Defrag 2010 Collaborative Analytics

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Defrag 2010 Conference Presentation on Collaborative Analytics

Defrag 2010 Conference Presentation on Collaborative Analytics

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  • 1. Collaborative Analytics
  • 2. “ Social Analytics” is quickly emerging as a key area of interest in the broader social ecosystem
  • 3. What is social analytics? Social analytics describes the process of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the results of interactions and associations among people, topics and ideas. These interactions may occur on social software applications used in the workplace, in internally or externally facing communities or on the social web. Social analytics is an umbrella term that includes a number of specialized analysis techniques such as social filtering, social-network analysis, sentiment analysis and social-media analytics. Social network analysis tools are useful for examining social structure and interdependencies as well as the work patterns of individuals, groups or organizations. Social network analysis involves collecting data from multiple sources, identifying relationships, and evaluating the impact, quality or effectiveness of a relationship. -- Gartner
  • 4. What is social analytics? SIMPLIFIED Analysis of social signals, typically by applying traditional analytic technologies to the new class of social data.
  • 5. While tremendous innovation is taking place, this common framing of the problem leaves out an entire class of innovation: Collaborative Analytics
  • 6. Social Analytics: Social Analysis + Collaborative Analysis Analysis of social signals, typically by applying traditional analytic technologies to the new class of social data. Analysis of (typically) traditional business signals by applying a new class of social analytic technologies. Social Analysis Collaborative Analysis
  • 7. Here is a breakdown of what we are seeing in the collaborative analytics space
  • 8. An Example of Correlative Analytics: Correlative Annotation Analytic output with a social activity stream overlayed for context
  • 9. An Example of Crowdsourced Insight or Root Cause Analysis Analytic output annotated with social analysis or explanation European Environment Agency: Eye On Earth Root ’s AT&T Signal Strength App
  • 10. An Example of Socially Derived Analytics Analytic Algorithm used to analyze data has a social component
  • 11. Collaborative Decision Models Collaborative Ranking Rank Ordering People ’s Choice Debates Prediction Markets Idea Markets
  • 12. In Summary, the broader definition of Social Analytics covers analytics with social components in the data analyzed, in the insights conferred, or in the algorithms used Data Insight Analysis