16 Formas De Usar Un Wiki En Tu Organizacion


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Adaptacion y traduccion de un webminar de PBWIKI Inc.

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16 Formas De Usar Un Wiki En Tu Organizacion

  1. 1. 16 formas de poner a Trabajar Presentacion adaptada y traducida por Miguel A Manrique de FACTORIAGRIS BUSINESS NETWORK
  2. 2. ¿Como usarías tú, PBWIKI en el trabajo? <ul><li>Encuesta realizada a unas 1,000 non-business usuarios. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>How would you use PBwiki at work? </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Todas las respuestas fueron clasificadas en 16 categorias. </li></ul><ul><li>Existian varias categorias donde encajar el uso de PBWiki </li></ul>
  3. 3. 16 Ways To Take PBwiki To Work
  4. 4. Documentacion “ Lo usamos para desarrollar y actualizar el Manual de Operaciones de nuestra empresa.” “ Documentation--that's what wikis are good for! ” “ We use PBwiki for guidelines/standards of various sorts, current computing environment (servers, printers, etc.) new employee orientation…gee all sorts of stuff.” (20 responses)
  5. 5. Colaboracion (17 responses) “ Trabajo en grupo para compartir, colaborar con documentos y permanecer informado de cambios” “ Collaborative editing of major documents --e.g. proposal, business plan, etc.” “ Lo usamos para documents-in-progress (en especial para ir evolucionado distintas versiones, para brainstorming, para controlar las modificaciones, etc..).”
  6. 6. Gestion de Proyectos <ul><li>“ Lo uso para gestionar la evolucion de las tareas y proyectos . Todos los miembrsos del grupo con permisos adecuados tienen acceso a toda la información. Lo que sucede en las reunisones, status, to do lists , y el resto de información.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Project control board to keep track of all projects, contact person, and status, timelines , etc.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ For creative projects, PBwiki becomes a place to work together and a final bible that contains all the information --the lore, character bios, gameplay, or film style, etc.--related to a particular project.” </li></ul>(14 responses)
  7. 7. Feedback <ul><li>“ I am opening a wiki for people to submit newsletter articles and ideas and much more.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Allow workers to have a bulletin board for complaints or compliments” </li></ul><ul><li>“ To share ideas and get feedback from other peers.” </li></ul>(13 responses)
  8. 8. Enlaces y Recursos de consulta (9 responses) “ I would use the wiki for storing not files, but links and information from the Web.” “ The remarkable &quot; copy and paste a web page &quot; trick I discovered goes down a storm too.” “ Una forma muy sencilla de facilitar acceso a todas las personas a los recursos y enlaces de consulta que deseamos en la organización y que hemos elegido como mas adecuados. Sin perder el tiempo en typing URLs etc.”
  9. 9. Organizacion y Recursos Humanos <ul><li>“ Everyone on the department puts instructions for their individual job duties there, where they can be easily updated and viewed by others who might be covering for them during vacation or sick days.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ There are several shifts of workers, so the wiki is a great and easy way to keep everyone current on the various ongoing projects.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ We use PBwiki for who is bringing what for the next team potluck .” </li></ul>(8 responses)
  10. 10. Calendarios y Programacion <ul><li>“ I would use PBwiki as a private externally accessible area for scheduling (calendar).” </li></ul><ul><li>“ I would use PBwiki for room scheduling and an installation calendar.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Calendar / appointment scheduling for a group of collaborators.” </li></ul>(7 responses)
  11. 11. Educacion y Formacion <ul><li>“ I use PBwiki for providing technology professional development .” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Uso pbWiki para crear tutoriales online e incrustar los videos de formación.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Online courses for problem-based learning.” </li></ul>(7 responses)
  12. 12. Reuniones <ul><li>“ Lo uso para crear una agenda de telefonos que cualquiera puede actualizar y consultar” </li></ul>(6 responses) “ Introducimos toda la información de las reuniones, asi como las modificaciones, conclusiones finales y lo abrimos a las personas a las que les interesa esa inofrmación confidencial.” “ We all keep track of what happens at meetings.”
  13. 13. Publicacion de contenidos (CMS) <ul><li>“ Para publicar proyectos y documentos para compartir con el personal de la organizacion. ” </li></ul><ul><li>“ To have working copies of web page content in development.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Como un websites muy facil de actualizar ” </li></ul>(5 responses)
  14. 14. Colaboracion remota <ul><li>“ I'm on the East Coast and I have a bud on the West Coast and we use it to collaborate on various writing projects. He's an ex-Marine and not at all technical and he picked it up in a couple of hours. He LOVES it. Who'da-thunk?” </li></ul>(5 responses) “ Bring together many remote workers and offices in different cities .” “ As a tool to collaborate with distant colleagues working on the same research project.”
  15. 15. File Sharing / Document Management <ul><li>“ We use PBwiki for linking to documents in the (separate) document management system (because the DM system is really messy).” </li></ul><ul><li>“ I would use PBwiki to exchange files without having to email large documents and access other peoples' changes by logging on.” </li></ul>(5 responses)
  16. 16. Gestion del conocimiento <ul><li>“ Internal knowledgebase to replace Microsoft Sharepoint's wiki which is horrible to use.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Use it as a knowledge repository. Documents usually need updating / tweaking every few months .” </li></ul>(5 responses)
  17. 17. Web 2.0 Adoption <ul><li>“ Introduction of senior workers to Web 2.0 potential .” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Can we persuade tech-mistrusting senior execs to stop sending the same Word document round and round until no-one can remember which was the original and overwrites the wrong one?” </li></ul>(2 responses)
  18. 18. Writers / Authors (2 responses) “ I use PBwiki to put my book ideas up for other people to criticize.”
  19. 19. Flujos de Trabajo <ul><li>“ Another department uses its wiki to track the numerous work orders for the building.” </li></ul><ul><li>“ I use PBwiki for tracking activities .” </li></ul>(2 responses)
  20. 20. 16 formas de poner a Trabajar Presentacion adaptada y traducida por Miguel A Manrique de FACTORIAGRIS BUSINESS NETWORK
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