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Paul Hullar Brightwave Energy

  1. 1. Paul Hullar
  2. 2. Key Message: A Sustainable Business is an Efficient Business Sustainability has a POSITIVE Rate of Return “Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style”
  3. 3. We are a Consulting Firm made up of aNetwork of Resources who Partner withour Clients to Reduce Costs through 1. Energy Conservation 2. Alternative & Advanced Fuels
  4. 4. We are an S3 AdvisorSponsor of the CTCPac Bus Time’s Who’s Who (August 2011)
  5. 5. Typical Energy Reduction
  6. 6. Brightwave Energy’s Programs
  7. 7. Brightwave Energy’s Conservation & Green Fuels
  8. 8. Brightwave Energy’s Conservation & Green Fuels 70 Percent Reduction in Carbon FootprintOriginal Carbon Footprint Footprint Carbon Final
  9. 9. How We Succeed Together Our Business Model is for us to create Partnerships with our Clients to deliver • Significant Energy Savings • Significant Energy Reduction • Significant CO2 Reduction
  10. 10. Charter the work Celebrate Staff the Your Leaders Success! Adjust the Set the Master Goals Plan TheConfirm theResults Energy Create the Energy Team Elements Establish Execute Review the Plans Process Create the Train the Tools Team Audit the Operation
  11. 11. Manufacturing Operating Expense Actual Manufacturing Expense Reduction (Single Site Example) Non-Energy MOE decreased by 19.1% Energy MOE decreased by 59.4% Manufacturing Energy Cost was Cut in Half
  12. 12. Typical Manufacturing Expense Breakdown (Each Site will be Unique) Reducing Reducing Material Costs People Costs can degrade can be difficult, the Quality of emotional, and the Product or demoralizing impact the People Consumer Reducing Energy Costs Materialscan engage thework force and Energy be completely transparent to the Consumer Most Manufacturing Operations have 3 Major Costs: 1. People Costs 2. Material Costs 3. Energy Costs
  13. 13. Sausage Plant Example
  14. 14. Sausage Plant Example • ROR > 55%
  15. 15. Waste Heat Example Boiler Cold water from City Hot water to Sewer
  16. 16. Waste Heat Example Boiler Preheat Water In Capture Heat from Drain Water • ROR > 45%
  17. 17. Waste Gasification Example Paradise…but…
  18. 18. Waste Gasification Example Paradise…but…
  19. 19. Waste Gasification Example Diesel Garbage to Electricity Landfill HUGE Increase in Tourism
  20. 20. Waste Gasification Example Waste Gasification PlantIsland Landfill Clean Waste Electricity • Reduce Landfill by 45M TPY • Replace 25% Island Electricity • ROR > 25%
  21. 21. CO2 Capture Example Electricity Syn-Gas Plant Engine CO + CO2 + H2 • CO2 is inert and adds no BTUs • CO2 emitted into the air
  22. 22. CO2 Capture Example CO2 sold to Bottler Electricity CO2 Removal Syn-Gas Plant Engine CO + CO2 + H2 • Boosts the BTU Content 25% • Generates a Revenue Stream • ROR > 20%
  23. 23. Key Message: A Sustainable Business is an Efficient Business Sustainability has a POSITIVE Rate of Return “Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style”
  24. 24. 2655 First Street Suite 240 Simi Valley, CA 93065 805-584-9422