eKAVACH PRO- A Proactive App For Proactive Parents


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eKavach PRO- A Proactive App for Proactive Parents

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eKAVACH PRO- A Proactive App For Proactive Parents

  1. 1. A Proactive App for Proactive Parents
  2. 2. Today’s digital world is full of online threats such as internet addiction, cyber bullying, cyber stalking and gaming addiction.
  3. 3. With so much technology around kids, we at eKAVACH provide parents the best protection through a unique parental control application.
  4. 4. In this ever changing world in which we live in, one must always be one step ahead of the game.
  5. 5. And so, in our fight against the Cyber evils that threaten the safety of our children, we’ve upped the ante once more.
  6. 6. We proudly present to you, eKAVACH PRO!
  7. 7. eKavach PRO is the next-gen app simplifying your digital parenting experience for the better.
  8. 8. We strive towards guaranteeing your child’s safety every time they log on to the Internet!
  9. 9. As a parent, we understand what one would expect from a parental control app and we are glad to answer those questions that plague you as a parent.
  10. 10. #1. Heartbeat
  11. 11. BENEFITS • Ever been in a situation where you have been unable to reach your child due to a dead phone? Now with the new Device Heartbeat feature you can track the child device and a loss of device heartbeat will be available with Geo location and any alarming coordinates can help parents to take action in time. • This new feature helps parents to keep an eye on the physical location of their children and reassures them that their children are safe and protected.
  12. 12. #2.Offline Alerts
  13. 13. BENEFITS • In this country, the Internet is not exactly very reliable. But with the new Offline Alerts, you can now get SMS alerts when no internet connection is available and these notifications are segregated into categories like ‘urgent’, ‘alert’ and ‘information’. • These notifications will be sent to you via Push Notifications as well. You now have the ability to select the type of notifications they want to receive.
  14. 14. #3. Family Time
  15. 15. BENEFITS • With the advent of iPads, iPhones and several new Tablets, the time spent engaging with family members has dwindled significantly. But we’re bringing it back. • With the new “Family Time” feature, you now have the ability to define family times such as meals, during which, all access to internet and applications will be blocked. • This will enable you to better manage the child’s time and ensuring that he/she spends enough time away from digital devices and gets adequate rest and families can enjoy some wholesome family time such as a family meal. • All apps and internet access on the device seize to function after sleep time and until wake up time.
  16. 16. #4.More Control Over Applications .
  17. 17. BENEFITS • You never know what App your child is using and what sort of consequences it will spring. Hence as a parent, you must always be in the know. • With the PRO Version of the app, you also have more information about the applications their kids are downloading and using. • With the new intuitive user interface, you can be guided directly to the app store to find out more info about the app, based on which you can choose to permit access to an app for a specified time period or block an app completely.
  19. 19. BENEFITS • - Enable positive parenting by analyzing the types of sites your child visits / tries to visit, type of apps he/she downloads etc. • Take a step towards digital parenting by viewing these trends from your child’s activity dashboard and make more informed decisions about your child. • We believe in keeping it simple and efficient. Just the way you like it.
  20. 20. #6. Emergency Child Notification to Parents
  21. 21. BENEFITS • There are so many instances where your child is trying to reach out to you in times of trouble, without any resource available. This causes panic and confusion. • This new feature helps facilitate communication between your children and you . • Using the Child App, you children can easily reach out to you in case of an emergency situation and can send an urgent SOS notification by the simple click of a button. • You will receive this notification (a predefined message) with the geo coordinates of the child.
  22. 22. #7. Communication with Parents
  23. 23. BENEFITS • The Child application also allows your children to send regular messages to you to keep in touch with them any time of the day.
  24. 24. eKAVACH parental control services provides you the complete digital parenting experience – by providing you applications for both parents and children alike. Both applications should be installed together to ensure complete digital protection.
  25. 25. So what are you waiting for? Download the app from the Play Store, today.
  26. 26. Download App: Parent Download App: Child
  27. 27. Visit: http://www.yourekavach.com/ Connect: THANK YOU