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  • Beginning• Hook/attention grabber Are people who are intentionally avoiding cellphones, the Internet and television truly “free”?
  • The Big Idea • Approximately 76.9% of the American Population, in 2013, are spending 30 hours a week online. Are we absorbing too much information? Can we learn something from those who choose to “turn off the switch” and become “free thinkers”?
  • After watching a 2007 documentary titled “Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa” I asked myself “Are we free?”. With all the recent controversy involving the government collecting “Metadata” from Verizon Wireless customers, what would happen if we turned “everything off”? I want to show that in many aspects, people who are self sufficient and disconnected from “The Grid” are able to live in a more peaceful world, where we are not exposed to too much information and are not exposing too much information. There is, however, a line in which can be crossed and where we can exit society completely.
  • • We must find a balance, and turn off our daily connections in moderation in order to live happier, stress-free free lives. It is important for us to reconnect with our humanity and natural social skills. Otherwise we can get lost in a sea of information or disconnect completely. 
  • In order to balance our social lives and home life, make a plan and dedicate time to “no internet”
  • • Reports from 2011 state that we consume 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of information each year.
  • • we are over exposing ourselves online and need to cut back on the information we share. Conversations with my friend William Jung (Ex US NAVY AIRMAN) were very similar to the stories in the documentary. He wanted to see the world as a young man, and now only hopes to be “free” to live without the worry of “big brother” and corporations collecting information on his daily life.
  • we over-use the internet to find out information. We Google everything! We need to step away and discover things on our own. Step outside, walk to the destination in our curiosity and reclaim our sense of freedom.
  • We Google everything! We need to step away and discover things on our own. Step outside, walk to the destination in our curiosity and reclaim our sense of freedom.
  • • Call to Action Turn off the cellphone, Internet and TV in order to clear your mind and think for yourself. Don’t expose yourself to all the information and marketing we see everywhere.
  • Disconnecting from the world can be a scary thing, but is necessary in order to “think freely”. Stepping away from the computer and being more involved with the physical world is good for our health.
  • Have a conversation with someone from the older generation, in order to understand how we communicated and passed on information in the past.
  • become a free thinker and live a happier healthier life. Finding the balance of the connected and disconnected world will keep you from missing out on living a fulfilling life and “set you free”.
  • Try to spend a weekend without a cell, laptop, television and radio.


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