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Kolab Groupware Overview


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A tour de force through the Kolab Groupware Solution and its multiple components and options. Gives a good overview over what is Kolab and what to expect from it.

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Kolab Groupware Overview

  1. 1. Kolab Georg GreveWho we areMeCompanyEcosystemOur businessSolutionOverviewConceptSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditionsResources Kolab Groupware Solution Georg Greve 14 July 2011
  2. 2. Who we are Me Kolab Georg C. F. Greve Georg GreveWho we are I CEO of Kolab SystemsMeCompanyEcosystem I Founder and Former President ofOur business Free Software Foundation EuropeSolutionOverview I Technology StrategistConceptSecurity ConceptServer I Private Sector DiplomatClientsEditions I Software DeveloperResources I Author I Physicist
  3. 3. Who we are My Company Kolab Georg Greve Kolab Systems AGWho we are I Established 2010 in Zürich, SwitzerlandMeCompanyEcosystem I Currently 10 staOur business I 4-6 developers at development partnersSolutionOverviewConcept I Committed Free Software enterpriseSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditions Our Company GroupResources I KDAB, established 1999 I Intevation GmbH, established 1999 I Around 110 sta in total
  4. 4. Who we are Our ecosystem Kolab Active participants in various communities Georg Greve I KDEWho we are I FedoraMeCompanyEcosystem I Cyrus IMAPOur businessSolution I RoundcubeOverviewConcept I Horde ...and many othersSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditions 16 Partners in Europe United StatesResources Nearest partners: I SyGroup GmbH, Basel, Switzerland I FDS Consulting, Zürich, Switzerland I tbits, Stuttgart, Germany
  5. 5. Who we are Our business Kolab Georg GreveWho we areMeCompanyEcosystemOur businessSolutionOverviewConceptSecurity ConceptServerClientsEditionsResources
  6. 6. Who we are Our business: for and through our partners Kolab Services Georg Greve I Targeted integration developmentWho we are I Packaging Quality AssuranceMeCompany I Training CerticationEcosystemOur businessSolution SupportOverviewConceptSecurity Concept I 2nd 3rd Level SupportServerClients I Guaranteed Response Times and AvailabilitiesEditionsResources Consulting (large clients and partners, 25000 users and more) I High Availability, including Site Reliability I Large Deployment Planning Integration
  7. 7. Kolab Groupware Solution Kolab Personal Information Management (PIM) Georg Greve Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks Single or SharedWho we areMeCompany Kolab Groupware SolutionEcosystemOur business I ServerSolutionOverview I Various ClientsConceptSecurity Concept I Tools ScriptsServerClientsEditionsResources Award-Winning Design I Super-modular integration friendly I Securiy Privacy I Federated I Extremely scalable
  8. 8. Kolab Groupware Solution Concept Kolab Kolab is a multi client, multi server concept. Georg Greve IMAPs the databaseWho we areMe I Everything is an emailCompanyEcosystemOur business I Every email is a leSolution I Disconnected IMAP == full oine capabilityOverviewConceptSecurity Concept I Easy to synchronizeServerClients I Easy to backup restore(!)EditionsResources I Easy to scale I Robust, reliable, fault-tolerant Everythings a client I Server side clients device clients
  9. 9. Kolab Groupware Solution Security Concept Kolab Georg Greve Big Aint Beautiful I Dont believe in all-powerful serverWho we areMeCompany I Modular architecture based on SASLEcosystemOur business I Use well-tested standard componentsSolution I No user process as superuser for layered defenseOverviewConceptSecurity Concept I Three-tiers of access control: le system,ServerClients application, clientEditionsResources Technical Aspects I OpenPGP S/MIME encryption/signatures I SSL secured transport I Sender verication
  10. 10. Kolab Groupware Solution Server Components Kolab Standard Components Georg Greve I Postx MTAWho we are I Cyrus IMAPDMeCompanyEcosystem I OpenLDAPOur business I Amavisd-newSolutionOverviewConcept I ClamAVSecurity ConceptServer I SpamAssassinClientsEditions I Sieve mail lterResources I Apache HTTPD I Horde Webclient I Z-Push ActiveSync Server I Web admin interface
  11. 11. Kolab Groupware Solution Other Server Components Kolab Alternative Components Georg Greve I Dovecot with metadata pluginWho we are I LighttpdMeCompany I CaudiumEcosystemOur business I 389 Directory ServerSolutionOverview I Sun Directory ServerConceptSecurity ConceptServer I Netscape Directory ServerClientsEditions I Novell eDirectory ...Resources Optional/Future Components I Roundcube Web Interface I Funambol Server I Caldav ?
  12. 12. Kolab Groupware Solution Clients Kolab Five Platforms. One Groupware. Georg GreveWho we are Certied Kolab Client 3.5 5MeCompany I Based on KDE KontactEcosystemOur business I With full business supportSolutionOverview I Certied Kolab Client 3.5ConceptSecurity Concept I Highly stable and productiveServerClients I GNU/Linux, adapted to modern desktopsEditionsResources I Certied Kolab Client 5 I 5 platforms: GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Maemo/Meego, Windows Mobile I Form factor touchscreen I Currently available for larger customers
  13. 13. Kolab Groupware Solution Other Clients Kolab Microsoft Outlook Georg Greve I Supported via three connectors:Who we are c Bynari Insight , Toltec, KonsekMeCompanyEcosystem I Microsoft-specic power features dicult!Our business cSolution ConceptServer Other ClientsClientsEditions I Mozilla with SyncKolab PluginResources I Evolution with Evolution-Kolab EDS Connector I Via ActiveSync: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 6.5, Maemo/Meego, Symbian, BlackBerry (with plugin), Palm (untested)
  14. 14. Kolab Groupware Solution Community Edition Kolab Community Edition Georg Greve I Released as isWho we are I No warrantiesMeCompanyEcosystem I Only self-support community mailing listsOur businessSolution I May contain new or experimental featuresOverviewConcept I Publicly released by Kolab Systems forSecurity ConceptServer I OpenPKG (to be deprecated)Clients IEditions Work in progress:Resources I Tarballs I CentOS I Debian I Ubuntu I
  15. 15. Kolab Groupware Solution Certied Kolab Kolab Certied Kolab Georg Greve I Fully Free Software and proudly so!Who we are (No Open Core neo-proprietary baitshware)MeCompany I Only enterprise ready featuresEcosystemOur business I Additional quality assuranceSolutionOverviewConcept I Adjustable levels of supportSecurity ConceptServer I Access to Kolab Systems support infrastructureClientsEditions I Available to customers forResources I Red Hat Enterprise Linux I CentOS I Univention Corporate Server I Debian I Ubuntu
  16. 16. Kolab Groupware Solution Resources Kolab Community Resources Georg Greve I I http://wiki.kolab.orgWho we areMeCompanyEcosystem Enterprise ResourcesOur businessSolution I http://kolabsys.comOverviewConcept I ConceptServerClientsEditions ContactResources I Georg Greve: I Partner inquiries: I Customer inquiries: