContactResources I Georg Greve: greve@kolabsys.com I Partner inquiries: partners@kolabsys.com I Customer inquiries: getkolab@kolabsys.com