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Investment_areas_in_Poland_2011.pdf Investment_areas_in_Poland_2011.pdf Document Transcript

  • BALTIC SEA RUSSIA LITHUANIA Koszalin Karlino Mrągowo Okonek Piła Military Property Agency in Gorzów Wielkopolski BELARUS Poznań GERMANY Gubin Krosno Odrzańskie Nowogrodziec Piotrków Trybunalski Prochowice Zgorzelec Lubań Strzegom Oława Dzierżoniów Kędzierzyn-Koźle Kietrz UKRAINE CZECH REPUBLIC Jastrzębie-Zdrój SLOVAKIA Publisher Authoring Graphic design and computer typesetting Wydawnictwo Family Cup Sp. z o.o. Aleksandra Soboń-Smyk Editing Michał Stradomski w w w. i n t- m e d i a .p l Kopanka 133, 32-050 Skawina phone/fax 12 415 97 10 Editors revision e-mail: Agnieszka Małeta © Copyright byWydawnictwo Family Cup Sp. z o.o. 2011 Cover photo © Skypixel |
  • contents LoWeR sILesIAn VoIVoDesHIP ........................................................ 2 • Dzierżoniów ..................................................................................... 4 • Lubań ............................................................................................... 6 • Nowogrodziec ................................................................................. 8 • Oława ............................................................................................ 10 • Prochowice .................................................................................... 12 • Strzegom ........................................................................................ 14 • Zgorzelec ....................................................................................... 16 LUBUSKIE VOIVODESHIP ................................................................... 18 • Krosno Odrzańskie ........................................................................ 20 ŁÓDZKIE VOIVODESHIP ..................................................................... 22 • Piotrków Trybunalski ...................................................................... 24 OPOLSKIE VOIVODESHIP .................................................................. 26 • Kędzierzyn-Koźle .......................................................................... 28 • Kietrz ............................................................................................. 30 sILesIAn VoIVoDesHIP .................................................................... 32 • Jastrzębie-Zdrój ............................................................................ 34 WARMIAN-MASURIAN VOIVODESHIP ............................................... 36 • Mrągowo ....................................................................................... 38 GREATER POLAND VOIVODESHIP .................................................. 40 • Military Property Agency in Gorzów Wielkopolski ...................... 42 WEST POMERANIAN VOIVODESHIP ................................................. 44 • Karlino ........................................................................................... 46 • Koszalin ......................................................................................... 48 w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl 1
  • Key FactS areaLower Silesian Voivodeship is situated in the south-western Poland and borders on 19,947 km²Germany and the Czech Republic. It covers an area of 19,947 km2. In 2009 voivode-ship population was over 2,000,000 – it represented 7% population of Poland. PopulationLower Silesian Voivodeship is the most urbanized province in Poland. Its major town, 2,876,600 Wrocław, is the third in the country research and educational center. Overall in the 70.3% in urban areasvoivodeship there are 38 public and private universities, educating more than 200,000 Population densitystudents (219,494, Central Statistical Office, November 2009). 144 persons/km²Undoubtedly Lower Silesia is one of the most attractive investment regions in Poland. Voivodeship capitalThe province has very advantageous location, nearby Germany and Czech Republic, on main routes. Lower Silesian Voivodeship is characterized by very well developed Wrocławtransport (road, railway, river route and airport) and ICT infrastructure. In terms of availability to Internet the ICT infrastructure is counted to the best rated in the country. Other large towns in the voivodeshipWithin the voivodeship there are convenient connections, mainly A4 highway and inter- • Wałbrzych • Legnica national roads E40, E36, E65 i E67. • Jelenia Góra • Lubin You will also find here very well developed railroad lines system including international • Głogówrail line linking Germany with Ukraine. Wrocław is the largest Polish rail junction se-rving passengers and goods transport. Special economic Zones • Legnica Special Economic ZoneWithin the voivodeship there are Legnica, Wałbrzych and Kamienna Góra Special Eco- • Wałbrzych Special Economic Zonenomic Zones. They offer very favourable conditions for enterprise. • Kamienna Góra Special Economic ZoneIndustry in the region has a high level, which allowed for specialization of modern ty- Industrial & technology Parkspes of industrial production such as transportation, pharmacy, useful electronics, white goods and brown goods. • Technology Park „ChemiPark” in Brzeg Dolny • Lower Silesian Technology Park „T-Park” • Nowa Ruda Industrial ParkThe high opportunity sectors in Lower Silesian Voivodeship are very well developed • Bukowice Industrial Parkhere electromechanics, automotive and IT services. • KGHM LETIA Legnica Technology Park • Wrocław Medical Science and Technology Park • Wrocław Technology ParkAccording to the regional development strategy the major sectors for province are • Bogatynia-Zgorzelec Industrial and Technology mining and processing of copper ores, brown coal, extraction of natural resources, we- Parkaving of textiles, food and drink industry, production of woodwork, chemical products, • Regional Industrial and Technology Park in Polko- wicemachine and electrical devices, glass and ceramic articles, components and parts of • Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park Source: PAIiIZ, propelled vehicles. Regional Investor assistance centreThanks to historical richness the Lower Silesian Voivodeship can also count on further development of tourism. You will find very interesting sights in Wrocław, the Peace WrocławChurch in Świdnica entered into UNESCO List of the World Heritage Site and many natural attractions – the Sudetes and Sudeten Foreland. International airport Wrocław Strachowice w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl 3
  • DZIERŻONIÓW LOcatION INVeSteMNt OFFeR Entrepreneurs can obtain regional invest- Dzierżoniów is situated in the south-western There are many reasons why it is worth to ment support by virtue of incurring costs of part of Poland. Its asset is proximity to bor- investing in Dzierżoniów. fixed assets, intangible and law assets or ders with Czech Republic and Germany, First of all the city offers entrepreneurs- costs of creating new jobs related to realiza- A4 highway and towns such as Wrocław, -friendly tax reliefs system. Thanks to “De tion of new investment. Legnica and Wałbrzych. Minimis” programme you can obtain an Dzierżoniów also has attractive labour mar- exemption from property tax. This support ket characterized by competitive costs of SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe programme allows the entrepreneurs to get work, qualified workforce, developed edu- In 1997 Wałbrzych Special Economic exemption or relief of property tax by vir- cation system. You will find here competitive Zone – Dzierżoniów Subzone was esta- tue of enterprise in Dzierżoniów Business prices of apartments and high standard of blished within the city. Subzone is located Centre or Dzierżoniów Business Incubator. offered locals. in the western part of the town and has co- You can also obtain this exemption by cre- Very important for investors is full and pro- nvenient transport links in all exit directions. ating new jobs connecting with investment, fessional service being a result of Balanced The location, developed transportation ne- increasing employment of people with the Local Development Strategy. Investor is twork and the availability of infrastructure status of unemployed persons, conducting served by specific person responsible for make the area of subzone a very attracti- practical apprenticeship, serving internship, assisting investor through the entire inve- ve investment area. For 14 years the area vocational education, teaching practice for stment process. Dzierżoniów region is very has expanded sevenfold and now it covers high school and technical institutes stu- well developed, has rich industrial tradition 112.56 ha. dents. and excellent financial and banking system. Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone – Dzierżoniów Subzone4 In ve st m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 20.1 km² Population 34,346Dzierżoniów Business Presentations Unemployment rate 23.3% (County) Special economic Zone Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “Invest-Park” – Dzierżoniów Subzone Major roads Every year there take place here “Dzierżo- numerous tourist attractions. • National roads No. 382, 383 and 384 niów Business Presentations” connecting City sights are primarily beautiful churches • Proximity to national road No. 8 – 16 km • Proximity to A4 highway – 50 km economic and cultural presentations. In such as church of St. George of the thirte- economic part the entrepreneurs and non- enth century and church of Mary Mother Railway lines -governmental organizations can present of the Church of the seventeenth century, themselves, exchange experience and es- medieval defensive walls and town hall. It Working line No. 137 Katowice – Legnica – railcars tablish business contacts. The cultural part is worth to going along “Dragon’s Route” – belonging to Lower Silesian Railways includes rich art programme. Every year tourist and walking route including the most exhibitors can take part in prestigious con- interesting places of Dzierżoniów, set out on the nearest airport test “Dragon of Business”. the occasion of the 750 anniversary of town settling. Wrocław – 60 km tOURISt attRactIONS Dzierżoniów offers varied forms of rest and the largest companies Tailor, Technika Szpitalna and Technika Szpitalna bis, Kamitech, Galwanizer, Hak-Hol, Diotech, S.I. Elektro- ¬met and Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems sp. z o.o. belonging to SEZ, Henkel Polska sp. z o.o., Orion sp. z o.o., Broen S.A., Broen Sp. z o.o., Libra sp. z o.o., Ermosoga sp. z o.o., Domex sp. z o.o., Pentair Poland sp. z o.o., SKC Europe Pu sp. z o.o., Metalis Polska sp. z o.o., Mec Fil Poland sp. z o.o., Harris Calorific International sp. z o.o., Alphavision Polska sp. z o.o., Pamax sp. z o.o. Dzierżoniów – bird’s eye view Town Hall Rynek 1 58-200 Dzierżoniów phone +48 74 645 08 19 e-mail: www.dzierż w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl 5
