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Rob Westberg Amgen

  1. 1. AMGEN Sustainability ProgramVCEDA Business Outlook ConferenceOctober 2011
  2. 2. Amgen Is a Pioneer in Discovery andDelivery of Vital Medicines• World’s leading independent biotechnology company, with a mission to serve patients – Amgen medicines have reached 20 million patients Marketed Products – Presence in nearly 50 countries• More than 30 years of pioneering science and vital medicines• Focus solely on discovering, developing, and making human therapeutics – Specializing in innovative medicines for serious illness – Pioneer and world leader in protein therapeutic manufacturing• Broad and deep pipeline of novel product candidates For additional information about Amgen products, including important safety information, visit 2
  3. 3. Amgen Launched a Formal EnvironmentalSustainability Program in 2007What we’ve found that leads to success:• Know where you are• Have a strategy• Set goals• Improve what you have• Plan for the future• Build sustainability into the core of your business• Announce results 3
  4. 4. Know Where You Are: Compare Performance With Industry Peers Total Energy Carbon Dioxide Metric Tons / Sq FeetGigajoules / Sq Feet 1.5 0.12 0.09 1 0.06 0.5 0.03 0 0 Amgen Average Amgen Average Water Intake Total Routine Waste Metric Tons / MM Sq Feet 6 7500 6000 MCM / Sq Feet 4 4500 3000 2 1500 0 0 Average Amgen Average Amgen Availability of data allows focus on things that are most impactful Note: 2009 Pharmaceutical Environmental Group Benchmarking; 4
  5. 5. Have a Strategy: High Level Direction toAchieve Awareness, Consensus and Action Pillars Strategic Direction • Environmental impacts are understood, managed and measured for continuous improvement Conservation • Supply chain impacts are clearly understood, measured, and reduced where feasible • Sustainable products, facilities, and processes Design for Environment through use of green design principles • Amgen reputation enhanced through communications; publish annual Environmental Sustainability report Transparency • Staff embrace environmental stewardship • Accurate data collected, available in timely manner 5
  6. 6. Set Goals: Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound 2012 target Results of conservation projects through 2010 Energy Reduce 500,000 GJ Reduction to date: 520,000 GJ Target met 62% ofCarbon dioxide Reduce 75,000 MT Reduction to date: 46,000 MT target met Water Reduce 235,000 m3 Reduction to date: 660,000 m3 Target met 62% of Waste Reduce 700 MT Reduction to date: 435 MT target met Recycling Divert more than 40% Reduction to date: 58% Target met 75% ofFuel efficiency Improve by 4 mpg Reduction to date: 3 mpg target met 6
  7. 7. Improve What You Have: Pick the BestConservation and Efficiency Opportunities 7
  8. 8. Pure Water Is Critical to Our IndustryRecycling Significantly Reduces Use Recycled water Reverse osmosis Cooling towers water treatment 8
  9. 9. Work with your Utility Partners toMaximize BenefitsTechnical Assistance Programs• Benchmarking & Energy Audits – Trane Cube Program – Data Center Audit – Building Re-commissioning• Equipment Efficiency Studies – Hydraulic Pumps Energy Efficiency Calculated Incentive – Air Compressors Program (EECIP) – Boiler Efficiency – Steam Trap and Condensate Return Analyses Continuous Energy ImprovementRebate and Incentive Program Program (CEI)• Incentivized Projects – HVAC Airflow Reductions Energy Efficiency Rebates for Business – Lighting Fixture Upgrades – Chilled Water Plant Optimization Steam and Condensate Audit – Pump Efficiency – High Efficiency Window Film• Equipment Rebates – Boiler Economizer Replacement• Construction/Renovation Incentives – Energy Saving Measures (From Energy Models) 9
  10. 10. Our Recycling Program Has a LongHistory of Success • Amgen’s recycling program has been in place since mid-1990s • Since 2007, Amgen has recycled more than 16,000 MT of waste Diversion (Recycle) Rate (%) – 3200 garbage truck loads of70 recyclable materials6050 • Diversion rates continue to40 increase3020 • Waste minimization reduces10 both purchase and disposal 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 costs We are recycling more and disposing less… 10
  11. 11. Plan For the Future: Testing concepts to bebuilt into Next Generation Laboratories Fume Hood With ASPS Fume Hood With ASPS• Worked with peers in our industry to develop new standards for air flow and set backs• Tested automated sash closures that reduce both energy use and improve safety. Amgen CONFIDENTIAL Facilities and Engineering• Integrated occupancy sensors for lighting and fume hood control• Next generation labs – more automation, more efficient use of space, 11
  12. 12. Workplace of the Future Integrates Sustainability LEED Registered, Project Tracking to LEED Gold • Reuse of Existing Core & Shell • Demolition and Construction Waste Recycling Program • Reflective Roofing • Landscaping 50% More Water Efficient • Enhanced Commissioning Process • Active Utility Performance Measurement & Occupant Engagement Dashboards• High Performance HVAC, Intelligent Lighting System (25% Energy Reduction)• Waterless Urinals / Efficient Water Fixtures (40% Water Reduction)• Extensive Daylighting in Workspace, Exposed and Reflective Ceilings• Recycled Content & Low Emitting Materials• Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood Highly efficient use of collaborative, tech-enabled space greatly increases environmental benefits 12 from sustainable building systems.
  13. 13. Build sustainability into the core of yourbusiness: Manufacturing of the Future• Improved productivity - smaller plants and equipment for same results• Portable, reconfigurable equipment: - improved plant effectiveness• Isolator technology - reduces size of clean space• Improved cleanability - reduce energy, water and chemicals Significantly improves: • Energy use • Emissions • Water usage • Waste water volume • Solid waste generation Advances in technology promise to improve plant efficiency – both business and environmental performance improvements 13
  14. 14. Announce Results: Your StakeholdersWant to Know How You Are Doing • Customers – B2B – Retail • Neighbors • Peers • Shareholders • Employees Amgen’s first environmental sustainability report: 14
  15. 15. Amgen Has Been Recognized For ItsEnvironmental Sustainability Efforts• 2010 Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP) award was given to Amgen in South San Francisco by the California Integrated Waste Management Board• 2010 Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association Environmental Accomplishment Award, PRMAs highest honor, awarded to Amgen Puerto Rico for outstanding and consistent environmental compliance• 2010 WasteWatch Award was given to Amgen Thousand Oaks for outstanding achievements in waste reduction and recycling.• 2011 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Quality Award , presented to Amgen Puerto Rico; category: business and industry, Region 2• 2011 Colorado Energy Partner of the Year awarded to Amgen Colorado for outstanding efforts in making Colorado a world leader in energy efficiency. 15
  16. 16. Every Company, At any Scale, CanAchieve Sustainability Success Know where you are Have a strategy Set goals Improve what you have Plan for the future Build sustainability into the core of your business Announce results 16