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Presentation for piterrb about non-sql db with accent on mongodb

Presentation for piterrb about non-sql db with accent on mongodb



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    Mongodb my Mongodb my Presentation Transcript

    • nonSQL databases alexey gaziev
    • RDBMS• Great for many apps• Shortcomings • Scalability • Flexibility
    • Other DBMS• Flat file• Hierarchical• Network• Document-oriented• Object-oriented
    • CAP Theorem Pick twoС A • Consistency • Availability P • Tolerance to network Partitions
    • ACID & BASE• Atomicity • Basically Available• Consistency • Soft state• Isolation • Eventually consistent• Durability
    • ACID vs. BASE ACID BASE• Strong consistency • Weak consistency• Isolation • Availability first• Focus on “commit” • Best effort• Nested transactions • Approximate answers• Availability? • Agressive (optimistic)• Conservative • Simpler!• Difficult evolution • Faster (schema) • Easier evolution
    • Scalability & IntroPerformance memcached Key/Values store RDBMS Depth of Functionality
    • Features• Collection oriented storage: easy storage of object/ JSON -style data• Dynamic queries• Full index support, including on inner objects and embedded arrays• Query profiling• Replication and fail-over support• Efficient storage of binary data including large objects (e.g. photos and videos)• Auto-sharding for cloud-level scalability (currently in alpha)• Commercial support available
    • Great for• Websites• Caching• High volume, low value• High scalability• Storage of program objects and json
    • Not as great for• Highly transactional• Ad-hoc business intelligence• Problems requiring SQL
    • Installation
    • Collection• Think table, but with no schema• For grouping into smaller query sets (speed)• Each top entity in your app would have its own collection (users, articles, etc.)• Full index support
    • Document• Stored in collection, think record or row• Can have _id key that works like primary key in MySQL• Two options for relationships: subdocument or db reference
    • Storage (BSON){ author: joe, created: Date(03-28-2009), title: Yet another blog post, text: Here is the text..., tags: [ example, joe ], comments: [ { author: jim, comment: I disagree }, { author: nancy, comment: Good post } ]}
    • Basics$ bin/mongod &$ bin/mongo...> use mydb> j = { name: "mongo"};{"name" : "mongo"}> t = { x : 3 };{ "x" : 3 }>;>;> db.things.find();in cursor for : DBQuery: example.things ->{"name" : "mongo" , "_id" : "497cf60751712cf7758+dbb"}{"x" : 3 , "_id" : "497cf61651712cf7758+dbc"}>
    • Querying• db.collection.find({‘first_name’: ‘John’}) # finds all Johns• db.collection.find({‘first_name’: /^J/}) # regex• db.collection.find_first({‘_id’:1}) # finds first with _id of 1• db.collection.find({‘age’: {‘$gt’: 21}}) # finds possible drinkers• db.collection.find({‘author.first_name’:‘John’}) # subdocument• db.collection.find({$where:‘this.age >= 6 && this.age <= 18’})
    • Querying 2• $in, $nin, $all, $ne, $gt, $gte, $lt, $lte, $size, $where• :fields (like :select in active record)• :limit, :offset for pagination• :sort ascending or descending [[‘foo’, 1], [‘bar’, -1]]• count and group (uses map/reduce)
    • Dynamic querying
    • Ruby support• mongo-ruby-driver • Pure Ruby, with optional C extension• MongoRecord • ORM like functionality• Other mappers
    • Ruby basics• Connect: • db =‘my-database’) • coll = db.collection(‘players’)• Insert: • coll.insert (“name” => “mike”, “age” => ...• Query: • coll.find (“age” => 35)
    • Grid FS• File storage in MongoDB• IO-like API for Ruby
    • Other cool stuff• Capped collections• Upserts• Multikeys
    • Resources• presentation-on-mongodb.html• value-store-mated-with-a-relational-database- system• Production+Deployments•
    • Resources 2•• mongodb-a-light-in-the-darkness-key-value- stores-part-5•
    • thanks!