  • LUBAŃ LOcatION Small Business. ReaL eState OFFeR – “SaLt Lubań is the largest town situated on the For entrepreneurs, who decided to invest HOUSe” Kwisa River. It is the capital city of Polish in the zone, many investment allowances part of Upper Lusatia. were guaranteed. Plot with an area of 696 m2, located in Lu- The economic importance of the city is re- bań, at Podwale 4 Street, No. 7/1 AM 4, pre- INVeStMeNt OFFeR stored by revitalization process. Its culmina- cinct III, land register No. 18878. Ownership Establishment of local government in 1990 tion is Lusatian Gallery, located in the mid- of Lubań Municipality. contributed to the growing of our city im- dle of the market square. It is glazed service The plot has very favourable location – situ- portance as a center of administrative and and shopping arcade, connecting two rows ated is in the heart of the city, directly at har- economic. The assets of the town such as of stylish tenement houses. With the parti- dened road, fitted with electric power, water location, communication accessibility, infra- cipation of private investors, it managed till (basic terrain fittings and the possibility of structure supported by proinvestment attitu- 2011 to rebuild 80 tenements. extensions). On the plot there is a historic de of authorities and activity of inhabitants, One of the major investments is also con- building – the city granary dated back to the have created favourable conditions to com- struction of Municipal Wase Treatment mid-sixteenth century “Salt House” (it is en- mit funds, conduct business and achieve Center, sports hall, indoor swimming pool, tered into the register of monuments of Lo- success. In order to facilitate new entities modernization of sewage treatment plant, wer Silesia, No. 156/A/03). Purpose in land to start a business, the city authorities de- canalizing the city in 97% and installing use planning – service buildings. Postulated cided to grant allowances and exemptions ecological system of central heating. Sys- function – commercial or cultural. Historic from taxes for companies creating new per- tem is based on straw-fired furnaces. Ener- building must be preserved. manent jobs. Moreover they offered formal gy produced in this way covers 35% of the Description of the object: and legal assistance speeding up the admi- city demand. Lack of plumbing, wiring, gas installation nistrative procedures. In August 2001, wi- Lubań is primarily the city of young people, and heating. Stone walls; clay floor ground thin the city there was established Special whose activeness favours to invest, allows floor; wooden ceiling – gaps of the floorbo- Economic Zone being a part of Kamien- dynamic development and guarantees suc- ards; wooden roof structure; tiled roof – the- na Góra Special Economic Zone for cess. re were found bent roof battens and leaky roofing; sheet-metal work; gutters and ra- inwater pipes – there are visible gaps; wall adjacent to the building without coverage of the tiles. The property is closed with three gateways. INVeStMeNt OFFeR – PLOtS at PAPIEŻA JANA PAWŁA II SREET The vacant properties including plots No. 21/1 and 21/2, precinct I AM 11 with an area of 28,065 m2, at Papieża Jana Pawła II Stre- et. Description of the object: Plots are situated by national road from Je- lenia Góra to Zgorzelec, 9 km far away from A4 highway. In the vicinity there is planned construction of northern bypass of the city. Owner of these plots is Lubań Municipality. It is a possibility to use the land for non-agri- cultural purpose. The property is situated 6 In ve st m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 16 km² Population 22,168 Unemployment rate 26.5% (County) Special economic Zone Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Small Business Major roads • National road No. 30 Zgorzelec – Jelenia Góraon the areas of concentration of services find here numerous restaurants and pubs, • Voivodeship road No. 357 Zawidów – Bolesławiec and economic activity; plots belong to Ka- many hiking and biking trails, educational – Wrocław • Voivodeship road No. 365 Lubań – Leśnamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for paths and observation platforms.Small Business. These areas in local land Lubań is open and friendly town to anyone, Railway linesuse planning are lands of economic activity who wants to live, work and invest here. (plan symbol 2AG2). There is no decision • Very well developed rail junction Lubań – Węgliniec about building conditions. In the property – Wrocławthere are available water supply system and • Lubań – Jelenia Górasewer system. Lack of other installations, • Lubań – Zgorzelec • Lubań – Zielona Górabut there is a possibility to make them exist. Over part of the real estate there is electric the nearest airportpower grid. The property is for sale.Responsible person: Leszek Mańkowski • Dresden – 120 kmphone: +48 75 646 44 19 • Wrocław – 150 kmfax: +48 75 646 44 99 the largest companiestOURISt attRactIONSLubań was granted city charter in 1220. It is • Eurovia – Bazalty S.A.worth visiting numerous sights of the town • Zakłady Elementów Hydrauliki Siłowej Sp. z o o.such as the Old Town, towers: Bracka, Tri- • Imakon Sp z o.o. • Chromexnity and Huckster, Salt House, Ship House, Town Hall, church of St. Trinity, Protestant church, municipal gallows. Town Hall in LubańThe town has also rich sports infrastructure 7-Dywizji 14 Streetsuch as indoor swimming pool, sports hall, 59-800 Lubańtennis courts, stadiums and fields. phone +48 75 646 44 29There are very well developed tourist ac- fax +48 75 646 44 99commodation, sales network. You will also w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl 7
  • noWoGRoDZIec Nowogrodziec is a dynamically growing municipality with great economic potential, offering investors excellent conditions for business development. SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe Investment offer of Nowogrodziec com- munity and town are areas belonging to Nowogrodziec-Wykroty Subzone of Kamienna Góra Small Business Special economic Zone (SEZ) and nearby areas being a part of municipal economic acti- vity Zone (EAZ). There is to development about 23 ha of land with SEZ status and over 152 ha of land belonging to EAZ. OFFeR FOR INVeStORS According to land use planning presented areas are ideal for location production faci- lities, warehouses, storehouses and servi- ces. Very favorable terrain (flat, dry, sandy land, with no restrictions of height and densi- ty of buildings), proximity to German border (17 km away from border crossing in Ję- drzychowice, Dresden – 132 km) and Czech border (38 km away from border crossing in Zawidów) are undoubtedly assets of these areas. Plots being a subject of the offer are fully fitted with water supply system, sanita- ry and canalization system and rain water system. Area is electrified, electric energy is supplied by Main Switching Station loca- ted in the zone (available power of about 8 MW). In a short distance there is also gas reducing station (power of medium or low pressure distribution network, possible po- wer consumption of several hundred m3/h). Among the advantages of presented are- as can be numbered perfectly developed transportation network: in proximity of 300 m from the zone’s borders there is A4 highway and interchange in Godzieszów. Area of the zone is adjacent to national road No. 94 (Zgorzelec – Bolewsławiec – Wrocław) and 8 In ve st m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 176.3 km2 (the town – 16.2 km2) Population 15,131 Unemployment rate 13.9% (Bolesławiec County) Special economic Zone Kamienna Góra Small Business Special Economic Zone, Nowogrodziec – Wykroty Subzone Major roadsvoivodeship road No. 296 (Lubań – Żagań) ped specialist education system guaranteetowards A12 highway. About 3 km away a possibility of obtaining adequately prepa- • A4 highway (E-40) • National road No. 94from the borders of zone there is freight and red workforce. In the name of local council • Voivodeship road No. 296personal station Gierałtów – Wykroty with I would like to offer partnership and declare • Voivodeship road No. 357loading ramp within electrified railroad line all organizational and technical assistanceJelenia Góra – Lubań – Węgliniec (large in the realization of investments – says Ro- Railway linesinterchange), that links in Węgliniec with bert Relich, mayor of Nowogrodziec.railway Wrocław – Zgorzelec (rail border • Railroad line Jelenia Góra – Lubań – Węgliniec • National rail E-30 Zgorzelec – Wrocław (belongs to crossing). Pan-European transport corridors)In last 4 years there has been considera-ble development of Nowogrodziec – Wy- the nearest airportkroty subzone. Currently 11 companies have their premises here. Offered areas are • Wrocław (1.5 h)a perfect place for investments in automoti- • Dresden (1.5 h)ve industry, construction, polygraphy or wa-rehouses and logistics. The attractiveness the largest companiesof these areas is also accomplished by the • TBAI Poland Sp. z o.o. (Grupa Toyota) fact that in 2009 Toyota invested here its ca- • BDN Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. (Grupa Bauer) pital. Toyota built a plant specializing in pro- • Jutrzenka Colian Sp. z o.o. duction of car interior equipment elements. • RENA Polska Sp. z o.o. • Przedsiębiorstwo Konserwacji Urządzeń Wodnych Entrepreneurs who decide to invest within i Melioracyjnych MELIOBUD Sp. z o.o. SEZ, acquire the rights to benefit tax reliefs: • Ceramika PRZYBORSK Sp. z o.o. small enterprises up to 60%, medium-sized enterprises up to 50% and large enterprises tOURISt attRactIONSup to 40% of investment outlays. The rules Nowogrodziec is a municipality rich in gor- Town Hallof tax exemption are set out in permit for geous tradition of pottery, folklore and folk Rynek 1 Street 59-730 Nowogrodziecenterprise in SEZ. Investor gets permit after culture. There are valuable sights such as phone +48 75 738 06 60taking a decision of investing in the zone. ruins of monastery, defensive walls. You will fax +48 75 731 64 16– High intellectual potential, kindness and also find here attractive biking and hiking e-mail: diligence of our inhabitants, well develo- routes. w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl 9
  • OŁAWA MUNICIPALITY LOcatION Oława Municipality is situated 16 km southeast from Wrocław – the capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Through the southern outskirts of commune internatio- nal road A4 runs. Distance between invest- ment areas and highway exit is only 15 km. Through the municipal terrain there also run across national road No. 94 and railroad line Wrocław – Opole. All 33 towns in municipal have good road connections with Oława, Wrocław and Opole. INVeStMeNt OFFeR In addition to the undeniable charms of nature, many interesting sights and varied cultural life, Oława Municipality is develo- ping economically. Thanks to attractive in- vestment offer more and more companies locate here their seats. The main comple- INVeStMeNt aRea IN GODZIKOwIce xes designated for industry are situated in *archive photo, before the construction of SIL-PRO economic development zones in Stanowice and Godzikowice. Both zones have actual ecONOMIc DeVeLOPMeNt ZONeS Zone “Invest Park”. Offered area is situated land use planning. Division of the proper- Stanowice economic Development Zone outside its borders, but there is a real possi- ty depends on specific investor’s needs. covers an area of 360 ha. About 25 ha is still bility of enlarging borders of this zone. There is a possibility of property tax exemp- to be developed. A part of area in Stanowice Area in Stanowice is attractively located at tion (period of 3 years). belongs to II Wałbrzych Special Economic national road No. 94 Wrocław – Opole, with good collision-free exit. There are local ro- ads in the zone. For the offered investment area the approach road has been desi- gned. Real estate in Stanowice is fitted with all media. Near this area there is a power supply station of 30 MW, municipal waste water treatment plant, water supply system and pipeline. Within Stanowice there is also available retention tank and system of dit- ches draining rain water. These qualities have been appreciated by the committee of the all-Polish contest „Golden Sites 2008” organized by the Po- lish Information and Foreign Investment Agency under the patronage of Ministry of Economy. Stanowice zone was found as the best zone in Lower Silesia. In Stano- wice invested companies such as Algibox, INVeStMeNt aRea IN StaNOwIce Armeton, Ardex, Bims Plus, Cargo Truck *archive photo, before the construction of facilities10 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area Trading, Fabin PTU, Heiche, Kompozyty, Local electricity supplier designed a project 233.9 km² Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World, PHUT Fabo, increasing the power up to 20 MW. Within PPHU Poltrans, Roba Metals, Semmelrock the area there are pipeline, water supply Stein+Design, SG and Šoko. system, sanitary and storm canalization. Population The attractiveness of the zone has been Godzikowice Economic Development appreciated by SIL-PRO Bloczki Silikatowe. 