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Jython on Django

Jython on Django



EuroDjangoCon "Jython on Django" presentation

EuroDjangoCon "Jython on Django" presentation



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  • I thought it's very funny...If I can't use pil in jython...how do I use the ImageFiled in Django?Use a FileFiled instead of it?-..- maybe that's a way...
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    Jython on Django Jython on Django Presentation Transcript

    • Django on Jython Frank Wierzbicki frank.wierzbicki@sun.com
    • Who am I? • Frank Wierzbicki • Project lead for Jython • I work at Sun (Oracle?) on Jython fulltime
    • What is Jython? • Python that runs on the JVM • Compiled to Java bytecodes instead of Python bytecodes • Call Java code seamlessly from Python code
    • Jython Status • Current prod version 2.2 is not useful for Django • Jython 2.5 beta4 is out • First RC as early as this Friday • So production release real-soon-now
    • Modjy • Modjy implements WSGI for Jython • Acts as a bridge to Java Servlets • integrated into Jython’s core • This is a big part of how we get Django working.
    • zxJDBC • zxJDBC implements DB-API • integrated into Jython’s core • Another crucial piece to get Django working.
    • Jython on Django Status • Works well with Django 1.0.3 and postgresql • Other databases in progress: MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MS SqlServer • Django 1.1 has some refactorings that Jython will need to catch up on...
    • Why Jython? • Massive amounts of Java code out there • Some really useful Java libs • Great JVM ecosystem • Internal Java apps that are not yet exposed to the web
    • What can I use? • setuptools • ez_install • virtualenv • pip • many more pure Python tools
    • What can’t I use yet? • c-extensions • PIL • ctypes (but we’re working on this one!) • iPython (working on this too!)
    • Configure Jython • Get ez_setup.py • run “jython ez_setup.py” • In Jython’s bin directory will be an ez_install that runs from Jython
    • Installing Django on Jython • Get 1.0.3+ Django - run “jython setup.py install” • From http://django-jython.googlecode.com get django-jython-1.0b1.tar.gz, untar it and run “jython setup.py install” • see the django-jython project on googlecode.com for more detail
    • Java Platform • Now takes advantage of Java 5 libraries • Java 5 concurrency libs: No GIL! • Use a choice of Java garbage collectors • Use Java native threads • -J flag namespace for JVM config
    • Java Integration • Jython integrates well with Java • Java classes and interfaces can be subclassed from Jython • These subclasses are now “new style” classes.
    • Example: The Java lib poi can read Excel
    • Deployment • run “jython manage.py war --include-java- libs=jdbcdriver.jar” • This will produce a “war file” • Copy this war file to the auto-deploy directory for most application servers (like GlassFish)
    • war format for doj |-- WEB-INF | |-- lib | `-- lib-python | |-- Lib | |-- django | |-- doj | `-- mysite `-- media
    • Why Django on Jython? • Lots of ops departments out there that want to deploy to Java App Servers - “give us a war file” • They have lots of tools for monitoring, etc • Jython has a good story for threading and performance - and it’s getting better.
    • Da Vinci Machine • JVM gets friendlier to dynamic languages • On the project plan for JDK 7 -- some of it has already there in a hidden state for JDK6 • Method Handles, Invokedynamic, etc • Hotspot is one of the world’s best tuned VMs - about to be tuned better for us!
    • Jython Book due in 2009 from Apress • Josh Juneau • Jim Baker • Leo Soto • Victor NG • Frank Wierzbicki
    • Where to Find Out More • http://www.jython.org • http://wiki.python.org/jython • http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com • Twitter: fwierzbicki • http://www.netbeans.org/features/python/ • https://glassfish.dev.java.net/