RFP presponses to Interpretive Sign Layout & Design


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These are the three responses received from contractors to design interpretive kiosk panels that the Byway plans to design, fabricate and install in 2014.

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RFP presponses to Interpretive Sign Layout & Design

  1. 1. Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition, Inc. Eric Hamilton, Executive Director POBox 90 Clifton Park, N Y 12065-0090 Creatacor, Inc. is interested in being considered as the graphic design and layout contractor to design panels for the six (6) Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway kiosks. At Creatacor, Inc., we take pride in the work we do for you. From our initial conversation, to the final product, you will experience our team's commitment to customer service and their attention to detail. We will work with you to meet your needs, budget, and schedule. Our graphics team specializes in creative, cutting-edge graphic designs that have won many industry awards. Each graphic is created with unwavering focus on your brand, your message, and organization image. Our Design Department has the latest, top of the line Apple systems on which they use software packages such as VectorWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark to create graphic layouts. The team for this project has over 20 years of combined experience in creating and managing graphic design and production. We understand the challenges facing the Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition in matching the style of existing graphics, without sacrificing the design of new graphics. In our experience with the Sterling Forest State Park, we were tasked with using original materials and restoring historic images to a quality suitable for large graphic panels. For the Helping Hands project we needed to be certain that our design and production materials would withstand the natural outdoor environment. The staff and children at Helping Hands loved the final result. In the attached images, you can see examples of our graphic design team's work on these projects. Additionally, Creatacor specializes in turnkey projects. At our 90,000 SF facility, our 50+ employees handle everything from graphic design to graphic production, fabrication to installation, and project coordination to budget oversight. We look forward to the opportunity to bid on the production and installation portion of this project as well, and we invite you to see our facility and its capabilities. Personnel responsible for this project are: Kim Latham: Senior Account Manager (Project Leader) Megan Langer: Account Manager Moira Driscoll: Graphic Designer
  2. 2. Sterling Forest State Park, Tuxedo, NY Creatacor supplied informative graphics for the visitor's center interior space. The Park's Major Habitats '!:If.i:&iImrllill<llil~IDl9~~~mtn,mi&t.)u.Mt~_~~~_m~ f1!3~ ~~ ~tilh£iID~m!l!l.ilil~_iWU!lDl~_Il!lll~~lIJa'll3wml~ ~!I)gl;itIl{j)6l.1~~b9~ Helping Hands School, Clifton Park, NY Helping Hands School, a preschool and early education facility, was in need of a fence to surround a pond on their property. Creatacor aided them in supplying funding for the fence as well as creating and fabricating decorative, polyethylene characters depicting pond life. Characters were fabricated and installed in a manner to withstand variable outdoor conditions. Installed in 2007 the characters were well received and are still in use 00 site.
  3. 3. BUDGET DECEMBER 4,2013 Customer: Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition, Inc. Contact: Eric Hamilton Project: Kiosk Graphic Design By: Langer Job #: 1140224 Est#: 22084 $539.00 Per Kiosk Panel: - Price per panel includes the following: - First draft design with 11x17" print - Second draft design with 11x17" print - Final design with 11x17" print - Project management and graphic design Estimate includes 5hours of graphic design time per panel Once 80% of time is utilize~ Creatacor will notify client After all allotted time is utllize~ client wIll be bIlled at $80/hour for graphic design. • Total: $539.00 Estimate does not include sales tax. Applicable taxes will be charged upon invoicing. 10 ENTERPRISE AVENUE • CLIFTON PARK, NY • 12065· 518.664.8750 • FAX: 518.664.8667 • WWW.CREATACOR.COM
  4. 4. II. MOSSEY CREATIVE Tuesday, November 26,2013 Eric Hamilton Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition, Inc. P.O. Box 90 Clifton Park, NY 12065 Dear Eric, Mossey Creative Creative Communication 43 Olde Coach Road Scotia, NY 12302 518.368.7960 larry@mosseycreative.com Thanks for your interest in Mossey Creative. I've reviewed the sample kiosk signage you provided, as well as other images I already have access to, relevant to the RFP for new kiosk signage design, and present the following proposal. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to discuss my comments in greater detail. Some of my thoughts go beyond the project at hand and I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the larger scope of Byway kiosk visibility prior to the coalition's decision. As always, I'm just a phone call away. Thanks again for including me in your RFP. Sincerely yours, Larry Mossey attached: proposal signage examples