14,715 Zone is relatively new investment area. It The company that located here its seat. came into being in 2006. The entire zone is For more information about investment offer Unemployment rate covered by subzone Oława of III Wałbrzych of Oława Municipality please visit website Special Economic Zone “Invest-Park”. The, section For investors. 767 persons in the end of 2010 whole area of the zone is 45 ha of which 39 ha is still undeveloped. It is divided into tOURISt attRactIONS Special economic Zone three complexes: 5, 10 and 24 ha. Oława Municiplaity is very attractive for to- Real estate in Godzikowice is situated at urists and may be a perfect place for spen- Investment areas in Godzikowice and Stanowice are the national road No. 94 Wrocław – Opole. ding free time. Among the greatest natural covered by subzone of Wałbrzych Special Economic There is a convenient exit by collision-free attractions undoubtedly are valuable nature Zone “Invest Park” junction. In 2010 municipality put inside reserves: Grodziska Ryczyńskie, Zwierzy- road into use. It is approach road to offered niec, Le¬śna Woda and Kanigóra. You sho- Major roads properties. Real estate in Godzikowice is uld also visit a palace in Oleśnica Mała. fully fitted. At the entrance to the zone there A4 highway – Berlin – Drezno – Wrocław – Cracow runs through the souther outskirts of municipality. is a power transformer of 2 MW. The investment areas are 15 km away from highway exit. Railway lines Railroad line Wrocław – Opole the nearest airport Wrocław – about 30 km the largest companies Armeton, Ardex, Bims Plus, Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World, Roba Metals, Semmelrock Stein+Design Office of the Commune Oława Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 28 Square 55-200 Oława phone +48 71 313 30 44 fax +48 71 313 01 99 e-mail: INVeStMeNt aRea IN StaNOwIce w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 11
  • PRocHoWIce Prochowice Municipality is situated in the OtHeR INVeStMeNt aReaS heart of Lower Silesian Voivodeship, be- Prochowice Municipality currently offers in- tween Wrocław agglomeration and Legni- vestors the following areas: ca-Głogów Copper Mining District. The • 2 plots at Kościuszki Street, area of community is characterized by convenient 0.5036 ha and 0.8617 ha. location close to Germany (border crossing This is the industrial land designated for in Jędrzychowice – 110 km) and Czech Re- business related to production, automo- public (border crossing in Lubawka – 80 km). tive, warehouses, depots, technical se- rvice for agriculture. It is a flat area of SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe regular shape, easily accessible, free of • 3 plots at Jagiellońska Street, area of Legnica Special economic Zone – Pro- buildings, protected objects of animate 2.0810 ha, 1.0268 ha and 1.5986 ha. chowice Subzone was established in 2008 and inanimate nature, high green, che- Within this land there is conducted on the land located along national road mical pollution or pollution exceeding business activity, industry and craft, No. 94. There is 11.4966 ha to develop. norms, former land use – agricultural. building height up to 15 m, situated in Entrepreneurs, who decide to invest here, Technical infrastructure is in the street. peripheral part of the city, directly by may benefit from partial relief of corporate • lot at Ogrodowa Street, area of 2.0810 ha. P asphalt road, free of buildings, protec- income tax (up to 50%) and assistance of This is industrial land and large and ted objects of animate and inanimate Poviat Labour Offices by virtue of creating spatial layout of warehouses and de- nature, high green, chemical pollution or new jobs. pots. They are trapezoidal in shape with Legnica region, including Prochowice, is a slight fall, located at the national road seen as area of great chances and invest- No. 94 (including into national road thro- ment opportunities. Convenient location fa- ugh inside roads), free of buildings, pro- vours investments, because Legnica Spe- tected objects of animate and inanimate cial Economic Zone is situated in an area nature, high green, chemical pollution or with well-developed network of roads, near pollution exceeding norms, former land border with Germany and great economic use – agricultural. Infrastructure is in the and intellectual potential. plot. Investment areas in Legnica Special Economic Zone – Prochowice Subzone12 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 103 km² Population 7,522 Unemployment rate 339 persons (end of 2010) Special economic Zone Legnica Special Economic Zone – Prochowice Subzone Major roads • A4 highway (22 km) pollution exceeding norms, former land and “Łęgi Odrzańskie” (Odra Wetlands) • E65 expressway (20 km) use – agricultural, in the close vicinity of belonging to Natura 2000 areas. The most • National road No. 94 Bytom – Krzywa • National road No. 36 Prochowice – Ostrów Wiel- Legnica special Economic Zone areas. interesting sights of the city are market squ- kopolski Infrastructure is in the road. are, town hall, church of St. Andrew and ca- • land for single-family residential bu- stle with historic park. Within the municipal Railway lines ildings at Akacjowa Street (byway of area there are numerous hiking trails inclu- Jagiellońska Street) – 5 plots with area ding Way of St. James and Bike Trail of the Railroad station in Legnica (18 km) of 0.1328 ha, 0.1322 ha, 0.1316 ha, Odra River. 0.1230 ha and 0.1245 ha. the nearest airport Infrastructure: water supply, canali- zation, electric power in Jagiellońska Wrocław (51 km) street. the largest companiestOURISt attRactIONSRegion of Prochowice Municipality is one of • Hemiz Sp. z o.o.the warmest in Poland. The area may boast • Operator Logistyczny Paliw Płynnych Baza nr 10 w Kawicachmeny natural values such as reserves “Bre- • Tartak Prochowicekina” and “Łęg Korea” (Korea Wetlands), • VIVENA-Natura“Torfowisko Szczytniki” (Szczytniki Bog) Municipal and Town Hall Rynek 1 Street 59-230 Prochowice phone +48 76 858 43 42 +48 76 858 43 43 fax +48 76 858 45 81 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 13
  • stRZeGoM LOcatION Strzegom Municipality is situated in the south-western part of Poland, in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Świdnica County. Strzegom has about 17,000 inhabitants and within 20 km radius live about 213,000 people. The town is major masonry center considered as Polish Capital of Granite. The main employers in the municipality are mining and masonry companies, mostly ha- ving the premises in Strzegom. Among si- gnificant companies there also are transport agencies, trading, productive and commer- cial companies, gastronomic services and hotels. Major advantage of commune is a proximity of German border (100 km) and Czech bor- der (30 km). SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe In the south-western part of Strzegom there Entrepreneurs who decide to invest in Sub- Kudowa Zdrój, is area of Wałbrzych Special Economic zone have possibility to get property tax re- • 13 km away from border crossing in 1 Zone – Strzegom Subzone. WSPZ “IN- lief. Międzylesie, VEST-PARK” is administratively marked off Strzegom Subzone is characterized by very • 21 km away from border crossing in 1 part of territory of Poland. It is designed to attractive location. It is situated: Zgorzelec, conduct economic activity on preferential • 15 km away from A4 highway, • 0 km away from border crossing in 5 conditions and managed by INVEST-PARK • 45 km away from border crossing in Lubawka, Company. Subzone has an area of 9.8 ha Golińsk, • n direct vicinity of national road No. 5 I and is entirely earmarked for investments. • 5 km away from the border crossing in 7 (Wrocław – Jelenia Góra), The area of subzone is unbuilt, that makes Jakuszyce, • 5 km away from International Airport in 5 convenient conditions to shaping buildings. • 0 km away from border crossing in 9 Wrocław.14 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty OF StRZeGOM area 20.49 km² Population 16,706 Unemployment rate 12.7% (2010) Special economic Zone Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone – Strzegom Subzone Major roads • A4 highway (15 km) • National road No. 5 Wrocław – Jelenia Góra Source: • Voivodeship road No. 374 Legnica – Jawor – Świe- bodzice – WałbrzychtOURISt attRactIONS ated 60 km away from this place. Unique to-In Strzegom not only investors will find great urist attraction of the municipality are nume- Railway linesoffer. Municipality is also an excellent pla- rous excavation being result of exploitation ce for tourists seeking rest and recreation. of granite deposits. Their basins are wa- -Strzegom Hills encourage to hiking. They ter-filled and rock faults are overgrown by belong to the most interesting vantage trees and bushes. Within area of Strzegom the nearest airportpoints in Lower Silesia. The highest hill is Hills is specific warm microclimate, friendly Krzyżowa Góra (also known as Mt. Kromo- for stenothermal plants, characteristic for Wrocław (55 km)ła) towering over the town (354 m asl), from Mediterranean climate.which you can admire Giant Mountains situ- the largest companies Stonemasonry branch: • Strzegomskie Przedsiębiorstwo Górniczo-Obrób- cze Granit • Polski Granit • Grabinex Sp. z o.o. • Morstone Sp. z o.o. Other branches: • Strzegomskie Zakłady Mechaniczne ZREMB • Strzegom Zakłady Wyrobów Papierowych UNIPAP Sp. z o.o. Town Hall Rynek 38 58-150 Strzegom phone +48 75 856 05 99 fax +48 74 856 05 16 e-mail: Source: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 15
  • ZGoRZeLec Y o u r p l a c e i n Europe! LOcatION Zgorzelec, town in the Lower Silesia, has 32,000 inhabitants and is located in the so- uth-western Poland, on the border with Ger- many, near the border with Czech Republic. German neighbour of Zgorzelec is Gӧrlitz. To emphasize partnerships between the towns, in 1998 there was proclaimed Euro- pe-City Zgorzelec/Gӧrlitz. Zgorzelec is situated on the international route E-40 connecting eastern and western Europe and by voivodeship road No. 352 linking with roads running from north to so- uth of the continent. Town also has connec- tion with German railways, and airports in Dresden (1.5 h), Prague (2.5 h) and Wro- cław (2 h) guarantee air communication. ecONOMy Location of Zgorzelec creates perfect con- ditions for international economic coope- ration. Town has multiannual investment been completed. scheme and physiogeographical study. Lo- cal land use planning includes up to 75% INVeStMeNt OFFeR of the area. Carrying for economic deve- Zgorzelec has attractive investment lands lopment the authorities of Zgorzelec do with total area of about 100 ha. The are- not forget about natural environment. They as designated for production and service attach great significance to environmental activity are marked off in the southern part preservation. The proof of it are specific in- of the town. Some of them form Zgorzelec vestment activities. There has been prepa- Subzone with area of 16 ha. Subzone be- red Environment Protection Scheme. The longs to Kamienna Góra Special Econo- town disposes modern sludge stabilization mic Zone for Small Business. Within the Titles “Community Fair Play 2006” and “Pro- and municipal waste segregation plants. subzone entrepreneurs may benefit from fessional and Investors Friendly Communi- Recently modernization of the Water Tre- attractive investment conditions and profes- ty” obtained by Zgorzelec are the proof that atment and Sewage Treatment Plant has sional support of self-government and cen- town is place open to new challenges and tral administration. Excellent location of Zgorzelec is conside- red as one of the most attractive in terms of investment in Poland. This is appreciated by entrepreneurs such as Citronex – serio- us shipping and logistic company, leader in the import of bananas in this part of Europe, which is