We are delighted, indeed, that beyond attaining the ISO 27001 Certification for the Bank, in ourlittle way, our organizati...
I also commend staff of Information Security Management, Document Management Unit,General Services, Information Technology...
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GMD Speeh for ISO 27001 Certificate Presentation


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GMD Speeh for ISO 27001 Certificate Presentation

  1. 1. A WELCOME ADDRESS BY MR. BISI ONASANYA, GMD/CEO, FIRST BANK OFNIGERIA PLC, AT THE ISO 27001 CERTIFICATE PRESENTATION CEREMONY,EKO HOTEL & SUITES, VICTORIA ISLAND, SEPTEMBER 8, 2010PROTOCOL:On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of First Bank of Nigeria Plc I am pleased towelcome you to this celebration of another pioneering achievement by our Bank. We can alltestify that even the brightest of students is apprehensive of examinations in one way or theother. It is not surprising, therefore, that institutions shy away from seeking certifications thatrequire rigorous preparatory processes, especially certifications administered by globallyreputed institutions.It is people and organisations which are prepared and daring that always win. It is not differentwith us at FirstBank, because the history of our great institution has thrust on us the reveredduty to pioneer innovations in the Nigerian banking and financial services landscape. We have,however, reached beyond the industry, in this instance, to become the first organization inNigeria to be awarded the Information Security Management Systems ISO/IEC 27001:2005Certification, acclaimed as the world’s highest accreditation for information protection andsecurity from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).This Certification is an affirmation that our Bank has adopted and complied with the highestknown management standards in information security in the world, a process that involvedauditing and verification of the Bank’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)practices by the British Standard Institute (BSI), a leading organization in the field of auditingmanagement systems and processes. I am happy to inform you that we share this place of pridewith institutions like the IMF and World Bank which are among other financial Institutions thathave such certification by the ISO.
  2. 2. We are delighted, indeed, that beyond attaining the ISO 27001 Certification for the Bank, in ourlittle way, our organization has been able to bring glory to Nigeria with this landmark which ispoised to increase the confidence of both our customers and investors in the Nigerian economy.This is significant to us because we take pride in staying at the vanguard of driving financialservices dynamics in addition to institutionalising and setting the pace in ethical businesspractice in financial services and promoting the national economy. More importantly, ourcustomers will increasingly enjoy the benefits of this standardisation certification which include,among others, systems interoperability, quality assurance, due diligence, progressive benchmarking and security consciousness, as well as the maintenance of the confidentiality, integrityand availability of our information assets.The ISMS Certification project is part of our broad Risk Management certification programmecode-named FirstSecure. FirstSecure is indicative of our mission to operate the best possibleinformation security systems. The FirstSecure programme has three focus streams and isexpected to meet the requirements for: • Certification in ISO27001 (Information Security); • Certification in BS25999 (Business Continuity Management); and • Certification in ISO38500 (IT Governance)Information assets are critical asset of the Bank and require adequate protection at every point.FirstBank considers the protection of its information assets critical to its business continuity andsustenance, hence, we have embarked on measures that will ensure that information assets areadequately protected at all times. Commitment to this responsibility is shared by the Board andall staff of our Bank. That is why today FirstBank can boast of the highest number of BSIcertified Lead Auditors in the entire Nigerian market.I am pleased to salute members of our Information Security Forum for their contributions to therealization of this coveted Certification. The Forum serves as a regular meeting arena forManagement staff to deliberate on security trends and emerging issues, establishing andmaintaining organization-wide information security (policy, standards and procedures) andensuring staff compliance with these standards. But let me remind the members of the ISF thattheir job is just beginning, because one of your responsibilities is to ensure the continuousmaintenance of the certification standards upon attainment.
  3. 3. I also commend staff of Information Security Management, Document Management Unit,General Services, Information Technology, Internal Control & Reconciliation, Internal Audit,Human Capital Management & Development, Security Services, Operational Risk Management,Compliance, Corporate Communications, and indeed all members of staff for their commitmentand concerted effort in achieving this feat. I wish to state the Board and Management’scontinued commitment to information security across the Bank.Today, we have the honour of are being honoured by the presence of the man who initiated thisrisk management project in FirstBank during his tenure as Chief Risk Officer and nurtured itthrough his tenure as GMD/CEO of this great Bank. Ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to mybrother and friend, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,(more popularly known SLS). We have indeed kept his dreams alive and should there beanother auditing of the financial sector, kindly remember that FirstBank is ISO-certified. Isincerely hope that will suffice.We must also appreciate the Chief Risk Officer of our Bank, Mrs. Remi Odunlami forchampioning this certification. We cannot under estimate the tireless efforts of some of our staffin ensuring that the Bank complied with the set standards of the ISO and consequently merittoday’s certification. They will be presented with the BSI Lead Auditors Certificates during thecourse of this event – you may term that part of the earthly reward for their efforts.I wish to also appreciate Otunba Adeleke Adesina, Chairman Global Infoswift and the entireGlobal Infoswift team, our consulting partners that are providing the required guidance in theFirstSecure journey.Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for joining us in this memorable celebration of theFirstSecure bank in Nigeria.Thank you.Bisi OnasanyaGMD/CEO, First Bank of Nigeria Plc