  5. 5. II. MOSSEY CREATIVE Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway kiosk design proposal Prepared for: Eric Hamilton Prepared by: Larry Mossey Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Status: Response to RFP Mossey Creative 43 OIde Coach Road Scotia, NY 12302 T 518.368.7960 larrv@mosseycreative.com
  6. 6. II. MOSSEY CREATIVE Assignment Design of signage for six interpretive kiosks at key locations along the Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway. Item Templated Explanation design It's understood that the new designs need to use graphic elements and colors compatible with existing signage to ensure a consistent presentation. That said, I believe that the signage can begin to evolve in a dynamic direction to be more eye-catching, emotional and enticing to viewers. Brand considerations The Byway is steeped in legend. I spent some time exploring other examples of kiosk signage for byways, nature areas and historic trails and discovered some examples of what I'd like to achieve with this assignment. Although the new signage will remain compatible with existing kiosks, it should exhibit more color, better visuals and engaging text to provoke the viewer. Visual treatment My initial thoughts are to develop some sort of key, anchor image or set of images for each kiosk. This might be an illustrative map of the Byway section, other illustration, or a dynamic presentation of photographic images. Rather than a collection of photos and text in blocks, the design should capture the viewer from a distance and draw the eye through an orderly hierarchy of sign elements. Repurposing The visual elements developed for these signs can provide a direction and upgraded template for future kiosk redesigns. Examples Review the Tensaw, Teton, Payette, Chinook and Route 66 examples I've attached to the proposal and I think you can see the direction I'm recommending. Mohawk Byway signage may not exactly match any of these designs, but notice how each of them capture the eye and keep you reading. Mossey Creative 43 Olde Coach Road Scotia, NY 12302 T 518.368.7960 larrv@mosseycreative.com
  7. 7. II. MOSSEY CREATIVE Budget Creative services Budget Research, art direction, project management, writing, consultation. 2,250. Design and illustration Budget Graphic design, illustration, photography manipulation, pre-press, final files. $1,350. Total Budget Proposal total $3,600. Mossey Creative 43 Olde Coach Road Scotia, NY 12302 T 518.368.7960 larrv@mosseycreativ~
  8. 8. II. MOSSEY CREATIVE Mossey Creative Since 1992 Mossey Creative and its corporate parent, The Mossey Group, have provided strategy, creative branding and campaign management to clients in categories including retail and consumer brands, education and non-profits, gaming and racing, banking and media companies. We are recognized as a thought leader in both creative brand development and integrated traditional and new media communications. Recent projects include video marketing for The College of Saint Rose, a statewide OASAS campaign for problem gambling, web content development for SEFCU, a major New York State credit union, national television branding for Stickley-Audi, a premium furniture manufacturer and retailer, national media creatives for Mexico's Casino Life gaming casino chain, and creative services for local accounts including WRGB, Proctors Theatre, The Mohawk Byway, The Stockade Association, Bethesda House and Schenectady County's Bicentennial. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions. Mossey Creative 43 Olde Coach Road Scotia, NY 12302 T 518.368.7960 larrv@mosseycreative.com
  9. 9. David Meyersburg 1758 Chimney Court Sarasota, Florida 34235 November II, 2013 Mr. Eric Hamilton, Executive Director Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition, Incorporated Post Office Box 90 Clifton Park, New York 12065-0090 Dear Mr. Hamilton, I am very pleased to have received your RFPfor the continuing work on the interpretive kiosk program. Despite my out-of-state address, I am thoroughly familiar with the Byway,having resided in the town of Clifton Park for more than 25 years. I have covered the ground you reference both on foot and by bicycle over the years, and found the first group of kiosks to be both informative, attractive (that is to say, capable of attracting one's attention), and interesting. The texts are well written and graphic selections are excellent. I think the designs are brilliant, but I may be a bit prejudiced, as I was the designer on that project. In my 25 years with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation as the Chief of Historic Sites Exhibits, I was responsible for the development and fabrication of thirty major exhibits and dozens of smaller shows, including wayside signage projects. These exhibits were installed at various state-owned properties across the width and breadth of New York, and the reaction to them by Park Commissioners, staff, guests, visitors and patrons alike, was always very positive. While I had a staff working with me at NYSParks, I worked alone on the first Mohawk Towpath Scenic Bywaykiosk panels, and intend to do so again should I be selected to design the next group of kiosk panels. I am fully retired and have time aplenty to invest in this project. I find the bill of deliver ables, the work schedule and the delivery date for the final product acceptable. My price for each kiosk panel is $265. I am very interested in working with your teams, and look forward to hearing that you have accepted my proposal. Be well! Sincerely,