building in Zgorzelec the Europe- ’s largest Banana ripening room and from here delivers them to supermarkets in Po- land, Germany and Czech Republic.16 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty areainvestments. For information about invest- 16 km²ment in Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Small Business and complete Populationoffer, please visit 31,965attRactIVeNeSS OF Re- Unemployment rateGION aND tOwN 13.3%Zgorzlec is a perfect base for lo-vers of sights, history and active Special economic Zonerecreation. The greatest assets of Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Smallthe region are Suburb Nyskie with Business – Zgorzelec Subzonerestaurants and cafés, numerous si- www.inwestycje.zgorzelec.eughts of our neighbouring Gӧrlitz, bike tra-ils and modern sports objects. Proximity of Major roadsIzera Mountains, Giant Mountains, Zittau • A4 highway (E-40)Mountains, Lake Witka and German Bers- weekend of August in conjunction with Alt- • Voivodeship road No. 352dorf See is the chance for rest in the bosom stadtfest in Goerlitz. This double old town of nature. festival is visited by guests from all over the Railway linesEvery year cultural and entertaining offer at- world! It is the biggest event, but culture • E-30 line (belonging to Pan-European Transport tracts more and more people to Zgorzelec. and entertainment is vibrant in Zgorzelec Corridor)In recent years, the most attractive event in throughout the year. For cultural and tourist • Line No. 274 • Wrocław – Legnica – Zgorzelec - Dresdenthe city has become a feast of the old city offer and information about the most intere-“Jakuby”. It is always organized on the last sting events, please visit the nearest airport • Wrocław • Berlin • Prague • Dresden the largest companies • PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. Oddział Elektrownia Turów • PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. Oddział Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Turów • Specjalistyczne Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane „SAVEX” spółka z o.o. • Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Instalacyjnych „INSBUD” Sp z o.o. • Citronex I Sp. z o.o. • KOPEX-FAMAGO Sp.z o.o. • Wielospecjalistyczny Szpital - SP ZOZ w Zgorzelcu Town Hall Domańskiego 7 Street phone +48 75 775 66 04 fax 75 775 64 21 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 17
  • Key FactS areaLubuskie Voivodeship is situated in the central-western part of Poland. Major towns of this region are: Gorzów Wielkopolski (the seat of central administration) and Zielona 13,988 km²Góra (the seat of local government). The voivodeship covers an area of 13,988 km2.Population is over 1,000,000, it represents more than 2% of total population in Poland. PopulationLocation on the border with Germany, at the European transport route from the East to the West allows access to the attractive markets in Germany and other countries in 1,010,705 Western Europe. 63.9% in urban areasLubuskie Voivodeship has well developed border infrastructure. Numerous border Population densitycrossings (road, rail and river) make possible the quick goods transport. This region also has well developed local transport network, both road and rail. 72 persons/km²Lubuskie Voivodeship is a part of Sprewa-Nysa-Bóbr Euroregion and Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina (cross-border location of international university Viadrina deserves special attention). High activity of voivodeship within Euroregions contributes to good Major towns in the voivodeshipeconomic cooperation with our neighbours. • Gorzów WielkopolskiPrivate sector is dynamically growing. Compared to other voivodeships here is a large • Zielona Góranumber of enterprises with foreign capital.Special Economic Zones (Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ and Wałbrzych SEZ), marked off wi- Other large towns in the voivodeshipthin voivodeship area, offer investors favourable conditions and support. Traditional economic sectors well developed in the region are timber processing (including ma- • Gorzów Wielkopolskinufacture of furniture) and production of paper. There also dynamically running here • Zielona Górathe following sectors: automotive, chemical and food industry. The other dynamically • Nowa Sól • Żaryrunning sectors are: automotive, chemical and food industry. Along with timber proces- • Żagańsing and food industry, among sectors of high chance there are electronic and glass industries. GDP growth dynamics has been estimated from 2003 at 125.4% (average Special economic Zonesdynamics in Poland has been 121.9%). Compared to the whole country employment structure in the voivodeship is characterized by high participation of service sector – 58% (in Poland it is 56%), while number of workers in agriculture is 7% (13% in the co- • Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zoneuntry) and in industrials – 35% (31% in Poland, Central Statistical Office – Local Data • Wałbrzych Special Economic ZoneBank). In Lubuskie Voivodeship there are 8 public and 5 private universities, educating almost 30,000 students (28,558, Central Statistical Office, November 2009). Regional Investor assistance centreFinally, we should not forget about many natural attractions characterizing this voivo- Source: PAIiIZ, Clean environment, large woodiness, numerous lakes favour the development of tourism and agritourist farms. The Muskau Park in Łęknica Community was entered Zielona Górainto UNESCO World Heritage List. International airport Zielona Góra - Babimost w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 19
  • KRoSNo oDRZAńSKIE – PLAcE foR YouR SuccESS! Over 30 ha of fully fitted area is waiting just for You! Our aSSetS: • strategic, cross-border location 30 km away from Polish-German border, • proximity to airports (Babimost – 60 km, Berlin Schönefeld – 130 km, Berlin Tegel – 150 km), • city of young people – almost 37% of population is under 30 years, • low labour costs, • proximity to academic centers, • road, river and rail transport, • maximum reliefs and preferences for investors, • pro-business attitude of officials, • Investor Service Center providing comprehensive services, • assistance in establishing business contacts, Me and my team are • cooperation in the field of economic promotion, at your disposal • natural resources such as wood, gravel, sand and brown coal, Marek Cebula • attractive plots for buildings, Mayor of Krosno Odrzańskie • tourist and leisure attractions – a large number of forests and lakes.20 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • Investment in Krosno Odrzańskie turned out to be bull’s eye. Thanks to skilled workers and low labour costs we note continuous increase of sales and dynamic development. I recommend Krosno Odrzańskie as a place for Your success! Markus Sidler Vice-Chairman of the Board in Rilling made by Krosno-Metal winner of Business Gazelles 2010 titleBROwN cOaL MINe aND POweR StatION 30 km away from Krosno Odrzańskie there is realized project related to construction of power station and brown coal mine. The contractor is a company owned by PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA. Investment areas of the city are already ga- ining in attractiveness and will soon become a real „gold mine”. Do not miss your chance — invest in Krosno Odrzańskie!KRoSNo oDRZAńSKIE – PERfEcT PLAcE foR LIVING AND INVESTMENT w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 21
  • Key FactS areaŁódzkie Voivodeship is situated in the heart of Poland. It covers an area of 18,219 km2.In 2009 population was over 2,500,000, it represented more than 6% of total popula- 18,219 km²tion in Poland. The main economic centre is the Łódź Metropolitan Area. Other towns in voivodeship are: Piotrków Trybunalski, Pabianice, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Bełcha- Populationtów and Zgierz. 2,541,832Łódź region is very well urbanized and may boast one of the highest rates of private 64.2% in urban areasfirms per 100 inhabitants. Population densityCentral location and good connections with every region in the country are great as-sets of the voivodeship. Moreover, the connections are still extending – under con- 140 persons/km²struction is highway junction in the vicinity of Stryków – it will be the second largest motorway junction in Poland. Voivodeship capitalŁódzkie Voivodeship has strong industrial traditions reaching the nineteenth century. ŁódźEven today there is here a good climate for investing and conducting business. Espe-cially favourable conditions for entrepreneurs to invest are within Special Economic Other large towns in the voivodeshipZones – Łódź SEZ and Starachowice SEZ. • Piotrków TrybunalskiŁódź region for decades has been related to textile manufacture and rag trade. The- • Pabianicese traditions are still continued. Textile manufacture is considered as one of the high • Tomaszów Mazowieckichance sectors in Łódzkie Voivodeship. There are here for example High Technology • Bełchatów • ZgierzIndustry Cluster textile and clothing, Polish Technology Platform for Textile Industry. However voivodeship also applies for dynamic development of other industries. In recent years in Łódź region there has been established the largest cluster of white Special economic Zonesgoods in Europe. • Łódź Special Economic ZoneThe region boasts large reserves of brown coal – Łódzkie Voivodeship is the second in • Starachowice Special Economic Zonethe country (the first one is Silesia) producer of energy. At the same time large reserves of thermal waters may be the basis for development of renewable energy. Energetics Industrial & technology Parksis another sector of high chance for the region. This is because of geothermal deposits (about 1/3 of total deposits in the country) and great possibilities of biomass produc- • Bełchatów-Kleszczów Industrial and Technological tion. Park • Kutno Agro-Industrial Park • Łódź Regional Park of Science and Technology Other sectors of high chance are: fruit and vegetable industry, biotechnology (in Łódź • Boruta Zgierz Industrial Parkthere takes place Biotechnology and Biobusiness Trade Fair – Bio-Forum, the largest event if this kind in Central-Eastern Europe),mechatronics and new media – scientific Regional Investor assistance centre Source: PAIiIZ, in this area is provided by a world-famous Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź. An important aspect of regional development strategy for the Łódźregion is also the logistics, construction and chemical industry.All developed in the Łódź region industries have a solid scientific base here. The re- International airportgion is a strong academic center, there are here 31 public and 25 private universities, educating more than 200,000 students (206,207, Central Statistical Office, November • Łódź – Lublinek2009). • Władysław Reymont Airport w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 23
