Native App + Wep App = ? (Hybrid Applications)

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An exploration of advantages vs disadvantages of Hybrid Applications. Given at Bar Camp Nashville on 10/20/2012 Visit us at:

An exploration of advantages vs disadvantages of Hybrid Applications. Given at Bar Camp Nashville on 10/20/2012 Visit us at:

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  • Open Spotify here, play a tune
  • Open Spotify here, play a tuneOpen Steam, show game content and web content


  • 1. Native+ Web = ?An Exploration (withDemos!)
  • 2. Who We Are Michael Anderson  PhD Student at Vanderbilt; Web Developer  GitHub:  @mdanderson Eli Hooten  PhD Student at Vanderbilt; Roboticist; C++/Web Developer; Human- Computer Interaction/UI/UX researcher  GitHub:  Protip: You’ll find the demo code here  @hootener GameWisp @gamewisp
  • 3. Some Definitions… Native Applications  A software application that has been developed for use with a specific hardware or operating system.  Leverages details, hooks, and/or weird properties of the deployment device.
  • 4. Some Definitions… Web Applications  A web application is an application that is accessed by users over a network such as the Internet or an intranet.[1] The term may also mean a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported programming language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable. (Wikipedia)
  • 5. Native Advantages Access to the system level Access to the hard drive Speed and efficiency The opposite of a box of chocolates.
  • 6. Native Disadvantages Terrible-ish UI Not intrinsically platform independent Difficult to update and iterate Slow moving standards
  • 7. Web App Advantages Fluid and growing technology Easily interchange and interconnect technologies Beautiful-ish, easy interface design Anyone with a browser can use it
  • 8. Web App Disadvantages Must be served by a web server Anyone with a browser can use it. (Different layout depending on what browser you have) Stateless No (or little) access to the system hardware
  • 9. Problem Summary Bad Design = Bad Product
  • 10. Problem Summary (let’s gettechnical) Noaccess to the system makes it hard to do something interesting on the desktop.
  • 11. Solution! Native + Web = Hybrid Application  Or: Hybrid Application = Native + Web  (Don’t worry, before you ask, I overloaded the operators) So….What are they?
  • 12. A Definition Hybrid Application  “A hybrid application (hybrid app) is one that combines elements of both native and Web applications. ”  Source: ( application-hybrid-app)
  • 13. A Better Definition They are foundationally built to leverage the hardware of the deployment platform. They integrate with web services for most or all of the major functions of the application. Most use web based rendering engines to leverage the interface design methods of web based technologies.
  • 14. Hybrid App Advantages Fusion of advantages of web apps and native apps. Run command line, hardware related calls Can be designed to work offline, as well as online. Beautiful UI and efficient foundational code!
  • 15. Hybrid App Advantages  Allows the integration of tons of web services and technologies with the desktop  Node.js  jQuery & jQuery UI  Web App Tech (ie: php, rails, python, MySQL)  Easy Streaming Video
  • 16. Hybrid App Disadvantage Ifyou do it wrong, it has the disadvantages of both approaches! Example: Facebook’s IOS App  Native -> Hybrid  Slowest App Of All Time  They went back to Native. And Apologized!
  • 17. Everyone’s Doing it!Be the peer pressure.
  • 18. Spotify
  • 19. Steam
  • 20. BarCamp Hybrid Demo Built using Qt C++ Framework Example of basic techniques to get you started Expose C++ Objects to JS to get system info and pass information to OS.  Handled using Signals and Slots; Qt’s fancy callbacks.
  • 21. Current Project - GameWisp Hybrid Application Syncing Game Saves to the Cloud Social, web app Features
  • 22. GameWisp – Web App Built with PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework Running on a LAMP stack Push messaging handled by Node.js RESTful API handles Data Exchange
  • 23. Conclusion Most applications are tending to be more and more hybrid in nature. Web services provide content to apps that would otherwise be completely static TrueHybrid Applications can really open your project up for awesome interfaces
  • 24. Conclusion - Action Take the first step and add some kind of web functionality to your application! We put our demo application on GitHub There are tons of other easy options!  Add a Twitter feed  Add a Blog feed  Add some HTML5 interface elements
  • 25. You got Qs & We got As
  • 26. Thanks Check out GameWisp  Apply to test! Check out our demo project on GitHub 