GMD Welcome Address at CAMA 2011
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GMD Welcome Address at CAMA 2011






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GMD Welcome Address at CAMA 2011 GMD Welcome Address at CAMA 2011 Document Transcript

  • Beacons of Excellence, Beacons of a Prosperous Future!A WELCOME ADDRESS BY MR. BISI ONASANYA, GMD/CEO, FIRST BANK OFNIGERIA PLC, AT THE 2011 FIRSTBANK CEO’S ANNUAL MERIT AWARDS(CAMA), EKO HOTEL & SUITES, VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS, MARCH 5, 2011PROTOCOL:Your Excellencies;My Lords Spiritual and Temporal;Distinguished Guests All Special;Fellow FirstBankers;Ladies and gentlemen:It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to the 2011 FirstBank CEO’s Annual Merit Awards(CAMA). This is in keeping with our Bank’s tradition to recognise and celebrate excellence. Theneed to continuously reward hard work and dedication to duty cannot be over-emphasised. Wehave maintained the long service awards for decades. But as acknowledged at the inception ofCAMA five years ago, it’s not only about how long but how well. You would agree with me thatexceptional performers therefore deserve exceptional rewards. That’s the essence of thisspecial awards ceremony.We are witnesses to an increasingly changing operating environment. The nature of competitionhas also changed in response to the operational dynamics. The present competitive market ismore demanding, performance-driven and merit-focused than ever before. It is not surprisingtherefore that the rewards system has also changed. I am pleased to inform you that this is oneof the reasons we have just reviewed our Bank’s compensation packages upwards.Sometimes, recognition is not just about instituting an awards system. It’s also about how theawards are executed. With the array of distinguished achievers at this august occasion, Ibelieve today will be etched in the history of every awardee and their families as indeed amemorable day in recognition of their excellent contributions to the growth and development ofthe FirstBank group.
  • In preparing for this awards ceremony, we have made tremendous effort to integrate excellentperformance, dedication and commitment, integrity, accountability, teamwork and leadership inexcellence as veritable indices for recognising and rewarding outstanding contributions to ourgreat institution. The awards thus provide management with a tool to recognize tangibleachievements; it is a means to acknowledge, reinforce and retain employee commitmentthroughout the year and at critical milestones in the evolution of the FirstBank group. In thecourse of this ceremony, therefore, we will be celebrating significant accomplishments,collaborations and initiatives where the core values of the group were demonstrated.Distinguished awardees, as I personally congratulate you, I urge you to remain beacons ofexcellence and beacons of the prosperous future we crave. You have been thrust with anenormous responsibility to always be worthy of emulation and personify the culture and brandpillars of FirstBank which include leadership, enterprise, safety and security as well as serviceexcellence. Shortly you will be receiving symbols of your recognition, as well as carefullyworded letters that express your Bank’s appreciation of your worthwhile contributions tocorporate development. These materials are icons of excellence. Keep them well as memorialsfor your succeeding generations cherish and emulate. They must learn that you did not onlymake money, but that you also made a good name for yourself and for them.Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to recognize Mrs. Remi Odunlami, our Chief Risk Officer andthe Chairman of the CAMA 2011 Steering Committee. I also salute the entire SteeringCommittee and the Implementation Committee, our consultants and everyone else that hasworked tirelessly to ensure that we enjoy a memorable awards ceremony.Once again, I thank you all for your kind support to the FirstBank group.May God bless you and may God bless Nigeria.Bisi OnasanyaGMD/CEO, First Bank of Nigeria Plc