  • PIOTRKÓW TRYBUNALSKI LOcatION Piotrków Trybunalski has almost 80,000 in- habitants. It is situated in the heart of Po- land, at the junction of major international and national roads. Along the western city limits A1 highway runs. Excellent road and railway infrastructure attract many investors to Piotrków. In recent years Piotrków has become one of the most important logistics center in the country. INVeStMeNt OFFeR Piotrków Trybunalski has very attractive of- fer for investors. The proof of this can be companies having premises in our town. We have large logistics centers such as Distribution centre IKEA (area of 47 ha, next halls with a total area of 50,000 m2 is under construction), ProLogis Park Piotr- as M&M Logistics, PPG, Colep CCL, Eron- The companies investing in Piotrków Trybu- ków (area of 30 ha, property lessees such trans, Compania de Distribucion Integral nalski may apply for investment allowance as Unilever, Carrefour, NOMI, Vitakraft), Logista, Schlecker, JYSK, Trans Południe, such as property tax relief. Criterion that Logistics centre Kaufland (area of 27 ha, KRONOPOL), Poland central – europolis must be met to get tax relief for 1 year is warehouses with a floor area of 120,000 in Grabica Municipality (122 ha, destination creation of at least 5 new jobs or incurring m2, meat factory and cold store). Realiza- storage of over 500,000 m2, property lesse- investment outlays of at least 250,000 PLN. tion of next big logistics projects in Piotr- es such as IKEA, Erontrans, FM Logistic, To get tax relief for 2 years investor has to ków and the closest vicinity is in progress: PSD,, Prologis Park Piotrków II create at least 10 new jobs or incur invest- Logistic City Piotrków Distribution Center (25 ha, destination 6 halls with a total deve- ment outlays of at least 500,000 PLN. And (over 100 ha, planned development area lopment area of 125,000 m2, property lesse- if you want to get tax relief for 3 years, you of over 450,000 m , property lessees such 2 es such as Stock Polska, Vobis). should create at least 25 new jobs or incur investment outlays of at least 1,200,000 PLN. Investment attractiveness of Piotrków is also increased by local airport available for entrepreneurs, equipped with 1,000 m long asphalt runway and grass runway of 1,000 m length and 200 m width. SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe aND INVeStMeNt aReaS Piotrków subzone of Łódź Special Eco- nomic Zone covers over 18 ha. Within the area of subzone works Glassworks “Feniks 2”, Reculer Sp. z o.o. and Haering – a global leader in machining, that produces rolling parts for global concerns such as Bosch and Siemens. Production plant in Piotrków 24 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 67.25 km² Population 77,944 Unemployment rate 11.4% Special economic Zone Łódź Special Economic Zone, Piotrków subzone (area of 18 ha)is considered as the best precision lathe in tOURISt attRactIONSthe world. Piotrków Trybunalski – historical town in the Major roadsIn direct vicinity of artificial lake Bugaj (sur- heart of Poland – it can boast a lot of valu-face area of about 45 ha), swimming pool able sights. Tourist certainly will be deligh- • A1 highway“Słoneczko” and broad wooded areas the- ted by old tenements on the Market Square, • S8 expressway • National road No. 12re are investment lands with a total area of fragments of city walls from the turn of the • National road No. 9128 ha. They have excellent connections with fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, former other parts of the city, S8 exit road Warsaw royal castle from the sixteenth century (no- Railway lines– Katowice and national road No. 12 Radom wadays the museum), valuable churches – Kielce. Local land use planning describes such as Gothic parish church of St. James, Warszawa–Katowicepossibility of building hotels, restaurants, le- former synagogue and Orthodox church.isure and tourist facilities. the nearest airport • Airport of discretionary category – Piotrków • International Airport Łódź Lublinek the largest companies • Haering Polska Sp. z o.o. • Emerson Polska Sp. z o.o. • MBL Poland Sp. z o.o. • PIoMA s.A Town Hall Rudowskiego 10 Passage 97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski phone +48 44 732 18 75 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 25
  • Key FactS areaOpolskie Voivodeship is situated in the south-western Poland in the basin of the Up-per River Odra and the Silesian lowland. It borders on Czech Republic. Capital city is 9,412 km²Opole. Other large town in the region are: Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Nysa, Brzeg, Kluczbork and Prudnik. Opolskie Voivodeship covers an area of 9,412 km2. In 2009 population was over 1,000,000, it represented almost 3% of total population in Poland. Within PopulationOpole region the higher education is growing dynamically. In the voivodeship there are currently 6 public and 2 private universities, educating over 46,000 students (Central 1,031,100Statistical Office, November 2009). 52.3% in urban areasOpole region is well communicated with Western Europe. From west to east A4 hi-ghway runs, and the entire region is covered by dense network of roads. Thanks to Population densityOder River and Gliwice – Kędzierzyn-Koźle Canal the Opole region has also access to sailing (port in Kędzierzyn-Koźle is the largest inland port in Poland). Voivodeship has 110 persons/km²also very well-developed access to Internet.Residents of Opole – because of their multiculturalism – are characterized by tole- Voivodeship capitalrance and openness. Inhabitants of the voivodeship are among the most favourably inclined towards foreign capital in Poland. OpoleOpole region benefits from its border location. It has very good contacts with neighbo-urs. In the region there are numerous border crossings, region belongs to two Eurore- Other large towns in the voivodeshipgions – Pradziad and Silesia.Thanks to rich soils, good climate and advantageous terrain the Opole Voivodeship • Kędzierzyn-Koźle • Nysaboasts especially efficient and modern agriculture. For this reason sector with high • Brzegchance is foodstuffs industry. Undoubtedly large potential and market belongs to pro- • Kluczborkcessing industry. The high opportunity sectors in Opole region have also been consi- • Prudnikdered chemical industry (the region has great tradition in production in this sector) and construction (there are numerous natural resources such as limestone, marl, loam, Special economic Zonessand).Among strategic sectors in Opole region there are also the following industries: energy, • Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone • Katowice Special Economic Zonemachine, metal, wood and nonmetallic materials. • Starachowice Special Economic ZoneWithin voivodeship there are Wałbrzych, Katowice and Starachowice Special Econo-mic Zones. They offer favourable conditions for entrepreneurs to conduct business. Industrial & technology Parks Source: PAIiIZ, • Opole Science and Technology Park • Kędzierzyn-Koźle Industrial Park Regional Investor assistance centre Opole w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 27
  • KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE LOcatION authorities seek solutions which can meet formation and Foreign Investment Agency, Kędzierzyn-Koźle Municipality is situated in them. Town Council prepared a resolution, Information Office of Opolskie Region in the Upper Silesia, in Opolskie Voivodeship. that allows a property tax relief for enti- Bruxelles, Economic Cooperation Office Thanks to its special location Kędzierzyn- ties realizing new investments. Areas and at Frankfurt-Hahn airport. Entrepreneurs, -Koźle is very attractive place. Municipali- real estates designed for business activity who visit Kędzierzyn-Koźle, do not have ty lies at the junction of routes connecting are the subject to monitoring at all times. to be worried they will be left to their own large agglomerations in Upper and Lower These areas belong to Kędzierzyn-Koźle devices, because we guarantee professio- Silesia. The Odra River along with the Gli- Municipality, Kędzierzyn-Koźle Industrial nal support for investors. Kędzierzyn-Koźle wice Canal flowing through the town provide Park and Military Property Agency or other already is a place of concentration of fore- water link with western Europe and Upper companies within the town. Thinking about ign capital such as German, British, Dutch Silesian Basin. permanent improvement of investment cli- and Greek. Some of the biggest Polish che- mate there was established an information mical and photographical companies are INVeStMeNt OFFeR bank for investor. It gathers in one place all located here. In the ranking of the largest Creating proper investment climate is very information about commune, on the munici- and fastest growing companies, published difficult, time-consuming and delicate pro- pal website. Seeking to acquire new entre- by daily „Rzeczpospolita”, there were six ject. It should be noted that organization preneurs the municipality also cooperates companies of Kędzierzyn-Koźle. As many of service for investors proceeds truly pro- with Opolskie Centre for Economy Deve- as 8 companies from the city were classi- fessionally. Knowing about expectations the lopment, Investor Service Centre, Marshall fied in Business Gazelles ranking published most valued by our entrepreneurs, the town Office of Opolskie Voivodeship, Polish In- by economic journal „Puls Biznesu”. Work 28 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 123.4 km² Population 62,238 Unemployment rate 13.5% (County) Special economic Zone Katowice Special Economic Zone – Gliwice Subzone Major roadson creating a pro-investment climate of the “Port Koźle”, formerly the largest Europe- • National roads No. 40 and 45city and innovation has been appreciated an river port on the Odra with surface area • Voivodeship roads No. 423, 410 and 408by independent, external experts bodies. of 35.57 ha. • Finished construction of section of city bypassFor entire work and level of preparation for • A4 highway in Olszowa – 15-30 minutes by carprofessional service for investors the city tOURISt attRactIONShas received among others “Commune At- Kędzierzyn-Koźle is also worth visiting as Railway linestractive for Investor” certificate, reward in a tourist. You can see Old Town in Koźle, “National Leaders of Innovations” contest in castle, fragments of former fortifications of “Innovative Commune” category. And the ti- Koźle fortress such as Frederick William’s Transportation of goods by rail in four main direc-tle “Business Friendly City in Silesia”. Fort (Montalembert’s Tower). In the city the- tions: Katowice, Wrocław, Wałbrzych, RacibórzIn a recent prestigious Newsweek ranking re are City Tourist Routes “City Walk”.Kędzierzyn-Koźle was considered as bu- the nearest airportsiness friendly city. Classification included criteria such as land prices, renting prices, • Katowice – 70 kmlocal taxes, average salary, city indebted- • Wrocław – 100 kmness and availability of notarial and accoun-ting offices, language schools. Kędzierzyn--Koźle is a modernly managed municipality, the largest companieswhere inhabitants, tourists and investors may live well and safely. • ZAK s.A Town and Municipal Office • Brenntag Polska sp.z o.o.INVeStMeNt aReaS in Kędzierzyn-Koźle • Fotojoker Grzegorza Piramowicza 32 Street • PRDiM s.A.“Pole Południowe” is a special attractive 47-200 Kędzierzyn-Koźle • FAMET S.A.area of 76 ha, fully fitted, covered by Kato- phone +48 77 405 03 38 • Petrochemia-Blachownia S.A.wice Special economic Zone – Gliwice Sub- fax +48 77 405 03 85 • DamenShipyards Koźle Sp. z o.o. zone and designed for industrial investment. e-mail: • ntP s.A.The second biggest investment area is w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 29
  • KIetRZ LOcatION Kietrz Municipality is situated in the Silesian Lowlands by the Troja River, in the southern part of Opolskie Voivodeship, near the Po- lish-Czech border. INVeStMeNt OFFeR Kietrz Municipality in 2007 and 2008 re- ceived prestigious in Opolskie Voivodeship title “Commune Attracitve for Investor”. The municipality has a specialized worker who ensures investor service. In Kietrz also re- siliently works Municipal Information Cen- ter, offering assistance in the recruitment of employees and supporting the companies in training and changing the profession of workers. The companies have possibility to benefit from tax reliefs. The main goal of Kietrz Municipality is development. It may boast well-educated staff and “Transpa- Czech Republic. ki Street, the second one at Głowackiego rent Poland” certificate. It has successes In local land use planning for industry, ware- street. in obtaining EU funds and has very good houses and stores there are two investment Among the largest companies working in contacts with commune self-government in areas. The first one is situated at Kościusz- the municipality there are Kombinat Rolny 30 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 140 km² Population 11,412 Unemployment rate 17.4% in Głubczyce County, lack of data distingu- ished for municipality Special economic Zone Katowice Special Economic Zone S.A., Gliwice SubzoneKietrz Spółka z o.o. (in 2003 it was ente- tOURISt attRactIONS Major roadsred to the list of agricultural enterprises of Kietrz Municipality is worth to visiting for its special importance for national economy), natural attractions such as nature reserve Welur Matt, Chapel Parket Polska, Filplast, “Góra Gipsowa” with valuable steppe plants • A1 highway (under construction) • A4 highway – about 60 km awayCentrum Budowlane Duda Piotr, Katolik Sp. and nature reserve “Rozumice”. • National road No. 45 Opole – Racibórz – Chałupki z o.o., Prefrow, Agro Eko, Biochem and GS (border crossing near Czech Ostrava)Samopomoc Chłopska. • Voivodeship roads: No. 416 Krapkowice – Kietrz – Racibórz, No. 419 Nowa cerekwia – Branice, No. 420 Kietrz – Pilszcz (state border)SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe • County roads: No. 1224O Nowa Cerekwia – 22 July 2008 plots No. 1/4, 256/10 and Town Hall Włodzienin, No. 2082O Kietrz - Trzebom (Czech 256/11 of 6,89 ha belonging to investment 3 Maja 1 Street Republic) 48-130 Kietrzarea No. 1 were covered by Katowice Spe- phone +48 77 485 43 56cial Economic Zone, that guarantees inve- +48 77 485 43 59 Railway linesstors a range of facilities. Town Hall in Kietrz e-mail: also ensures professional service. Freight train Kietrz – Pietrowice wielkie the nearest airport • Katowice – 88 km • Wrocław – 174 km • Ostrava (Czech republic) – 52 km the largest companies Kombinat Rolny Kietrz Spółka z o.o, Welur Matt, Chapel Parket Polska, Filplast, Centrum Budowlane Duda Piotr, Katolik sp. z o.o., Prefrow, Agro Eko, Biochem, GS Samopomoc Chłopska w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 31
  • Key FactS areaSilesian Voivodeship is situated in the southern Poland and borders on Czech Repu- 12,333 km²blic and Slovakia. It is the most industrialized region in Europe and the most urbanized region in Poland. Silesian Voivodeship covers an area of 12,333 km2. Voivodeship Populationpopulation is almost 4,700,000 – it represents more than 12% population of Poland. In Silesia there are 45 public and 34 private universities, which educate 10% of all 4,638,462 students in Poland. 78% in urban areas Population densitySilesian Voivodeship is counted among regions of the greatest investment attractive-ness and lowest investment risk. It is Polish second region in terms of a number of lar- 376 persons/km²ge investors. Silesia is one of the foremost regions in terms of gross domestic product per capita – in 2007 it was 32,761 PLN while the average GDP in Poland was 30,873 PLN. Voivodeship capitalGDP growth dynamics in voivodeship has been estimated from 2003 at 122.3% while the average dynamics in Poland has been 121.9%. KatowiceSilesia has very well developed transport system including road and railway infrastruc- Other large towns in the voivodeshipture such as A1 and A4 highways, Metallurgical Broad-gauge Line. Katowice Interna- • Częstochowational Airport in Pyrzowice guarantees efficient domestic and international transport. • Sosnowiec • GliwiceKatowice Special Economic Zone offers investors the income tax reliefs and ready • Zabrze • Bytomplots for investments in automotive sector. Special economic ZonesRichness of natural resources such as the largest deposits of coal, zinc and lead ores in Poland was determined economic development in Silesia. In this region dominates Katowice Special Zoneheavy industry – 60 mines, 18 iron and steel foundries. According to local development strategy traditional Silesian sectors such as coal, steel and coking industry are and Industrial & technology Parkswill be modernized. At the same time other sectors (such as automotive) develop here • Technology Park of Aviation-innovation, coopera-very dynamically. tion and development • Bytom Industrial ParkSilesia has very varied offer for investors. In addition to industry, the region counts on • Częstochowa Industrial Park • Upper Silesian Industrial Parkdevelopment and modernization of infrastructure, tourism and recreation, agriculture – • Jaworzno Industrial Parkagricultural areas cover almost half of the land in Silesia. • Industrial Park „Cross Point” in Żory • „Euro Center” Science and Technology Park • Ziemia Pszczyńska Industrial ParkSilesian strategic sectors are small and medium enterprises, research and develop- • Ruda Śląska Business Incubatorment, new technologies introducing, food industry and tourism. • Industrial and Technological Park – EkoPark – in Piekary Śląskie • Sosnowiec Science and Technology ParkSilesia also promote its tourist attractions. Voivodeship has many areas of rest and • SYNERGY PARK Business and Industrial Parkrecreational values such as 8 landscape parks, Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, nume- • Silesian Industrial Park Source: PAIiIZ, protected areas and interesting historical legacy such as Castle in Pszczyna, • Żory Industrial ParkTyskie Brovarium and Mining Open Air Museum in Zabrze. Regional Investor assistance centre Katowice International airport Katowice – Pyrzowice w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 33
  • JASTRZĘBIE-ZDRÓJ Constructed A1 highway, photo by Robert Sitek Jastrzębie-Zdrój is situated in the southern part of Silesian Voivodeship, near the Po- lish-Czech border. INVeStMeNt OFFeR Raising of new investors and city develop- ment are the priorities in economic policy implemented by authorities of Jastrzębie- -Zdrój. To ensure the right investment clima- te, in the city there are enacted beneficial regulations of the local law such as changes of land use planning. The effect of current work is designation of production, service and centregenic areas which may stimulate the economic activity. Jastrzębie-Zdrój has in disposal very well Viaduct on constructed A1 highway, photo by Piotr Kędzierski developed technical infrastructure and pu- blic transport system. In the direct vicinity of the town there will be an exit of the cur- rently built highway A1. For this reason the most important invest in Jastrzębie-Zdrój is “Main Southern Road” construction. It will connect A1 highway with the town and na- tional roads in the southern part of Silesian Voivodeship. Thanks to the favorable conditions for part- nership between the largest business entity having the premises in the town – Jastrzęb- ska Spółka Węglowa S.A. and the city au- thorities, in the scope of economic revitali- zation of post-mining areas there has been nica, photo by Arkadiusz Kogut Concrete mixing plant in the areas of the former coal mine Moszcze- adopted development conception including creation of economic zones. Joint working in this matter has resulted in establishment of Jastrzębie Economic Activity Zone Sp. z o.o. Investing in these areas and in areas situated in the town, owned by Katowice Special economic Zone S.a. is connected not only with possibility of benefit from tax reliefs and preferences, but also guarante- es location in strategic areas of the city. The territories are characterized by the big- gest dynamics of transformations paying special attention to economic investments, infrastructure development and extension of road connections.34 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 85.44 km² Population 91,322 Unemployment rate 8.2% (2010)Spa House, photo by Agnieszka Zeh Special economic Zone Katowice Special Economic Zone S.A., Jastrzębie – Żory Subzone Major roads • A1 highway (under construction) • “Main Southern Road” ring road (under construc- Essential task accomplished by the city au- good, constantly modernized sports base tion) thorities is creation of effective support sys- and green environment are the reasons of • National Road No. 81 tem for local business entities. It provides spending free time in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. In professional assistance in law and econo- Zdrój district you can see interesting memo- Railway lines mic consulting, available financial resour- rabilia connected with sanatoriums establi- ces, new markets and business conditions shed here in the nineteenth century such as Freight trains within European Union’s Internal Market. historical Spa Park. the nearest airport tOURISt attRactIONS Interesting calendar of cultural events, • Katowice • Cracow • Ostrawa-MosnovCommunication system in the city center, photo by Robert Sitek the largest companies • Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. • Prymat Sp. z o.o. • ELPLAST+ Sp. z o.o. Jastrzębie-Zdrój City Hall Piłsudskiego 60 Avenue 44-335 Jastrzębie-Zdrój phone +48 32 47 85 181 fax +48 32 47 85 384 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 35
  • Key FactS areawarmian-Masurian Voivodeship is situated in the north-eastern Poland. It covers an area of 24,174 km2. In 2009 the population was over 1,400,000. 24,174 km²Voivodeship has very favourable location. It has an access to the Baltic Sea – in Elbląg by Vistula Lagoon there is port, today formally considered as seaport (it lies on the Elbląg River, 6 km from estuary of Vistula Lagoon, part of this river between estuary Populationand a port is known as Polish internal waters). Project of construction of ship canal through the Vistula Spit (connecting Vistula Lagoon and Gdańsk bay by sea) would raise communication qualities of the region. Great asset of the voivodeship is its close 1,427,118vicinity to the border with European Union. Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship also is the 59.9% in urban areasonly province in Poland, which borders on Kaliningrad Oblast. Owing to this, region has high potential for cooperation with Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe.In the future communication situation of the region should be improved by planned Via Population densityBaltica and A1 highways.Region of Warmia and Masuria are is called the Green Lungs of Poland. This area is 59 persons/km²known of unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes. There are about 2,000 lakes, extensive forests, many landscape parks, nature reserves and architectural monu-ments. Voivodeship capitalThese values create high potential for tourism and agritourism. Good natural condi-tions also allow the development of agricultural and food sector: region of Warmia Olsztynand Masuria is a traditionally agricultural area, where arable land is more than half of the region, the province has also Poland’s largest percentage of farms of over 20 ha (14.5%). Besides, in the province successfully operate research and scientific institu- Other large towns in the regiontions related to agriculture and food processing, such as Centre of Polish Committee of International Milk Federation FIL/IDF, Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences and numerous faculties of the University • Elblągof Warmia and Masuria (eg. Faculty of Food Sciences, Faculty of Animal Bioengine- • Ełk • Ostródaering). In the voivodeship there are 9 public and 7 private universities, educating more • Iławathan 64,000 students (64,263, Central Statistical Office, November 2009). • GiżyckoEverything points that in the future in Warmia and Masuria will dynamically develop ecological branches of industry. Certainly there is here a high potential of alternative Special economic Zonesenergy – from 2007 in Kisielice the Wind Energy Station has worked, and in University of Warmia and Masuria there is the Research Centre of Renewable Energy. • Warmia and Masuria Special Economic Zone Source: PAIiIZ, from agriculture, food industry and tourism in Regional Development Strategy • Suwałki Special Economic Zonefor Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship the strategic branches are: furniture sector (forests cover 30% of the area; there are here many furniture plants) and production of sports equipment and rubber goods. Regional Investor assistance centreWithin Warmia and Masuria there are two Special Economic Zones: Warmia and Ma-suria SEZ and Suwałki SEZ, where investors have very favourable conditions. Olsztyn w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 37
  • MRąGOWO LOcatION 6) Building height – 3 storeys including 3) reen with elements of small archi- g Mrągowo Municipality is situated in the attic. tecture, north-eastern region of Poland, in the cen- 7) idge of the building parallel to the R 4) echnical infrastructure facilities. t tral part of Warmian and Masurian Voivo- layers. 4. Facilities and equipment referred to in deship, in Mrągowo County. Municipality is 3. As a purpose permitted in the areas re- the 3rd paragraph can be localized, if only 6 km away from Olsztyn, about 200 km ferred to in the 1st paragraph shall be: they are complement or enrichment of from Warsaw and about 220 from Gdańsk. 1) ot burdensome services, n the primary destination. 2) ports equipment and structures, s INVeStMeNt OFFeR Mrągowo Municipality administrates three plots for hotel development – year-round tourist hotel. These are plots: No. 466 with an area of 0.9369 ha, Probark precinct, No. 469 with an area of 1.2132 ha, Probark pre- cinct and No. 470 with an area of 1.1013 ha, Probark precinct. According to the local land use planning of recreational areas „Góra Czterech Wiatrów” in Probark precinct legislated in resolution No. VI/24/98 passed by Municipal Council in Mragowo on 30 December 1998, published in Public Journal of Warmian and Masurian Voivodeship No. 6 of 5 February 1999, pos. 33 1. There is mapped out an area, marked with symbol 5MH (plot No. 469), 6MH (plot No. 470), 7MH (plot No. 466) pri- marily destined for hotel development – year-round tourist hotel. 2. For the area referred to in the 1st para- graph it shall be: 1) Within the area 60% of the land must remain ecologically active. 2) Enclosed structures with the primary and possible purpose should be built as solid or a few solids tied together. Building in the type of bungalow is excluded. 3) teep roofs, two or multi-surface S roof with inclination of the surface of 30°-f-45°, covered with red ceramic tiles or slate-like sheet. 4) ndicator of development intensity – I 0.4. 5) Maximum capacity – 150 persons (for plot No. 466, maximum 100 persons).38 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 294.87 km2 Population 7,579 Unemployment rate 21.5% Special economic Zone Warmia and Masuria Special Economic ZonetOURISt attRactIONS the ski resort G4W was opened here. It is Major roadsMrągowo is a very attractive place for touri- located on Góra Czterech Wiatrów (185.5 asl) sts. Dominating element of the landscape – a hill on peninsula jutting into Czos Lake, • Interregional national road No. 16are lakes – in the municipality there are as at national road No. 16 from Mrągowo to • National road No. 59far as 29 lakes (and 10 rivers). The second Mikołajki. In the resort there are 2 ski lifts, • Voivodeship road No. 591characteristic element of Mrągowo landsca- 5 downhill skiing tracks of varied difficulty pe are forest complexes – they cover about levels, luge track, ice rink, snow-park, wal- Railway lines22% of the municipal area. In Mrągowo you king, running and biking routes.can enjoy active leisure on hiking, biking, The major goal of municipal authorities is -water and horse trails. creating Mrągowo an European city of open However the holidays can be attractive here and enterprising people, place where is not only in the summertime. A few years ago worth to relax, invest and live. the nearest airport • Warsaw • Gdańsk the largest companies • BUDEXTAN Marcinkowo • Instytut Parazytologii PAN w Kosewie Górnym • WILD Polska Sp. z o.o. w Marcinkowie • Palarnia kawy ,, Bastek’’ Karwie Municipal Office Królewiecka 60A Street 11-700 Mrągowo phone/fax +48 89 741 29 24 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 39
  • Key FactS areaGreater Poland Voivodeship is situated in west-central part of Poland. It covers an area of 29,826 km2. In 2009 population in voivodeship was over 3,400,000, it represen- 29,826 km²ted almost 9% of total population in the country. Voivodeship capital is Poznań – one of the oldest and largest towns in Poland – in this agglomeration leave 860,000 people. PopulationPoznań is major academic center, where we can find the best universities in the co-untry. There are here 39 public and 26 private universities, educating almost 240,000 3,408,300students (235,861, Central Statistical Office, November 2009). 56.1% in urban areasOther towns in the region are: Kalisz, Konin, Piła, Ostrów Wielkopolski and Gniezno. Population densityGreater Poland is one of the best economic developed regions in Poland. It has high technological level. Communities of this voivodeship actively raise funds from the EU. 114 persons/km²In Greater Poland there are many investments – this region is third in Poland in terms of invested capital of foreign companies). Voivodeship capitalGreater Poland is very well communicated region, and the authorities invest in trans- Poznańport infrastructure. Within voivodeship area runs the main transit corridor from Western Europe to Russia (A2 highway between Konin and Nowy Tomyśl). Under construction there is bypass of Poznań. Moreover, rail transport also works very well here – both Other large towns in the voivodeshipwithin the region (what improves mobility of workers in the region) and to other centers • Kalisz(to Warsaw we can get by train in 2.5 h, to Berlin – in 3 h). River transport is provided • Koninby the Oder River route, air transport – modern air terminal Poznań-Ławica. • Piła • Ostrów WielkopolskiOne of the high chance sectors in Greater Poland is automotive industry. The region • Gnieznoin this area is very efficient – 7.3% of domestic production of cars emerges here. It includes production of 40% of public transport vehicles and as far as 80% trucks and Special economic Zonesroad tractors. • Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone • Łódź Special Economic ZoneAnother high chance sector is BPO (Businees Process Offshoring – services for bu- • Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zonesiness), with an emphasis on modern BPO/SSC services, technologically advanced • Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zoneproduction and R&D (Research and Development). The region allows for development of this sector big money – it represents 8% of total investment outlay for this sector in Industrial & technology ParksPoland. In Greater Poland there are Microsoft Innovation Center and Wikia – software development center of American Internet business connected with Wikipedia. • Nickel Technology Park • Poznań Science and Technology Park Logistics – the last sector of high chance in Greater Poland – is developing dynamical- • Luboń Technological Parkly thanks to good transport infrastructure in the region. • Śrem Investment Park Source: PAIiIZ, Greater Poland Voivodeship there are following Special Economic Zones: Wał- Regional Investor assistance centrebrzych SEZ, Łódź SEZ, Kamienna Góra SEZ and Kostrzyn-Słubce SEZ, where entre-preneurs benefit from very convenient investment conditions. PoznańSpeaking about the economic potential of Greater Poland, we have to mention about Poznań International Fair. They have been organized for 80 years. This is the place, International airportwhere take place international events with significant impact on economic level of the whole country. Poznań w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 41
  • MILItARy PRoPeRty AGency IN GORZÓW WIELKOPOLSKI Piła, Śniadeckich Street The Military Property Agency – Regional Office in Gorzów Wielkopolski was establi- shed in 1998. It covers the territory of Gre- ater Poland and Lubuskie voivodeships. OFFeR The Office’s offer includes real estates of varying character, situated in the centres and on the edges of large towns, such as Poznań, Gniezno, Piła or Ostrów Wielkopol- ski. A number of properties are located also in the border zone or directly on the Polish- -German border, in such towns as eg. Gu- bin. We have attractively located land ide- ally suited for residential development, but also for production facilities, warehouses, storehouses and services. We hold barracks, storehouses, workshops, Although the Military Property Agency is INVeStMeNt aReaS sports halls, old straining squares for sol- not real estate office, because of the diver- Attractive investment areas of Military Pro- diers and historical buildings such as pala- sity and scale of resources and thanks to perty Agency – Regional Office in Gorzów ces, old military clubs and casinos. Regio- professionalism of staff has an established Wielkopolski: nal Office of the Military Property Agency is position in the property market and is con- • Piła (Greater Poland Voivodeship), also involved in selling military equipment sidered as major trading partner. Rating the Śniadeckich Street – land area of and appliances including lorries, transport attractiveness of our offer depends on the 38.8902 ha. The property is situated in trailers, buses, field kitchens, electricity ge- investment imagination of interested per- the peripheral, northern part of the city, nerators, etc. sons. which is one of the main commercial areas in this part of town. The property Okonek land is included in the Local Use Plan- ning, which provides for this area mainly MN functions (single family housing). • Okonek (Greater Poland Voivodeship) – land area of 110.4181 ha. The proper- ty is situated in the northern part of the Greater Poland Voivodeship, in Złotów County. The county has good connec- tions with the entire Poland. There are two national roads: No. 11 (Poznań – Koszalin), No. 22 (Gorzów Wielkopolski – Gdańsk) and voivodeship roads: Piła – Człuchów, Jastrowie – Więcbork, Kra- jenka – Szamocin. The main railway in the county is the Poznań – Kołobrzeg line, the second one leads from Piła to Chojnice. Land area of 47.4816 ha is in- cluded in the Local Use Planning, which provides for this area functions: single 42 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • Poznań, Bukowska 237 Street family housing, services, production fa- cilities, warehouses and storehouses. • Poznań (Greater Poland Voivodeship), Bukowska 237 Street – land area of 10.5942 ha. The property is situated very attractively, only 4 km from the city center, directly at the voivodeship road. The highway A2 is located approxima- tely 7 km. In the neighbourhood there is a civilian airport “Poznań – Ławica”, the residential and service buildings. Some properties are entered in the register of monuments. Study of the conditions and directions of land development is signed with U1n – areas for low buildings of se- rvice functions. • Gubin (Lubuskie voivodeship), Kreso- wa Street – land area of 96.3190 ha. The property is located at the former mi- and sidewalks. The property includes litary complex on the outskirts of town, among others barracks, warehouses, at the exit in the direction of Zielona workshops, garages, etc. There is a po- Góra. Property – barrack and wareho- ssibility to use the property as commer- use complex is closed off. It is charac- cial and service buildings, production terized by very favorable, similar to the facilities, warehouses, workshops and flat terrain. The property is fenced, the- housing. re are lawns, approach roads, squares Gubin, Kresowa Street Military Property Agency – Regional Office in Gorzów Wielkopolski 11 Listopada 91 Avenue 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski phone +48 95 733 80 79 +48 95 733 80 80 +48 607 095 535 fax +48 95 733 80 72 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 43
  • Key FactS areawest Pomeranian Voivodeship is situated near the Baltic Sea. In the west it borders on Germany (from Szczecin to Berlin is only 130 km). Voivodeship capital is Szczecin, 22,892 km²European seaport. Other towns in the region are: Koszalin, Stargard Szczeciński, Ko-łobrzeg, Świnoujście and Szczecinek. PopulationWest Pomeranian Voivodeship covers area of 22,892 km2, in 2009 the population was almost 1,700,000, it represented more than 4% of total population in Poland. 1,693,284Voivodeship location is its great asset. West Pomerania is situated at junction of major 68.7% in urban areasinternational transport routes from the North to the South and from the West to the East. It is close proximity markets of Germany and Scandinavia. Population densityWest Pomerania is well communicated with foreign countries (good ferry services with Scandinavia and highways linking with motorway system in Western Europe: E65 74 persons/km²Scandinavia – Prague and E28 Berlin – Gdańsk – Saint Petersburg, under construc-tion expressway S3 connecting Scandinavia with southern Europe through ferry cros- Voivodeship capitalsing in Świnoujście).West Pomerania has good road and river (sailing towards Lower Silesia) communica- Szczecintion with other Polish regions.Location is a crucial factor in determining the direction of development of the region’s Other large towns in the voivodeshipeconomy. West Pomeranian Voivodeship for a long time has been related to shipbuil-ding industry and fishery. Owing to the fact that more than half of the region are agri- • Koszalincultural lands, agriculture and food industry also have good chances for development. • Stargard SzczecińskiToday the region counts on development of other economic sectors, primarily related • Kołobrzegto modern technologies. In West Pomerania is increasing the number of wind turbines • Świnoujście • Szczecinekand thermal power stations, that means increasingly high use of renewable energy sources. Wind power is considered as one of high chance sector in voivodeship. De- Special economic Zonesvelopment along with use of modern technologies may significantly support regional economy in voivodeship. • Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic ZoneOther high chance sectors of the region are: logistics (because of good location and • Słupsk Special Economic Zonecommunication) and BPO – Business Process Offshoring (non-productive services to • Pomeranian Special Economic Zonefirms with special emphasis on modern technologies) – due to the high academic po-tential of the region there are here 22 public and 15 private universities, educating over Industrial & technology Parks85,000 students (85,328, Central Statistical Office, November 2009).Here is also great potential for tourism development. Natural values of this voivodeship • Goleniów Industrial Parkare especial – apart from the Baltic sea we will find here picturesque Wałcz Lakeland • Police Industrial Park-INFRAPARK Policeand Drawsko Lakeland. • Industrial Park in Stargard Within Special Economic Zones of region – Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ, Słupsk SEZ and • Szczecin Science and Technology ParkPomeranian SEZ – entrepreneurs have very convenient conditions to conduct busi- • Koszalin University of Technology Industrial Parkness. Source: PAIiIZ, from tourism in West Pomerania there are following strategic sectors: maritime Regional Investor assistance centrebusiness, industry, commercial and virtual services, information industry, computer and telecommunication industry, IT and information services, biotechnology, genetics Szczecintechnology, consulting services, knowledge services and telecertificate development. International airport Goleniów w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 45
  • KARLIno LOcatION Karlino Municipality is situated in the north- -eastern part of West Pomerania Voivo- deship. Close proximity to the Baltic Sea (28 km away from seaport in Kołobrzeg), at junction of national road No. 6 Szczecin – Gdańsk and voivodeship road No. 163 Kołobrzeg – Poznań makes Karlino very at- tractive and easily accessible not only for tourists, but also for potential investors. INVeSteMeNt OFFeR Authorities of Karlino from years have at- tempted to create here convenient con- ditions for investors. For this reason City Council adopts resolutions regarding tax reliefs and exemptions for all entrepreneurs running their own business and for new en- „The Fair Play Commune” awarded to com- SPecIaL ecONOMIc ZONe terprises. Municipality may offer for develop- munes friendly for investors. Municipality Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic ment the attractive areas of varied terrain, was also included in „The Golden Hundred Zone (KS SeZ) creates favourable condi- fitted with all media. Technical infrastructure of Polish Local Governments”, where one tions for new enterprises. Karlino Subzone is very well developed in the community. It of the assessment criteria was the value of covers an area of 70 ha, of which 32 ha are is worth noting that investors can expect in the investments made within the past three the lands to develop. Strategic social-eco- Karlin professional and fast service, lack of years per one inhabitant. One of investment nomic goal of Karlino Municipality is cre- bureaucracy and assistance at every stage areas in Karlino obtained „The Golden Sites ating new jobs in varied sectors of industry of investment realization. Award”. The largest companies in Karlino are and services related to it, which may be lo- The proof of the fact that it is worth to invest Homanit Polska, Scanrad, Hage Polska and cated within the zone. in Karlino is – obtained once again – title of Drinktech. A criterion that must be met for investing in KS SEZ is to obtain enterprise permit and incurring investment expenses of at least 100,000 EURO. Entrepreneur starting up business activity within Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone is entitled to regional support in rece- iving exemptions from income tax for one of the following catagories: • ncurring investment costs, i • creating new jobs. Small companies deciding to conduct a bu- siness activity in the Kostrzyn-Słubice Spe- cial Economic Zone benefit from exemption from income taxes to the amount of 60% of their initial investment costs or 60% of 2 years of employment costs (costs of gross salary and other obligatory payments rela- ted to employment of new workers). Me-46 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty areadium companies benefit from exemption pes and clean air attract every year more 140.98 km²from income tax to the amount of 50% of and more domestic and foreign tourists. their investment cost and large companies Unique location in the bifurcation of the Ra-to 40%. dew and Parsęta Rivers allows to fishing PopulationIn KS SEZ entrepreneur may also receive and attractive canoeing. Municipal authori-up to 100% exemption from local taxes, ac- ties also promote active recreation such as 9,310cording to the terms set by the municipality cycling tourism (bike routes in the vicinity) and cities of the Zone. and horse tourism (agritourist farms with the Unemployment rate possibility of horse riding).tOURISt attRactIONS • 29.4% in Białogard County (March 2011)Uncontaminated nature, beautiful landsca- • 18.1% in Karlino Municipality (March 2011) Special economic Zone Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone – Karlino Subzone Major roads • National road No. 6 (E28) Szczecin – Gdańsk • Voivodeship road No. 163 Poznań – Kołobrzeg Railway lines • Railroad station with siding in Karlino • Rail junction in Białogard (8 km) the nearest airport • Goleniów (86 km) • Zegrze Pomorskie (30 km) • Berlin (300 km) the largest companies Homanit Polska, Scanrad, Hage Polska, Drinktech Town Hall Jana Pawła II 6 Square 78-230 Karlino phone +48 94 311 72 73 fax +48 94 311 74 10 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 47
  • KosZALIn LOcatION ne has very good location – nearby planned Koszalin is located in the north-western part city bypass and future S6 expressway – it of the West Pomerania Voivodeship, only is very well communicated with local public 2 km away from the Baltic Sea. Koszalin is transport. Carrying out investments the in- an important traffic junction, through which vestors can also count on assistance of City runs international road E-28 connecting Council. The city has a dense network of Berlin with Kaliningrad and national road institutions supporting entrepreneurs and No. 11 linking Koszalin with the southern offering many services for business. part of Poland. Koszalin is a city with great Investment in Koszalin Subzone guarante- economic and tourist potential. es the company quick ending of investment and cost savings – plots within the zone are SŁuPSK SPEcIAL EcoNoMIc marked off according to the needs of inve- ZONe – KOSZaLIN SUBZONe stors (in conformity with local use planning). City also offers very well educated and che- Koszalin offers investors the attractive and ap workforce. fitted areas belonging to Słupsk Special Koszalin provides friendly investment clima- Economic Zone – Koszalin Subzone. te and numerous international contacts. Do- sque forest complex Góra Chełmska there These areas of about 48 ha are designed mestic and foreign investors who have alre- is an area designated for recreation, sports for construction of production facilities, logi- ady invested in our city, found that Koszalin and gastronomic investments, and in Tech- stics centers and BPO investments on favo- is the ideal place to locate capital. nological Park you will find locals for rent. urable conditions. The entire area of Kosza- lin Subzone is almost 91 ha. Entrepreneurs OtHeR INVeStMeNt POSSIBILItIeS tOURISt attRactIONS investing within the Subzone can expect In addition to investments in Subzone of Koszalin covering especially beautiful area many benefits such as total exemption from Słupsk Special Economic Zone, Koszalin between the Baltic Sea and lakes such as property tax under de minimis rules and sta- also offers attractive investment plots for Lubiatowskie and Jamno is a city frequently tutory exemption from income tax up to 60% construction of hotels that provide a wide visited by tourists. They can find here extra- of investment value by virtue of incurred range of recreation services and enable ordinary nature, interesting sights and va- expenses or employment. Koszalin Subzo- better use of tourist potential. In the picture- ried cultural offer.48 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11
  • StatIStIcaL INFORMatION aND cOMMUNIcatION acceSSIBILIty area 98.3 km² Population 107,948 Unemployment rate 11,0% Special economic Zone Słupsk Special Economic Zone – Koszalin Subzone Major roads • National road No. 6 • National road No. 11 • Voivodeship road No. 203 • Voivodeship road No. 167 • Voivodeship road No. 206 Railway linesIn the city there is among others Góra also worth to walking along the Old Town Chełmska (136 m asl) with complex for touri- Tourist Route. It includes 27 marked sights • Superior railroad line No. 202 Stargard Szczeciński – Gdyniasts and pilgrims, Sanctuary and observation such as Cathedral of the fourteenth centu- • Subsidiary railroad line No. 402 Koszalin – Koło-tower on the summit. You can admire from ry, Hangman’s House, Miller’s Palace, Main brzegthis place a beautiful panorama. The great Post Office Neo-Gothic building, Gothic the nearest airportattraction is the area of protected landscape church of Our Lady of the Rosary.“Koszalin Sea Band” over 85 km long. It is • Gdańsk • Goleniów the largest companies • ESPERSEN Polska Sp. z o. o. • KPBP „Przemysłówka Sp. z o. o. • KosPeL s.A. • SANO Sp. z o. o. • Royal Greenland Seafood Sp. z o. o. • Dajar • Berlinerluft Sp. z o. o. • Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja S.A. Town Hall Rynek Staromiejski 6-7 75-007 Koszalin phone +48 94 348 86 00 e-mail: w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl 49
  • INDEX Dzierżoniów 4, 5 Godzikowice 10, 11 Gorzów Wielkopolski 42, 43 Gubin 43 Jastrzębie-Zdrój 34, 35 Karlino 46, 47 Kędzierzyn-Koźle 28, 29 Kietrz 30, 31 Koszalin 48, 49 Krosno Odrzańskie 20, 21 Lubań 6, 7 Mrągowo 38, 39 Nowogrodziec 8, 9 Okonek 42, 43 Oława 10, 11 Piła 42 Piotrków Trybunalski 24, 25 Poznań 43 Probark 38 Prochowice 12, 13 Stanowice 10, 11 Strzegom 14, 15 Zgorzelec 16, 1750 In ve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 11